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thank you for getting me away from the house. Things are crazy. It’s swarming with cops and people cleaning up from the picnic. Yeah, I can’t believe someone stabbed ava at a crowded event. Well, the good news is she’s out of surgery and in stable condition. I’m sure the pcpd will figure out what happened. I sure hope so. Anyway, can we, um, change the subject? Absolutely. Hey, can I just say how happy I am that we both finally got out of our way and we’re doing this? We’re going on a date. Yeah. We’re gonna at least give it the old college try. Oh. We can do much, much better than that. Excuse me, miss. Is, uh — is this seat taken? Well, I was saving it for someone. Huh. But he’s like 15 minutes late. Is he? Damn. Uh… maybe I can be a seat-filler for a little bit? You know? What’s with this dude? He’s late? W-who does that? That’s so rude, isn’t it? No, I wouldn’t say that. He probably has a good reason. Mm. I mean, he is — he’s a cop. Oh. Yeah. A detective. Ooh. Mm-hmm. So what are you saying? That he puts his work ahead of his personal life? No. [ Chuckles ] No, no. I’m not saying that at all. He’s just really dedicated to his job. Here you go. Oh, thanks. I’m sorry. I-I feel like I should be waiting on you, considering everything you’ve just been through. Sure you’re okay? I am now. I mean, when I first saw ava, I think I just froze. There was so much blood. But then she opened her eyes, and I went to grab my phone to dial 911, obviously, but I had left it inside. And I knew that I had to get help, but, cam, she was so scared. She wouldn’t let me leave her. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Eventually, I-I found a towel, you know, something to apply pressure to the wound. By that time, ava had passed out, and I didn’t know whether I should run and get more help or stay and keep applying the pressure. And that’s when dex showed up. Just checking in, boss. I’m not gonna need you for the rest of the night.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Are you sure? I know selina wu has a shipment coming in. I can go down to the docks, make sure everything goes smoothly. You want to help that bad? Yeah. I’ve said it before. I’m determined to prove to you that you can count on me. Okay, then. I won’t let you down. Okay. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Uh… yeah? There’s something else I need you to do for me.

[ Door closes ] God. I feel like crap. Maybe a shower.

[ Groans ] Maybe a nap.

[ Exhales deeply ] Terry: Willow? Are you alright? Yeah. I’m fine. It’s just the end of my shift. I’m just a little tired. Nurse tait, my office. Now.

[ Monitor beeping, door opens ] Nina: Hey. Hi.

[ Wheels roll ] Oh. Hm. Are you in much pain? You know, at the — at the moment, I can’t feel much of anything. Which is probably good, right? I’m looking forward to the painkillers wearing off. Oh, w-was avery here? Yes, avery was here. Sonny brought her by earlier. She needed to see for herself that her mommy was alright. Oh, good. That’s good. Listen, I figured you’d want some company, but if you’d rather sleep, I’ll just go. Mnh. Mnh. Stay. It’s better not to be alone. Yeah. Speaking of being alone… why are you alone? Where’s your husband? I told nikolas to stay away. Well, when I saw him earlier, he seemed pretty worried about you.

[ Chuckles ] I bet he did. Ava, why don’t you want to see nikolas? He hurt me. He betrayed me. In the worst possible way.

