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Allie: You really met the woman of your dreams?

Alex: I really did. Right here in the square. And the crazy part is, my kid brother called it this morning.

Chanel: Called it how?

Alex: He told me that one day I was gonna meet a woman that would knock me off my feet, and that is exactly what happened. She bumped into me, literally. Knocked me right here on my ass.

Chanel: And what is this klutzy dream woman’s name?

Alex: [Sighs] Stephanie. How beautiful is that? Stephanie johnson. The woman that changed the direction of my life.

Sonny: I gotta say, I’m a– I’m a little taken aback. I figured you would have jumped at the chance to work for me. I know I can pay you more than anyone else.

Stephanie: I know. And I’d love to do pr for you.

Sonny: Okay, then what’s the problem? Is it–is it alex?

Stephanie: Sonny, if you hire me, he wants to be the point man. I’d have to report to him.

Sonny: I promise you, that’s not gonna happen.

Stephanie: How do you know? That guy just doesn’t take no for an answer.

Sonny: [Sighs]

John: All right, partner, tell me you got something to go on.

Steve: I interviewed everyone within a 10-block radius of my house. Apparently, no one saw or heard anything last night.

John: What the hell is going on here? I checked out every one of orpheus’ old hideouts. He hasn’t used any of them.

Steve: He’s had our wives for a full day now. It scares the hell out of me to think what they could be going through right now.

Marlena: Kayla. Kayla! Wake up. Kayla. Are you all right?

Kayla: [Groans] I got such a headache.

Marlena: Yeah, yeah, me too. I guess orpheus’ guys don’t mess around, huh?

Kayla: Do you have double vision?

Marlena: Mm-mm.

Kayla: Me either. Well, I guess we’re as good as we could be under the circumstances. Love what he’s done with the place.

Marlena: Usually–usually, orpheus would hang around to enjoy his handiwork. Wonder why he’s not here.

Roman: All right. So abe tells me you talked him into running for governor.

Kate: So, this is a great day all around, right? To roman. Happy birthday.

Paulina: And to abe, the next governor of the state.

Abe: Well, to the four of us having a wonderful year.

Paulina: Oh, that’s right. ‘Cause nothing’s going to stop us now.

Abe: Yes!

[Dramatic music]

Orpheus: It looks like I’m just in time for the celebration.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Allie: Stephanie johnson? She’s my cousin.

Chanel: Her too? It seems like everybody in this town is your cousin.

Allie: Well, we are a complicated family.

Alex: Wait, this is great! You could put in a good word for me.

Allie: Oh, come on, you don’t need help from me.

Alex: Actually, I do. I asked stephanie out and she turned me down. Flat. Kind of caught me off-guard.

Chanel: Is that a new experience for you? Getting turned down by a woman?

Alex: Yeah.

Allie: Uh, I mean, didn’t gabi do the same thing?

Chanel: And the two of us.

Alex: Yeah, but that was different.

Allie: How?

Alex: That was bs.

Chanel: Uh, excuse me, bs?

Alex: Bs, “before stephanie.” So here I was, laying on the ground. Hey, look, right here. I’m looking up. She’s standing above me. I’m looking up at her. My whole world changed. That was it.

Chanel: Yeah, that sounds like bs all right.

Alex: All right, good, this is funny, right? You girls aren’t taking me seriously, but that’s okay, because you will see, I am not letting stephanie get away.

Allie: Alex, it kind of sounds like she already got away.

Alex: That’s so funny, right? Yeah, it’s not gonna last. She’s gonna see what I see. Trust me. She’s gonna see that we are meant to be together. We’re soulmates.

Stephanie: I don’t want to offend you, sonny. Alex is your brother.

Sonny: Okay, I promise you won’t offend me.

Stephanie: I can’t work with a guy like him. He’d be hitting on me all the time, and he’ll never be my type.

Sonny: Really? You’re turning me down because of alex?

Stephanie: No. There’s another reason. I came back to salem to take on a big job with a new client who lives here. We just had our first meeting last night, and I found out just how demanding she is.

Sonny: Well, I’m telling you, if you can deal with alex, you can deal with her.

Stephanie: You don’t know this lady. She may be more than I can handle.

Paulina: You’re orpheus? I had the living daylights scared out of me yesterday because of you? Getting grabbed by john black? ‘Cause he thought I was you?

Orpheus: Yeah. Yeah, the black patch team tends to–tends to compensate for its ineptitude with overzealousness.

