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Jada: Abigail dimera’s murder case is an open investigation. We have no comment at this time.

Shawn: Ah, so you are detective hunter. I’m shawn brady.

Jada: Hi, nice to meet you. And it’s jada.

Shawn: Jada. Jada, well, welcome to salem pd.

Jada: Thanks. I know you’ve been short-staffed with the grants leaving.

Shawn: Yeah, and with me on paternity leave.

Jada: Right. Congratulations. But what are you doing here? I thought you still had a few weeks left with your baby at home.

Shawn: Well, actually, it turned out that the baby wasn’t mine.

Belle: How did you know I needed that?

Brady: Because you haven’t moved from this spot all morning. How long have you been at this?

Belle: I don’t know, I’ve been awake since, like, 6:00 A.M.

Brady: Sis, you are locked in. You almost finished with what you’re working on, or what?

Belle: No, not really. Ever since jake died, dimera enterprises is in complete turmoil.

Shin: [Yawns] I didn’t hear you get up.

Gabi: Oh, don’t mind me. You can keep sleeping.

Shin: You’re already dressed and pacing. What’s on your mind?

Gabi: Ava.

Shin: She dropped quite a bombshell last night, moving into the dimera mansion.

Gabi: Thanks to ej’s invitation. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

Ej: Don’t look at me like that, father. This is hardly the first time we’ve had to pick up the pieces after one of your children married an unsuitable partner. Stefan’s marriage to gabi saddled us with problems for years. And jake’s union with ava vitali could prove even worse, but don’t worry. I’ll make this work to our advantage. You can count on me to keep the family and the company together. Wonder what’s keeping ava. I hope she hasn’t decided not to move in.

[Doorbell ringing] Oh, showtime.

[Monitor beeping]

Kristen: [Sighs] Where did he go?

Rolf: Where did what go?

Kristen: Jake’s body. Did you perform the procedure?

Rolf: Yes. Yes, I told you I would. I removed his heart and transplanted it into stefan’s body.

Kristen: Rolf, did something go wrong?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ej: You should’ve called to tell me you were ready. I would’ve sent someone for your things. Is the rest of it out in the car?

Ava: No, that’s it. I like to travel light. Well, things do look a lot different from the last time I lived here, when I was john’s guest.

Ej: Not really john, though, was it? More like robojohn, the brainwashed memory-wiped version.

Ava: Right.

Ej: Well, in any case, I trust your experience this time will be better.

Ava: Well, I guess we’ll see.

Ej: Trust me, your my brother’s widow. That makes you family, which means you’re entitled to the full dimera experience.

Ava: Yeah? And what’s that exactly?

Ej: Well, for starters, for as long you stay here, your wish is harold’s command. At any time of day or night, just inform him if there’s anything you need. Your comfort is his top priority.

Ava: Aren’t you laying it on a little bit thick here, ej?

Ej: I’m not sure I understand.

Ava: Oh, come on. We both know why you invited me to stay here. Keep jake’s widow close and his dimera shares closer. Well, that is at least until you get rid of me so you can take them over for yourself.

Shin: You don’t trust ava.

Gabi: Trust her? When she lived with my brother, I almost got a dog as a food taster because I was afraid she’d poison me with her chicken cacciatore.

Shin: She certainly has a colorful past.

Gabi: Ugh, former child actors have a “colorful past.” She was a straight-up killer and a mob boss.

Shin: She claims to have reformed.

Gabi: Oh, please. She’s probably trying to figure out the best way to stab me in the back.

Shin: But why would she do that when you hold all the cards? You know there’s no marriage to jake. All you’d have to do is reveal the truth and she’d be left in the cold with nothing.

Gabi: Question is, is she smart and stable enough to realize that?

Shin: She’s no dummy. We know she’s ambitious. You of all people know the power that comes with being a dimera widow.

Kristen: Rolf, what are you telling me? That both of my brothers are dead now?

Rolf: Relax, kristen. I assure you I have everything under control.

Kristen: What are you–? What does that mean?

Rolf: It means I closed jake up and returned his body to the morgue. No one will ever know his heart is missing.

Kristen: Are you sure?

Rolf: Why would they check? His remains will be interred as befits the son of stefano dimera, in the family crypt.

Kristen: Okay. And stefan?

Rolf: He’s right here.

[Machine beeping] You see? Jake’s heart now beats in stefan’s chest.

Migraine attacks?

Brady: So all this working, are you sure this isn’t just to get your mind off the whole scenario with jan’s baby?

Belle: You know about that?

