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something doesn’t add up. If nikolas always knew he could vouch for your whereabouts, why didn’t he just say that? More to the point, why didn’t you? Because nikolas is lying. You’re not alone, okay?

[ Monitor beeping ] Your family is right outside, even spencer, just waiting for you to wake up.

[ Monitors beeping loudly ]

[ Gasps ] She needs help! We’ve been keeping secrets from one another. We have? I think it’s time we stopped doing that, put our cards on the table. Would you like to go first? No. I think we can both jump in as need be. You’ve got lucy coe trying to get information on me. That’s clever. Well, given the players, I thought sequins might be a good camouflage, because you’ve been so opaque. And I’ve got my reasons. Actually, I have one very good reason. Your daughter. Charlotte’s in danger, isn’t she? My man, drew. So what brings you by? Well, after everything that happened at the family manse yesterday, I needed a little bit of a distraction. Right. I heard about what happened to ava. Is she gonna be okay? Well, last I heard, she was critical but stable. It’s so horrible. I mean, do they have any idea who might have done this to her? Pcpd is working on it. The boathouse is cordoned off as a crime scene, and I spent most of the morning answering questions. Oh, well, no wonder you need a distraction.

[ Both chuckle ] Um… speaking of distractions, should I tell drew or do you want to? Tell me what? We got engaged.

[ Laughing ] What?

[ Laughter ]

[ Sighing ] I can’t give in to you. Why not? Because I lost everything that, in my mind, identified me, and I hate it. And I don’t want to hide from it by turning to you. When I come to you, I want it to be for the right reasons.

[ Door opens ] Hey, carly. Hey. Hi. You were a million miles away just now. Yeah, I have a lot to think about. [ Chuckles ] That’s why I’m here. My daughter needs me, and I am here for you. Thanks.

Nikolas lied. What a shocker. But I did find you two together. I wasn’t with him the whole time. Why’d he tell jordan that you were? He was being a friend. He was covering for me. So where were you, then? I don’t know. Well, the, uh, quartermaine estate is a big place. I guess no one would fault you if you didn’t know exactly where you were. Finn… I haven’t told you everything. It’s time I did. Poor avery. How’s she taking it? She’s really upset, and she’s confused, but I can’t go away to a seminar when avery’s mother’s in the hospital. Mm. If you want to say something, why don’t you just say it? You’re using ava’s stabbing as an excuse not to go. What are you talking about? Why would I need an excuse not to go to a seminar? After the merger disaster, you picked yourself right up, and you were so excited to get your life back on track. And now… now what? And now you’re looking for excuses not to take the next step. So what changed? Oh, congratulations, you guys! I am so, so happy for you. Really, man. Thanks, drew. We’re pretty excited about it ourselves. Yeah. We’re pretty lucky, aren’t we, babe? Yeah. Yeah, we are. Mr. Cassadine. What’s going on? Why did the alarms go off?

Yes. Victor has charlotte. Oh, god, valentin. I wanted to be wrong about this. How did he get to her? Huh? I thought that charlotte was safe. Peter was gone, and I made the mistake of thinking I could let my guard down.

[ Sighs ] I think we both underestimated him. I mean, using your own granddaughter as a hostage? That is a new low. Well, that’s the thing about my father. He has no low to hit. Victor saved charlotte from peter. She wanted to see me in the clinic. I thought it was okay for victor to bring her to me. And that’s when he took her? As soon as they left the clinic, he took her to a new school. It’s a state-of-the-art, high-security boarding school, the kind where sheikhs and oligarchs send their children. Suffice to say, I can send texts, I can call, but neither the school nor victor will allow me physical contact.

[ Sighs ] And with your daughter as leverage, he knows he has control over you. That’s exactly right.