Dex was there? Sonny’s guy? Yeah. He helped me save ava’s life. I mean, he really knew what he was doing. I’m sure he did. I’m sure he’s dealt with many stab wounds, considering his line of work. Dex was a soldier. He served in afghanistan. Didn’t know that. All i do know about him is that you saw him pressuring one of the jurors in trina’s trial. Right, yeah, and I still think that he’s an idiot to work for sonny. All I’m saying is that he has a few redeeming qualities. I mean, when he found me and ava, he didn’t panic. He knew that we had to get to the hospital right away. If we had waited for that ambulance, ava would be dead. So, yes, I helped, but dex saved her life. Yeah, I can’t help to wonder, where was spencer during all this? I-I don’t know, but are you implying that you think he could be the one who attacked ava? No. No, no, no. Of course not. I — spencer did stalk ava, but I would never think he’s capable of that kind of violence. I — I mean, if esme were still in town, maybe she could be the one, but… I-I only ask because ava is spencer’s stepmom. This attack affects him. I didn’t see spencer at the picnic, but apparently he got totally wasted. Spencer: Trina?! Cam! Joss! They’re not here. Neither is trina. It’s just you and me. Why did you come back? Oh, I never left. Well, not really. You don’t have to pretend. I know you missed me. The only thing that I missed was seeing the police arrest you for framing trina. I-I’m disappointed that you managed to skip town before the cops got you. Liar. Aren’t you really disappointed in yourself? That all your hard work was for nothing? At least I got you out of my life. One call to commissioner ashford, and you’re done. I’ll have you sent to prison.

[ Chuckles ] That makes you smile? Prison? Fine, spence. I’m out of your life. But I took your father and trina with me. Ava, don’t tell me that nikolas is the one that attacked you. Mnh. Well, I — I don’t know who attacked me, but I don’t think it was nikolas, no.

[ Sighs ] Then how did he hurt you? Betrayed me. In the most basic way. He cheated on you? Yes. Oh, my — I am so sorry. Such an idiot. Who was it? Not that it matters, because cheating is cheating. Oh, no, it matters, alright. Who was it? Esme. Spencer’s girlfriend, esme? Nikolas slept with his son’s girlfriend?! That’s disgusting! Mm-hmm. Nikolas claims that he… thought that our marriage was over and that he’d been… drinking heavily and that esme came on to him. So is that why she left wyndemere? You ran her out of town? Something like that. Whoo! [ Chuckles ] Sorry I’m late. You…are forgiven. Well, good. Yeah. Besides, I had plenty to keep me occupied. What do you mean? Over there. -Your former partner and blq. -Oh! The two of them cannot… wow! …Keep their hands off each other. Wow. Look at that. They finally got their act together. I think it’s in the air.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. No, a-actually, I think it’s kind of easy to get in your own way. What do you mean? Like… me totally over-thinking the whole moving-in thing. No, but you didn’t do that. You were just — you had your reasons, right? And as long as I know that you want to move forward, then rocco and I, we — we move in, uh, someday. S-someday? Yeah! It’s all good. How about tomorrow? What do you want me to do? Okay, I need you to go to the icu, stand guard by ava’s room until frank gets here. That’s it? I can do a lot more than just stand guard.

[ Chuckles ] How many times do I gotta tell you? You know what your job is? To just do what I tell you to do. Now, do you got a problem with that? Sonny! Is there an update on ava? Police have any idea who attacked her? Is there any reason why I should know that? It was a fundraiser for sick children — picnic, barbecue, and games on the quartermaine grounds — and somehow ava got stabbed in the middle of it. Michael, what are you suggesting? We both know that violence tends to follow you around. Were you involved?

Okay. We have to stay focused.We have a plan. Do you think it’s time? Oh. Uh, just about. What? I just think you’re really beautiful. Would you stop? I should’ve known you’d become a mush-ball after we got together. If you think calling me a mush-ball is an insult, it’s not.

[ Chuckles ] Because after all these months of hiding my feelings, I finally get to say things out loud.

[ Whispering ] Guess what, brook lynn.

[ Loudly ] I think you’re beautiful!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Normal voice ] And wicked smart and impossibly funny. And what you did for maxie and bailey lou… who’s got a bigger heart than brook lynn quartermaine? Which is why you deserve an epic first date. What? You don’t have anything planned?! That is a letdown. Oh, I’ve got plans. Yeah, lots and lots of plans. What the hell?! Is this how you think a manager services her client? Huh? That’s hardly professional… brookie. Thank you. I feel much better already. I don’t need to tell you. Nursing is a strenuous occupation. Spend most of the day on your feet, and it’s usually go, go, go. Oh, I know that. But I still love it. I’m proud of graduating, and I am proud of being a full-time nurse. It’s quite an accomplishment. Willow, when I found you in the hallway just now, it looked like you were about to faint.

