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Li: I was fighting to keep my son alive.

Steffy: And I will be forever grateful to you for that. But to keep me in the dark all this time? Knowing what finn’s loss did to me and my children? How cruel could you be?

Li: You want to talk about cruel? Cruel is having doctors give up on your only child. Cruel is having to deal with a monster like sheila carter when your entire focus should be on helping your son pull through. I was pushed to my limits!

Steffy: So was I. I was pushed to the limits of my grief!

Li: I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for all of your pain. But I will never apologize for what I had to do to save my son!

Taylor: Steffy’s world is right again.

Ridge: And her mother can’t stop smiling.

Taylor: Well, neither can her father.

Ridge: Feels good, doesn’t it?

Taylor: It does. Celebrating steffy and finn. He– he’s back, he’s alive! He’s back where he belongs.

Ridge: Doesn’t get better than that.

Taylor: Or does it? You wanna talk about that kiss?

Brooke: Ridge’s focus is where it should be right now, with his daughter and the joy that she’s feeling. The joy that we’re all feeling. And once finn and steffy’s lives settle down, then our lives will settle down too.

Hope: Okay.

Brooke: Ridge is still my husband and he’s here taking care of me and I do feel the love. There is nothing or no one who could keep us apart.

Hope: I really hope you’re right, mom. It’s just… what you were saying earlier about ridge not having recommitted to you yet.

>>Brooke: What I said, honey, is that I believe ridge is going to make a real commitment soon. He’s just not quite there yet.

Hope: Okay, so once things get back to normal, then… you will both focus on getting your marriage back.

Brooke: Yes of course. We still have a marriage, it’s just we haven’t been able to spend much time together because of all of this. We haven’t been able to focus on each other, but I’m sure that will happen. Just right now, I want ridge to be able to spend time with his other family. His son-in-law practically just came back from the grave. And steffy is thrilled and so are the– the kids. Ridge is happy.

Liam: Taylor, too.

Brooke: Yes of course and I’m happy too. I know that ridge is committed to me. There’s nothing that could ever change that.

Ridge: You wanna talk about the kiss?

>>Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: I… I…

Taylor: Okay, okay. Maybe we should just forget it ever happened.

Ridge: Well, I can’t do that.

Steffy: I’m not asking for an apology, li. I just want to know why, why you didn’t tell me about finn?

Li: You were fighting for your own life. You weren’t even conscious. It was hardly the time to say–

Steffy: After I woke up. After I was out of danger and recovering. Do you know what a difference it would’ve made to know that finn was still here? Instead of being told he was gone?

Li: By then sheila was in the picture, and I just–

Steffy: Okay, I– I get that there’s extenuating circumstances. But still… there was so much heartache. Grief so deep I didn’t know if I could make it through.

Li: The only thing I was focused on was finn. I thought you said you were grateful to me?

Steffy: I am. I am grateful beyond words. But it still doesn’t justify letting the children and me suffer. Hi, my name’s steve.

Ridge: Steffy finding her family like that, was amazing.

Taylor: Yes, yes, it was amazing. Steffy has suffered for so long, you know, but watching her walk through that hotel suite, holding finn’s hand and that the pure joy and happiness that was radiating on her face–

Ridge: And love.

Taylor: And love, so much love. They have so much love for each other, kelly and hayes. You, me, steffy, thomas, phoebe, they’ll always be the best part of us ridge. We did good.

Ridge: We did, I agree.

Taylor: You know I said I wanted to give them some time–

Ridge: But you want to go check on them–

Taylor: I’m dying.

>Ridge: Well then you should go. And you know, like, you said… times like these, it seems like anything’s possible.

Brooke: Nothing came of that picture you posted. Ridge wasn’t pleased but we talked it out.

Hope: Are you sure?

Liam: Yo! Your– your mom just told you it’s fine, take the W. Don’t go looking for trouble, esp– especially not now, right? When we should be celebrating steffy and her family being reunited and the joy that that brings us.

Hope: No, you’re right, you’re right. Although, I do wonder about one thing, or, one person. Li. How does steffy feel about her now, knowing that her mother-in-law kept the truth about finn, from her, all this time?

Steffy: All I ever did was love your son.

Li: I know. But you have to understand what finn’s life was like before he met you. Before you brought the chaos and drama.

Steffy: Sheila brought that. If she’d never shown up–

Li: She did! And look what happened… I came within a breath of losing my son forever.

Steffy: You saved him though. But yet you didn’t see fit to tell me. If you were going to tell anyone, it should’ve been–

Li: All right, steffy, fine, fine. Maybe in hindsight, I should’ve done things differently. But, I didn’t have the luxury of time to think it all through clearly. I was absorbed with finn. Doing everything in my power to keep him with us. Which I did. Why don’t you focus on that? Your husband is with you, hayes has his daddy. That’s all we should be concerned about.

Taylor: Steffy? Is everything okay? Li?

Taylor: You confronted her about what she did with finn, huh?

Hope: Liam and I are so excited to see steffy and finn.

Brooke: Me too, but they need their “alone time” first.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, no, no they do, they need a minute but– but, whenever they resurface, I think we should throw them like the biggest party ever.

Ridge: I’m up for that.

Hope: Oh my gosh, ridge, hey. We were just talking about everything that’s happened.

Brooke: And how steffy’s life is whole again.