[ Exhales sharply ] I have to do everything he says, because if I don’t, he’s made it very clear… he’s gonna hurt her. Your wife’s blood pressure dropped dangerously low. We gave her medication to stabilize it. But she’s stable? With her vitals and the way she’s responding to the medication, I expect mrs. Cassadine will regain consciousness soon. Can I see her? Of course. Um… I’m gonna go head to the vending machine. Does anybody want anything? No, thank you. I’ll go with you. Are you, uh, holding up okay? I’m just concerned about my wife. Mr. Cassadine. Why don’t we let your nephew and ava have some time alone? Now it’s your turn to answer questions. So, now that the charges have been dropped, pcu expunged their title ix ruling and reinstated trina. That is fantastic. It’s so great that you guys are throwing her a party. I mean, trina deserves to have a little bit of fun after everything that she has been through. I just wish she didn’t have to worry about ava now. Yeah. I have to check on a few patients before the party. I will see you tonight? Okay. And it was really good to see you, drew. Great to see you, too. Congratulations again! Thank you. Mm. Aw. So, now that it’s just the two of us, you want to tell me the real reason why you stopped by? I cannot fly off to aruba to take a leadership course when my personal life is complicated. Oh, god. Don’t tell me this is about sonny. No. God, no. This is not about sonny. This…[ Sighs ] It’s about jason. How can jason be causing you problems?

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause I think I have feelings for his brother? Oh, that. What do you mean, “oh, that”? Please, carly. Everybody knows.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, what does everyone think they know? I don’t know what the big deal is. You are both healthy, single adults. Mom, it’s not nearly that simple. Okay, then. Tell me everything.

[ Sighs ] Well, I mean, after jason died, you know, drew and i were getting closer and becoming friends. And then we started what I thought was just harmless flirting. And now I realize I have feelings for him.

Does drewreturn your feelings? I think so. I mean, well, yes. Yesterday at the picnic, I asked him point blank what was going on. And? Okay. I know that look.

[ Laughs ] I take it the conversation went pretty well? Yeah. I mean, after a while, there wasn’t a lot of talking happening, so… so. I love those conversations. Yeah, but before it got too hot, the fire kind of stopped everything. You lost me. We kind of left the grill unattended.

[ Gasps ] Carly. I know, I know. But it was fine, because someone put the fire out, and it actually gave drew and i a minute to think. And he stopped by earlier, because he wanted to talk about where I thought things should go between us. What did you tell him? I told him that, um, in the past year, I’ve lost my marriage, my career, and my best friend, and my life has gone from stable to uncharted, and that it wouldn’t be fair for me to start anything with him when I wasn’t really sure where my life was going. So you’re putting your life on hold to protect drew? Last time I looked, drew was perfectly capable of protecting himself. Drew: Wait, what is this? Are you accusing me of having ulterior motives to come look in on a friend? You look like you got something on your mind.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, well… alright, so I just came from carly’s, and, um… okay, just — yesterday, at the quartermaine picnic, um, she accused me of flirting with her. Oh.

Were you flirting with her? Oh, yeah.

[ Laughs ] And did she return the vibe? Yes. Okay. But… when I went to talk to her today and I told her that I really wanted to see where this could go, she said that, um… she needs to sort her own life out first. Hmm. Drew, I hate to say it. She might be right. Yeah, probably. And I’m gonna tell you something — while carly is getting her house in order, maybe you should do the same. Nikolas needed to cover for me… because I don’t know where I was. You think maybe you lost time again? Yes. Look, maybe you don’t remember ’cause you hit your head. No. No, I-I’ve lost consciousness before and had a hard time remembering, and this was different. It was like — it was like when those pills were making me sleepwalk, which means I can’t explain my whereabouts when ava was attacked, and nikolas knew that it was gonna make the police suspicious. And I can’t risk anything happening to me, because my boys — my boys need me. Yeah, they do. I don’t know what to do. I need help. Okay. Hey. Hey, we start from the beginning, alright? And we’re gonna figure this out together. Chief scorpio said you were among the people who showed up to the boathouse after ava was found. Yes. One of many. We were concerned when we saw all the police there. Mr. Cassadine, prior to that, can you tell me where you were and who you were with? Well, when ava was so viciously attacked, I was with spencer. He had been taken ill. Are you sure? Because the quartermaine staffer who confirmed spencer was intoxicated at the time of the attack said he was alone. Another witness stated they saw you and spencer around 10:15 P.M., After the attack. And nikolas already stated that he was with elizabeth baldwin when ava was assaulted, so can anyone confirm your whereabouts? I do commend your pursuit of justice, commissioner, but right now, my family needs me. I trust eventually you will find the person responsible for this dreadful crime. Thank you for your time, mr. Cassadine. I will be following up. Dr. Valero thinks you’re gonna wake up soon. I wonder if you’ll be able to tell us what you saw.