Roman: So, what the hell did you do now?

Orpheus: Oh, no, no. No, poor steve got it in his head that I was going after his daughter stephanie. But after all these years, you’d think he’d know that my interests have always lain elsewhere.

Kayla: Help! Help! There are two women tied up in here! Call the police! Help!

Marlena: Kayla. Kayla. Don’t exhaust yourself. He’s made sure nobody can hear us.

Kayla: Well, steve and john have to know that we’re missing by now, so– so they’re gonna find us.

Marlena: Of course they will. But until they do, we’ve gotta take care of ourselves. Orpheus will be back. We’ve gotta figure out what we’re going to do.

Steve: I know his note said we can’t contact the police or tell anybody. But I’ll tell you what, if we can’t do everything we need to do, we should get ahold of shane, on the down low. Nobody knows orpheus better than shane donovan.

John: We can’t risk that, man. Orpheus worked inside the isa for so many years. You know he still has spies on the inside.

Steve: You’re right.

John: It’s up to us, partner. We have to find kayla and marlena, and we’re gonna do this on our own. My asthma felt anything but normal.

Sonny: Okay, so you landed an account that was bigger than you thought. What’s the big deal? You’re not a one-man operation. You have a full staff. You can have more than just one big client.

Stephanie: I can name ten firms in chicago who would love to handle titan.

Sonny: I don’t–I don’t want another firm. All right? I want you.

Stephanie: I get the feeling that kiriakis men do not take well to the word “no.”

Sonny: See? So this is about alex.

Stephanie: He is so not my type, and he never will be. And I don’t want him cornering me every time I turn around.

Sonny: And I promise you that’s not gonna happen.

Stephanie: How do you know?

Sonny: I’ve been observing my brother for a very long time. When it comes to women, very small attention span.

Alex: From now on, my whole focus is gonna be stephanie.

Allie: Uh-huh.

Alex: I’m serious. I have never, ever felt like this about anybody. We’re meant to be together.

Chanel: And how do you know that?

Alex: Because we ran into each other twice in the same day. You gonna tell me that means nothing?

Allie: I mean, maybe in tokyo or london, but that happens all the time here. And, I mean, is stephanie even into you? Or is this just all, like–

Alex: Why am I even talking about this standing here with you girls? I need to get back to the office, because she might still be there.

Allie: Okay, hey, just– before you go, little– little reminder. No means no.

Alex: Yeah. I get that. I do. All right, I’m not gonna pressure stephanie into anything. I’m gonna play it cool.

Chanel: I’d like to be there when you do that.

Alex: Well… I have waited my entire life to meet a woman like this. I’m not gonna blow it by coming on too strong.

Allie: Yeah, he’s definitely gonna blow it.

Chanel: I know!

[Both giggle]

Steve: Yeah. Got a text from stephanie this morning. “Mom and I were supposed to “have breakfast this morning, “and she didn’t show up. You know where she is?”

John: You come up with a story to tell her?

Steve: Not yet. I hate lying to her.

John: Doesn’t sound like she’s too upset yet.

Steve: Yeah. Well, that won’t last. Then what do I say? “Orpheus was able to kidnap “your mother and marlena “because your idiot father walked right into his trap”?

John: Hey, come on.

Steve: You know, at the very least, I should have followed stephanie alone and left you at the house with kayla and marlena.

John: If I thought you weren’t doing the right thing, partner, I wouldn’t have come with you.

Steve: Listen, man, our wives were sitting ducks because I made a stupid mistake.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, leave the “stupid” out, okay? Come on.

Steve: I should have neutralized that son of a bitch the moment he showed up and threatened my kids.

Abe: You were lucky enough to get a pardon. Why don’t you take up golf or fishing, and leave decent people alone?

Orpheus: Mr. Mayor, I’m just hear in salem to make a fresh start.

Roman: [Chuckles] Yeah, that would be you.

Orpheus: I see john and steve have had your ear.

Roman: After what you’ve done to their families, do you blame them for being suspicious of your every move?

Orpheus: [Chuckles] My old isa partner here needs to come down off his high horse. ‘Cause if anybody has a right to be angry about what was done to his loved ones, it’d be me. You’re new in town, so you probably don’t know. Birthday boy shot and killed my wife. The mother of our two small children.

Roman: Yeah, and you used her death as a license to live out your sadistic fantasies on the people of my town.