[ Chuckles ] What nurse isn’t wiped out by the end of their shift? I can still do my job. If you decide to take a medical leave, your job will still be waiting for you. I’m not even out of my first trimester yet, and you want me to take off the rest of my pregnancy and maternity leave on top of that? I-I would be gone for almost a year. Willow, I’m not talking about your pregnancy. I’m talking about the time that you’re gonna need to beat your leukemia. Pregnant women get tired, even if they don’t have leukemia. Yes, and you’re handling both while keeping your diagnosis a secret from your partner. It is my choice! And my mind is made up. Have you considered that maybe ava was targeted because of her connection to you? You shut your mouth! Hey. Get — let me tell you something. Stop that. Stop jumping like that. Okay. Let me explain something to you, michael. Ava is avery’s mother, and that’s the only connection I have to what happened. The attack took place on the quartermaine property. So maybe… your other family should have had better security. You know, I think that the G.H. Board should reconsider their entire relationship with you. My donations have built not one but two wings to this hospital. Money can’t buy respectability. Can’T. What a shame. He has no right to speak to you that way. Okay. Just, when I tell you to do something, just do it. Go to the icu. Now. Okay? Be outside ava’s door till frank shows up. Yeah, yeah, go. Spencer: Do not talk to me

about my father! I cannot believe that you had sex with him! Mm. Are you really that surprised? I mean, I was your first, but you were hardly my first. Deep down, you had to know that you just… weren’t experienced enough for me. Okay. How do I explain this in a way you’ll understand? Um — oh! I know. That you just weren’t man enough to keep me satisfied. The thought of touching you, it physically repulsed me. Huh. It’s true. I was never your top priority. You chose your friends over me. Especially trina. Is it any wonder I turned to someone else, to a man of experience, for comfort?! You could have turned to anyone else! You could have turned to anyone else, and I wouldn’t have cared. But you chose my father. How could you? How could he?! Poor spence. Poor little rich boy. Your father chose me over you. Just like your beloved trina chose rookie rory over you. That makes you… the biggest loser. Doesn’t it? You lost your father.

And the girl. That’s because trina doesn’t know the truth. Hm! She doesn’t know that I was on her side the entire time. And if she did? What then? Do you think trina is gonna drop officer six-pack and come running after you? Keep dreaming, spence. I had to act like I didn’t believe trina to trick you into admitting that you had set her up. Mm-hmm, but I was smarter, was I not? No way would i incriminate myself. The only reason trina got exonerated was because that rat of a bartender sold me out. Your plan… it didn’t accomplish

anything. Well, I guess that’s not strictly true. You played your role so well that trina is never going to forgive you, ever. And you know that. So why haven’t you told her, spence? It’s not some noble gesture. You are far from noble. It’s because you’re scared that it won’t make a difference. Trina still won’t want you. I made sure of that. Shut up! Esme: Enjoy pentonville. I’m sure you’re gonna make a ton of friends!

[ Esme laughing ] Shut up, esme! I said shut up!

[ Esme laughing ]

[ Gasps ] Cameron: Spencer’s going to pentonville tomorrow. I don’t blame him for wanting to cut loose. Yeah, I’d probably do the same exact thing if I were in his shoes. Do you think that we should check on him? He’s at the metro court. I’m sorry. He’s spending his last day of freedom at the pool? He’s staying there. I think he got into yet another argument with his dad. I asked him how he was doing earlier, and he said he was going there to shower and get some sleep.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, munchkin. Okay. Okay, okay. Slow down. Where are you? Are you sure? Okay. I’m gonna go look for it. And then I will tell you if I find it, alright? Okay. Bye. What are you off to look for? Avery’s charm bracelet. Yeah. She’s upset. Her mom gave it to her, so… she thinks she left it at G.H., So I’m gonna head over there. I have enough time before trina’s party. Sure. Yeah. Um, I think I’ll take this opportunity, then, to check on spencer. Okay. Might be my last time to say goodbye to him before he’s off to pentonville. Alright. I’ll see you at the party. Alright. Bye.