[ Monitor beeping ] Ava!

[ Whimpers ] No. No, stop. Nikolas.

Last night, after we fought about you calling sarah, I stormed off, and then I blacked out. And maybe our fight triggered it? Uh, maybe. I was pretty angry. All I could hear was your voice telling me that my boys are probably aware that I have a problem. And then — then I-I was… I was someplace else, and I have no idea how I got there. And that’s when nikolas showed up. And that was around the time ava was attacked. Yes, and I have zero recollection of where I was or what I was doing. Even if you don’t know where you were, there’s no way you did this. How can you be sure? You had no reason to want to hurt ava. I hurt chase. That’s because whatever part of your subconscious is doing this didn’t want him to discover what was going on. What if — what if when I was out of it, I ran into ava, and I perceived her as a threat? I mean, anything is possible, because I don’t know what I was doing. What do you mean, I should get my own house in order? Drew, what have you done since you came back to town? First, you threw yourself into investigating victor cassadine, then it was helping the quartermaines get elq back from valentin. Yeah. Those are really important things. They are, but to other people. So, I don’t — what are you saying? I should be more selfish? I’m saying that you were so busy righting the wrongs from your past that you stopped yourself from moving forward. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m not protecting drew. Maybe I’m protecting myself. From what? Oh, come on, mom. You tell me. How could it not be a mistake, after everything that’s happened in my life, for me to get involved with jason’s brother?

[ Exhales sharply ] Honey, are you afraid that you’re seeing drew as a substitute? No, of course not. Because nobody could ever take jason’s place in your life. Exactly. And what place was that? Jason was your safety net. No matter what shenanigans you ever got up to, or no matter how questionable your behavior — and believe me, I am not judging here. You sure about that? I’m not. And jason wouldn’t either.

[ Sighs ] There was nothing you could ever do that would drive jason away. He might have been hurt or angry or bitterly disappointed, but jason would never turn his back on you, even when you might have deserved it.

[ Chuckles ] But drew? Drew might not be as forgiving of your impulses. Carly: Oh, my god, it’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother.

[ Exhales deeply ] Like whatever it is you’re thinking about right now. Trina? Mom! How are you holding up? I was in the room with ava when the alarms started going off. No! Is she okay? The doctor said she was gonna be fine, but… I’m scared out of my mind. Honey, I’m sorry that you have to go through this right now, especially after everything else. Yeah, um, about that, uh… I was thinking that maybe tonight isn’t the best time to have a party? Would you be upset if we canceled it? Is there any change with ava? Not that I’m aware of that. But then, I’ve been held up by that police commissioner. I tell you, that’s someone who could benefit from some more professional detachment. Meaning? Meaning, if commissioner ashford continues to make insinuations disguised as questions, she’s gonna learn the hard way what it means to cross a cassadine. For what it’s worth, I know what you’re going through, okay? I know you do. I just wish you could teach me how you handled it.