Orpheus: Perhaps it would be best if we didn’t dredge up the past.

Roman: You’re the one who started this death march down memory lane.

Orpheus: Me? No, I’m just here for the chowder.

Abe: This is a private party. I want you out of here. Now, move. Or you’re gonna find this place surrounded by squad cars.

Paulina: Well, I don’t need to wait for no cops. I can just kick your little skinny ass down to the curb myself.

Abe: Paulina. Don’T. Don’T.

Orpheus: No, no, no, no, it’s okay. It’s all good. Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle. I’m leaving. But I– I’m sure I’ll be seeing all of you. Around town. In the near future.

Kayla: You know what? You are absolutely right. We just gotta–we just gotta keep it together and stay on the offensive. So, how do you suppose we do that?

Marlena: We don’t know– we don’t know what orpheus has in mind for us, so what do we know?

Kayla: How about that he and his henchmen took us from my place, blindfolded us, and threw us in his car.

Marlena: And then drove us around for hours.

Kayla: Right. He went north for a while, then went east, and then made a u-turn.

Marlena: How do you know that? You were blindfolded.

Kayla: I have a very keen sense of direction.

Marlena: Okay, so he made a u-turn, which means he wants us to think that we are farther from salem than we are.

Kayla: Wouldn’t that be great?

Marlena: I remember hearing bells.

Kayla: While we were in the car?

Marlena: Yeah. Yeah, it wasn’t–it wasn’t the–the courthouse bells. It was something else.

Kayla: You know, and I swear that I heard a power saw or something.

Marlena: A construction area?

Kayla: Yeah, maybe. You think those bells could have been church bells? Because–because they’re restoring st. Luke’S.

Marlena: You’re right. They are. And you know what? The docks are near st. Luke’S. And there are warehouses on the docks.

Kayla: Warehouses are just right up his alley, huh? You know, we’re pretty good at this.

Marlena: It makes me think that you and I can do more than just sit around and wait to be rescued.

Kayla: Let’s make a plan. Moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin.

Marlena: I can’t– I can’t reach your wrists.

Kayla: I think I can reach yours. I can–I can do it. Okay. I got it. I got it. I got it.

Marlena: Okay.

Kayla: Okay.

Marlena: It’s gonna be a little hard to untie those knots.

Kayla: Come on. I’m a surgeon. Knots are my specialty.

Marlena: Yeah, tying them, not untying them.

Kayla: Okay. Aren’t you a psychiatrist? You’re supposed to give me moral support.

Marlena: Oh. Okay. Kayla, you’re doin’ just great!

Kayla: That’s good. Now, I just need to work on not looking scared when that psycho comes back.

Marlena: Kayla, he’s not gonna kill us right away. This exercise is to torture john and steve.

Kayla: Well, as bad as it is, at least it beats being sealed up in a burning coffin.

Marlena: You know my favorite thing about you? You always look on the bright side of things. I wonder what game he’s playing this time.

Kayla: Right. Because there’s always a game.

Marlena: Yeah, he just gets such a kick out of seeing us go through all the steps, doesn’t he?

Kayla: Yeah. Wouldn’t it be great if that smug bastard came in here and we were gone?

Marlena: Does that mean that you’re making some progress on the ropes?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, just stay still. I’m gonna have you free in a few seconds.

John: Hey, doc and kayla, they are smart. And they’re tough. We both saw what kind of a fight they put up last night.

Steve: Yeah. But he’s still got them.

John: But the fact is, we know those two ladies are not gonna give up.

Roman: Missed my opportunity, man. I shouldn’t have let him walk out of here. I should have busted him in the mouth and thrown him out.

Kate: No, come on. Don’t let that creep ruin this birthday celebration.

Paulina: That’s right. He is creepy, though.

Roman: What was that about you getting the daylights scared out of you yesterday?

Paulina: Oh, yeah, that. Well, I arranged a meeting with steve’s daughter, and I asked her not to tell anybody about it, so, you know, she wouldn’t, you know, tell her daddy where she was going.

Abe: You see, steve thought that orpheus had set up the meeting and stephanie was walking into a trap.

Paulina: It was very dark in that room. I couldn’t see much. Stephanie came in, and the next thing I knew, john black lunged at me, thinking I was that creepy man. We got it all straightened out, though.

Roman: Okay, why was this– why was this meeting so secret?

Abe: Politics. Paulina had hired stephanie to do the pr for my campaign.