Brady: I do. The baby is not shawn’S. Marlena told me. So what does this mean?

Belle: What does it mean in regards to…

Brady: Belle, you and shawn, I mean, have you guys talked?

Belle: He came to me yesterday hoping I could help keep evan from taking the baby, but, you know, he had a court order and paternity tests.

Brady: Are you sure those tests are legit?

Belle: Well, kayla confirmed it.

Brady: So shawn just had to hand that baby over to that lunatic?

Belle: Yeah, I was there and it was just as awful as you might imagine. He didn’t have any warning, he didn’t have any time to prepare or say a proper goodbye.

Brady: Poor shawn. I know he was really starting to bond with that little guy too.

Belle: Yeah, and now he and evan are on their way to new zealand and shawn may never see him again. I mean, I could just see it in his face that his heart was just broken.

Jada: So the real father just showed up, took the baby, and went?

Shawn: Yep. That was that. Fully sanctioned by the court.

Jada: I’m so sorry. If you need to take some more time off–

Shawn: No, no, no. Staying busy– that’s the best thing for me.

Jada: I get that. It’s the best and worst part of the job. I mean, you’re in, you’re all in.

Shawn: Yeah. Yep. So how’s your first week been?

Jada: Well, you could say that they threw me into the deep end.

Shawn: Wait, what happened?

Jada: I came across an armed robbery the other day and had to discharge my weapon. The perp didn’t survive.

Shawn: Oh, wow. I–I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Jada: I had no choice, but–

Shawn: Yeah, well, taking a life, it’s never easy even if it’s justified.

Jada: Yeah.

Shawn: Sure you don’t need a few days off?

Jada: No, no, I’m good, I just need to deal with what happened and just keep moving forward.

Rafe: Well, what jada didn’t tell you is that she’s a hero for what she did that day. She saved ava’s life.

Ej: Look, my only goal is to protect my family. Gabi is a threat, obviously, which is why I need you to vote her out at the next shareholders’ meeting.

Ava: And when’s that gonna be?

Ej: As soon as possible.

Ava: Yeah, you know, I really do appreciate you letting me stay here and all, but I can’t promise you my vote.

Ej: What? Why not?

Ava: Well, because I know that jake was on gabi’s side and I want to honor his wishes.

Ej: Jake had a complicated relationship with gabi at best. You don’t owe her your loyalty.

Ava: Yeah, she also offered me a job at dimera.

Ej: [Chuckles] Has she?

Ava: Yeah.

Ej: Clever of her.

Ava: Mmm.

Ej: You do know I would offer the same thing if I became ceo?

Ava: Yeah. Bird in the hand.

Ej: I understand. Just do me a favor. Think about it. I promise I won’t pressure you.

Ava: I appreciate that.

Ej: Now, why don’t i show you your room?

Gabi: My gut tells me that ava accepting ej’s invitation to live at the mansion is not good news for me.

Shin: You think they’re going to form some sort of partnership against you?

Gabi: Ej doesn’t do anything that doesn’t further his own cause.

Shin: Well then, why don’t you use the situation to your own advantage?

Gabi: How?

Shin: Use your leverage over ava to make her keep an eye on ej for you.

Gabi: And you think I can trust her to tell me the truth?

Shin: What choice does she have? If she crosses you, you’ll blow the truth about her and jake’s fake marriage sky-high.

Gabi: Nothing earns loyalty like a little blackmail.

Shin: I wouldn’t use that word, but yes, I believe she’ll do as she’s asked.

Gabi: I hope you’re right.

Shin: I am. Question is, will you?

Gabi: Will I do what?

Shin: Will you do as you’re asked, when I ask you to come back to bed with me?

[Sultry music]

This is the sound of better breathing.

Rafe: I have no doubt that if jada hadn’t fired her gun when she did, ava vitali would be dead right now.

Shawn: Oh, sounds like some quick thinking.

Jada: I was just doing my training.

Rafe: Oh, no. I saw her in action and we are lucky to have her on the force.

Shawn: Nice, well, I’m excited to work with you.

Jada: Thanks. I heard a lot of good things about you too.

Rafe: Oh, this guy? Shawn? He’s one of the best detectives that we have. And you being back, does that mean…

Shawn: Yeah. I’m back.

Rafe: Good, I’m glad, because we could use the manpower on the force right now.

Shawn: Yeah, I know. I’ve been going through some files and your guys’ case load, it’s pretty heavy.

Rafe: Mm-hmm, yeah, which is why I was thinking that, well, maybe the two of you could work together. What do you think about being partners?