Liam: Yeah, we’re so excited for, well for steffy and finn and the kids. But also for you and taylor.

>>Ridge: Well, I appreciate that. It’s an amazing time for my family.

Hope: I can only imagine, I mean, that must’ve been such an amazing experience. For you, for taylor.

Ridge: I’m– I’m glad you’re here.

Liam: Wha–, er, what’s up?

Ridge: Just want to thank you for being so kind to steffy when she thought she lost her husband and, and letting her take kelly overseas. You didn’t know how long it was gonna be before you’d see your daughter again and you put steffy first and I’m grateful for that. And I am grateful to your father for what he did, bringing finn to steffy.

>Liam: Have you told him that?

Ridge: He knows how I feel.

Hope: So does this mean you two are best friends now?

Ridge: Yeah, we’re thinking of getting a place together.

Brooke: Well, the important thing is that bill found finn and got him to steffy as soon as possible.

Ridge: It was the reunion of a lifetime.

Hope: Gosh, what a moment that must have been. Steffy seeing finn alive, realizing that he wasn’t lost to her after all.

Brooke: Because of li. She single-handedly kept her son from slipping away.

Liam: Yeah, that’s the thing though li, would do anything for finn and obviously did. But yeah, I’m kinda with hope on this one, I don’t really understand why she had to keep the truth about him from everyone as long as she did.

Hope: Well, I’m sure li had her reasons. But to keep that from steffy, all that time. I can only imagine it’s going to create a strain in their relationship.

Steffy: Part of me wants to just scream at li, for not telling me that finn was alive. Like she says that she knows that I was suffering. That my heart broke for kelly and hayes, but does she really know that? Does she know that I was drowning in grief?

Taylor: Oh, honey.

Steffy: She got to see finn. She got to touch him. She got to hear him breathe. She had hope. I didn’t have hope because I didn’t know the truth. Like what am I supposed to do with this mom? How am I supposed to forgive her?

Taylor: Tell me– tell me everything she said?

Steffy: Li thinks finn’s life would be less “complicated” if he hadn’t met me. Got involved in our family, which I think is the most, it’s the craziest thing I have ever heard. We are not responsible for sheila having an affair with jack! Sheila being finn’s birth mother! Sheila showing up– showing up at our wedding! Like, we had nothing to do with that!

Taylor: No, no, and I– I have some questions for li myself. And I know your father does too. Oh, honey, I know how frustrated you are with all of this, especially with this narrative that li is using as an excuse of why she had finn. But… but she saved finn’s life. That’s what we’re focusing on, right? It’s truly is a miracle.

Steffy: Uh huh. And I will be forever grateful for that. Finn didn’t die in the alley. My worst nightmare is now my… now my greatest joy. I have my husband back. My family and my future couldn’t be brighter. (Nathan m) secondhand smoke

Liam: I just couldn’t get a gauge, you know, could you, like, like how ridge actually feels about what li did? ‘Cause, on the one hand, you know, I’m sure he’s grateful that she– she saved him. But li also could’ve just told steffy and that would’ve changed every– what?

Hope: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t want to talk about ridge or li or my mom anymore. The kids are out of the house, we are all alone, and you know what that means?

Brooke: So, how does it feel?

Ridge: What?

Brooke: After all the worry about steffy and the kids, to know that you don’t have to worry anymore?

Ridge: Ah, come on, you’re always going to worry about your kids, right? Doesn’t matter if they’re doing well or not.

Brooke: Well, that’s true.

Ridge: But I know what you mean. A whole, big weight has been lifted.

Brooke: That’s good. I really am happy for you. You know, wereally haven’t been able to “celebrate” your return, since you’ve been back. I think we should remedy that.

Taylor: Well, I’m glad that finn’s getting checked out to make sure that he’s healing properly.

Steffy: Oh, thank you.

Taylor: You’re welcome.

Steffy: Yeah, I know. So, what’s going on with you?

Taylor: Not much. I mean, I am just– just happy and concentrating on my– my daughter’s happiness,

Steffy: I– I love that… but, I can tell there’s something going on, there’s something on your mind.

Taylor: There’s always something on my mind but I just– I want you to concentrate on finn and your beautiful family.

Steffy: I can also concentrate on my beautiful, talented mom. I’m gonna keep asking, if there’s something going on with you, I’m gonna keep nagging–

Taylor: Fine! It has to do with your father and me.

Steffy: You and dad?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: Uh huh?

Taylor: Okay, but before I tell you I want to paint the picture.

Steffy: Okay.

Taylor: Okay, so, ridge and I were feeling very euphoric when we were in monaco. Right? We were filled with joy and happiness for you, knowing that you had reconnected with finn and… we kind of got swept up in a moment.

Steffy: Swept up, how?

Taylor: Well, we were in this– this breathtaking setting and you know we were, we were feeling very, very connected after what we had just experienced together. It was very significant and very, very powerful and… I guess… we just kissed.

Steffy: You and dad?

Taylor: Yeah, it was a really good kiss, it was– yeah.

Steffy: That’s wonderful.

Taylor: I mean–

Steffy: I’m, I’m– no, I’m really, I’m really happy for you. You already know what my next question is gonna be.

Steffy and taylor: What does this mean for you and dad?

Brooke: Ridge, I know you better than anybody. What’s going on?

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