Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah asks Kyle to consider giving Tessa a job as a model for Marchetti while she recovers from her surgery. Kyle thinks that is a great idea, but he wants to talk to Summer before he offers Tessa, a job.

Billy warns Phyllis that if she has a plan against Diane she should let go of it because Adam may go to work for Jabir. Billy also thinks that Summer might be collateral damage if her plan doesn’t work.

Phyllis is offended because Nikki wants to know the next moves in her plan against Diane because Nikki doesn’t trust her.

Imani talks to Nate at Crimson Lights before her flight to Virginia later tonight. Nate tells Imani that Devon is treating him like someone who has no experience and is just out of college. Elena talks to Devon about Nate to see if she can help mend the rift between them. Elena also thinks Devon is treating Nate like a recent college graduate with no experience with a job.

Nikki tells Abby it, would be best if Chance dropped the investigation into Ashland’s death.

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