Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Allie and Noah are embarrassed when Traci, sees both of them coming down the stairs of the Abbott house after they have made love. Traci tells Allie not to be embarrasses and enjoy every moment of her relationship with Noah.

Adam accepts Jack’s job offer to be Co-CEO of Jabot. Billy isn’t happy about the news and tells Adam he will be watching him. Jack and Adam go for a drink to celebrate and when they see Nick and Abby they share the news with them.

Chance tells Sharon and Chelsea he just closed Rey’s last case. The news makes Sharon happy while it makes Chelsea go to her hotel room and cry.

Nick tells Chance that Adam told him he doesn’t intend to seek revenge on then anymore and he also tells Chance that Adam took a job, as Co-CEO of Jabot. Nick also advises Chance that he should talk to Abby because, she is very worried about how he is handling his decision to close Ashland’s case.

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