[ Voice breaking ] Because she’s not safe, and there’s nothing I can do about. I’m helpless. Why didn’t you tell me? I mean, not at first, obviously, because you couldn’t risk having a message intercepted. But I — when you came home, I was here. Please believe me, I had no choice. Protecting charlotte is my only priority, and if he knew that we were having this conversation, there’s no telling what he would do to her. I’m going insane! Oh, stop, stop, stop. Oh, god. Alright, it’s alright. I can’T… it’s alright. I understand. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Okay. So, look… we will bring charlotte home, alright? I promise you that. But in order to do it, we have to take victor down. So you’ve been working for him, have you? Since you left the clinic? I have. And you’ve done everything that he asked? Just about. What did he ask you to do? Let’s rule a few things out, alright? Um, have you started taking any pills again? No. No, not since I-i checked myself into shadybrook. But, finn, this came on all on its own. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Alright. But something had to have triggered it, alright? You said you were replaying our fight in your head. Was there anything else? Yeah. I’ve been having these — these fragments of a memory. I’m — I’m a teenager and I’m shouting at a woman. I’m telling her to stay away from my father. What woman? I don’t know. I don’t know. No one I-I remember or recognize. Yet. And then it — it happened again after our fight. That’s the last thing I remember until I came to. Okay. How often has this been happening? The first time was after I talked to scott about walking in on you and terry talking about me behind my back. And this time was when you were angry about me contacting sarah, so these events have something in common. You were angry with me. Wait, no, there was — there was another time. When I checked myself out of shadybrook and I came to work, do you remember you found me in the stairwell? Mm-hmm. I don’t think this is being caused by — by arguments or me being angry. I think these images are — are — are happening every time somebody confronts me about what’s been happening. And normally, that person is you. And if you’re right, I mean, maybe this is more than — than my grief over losing franco. There is something very wrong with me. Nikolas: Commissioner, please. My wife just woke up. She’s in distress. I see that. No, she’s in no condition to answer questions. I got the okay from dr. Valero. Well, you’re also gonna need my okay, and I’m actually not okay. Wh-what…? Um, I don’T… what happened? Ava, it’s commissioner ashford. You’re in the icu. You were stabbed last night. I was stabbed? Yes, and we’re making every effort we can to find out who did this to you, but time is of the essence. Do you feel up to answering some questions? I want them to find who did this more than anybody, but not at the expense of your recovery. Let me get the doctor. No, no. I want — I want to talk. I-I don’t know that I can help you, though. I don’T… I-I didn’t see who attacked me. What’s the last thing you remember? I was at the — the quartermaines’. I was — I was outside the boathouse. Was anyone with you? I was alone. I thought so. I-I went there just to take a moment for myself. And then… and then pain here. What else do you remember? I’m sorry. It’S… it’s all a blur after that. I-I think that — that I tried to call out for help. Do you know who found me? Josslyn jacks. She and a man who works for sonny brought you here. They — they saved your life. What were you doing prior to going to the boathouse? Why did you need a moment alone? Nikolas: This is what you always wanted, to see the relationship with my son destroyed, huh? It killed you to see us get close. That is absolutely not true! Because it hurt too much, knowing that you would never get the chance to heal with kiki that I had with spencer. But you’re the only one to blame for that. Commissioner, please. Clearly, my wife needs to rest. This can wait. Ava, when you woke up, you seemed upset with your husband. Why is that? We had a fight.