Belle: I was with shawn after evan took the baby. And I just– I didn’t know what to say to him. I could see he was hurting, but this baby is the reason our marriage fell apart.

Brady: Belle, belle. Jan. Jan’s the reason your marriage fell apart.

Belle: I know. It’s not that I don’t feel for what shawn is going through. Of course I do.

Brady: Well, is there a chance you two are gonna get back together? There’s no baby in the way now.

Belle: You know, I should get back to dimera.

Brady: Uh-huh, wow. You know what they call that, belle? They call that avoidance– what you just did.

Belle: Oh, really? Do they?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Belle: I’ll see you later.

Brady: Okay.

Belle: Oh, god! Hi!

Chloe: Hi. Hi.

[Smooch] Hi, hi. She’s in a hurry.

Brady: Yeah, she got tired of answering her brother’s questions about her and shawn.

Chloe: Is she okay?

Brady: She’ll be okay. I know why you’re here. You’re wondering why I’m not at work, aren’t you?

Chloe: Maybe.

Brady: Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you alone with kristen at the office. So if you’re ready to go, I’m ready to go.

Chloe: Actually, I’ve already been to the office and guess what. No sight of kristen.

[Mysterious music]

Kristen: You performed the transfer.

Rolf: I did.

Kristen: So his heart is beating, he’s breathing on his own, so I take it the surgery was a success? It was a success, wasn’t it?

Rolf: Well–

Kristen: A simple yes or no answer will do, rolf.

Rolf: Yes, but–

Kristen: But? But what?

Shin: Mm. You seem more relaxed.

Gabi: I am definitely more relaxed, thanks to you.

Shin: Does this mean you’re feeling better about the situation at dimera?

Gabi: Yeah. Thought about it, and you’re right. I have nothing to worry about. I’m the one holding the cards.

Shin: As long as ava’s in your control, there’s no way ej dimera can ever bring you down.

Gabi: [Chuckles] I like the way you think.

Shin: I like the way you do everything. I’m gonna go take a shower.

Gabi: Mm-hmm.


[Sighs] Nice try, ej.

Ej: And this is your room. Best view of the garden in the entire mansion.

Ava: Mmm. Beautiful.

Ej: Mm-hmm. You’re moving in at the perfect time. The hydrangeas are in full bloom. I think you’ll find it very comfortable.

[Tense music]

Ava: This room–

Ej: What about it?

Ava: This is the room that abigail was murdered in, isn’t it?

Ej: It is, yes.

It’s started. Somewhere between a cuddle

Ava: Whoa. You want me to sleep in the bed that abigail was murdered in?

Ej: You don’t strike me as the superstitious type.

Ava: Oh, it’s not superstition. That’s just grim.

Ej: It’s also one of the loveliest rooms in the house. As I said, lovely view.

Ava: Okay, so what’s chad gonna think about me moving in here?

Ej: Chad doesn’t live here anymore. And the staff will help you make it your own. You can remove anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and replace it as per your own tastes. And look at it this way. What are the odds that a second beautiful woman will be killed in here?

Ava: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Ej: If it’s important for you to feel safe, then yes, it should make you feel better.

Ava: [Scoffs]

[Soft dramatic music]

Shawn: You want us to be partners?

Jada: You know we met like five minutes ago.

Rafe: I know, right? And look how well the two of you are already getting along. Right? Shawn, you’ve been a lone wolf for quite a while now. And I think that you would actually benefit very heavily from working with someone who knows this town so well. So? What do you say?

Shawn: Well, I say yeah, sounds good to me.

Jada: Sounds good.

Rafe: Great. Okay. Then by the power vested in me as commissioner, I hereby pronounce you partner, partner.

Shawn: Partner.

Jada: Partner.

Chloe: Don’t you think it’s a little bit weird? Thank you. Kristen makes this big, dramatic declaration about how we answer to her now? And she’s gonna make my life a living hell then, ever since then, what? Nothing? Have you heard from her?

Brady: Not a word.

Chloe: Yeah, but she made it a point that sticking it to me and worming her way back into your life was the only reason she came back. So why step away?

Brady: It’s a good question. Maybe something more important came up.

Kristen: Why are you being so cryptic about this surgery, rolf? Is there a problem?

Rolf: As I said, his heart is functioning. However, we don’t know how complete his recovery will be until I ween him off the anesthesia and he wakes up.

Kristen: But he will wake up, right?

Rolf: I’m hopeful that will be the case. And soon he’ll be the stefan you remember.