Kate: Ah. And I for one am so glad you decided to run.

Roman: Yes, the state could use a man like you in the governor’s mansion.

Abe: Well, I tell you one campaign promise I will make. Guys like orpheus, they will be locked up and they will stay locked up.

Kate: Oh, people, please, this is a birthday celebration! Let’s stop talking about orpheus and let’s start talking about cake.

Paulina: I’ll drink to that.

Roman: And you want cake.

Kate: Of course I want cake!

Roman: Well, we got champagne.

Kate: Roman, it’s a birthday celebration. At a birthday celebration, you have birthday cake.

Paulina: It so happens that I know of a bakery right here on the square that makes delicious cake. Called sweet bits? You know, I could just run– run over there and get–

Kate: No, no, no, no, no. You stay right where you are. This is on me.

Sonny: And just this morning, I walk into the study and find alex half-naked on a couch with some woman.

Stephanie: In the study?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Are you kidding me?

Sonny: Yeah. I wish I was. The whole time, I could just think of what my mom would have said.

Stephanie: I can hear aunt adrienne now. “Alexander kiriakis, “you’ve got ten seconds to get that woman out of this house.”

Sonny: “And you, young lady, have some self-respect. “Never undress where his mother may find you.”

Stephanie: Yeah! [Laughs] Aww, I miss her. I can only imagine how you feel.

Sonny: That–that’s why I wanna work together. We love the same people. We have the same history. And I bet you money alex has already moved on to someone else.

Stephanie: You sure?

Sonny: Yes. Please don’t make me beg.

Stephanie: Okay.

Sonny: Okay?

Stephanie: Okay. I’ll take on titan as a client.

Sonny: Oh! Yes! Thank you!

Stephanie: On the condition that you talk to alex and make sure he understands boundaries.

Sonny: Yes, of course. The first– alex? What are you– what are you doing here?

Alex: Well, I didn’t come here to see you. These are for you, gorgeous.

[Quirky music]

-Hi, dr. Rick. It’s julie. -[ Gasps ] That’s me.

Sonny: Hey, alex. That’s a big bouquet, buddy. Could be in, like, the rose parade.

Stephanie: [Sighs] I’ll let you two talk.

Sonny: Thanks.

Alex: I think she’s really warming up to me.

Sonny: You do?

Alex: Yeah. Did you get her to accept the job?

Sonny: Yes. Yes–

Alex: That’s fantastic! Are you kidding me? Do you know how many ideas I have about just the rebrand and the new imagine–

Sonny: But there were a few conditions, the main of which–

Alex: I will let you cross all the t’s and dot the I’S.

Sonny: What are you doing?

Alex: I’m gonna go find stephanie so we can start brainstorming.

Sonny: No. No, no, no. That is not–

Alex: What are you doing?

Sonny: I am stopping you from making a huge mistake.

Alex: [Scoffs]


Allie: Well, I guess if alex is in love, he’ll give up on that threesome idea.

Chanel: Yeah, probably.

Allie: You know, I have to admit, it was– it was pretty sweet to see him like that.

Chanel: He reminded me of this stray dog that followed me home from school when I was in the third grade.

Kate: Hey. Sorry to interrupt. Um, I was wondering if you might have a cake. I was hoping you would have a cake for grandpa roman’s birthday celebration.

Allie: We already sold all the cakes.

Kate: I see.

Chanel: But I’m sure we can find something for grandpa roman’s party.

Allie: You’re celebrating grandpa’s birthday with him?

Kate: Yeah, I am.

Allie: I thought he was done with you.

Kate: Well, he was. But he forgave me. And I’m hoping that you’ll forgive me as well.

Paulina: I’m glad you came around and took kate back. I like her.

Abe: So do I.

Paulina: You know how the saying goes. “To err is human. “To forgive is…sometimes in your best interest.”

Roman: Oh, is that how that saying goes?

Abe: All right. All right, you two. It is picture time, so–

Roman: [Grumbles]

Abe: Come on, buddy. You’re not smiling.

Roman: [Chuckles]

John: Pretty quiet over there, partner. What are you thinking about?

Steve: I think I should go back to my place and make sure we didn’t miss anything that could tell us where he took them.

John: All right. Listen, while you’re there, get a shower and grab something to eat here. Gonna have to have clear heads if we’re gonna find them today.

Steve: All right. I’ll see you.

John: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

John: Hey, abraham.