I just don’t want drew to be a crutch I use to get over everything that’s happened. Isn’t he already? Well, as a friend, yes, but that’s not what either one of us are talking about. I mean, if something happens between me and drew, we want it to be about us and not anyone else. I don’t see you and drew being a rebound thing. Neither do I, ’cause it’s not gonna happen. Carly. What? What about all those feelings you just admitted to having? They’re not going to go away. And you know better than anyone, you can’t help who you fall for. Okay, well, then we’re just gonna have to deal with it. And who knows? Maybe someday, something will happen between me and drew. But the way things are right now, I can’t afford to lose another friend. When I was in that cell, all I wanted was to get back to the life that I remembered. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I got back and time hadn’t stopped. No, man, time doesn’t do that, no matter how nicely we ask. But you and portia, you guys were lucky. You managed somehow to find your way back. Yeah, we weren’t lucky. We worked hard to get to where we are now, and to get from the mistakes of our past. See, when portia and I — when we got together back in the day, she was married, I didn’t know that, and I was in my first year of recovery. Yeah, but even then, you guys still had a connection. Right, but it was nothing we could build on, so inevitably, it ended badly. Now that we find ourselves back together… mm. …We’re the same people, but we’re in different places in life. But you’re in better places. Much better places. And the thing is, is we’re not trying to re-create the past. We’re exploring a beautiful future. But that’s the thing with carly. The future that I want with her is nothing like our pasts. But I-I — I know what you’re gonna say, that I gotta respect the fact that she doesn’t want to mess with our friendship. Valid. But it’s also a good excuse not to take risks. She doesn’t think it’s time. And, yeah, I wish that she didn’t feel that way. I think that we could be incredible together. But just because I’m ready to move forward doesn’t mean she is. Were you the french captain? Capitaine francois olivier. I wish I were more surprised. I am so sorry. No, no. Please, don’T. I understand why you did what you did. What is victor after? Why is he doing all of this? I don’t know. He won’t tell me, and he doesn’t have to, because he’s got charlotte. Please believe me, I am completely in the dark. I guess now that I know that jennifer was — was framed, I can — I can call the wsb. No, no. That’s out of the question. This has to stay between you and me, because if it doesn’t, and he knows I’ve betrayed him, he’ll take it out on charlotte. We can’t leave an innocent woman in prison. Anna, I’m too far in. I’m not gonna let anything happen to charlotte. I’m not gonna lose my daughter. And what did you and nikolas fight about? What we always fight about. His son. Spencer and I don’t like each other very much, and it, uh… causes friction. And this was right before you were attacked? Exactly how heated did this argument get? Commissioner, I didn’t stab my wife, so I fail to see how this is relevant. It’s relevant, mr. Cassadine, because just this morning, I asked you if before she was attacked, was she upset? I asked you if she experienced any conflict, and you said no. Yet here she is, having fought with your son. Why did you lie to me? The cassadine family, their arguments are traditionally dramatic, okay? So when you asked me about conflict, I assumed that you meant outside of the family. And I’d love to believe that. Well, one thing you should believe, both of you, is that I deeply regret getting in a fight with ava. I mean, god, if we hadn’T… if we hadn’t have fought, you might not have gone to that damn boathouse, and I might have been there to stop anyone who’d want to cause you harm, and instead, I was venting about the argument to elizabeth baldwin. I’m just — I’m so sorry. I should have never left your side. One silly fight and I almost lost you. I should have been there for you. Thank you, nikolas. It’s the thought that counts. I’m — I’m sorry, but I’m getting a little tired now. I understand. Thank you for speaking with me, ava. We’ll pick this up when you’re feeling a little stronger. I’ll speak with you later. How are you feeling? When I heard you were attacked, I was so scared, ava. What’s the matter? Last night, we said a lot of things to each other. Yeah, we did. And I would — wait. You don’t think I did this to you, do you? Well, of course you can cancel the party, but honey, are you sure? Mom, I just — honey, you are always putting everyone else’s needs before your own. And after everything that you’ve been through, don’t you think you deserve an evening to yourself and celebrate your accomplishments? Yes, I want to do that, but I just — I also want ava to be there. And when ava wakes up, what do you think she’s gonna say when she finds out that you canceled your party on her account? She’d probably tell me I shouldn’t have. The ava I know would insist that you have the party as planned. Honey, it’s high time that you focused on yourself. I have no idea why we are protecting my father. How often must I tell you, spencer? We cassadines protect our own. There are limits. Uncle victor. My father deserves to be in prison for everything that he’s done. Well, this is one thing he didn’t do. The only interesting piece of information I gleaned from commissioner ashford was that your father has an airtight alibi. He was with elizabeth baldwin while ava was being attacked. Even better. If my father isn’t the one who hurt ava, then I have zero reason to withhold the truth. I will tell commissioner ashford that he slept with esmé.