[ Door opens ] So your husband slept with his son’s girlfriend… and you found out about it and you walked away? See, that does not sound like the ava jerome that I know and love. I would expect some epic shakespearean payback. Well, believe me, I wanted to make nikolas pay. But I had to wait. Why?

[ Both grunting ]

[ Esme screams ] Where — where’d you go?

[ Stammers ] It just wasn’t the right time. That’s all. It sounds like you’re talking about something very specific, ava. What is it? Come on. What made you wait?

spencer: “Dear trina…

I want you to know the truth.

I wasn’t going to tell you.

I figured you’re better off

without me in your life.

But I need you to know.

From the moment I walked

into that interrogation room

after you had been arrested,

I knew you were innocent.

Despite what I said,

I believe in you.

I always have.” I can’t believe a dirtbag like you is lecturing about professional behavior.

[ Scoffs ] Didn’t I warn you? All brook lynn wants is to get you into bed.

[ Scoffs ] Actually, we’re dating. Didn’t you see this thing on my face? It’s a smile… because I’m happy. A manager and a client are hooking up. And you’re calling it “dating”? Oh, I’m not surprised you don’t understand the concept. You see, dating, linc, is when a woman

actually wants to spend time with you. We have a meeting on the books, chase. You’re supposed to be with me right now, not her. We have to talk about studio musicians. Yeah, we had a meeting, uh, but I’m canceling it. I don’t need 30 days to decide who my manager is gonna be. I’m ready to sign with brook lynn. What about the gig at the savoy I just got for you? I’ll still do the gig, and you’ll get your cut. What, you think I’m gonna promote somebody else’s singer? Unless you sign with me, that gig is off, man.

[ Laughing ] Stop it. Why are you laughing? I’m j– because — no, I’m not — I’m not laughing. Actually, just, you know, when I brought it up, us moving in together, you seemed hesitant at first, and now you’re all gung-ho about it, which is great. I love this change of pace. But I-I don’t know. I don’t want you to feel like we got to rush into anything. No one said anything about a rush. I was just thinking it would be really good for rocco to move in before the school year starts. Unless, of course, you… are too busy working. I will always make time for us. Andrea. Hey. I’m here to meet willow. Mm-hmm. We’re going out to dinner. Have you seen her? Yeah, I saw her earlier on the third floor, but I believe she’s in dr. Randolph’s office. Thank you. Mm-hmm. I don’t even know what I’m saying.

[ Chuckles ] Really. I just — I think it’s all the pain medication they have me on. Just — just please promise me that you won’t tell anybody about nikolas and esme, huh? It would just be so humiliating if people knew that he cheated on me with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Okay. Shh. It’s alright. I’m not gonna tell anyone. I promise you. It’s nikolas who should be ashamed of what he did to you, what he did to — to his own son. I mean, you — you didn’t do anything wrong. Mm, I’m not sure everybody would agree with you. No one’s gonna blame you for this situation. I’m not a particularly popular person. Nikolas knows this. And even after I-I knew about him cheating, he tried to convince me that we still need each other. And you know what? Part of me actually believes him. Why is he saying that you guys need each other, ava? What — what aren’t you telling me? What did you do?!

I’m waiting. Either you sign with me and keep your show at a first-class venue where I can guarantee you at least two promoters from manhattan in the audience… or you can blow it all playing kiss and tell with the sequel to “clueless.” Hey! Who you calling clueless? Would you prefer…. dazed and confused? -[ Scoffs ] -Look. I’ve made up my mind. The savoy gig would have been fun, but I’m sticking with brook lynn. You’re a fool. I would’ve made you a star. All brook lynn can do is keep your bed warm.