Abe: Hey, buddy, I just called marlena and kayla, but neither one of them answered.

John: Yeah, um… they’re both at a medical conference in chicago. What’s up?

Abe: Well, we are having a birthday party for roman at the pub.

John: Mm. Boy, I’d sure like to make that, but I’m a little tied up right now.

Abe: Look, we could really use some friendly faces.

John: Yeah, why?

Abe: Orpheus showed up, and it got nasty. And roman’s not in a party mood anymore.

John: I’ll be right there.

Marlena: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, my right wrist is getting loosened up.

Kayla: I got it. Got it, got it, got it.

Marlena: Well done.

Kayla: [Sighs]

Orpheus: Oh! It looks like I stayed away a bit too long. You miss me, ladies?

[Dramatic music]

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Orpheus: These cuffs should keep you right where I want you. I kind of expected you to try to escape. Guess I would have been disappointed if you hadn’T.

Kayla: This all part of your game?

Orpheus: Are you not having fun, sweetness?

Kayla: Don’t you call me that.

Orpheus: Get a little cranky when you’re hungry? I know that feeling. I tried to get takeout at the pub, but the service is terrible and the staff has a bad attitude. So I just went by the drive-through.

Marlena: How do you expect us to eat wearing handcuffs?

Orpheus: Hmm. Yeah, that is a problem. Well, I guess you’ll just have to derive some vicarious satisfaction out of watching me eat. Mmm. You just can’t beat a buddy burger. Mmm.

John: Hey.

Roman: John! Thanks for coming, man.

John: Wouldn’t miss it. Wouldn’t miss it. Hey, I heard that orpheus paid you all a visit? What the hell was that about?

Marlena: Will you please tell us what you plan to do with us?

Orpheus: Marlena, you need to learn to have patience. All your questions will be answered in due time. But right now, there is something I need to attend to. So…sit back and enjoy the evening, ladies. This party’s just getting started.

Kayla: What do you suppose that means?

Marlena: I don’t know, but god help us.

Allie: I think it’s nice that you’re having a birthday party for grandpa. But I don’t think you and I have anything to say to each other.

Kate: Allie, I pled guilty.

Allie: To what?

Kate: To being an accessory after the fact in the kidnapping of sami, your mother.

Allie: What’s going to happen to you?

Kate: Well, actually, I was lucky. I got probation. I got a fine. A really big fine. 200 hours of community service, so don’t be surprised if you see me walking around salem picking up trash, wearing a very, very unattractive vest.

Allie: Well, that’s– that’s something.

Kate: Yeah. Look, I know what happened to your mother was hideous, and it was unfair.

Allie: You didn’t see her when dad brought her back from the place he had her. She was a wreck.

Kate: I know. All I could think about was protecting your dad. You know, I did not stop and think about sami. I didn’t think about you. I didn’t think about will. I didn’t think about roman. You know? It’s just something that I’m going to regret for the rest of my life. Allie, I am so, so sorry about my part in this whole thing.

Allie: Grandma.

Kate: Oh, honey, I love you. So, do you think I can see henry now?

Allie: Yeah. Sure you can.

Kate: Okay, great. And after that, I’m taking you shopping, and that is absolutely not a bribe.

Allie: I’d like that. Okay, well let me go see what is taking chanel so long. She might be making the cake from scratch, so I’m gonna go help her.

Alex: Yeah, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here, but it’s not gonna work.

Sonny: Ooh.

Alex: You have no idea what’s going on here, sonny.

Sonny: Oh, actually, I do. I have been watching you for a very long time. Stephanie is young, she’s beautiful, and she has a pulse, which means she’s exactly your type.

Alex: I don’t have a type. Not anymore.

Sonny: What? What happened?

Alex: Stephanie happened.

Sonny: Stephanie– all that happened was you bumped into her in the square.

Alex: Yeah, and that’s all that it took. Sonny, I fell down, I looked up into these beautiful eyes, and that was it for me. It’s exactly like what you said this morning. You did this. You told me I was gonna meet her, that special woman.

Sonny: Stephanie?

Alex: She’s for me. She’s the one.

Steve: I can’t believe I let that bastard take you. Where are you, sweetness?

Stephanie: Papa?

[Dramatic music]

Sonny: Okay, yes, I know I told you that eventually you would find that special someone. But I didn’t mean today.

Alex: Yeah, me neither.

Sonny: Okay, are you sure that I didn’t just put this little idea in your head, like a little subliminal message or something?