Think that I’mthe one that did this to you, do you? You couldn’t have. You were with elizabeth, right? Yes, I was. That’s not the only reason you think that — I don’t know what you think. Ava! I would never do anything like this, no matter what we said to each other, no matter how angry. Please tell me that you believe me. I’m tired. I want to be alone. Ava! Let me rest. Oh. How’s ava? She’s awake.

[ Gasps ] Oh! Okay, I gotta go text joss and tell her the news. Okay. Commissioner, I have something that I — oh, commissioner. That’s wonderful news about our ava. Thank you. Spencer, shall we? Mom, do you think I have enough time to go get some of ava’s stuff to her before the party? Now that she’s awake, I know she’ll want something familiar in her room. Oh, honey, you’re gonna be cutting it really close. I mean, wyndemere isn’t exactly around the corner. Yeah, but the metro court practically is, and that’s where she’s been staying for the past couple of days. Oh. Oh, okay. Well, in that case, why don’t — yeah, yeah, yeah. You can take my car. Okay. Okay, come on. Listen to me, great-nephew. I’m gonna tell you this once and you are going to remember it for the rest of your life. Neither your father’s marriage nor anything else relevant to our family is of concern to the authorities. Is that understood? Yes, uncle. Look, I know you’re angry at your father. You have every reason to be. But his movements at the time ava was attacked are well accounted for. So his betrayal of you, no matter how painful, is totally irrelevant. Maybe to the authorities, but it is relevant to trina. How so? Because if commissioner ashford knows why esmé left town, she can use that to find her.

[ Sighs ] It always comes back ’round to ms. Robinson, doesn’t it? I admire your good intentions, but esmé didn’t tell anyone where she was going, and you are just complicating things for yourself if you go back and change your story now. You tried it once, and look where it got you. But uncle — listen to me. Don’t invite any more trouble, spencer. You’re in enough already. Hey, you listen to me. There’s nothing wrong with you. I think this just means that there’s something in your past, something hidden, that you’re not dealing with. I’ve been trying to fight it. I tried to push it down, just hoping it would go away.

[ Voice breaking ] But I just can’t do it anymore. Whatever this memory is that I’m blocking out… …I just need to face it. Whatever happens next, you’re not alone. We’re gonna find the answers together. Drew, I’m just saying, if you really feel that you and carly have something special, wouldn’t you want her to make sure she feels the same thing? Even if it took a while? You know what, curtis? That’s some pretty solid advice right there, man. And I’m not even gonna sit up here and tell you that what worked for portia and me is gonna work for you. But it seems I remember a saying that life is long and full of surprises. Mm. It’s just, I really think that carly and i could make each other happy. But to answer your question, yes. Yes, I can give carly time. I can give her whatever time she needs to make sure she’s ready. Oh, it’s from josslyn. Ava’s gonna be okay. Oh, my gosh. Avery is going to be so thrilled. Well, good, ’cause now you have no reason not to go to that seminar. Oh, mom, I think I need to stay put. Honey, you are doing it again. Hmm? You are making excuses to postpone the next chapter of your life. No, no, I’m not. I’m trying to be sensible. Please. Sensible is not your thing. Okay, you know what? Great talk. Here. It was nice seeing you. Oh, honey! You are a creature of impulse. And when you want something, you go for it. I’m really trying to look before I leap, and I thought you would be proud of me. No, honey. You are looking for reasons not to leap. Maybe losing that hotel was a blessing in disguise, okay? Maybe you can find happiness in a new career, maybe even with a new man. Maybe even with a manyou’ve known for a while. Oh, my gosh. I love you. You have to go. Goodbye.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh. Thank you for coming by. I love you. I love you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Charlotte is our priority, but I want you to remember that you’re not carrying this burden alone now, and that gives us some leeway. No one else can be involved. Alright, no wsb. No friends, no allies, no nothing. We will figure out a way to keep charlotte safe ourselves. He has to think he can trust me. He will. He’ll never know that you confided in me. Once charlotte is safe, then we’re gonna put an end to victor.

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