[ Scoffs ] Watch it. Alright, man. Enjoy your career as a wedding singer. Oh, and brush up on the village people. Folks can’t get enough of “ymca” at receptions. Well, I didn’t love the insults, but we did it. Step one is complete. Now on to step two. I feel like you are pressuring me to tell michael about my leukemia diagnosis. I’m sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was add any stress to your life. The decision to share your diagnosis or not is yours alone. But as your boss and your doctor, it’s my duty to point out to you that if the people around you don’t know that you’re ill, they’re going to expect you to maintain your busy schedule. So it’s gonna fall to you to take care of yourself. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to jump down your throat. It’s just —

[ Sighs ] I’m not lying. I basically feel fine. I just lack some energy. My goal is to keep my life as normal as possible for as long as I can. But I have leukemia. Luckily, we caught it early, but my life is no longer normal. I have to face that.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Hi. Dr. Randolph. Um, I’m looking for willow. I’m in here, michael. Come in. Hey. Uh, sorry. I had the right time, right? Your shift’s over? Or — am I interrupting something? No, no, I’m — I’m glad you’re here. You need to know what I’ve decided.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it?! Cameron: It’s cam! What are you doing here? Yeah, it’s nice to see you, too. Came in to check on you. Heard you got a little drunk at the quartermaine picnic. What gives? I’m going to pentonville tomorrow. I thought I deserved a big send-off. Mm. Sure that’s it? Yeah. Yeah. Well, if that’s the case, then on your last night of freedom, what are you doing here alone and not with your family at wyndemere? Here to take over for you. Boss is inside. Oh. Dex. Frank. Hey. Um, how is ava doing? Frank just got here. I’ve been here for a while. Things have seemed pretty quiet since she woke up. Okay. No medical emergencies that I saw. What are you doing here? Avery lost her charm bracelet, and she thinks she might have left it in ava’s room or somewhere in the waiting area. Oh, I’ve been here for a while. Haven’t seen anything like that. Okay, well, I’m gonna keep looking because the bracelet is from ava, so avery’s pretty upset. You know what? The janitor came and took the trash from the waiting area not too long ago. Maybe he knows what happened to it. Uh, when I came in here, it got a little quiet. Is everything okay? Well, for starters, some lunatic stabbed me with a hook, and the cops don’t know who it was. You have any idea who attacked you? I didn’t see anything. Well, maybe she will when she recovers, right? Mm. I hope so. Is avery alright? Wasn’t too scary to see me like this? S-she’s just reassured that her mom was sleeping. And she just wants her mommy to get better. I want that, too. But until the person who did this is caught… what’s to stop them from trying to finish the job?

-keep your eyes open, frank. -I’m on it, boss. Josslyn. What are you doing here? Um, avery lost her charm bracelet, the one ava gave her. She thinks she might have left it here. Uh, I found the janitor, but I was too late. He already took the trash to the dumpster. Well, I’ll figure this out. You don’t have to wait. Well, I just appreciate you looking out for your sister. I always will. Alright. I’m sorry your little sister lost her bracelet. Oh, this isn’t over. Do you know where the dumpsters are? I-I was just so happy to get my nursing degree that I tried to do too much, so… I was talking to dr. Randolph about cutting back my hours. Well, I am completely supportive of this. I-I’ve been worried about you since you fainted. And once the baby comes, our lives are only gonna get busier. I mean, I’m just glad you’re getting your rest now while you can. I promise you… my goal is to be 100% when this is over. My uncle victor got me the room. Something about not wanting to haul my drunk ass all the way back to wyndemere. So since this is my last night of freedom, I figured I’d just spend it here. I wanted some five-star luxury before my three months in maximum security. Yeah. That makes sense. So your dad — is he, uh, at the hospital with ava? Yeah. Yeah, I assume so. You scared to go to pentonville? Of course I am. Yeah. Who wouldn’t be? My life is royally screwed up. And for nothing. Not for nothing. You were helping your friend trina. That matters. Except it turns out that it was completely pointless because I didn’t do anything to help her. It was that bartender’s testimony that got the charges dropped, so… what is important is that you were helping a friend. Yeah, maybe. You know, if you want, I can stick around, play some video games. I can be a little late to trina’s party. Did you hear? Trina’s having a party in celebration for pcu dropping the title ix charges. She’s going back to classes in the fall. That’s great. That’s great. Good for her. Uh, but you don’t got to stick around. Yeah, I’m fine. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah, man. Get out of here. I’ll see you in a few months. A few months? Don’t you think I’m gonna come visit you, idiot? You are? Well, you’re my friend, aren’t you? Yeah, I am. How is the investigation into ava’s stabbing going? Uh, slow. I mean, whoever stabbed her took a big risk, doing it at a picnic with so many people around. Hey, maybe it wasn’t about the risk. Maybe it was a crime of passion. I knew we’d up the stakes if we got linc interested in signing you, and then you make a big deal about signing with me. It’s a good plan. Oh, I know. And it’s just gonna make linc want to sign you even more. He’s one of these guys who always wants what he can’t have. And then to step two — got to find some way to make me some kind of success as a singer. Oh, we’ll make linc want to take something else away from me, as much as he wants another moneymaker. And step three, link will buy out my contract. At a very good price, might I add. And then I’ll abandon my singing career and leave linc in the lurch. Yes. That is the final step. Then the hard part. You’ve gotta make me a star. Oh, come on. Easy-peasy.