Alex: Sonny, you weren’t there. You don’t know what it was like. Look, I can’t explain it. I don’t know what to tell you, sonny, it’s true. I am attracted to a lot of women. Sue me.

Sonny: Trust me, I know that.

Alex: This is different.

Sonny: Yes. It is. In a very, very big way.

Alex: What are you getting at?

Sonny: I just hired stephanie. Stephanie works for titan. Titan has a very strict no dating policy, which means you can’t date her. You can’t even take her out for coffee.

Alex: What the– what are you– what are you talking about?

Sonny: Yeah. I know. I had to find out the hard way.

Alex: Leo stark was your assistant. Stephanie is a consultant. She’s not even an employee.

Sonny: Okay, okay. Dating the head of the pr department, do you really think that’s a good idea for the company?

Alex: Fine. I’ll quit. Sonny, what I do on my own time is none of the company’s damn business.

Sonny: You’d be putting yourself out of a job for no reason.

Alex: For no reason? There’s plenty of reason. I’ll have stephanie.

Sonny: No, you won’t! Look, I know you fell head over heels for this girl, but she doesn’t feel the same way about you. Not at all.

Steve: [Sighs] Hope you didn’t hear me talking to myself.

Stephanie: Nope. You’re safe. Do you know where mom is? When she didn’t meet me for breakfast, I went to the hospital, and she wasn’t there either.

Steve: Oh, man. I was supposed to tell you. She forgot she was going to a medical conference today with marlena.

Stephanie: I see. Well, I guess that’s why marlena didn’t keep her appointment with chad.

Steve: Oh, how’s he doing?

Stephanie: He’s hanging in for the kids’ sake. But I don’t think he’s gonna be over this for a long time. If ever.

Steve: How’s he supposed to get over losing the love of his life?

[Soft somber music]

How’s anyone do that?

Roman: [Sighs] Well, that son of a bitch just dropped by for the fun of giving everybody a hard time.

Paulina: We gave it right back to him.

John: Yeah, I bet. So, did he touch anything while he was here?

Abe: You know, he does have this annoying habit of leaving bombs behind.

Paulina: Bombs? Please, tell me that’s metaphor.

Roman: I watched him like a hawk. He didn’t take anything and he didn’t leave anything behind.

Abe: These games of his have always landed him back in a prison cell. But you know, he’s been out for a while, and he hasn’t made a move against anybody. And it makes me think that maybe the man is finally seeing reality.

Marlena: I wonder how long we have before he comes back.

Kayla: Well, if we can’t get out of these cuffs, what does it matter?

Marlena: Well, we’re not chained to the wall. Maybe we could just back our chairs together and try to figure some way out of these cuffs. My asthma felt anything but normal.

Alex: Yeah, I don’t get this. Stephanie and i bump into each other, I fall to the ground, we say a few words to each other, and now you’re telling me she doesn’t want any part of me?

Sonny: Come on, man. How can you be so crazy about a girl you’ve literally just met?

Alex: I don’t know, sonny! This has never happened to me before. So maybe you can help me out, mr. Doctor love.

Sonny: I can’T. One of stephanie’s main conditions to saying yes was that you would back off.

Alex: It’s day one. So she’s not into me. Yet.

Sonny: Okay, alex, I am asking you, as my brother, and telling you, as your boss, respect her wishes.

Alex: She’s gonna come around. She’s gonna like me. You’ll see.

Sonny: He’s gonna see another woman, and he’s gonna forget all about stephanie. Oh, my god, I hope I’m right.

Stephanie: I’m sorry I was so hard on you for last night.

Steve: Oh, no, baby. John and I busted into your important meeting like the avengers. I overreacted, and I was wrong.

Stephanie: You were looking out for me. I know that. You always just want to keep us all safe. And you do a really good job of it.

Abe: Hey, buddy. Is there something you’re not telling us?

John: No. Everything’s just fine.

Chanel: I know that took a long time, but you said your grandma would wait.

Allie: Yeah, that’s what she said. She was right here. I don’t understand.

Paulina: Kate must have decided to eat that cake all by herself. I want to get this party started!

[Phone ringing]

Roman: It’s kate. Hey, sweetheart.

Orpheus: I just realized I didn’t wish you a happy birthday, roman. Oh, and I’m afraid some of your guests aren’t gonna be able to make it. Kayla, marlena, and kate all send their regrets.

[Dramatic music]

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