What do you say we get out of here… mm! …Go get a pizza, and then go to my place and start packing up? Okay. Yeah? Wait, wait, wait. Wh– okay. Are you sure that rocco is gonna want to give up his backyard? You have a-a beautiful park like a block away from your penthouse. Yeah. Okay. What about him wanting to live with two kids? W– listen. They already spent so much time together at the quartermaines’. And you and I already spent so much time together. Danny, rocco, and scout, t-they’re pretty much siblings already. They are, aren’t they? Yeah. Okay. Alright. So… okay. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] It’s a go. Alright! Let’s get outta here! Yes! Dante: Oh, oh! Lookee who we have here. You know, I was gonna say you two should be enjoying each other a little bit more, but I don’t think that’s possible. Oh, are we that obvious?

[ Chuckles ] Well, only in the best way possible. -You guys have a good night. -You too. Ugh! That smell. So gross. Garbage. What were you expecting? Alright. See? It says the number 10. So, the janitor said this was trash, not medical waste. So there shouldn’t be any needles or anything. That’s what he said. Okay. W-wait a second. You’re not actually gonna climb into that, are you? I mean, it’s just a bracelet. Why don’t you just buy your sister a new one? No! Ugh. My sister is going through enough right now, alright? If there’s a chance that the bracelet’s in here, I’m gonna look for it. So are you gonna help me or what? Thanks for hearing me out. You’re an excellent nurse, willow. We want to support you any way we can.

[ Telephone rings ] Excuse me. I have to take this. This is dr. Randolph. H-hang on. Yeah. Something wrong? Do you think we could just maybe skip out on the metro court tonight and just have a nice, quiet dinner at home? I’m just a little worn out. Of course we can. Of course we can. As long as we’re together, I don’t care where we go.

[ Monitor beeping ] Ma’am. You gonna be outside my door all night? Yes, I will. And you won’t let anybody in who hasn’t been approved? No, that’s right. I have a list here on my phone. Is nikolas cassadine on that list? Yes, he is. He shouldn’t be. Take my husband’s name off. If making someone a star was that easy, wouldn’t every karaoke singer do it? I’m not talking about karaoke singers, remember? I have experience. I have contacts. And you are the total package. Every guy is gonna want to be you. Every girl is gonna have a poster of you on her wall. Anyone who hears you is gonna become an instant fan. Oh, is that all it’s gonna take? Well, you can be very charismatic. And you can be very… convincing. How are we gonna get me in front of a crowd?

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh, I have an idea. Trust me. So, uh, nina. I know I interrupted something between you and ava ’cause when I walked in the room, it was tense. Sonny, you don’t — you don’t need to know about this. It’s just a– it’s just ava’s been through a lot and she’s emotional right now. You know that’s not it. Tell me the truth. What were you and ava talking about?

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