Kristen: Then do it. Wake him up, rolf. Now.

[Machine beeping] My asthma felt anything but normal.

Brady: Maybe kristen has just caught back up in the dimera family drama. I mean, her brother just died.

Chloe: Yeah, but she barely knew jake. Come on.

Brady: True, but every time a dimera family member dies, there’s this power vacuum. There’s this mad scramble. Everybody just needs to obtain the influence and stock that was left behind.

Chloe: So you think she’s trying to take back power at dimera?

Brady: Could be. And even though she wasn’t close with jake, I’ll bet she has some strong feelings about the fact that he was shot in cold blood.

Chloe: Mmm. I don’t know. I feel like the kristen that we know would be too wrapped up in her own obsessions to care about her dead brother.

[Machine beeping]

Kristen: What are you waiting for, rolf? Wake him up.

Rolf: We can’t rush this. I need to give him more time to acclimate before I bring him back to consciousness.

Kristen: He’s been resting for years.

Rolf: Exactly! And when a body has been on ice that long, there are a number of unknowns.

Kristen: What are you saying? That he could be brain damaged?

Rolf: It’s possible. We also don’t know how easily stefan’s body will accept the new organ.

Kristen: You said that he was on anti-rejection medication, right?

Rolf: Of course.

Kristen: You were awfully confident before you performed the procedure. I mean, come on, you said that jake and stefan were identical twins, perfect genetic matches.

Rolf: All of that is true. I’m simply saying we need to let the heart get settled in its new home before we take it out for a walk.

Kristen: Why does it feel like you’re hedging your bets now?

Rolf: All due respect, kristen, 48 hours ago, you didn’t even know stefan was alive. I’m on top of the situation.

Kristen: Are you?

Rolf: Yes! And it doesn’t help to have you pressuring me! Don’t you have other things to do? You’re in charge of basic black, are you not?

Kristen: Yeah, so?

Rolf: And aren’t you trying to get chloe lane out of brady’s life?

Kristen: Ugh! You know what? You’re just suddenly interested in my love life?

Rolf: I’m interested in doing what’s best for the dimera legacy. You focus on what you can control and let me do my job, please.

Kristen: My brother is hanging in the balance here, rolf. So I need to know. Can I trust you?

Rolf: [Scoffs]

[Phone ringing]

Ava: Hello, gabi.

Gabi: Hey. How are the new digs?

Ava: Oh, it’s just swell– if you don’t mind sleeping in a bed where someone was brutally murdered.

Gabi: Ej put you in abigail and chad’s room?

Ava: Mm, yes, he says it’s got a nice view, which is why I’m sure she liked it too.

Gabi: If you don’t enjoy being there, then just move out. Get yourself a room at the salem inn.

Ava: Yeah, I’m trying to put down roots here, gabi. And as ej said, this is jake’s family home, so it’s mine now too.

Gabi: Hmm. Ej said that, didn’t he?

Ava: Mm, yeah. Why?

Gabi: Remember that jake was not your husband and that’s not your family.

Ava: Okay, so, gabi, is this where you start turning the screws again?

Gabi: I don’t have to turn the screws, ava, because you’re already on my side, right? No matter how much ej tries to win you over with this family loyalty nonsense.

Ava: You sounded just a little bit paranoid there.

Gabi: No, I’m just here to remind you that if you stab me in the back, I’m gonna tell ej that your marriage to jake is a fraud. And then you’re gonna end up–

Ava: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know where I’ll end up.

Gabi: Good. Then we understand each other.

Ava: Hey. What’s going on with that job you promised me? And the board seat?

Gabi: No, shin’s not gonna agree to a seat on the board.

Ava: Fine. I’ll just take the job.

Gabi: All right, I’ll talk to him.

Ava: Good. You better.

Gabi: I just wanna make sure that I find the best position for you to succeed.

Ava: Oh, you damn well better.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Rafe: So we’re good here?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, I mean– yeah, we’re good.

Jada: All good.

Rafe: Great. Okay. Then I will let you two get better acquainted.

Jada: Okay, boss. Thanks.

Rafe: Yeah, and like you said, there are a lot of cases to solve out there, but right now, abigail dimera’s murder is our top priority, okay?

Shawn: Yes, it is. We’re on it.

Jada: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay. Great.

Shawn: So I guess this falls under the heading of getting better acquainted. What brought you to salem?

Jada: Well, my father lived here and he told me some good and bad things about the place, but overall he said it was a good community. He was a doctor. Marcus hunter.

Shawn: What? Marcus is your dad?

Jada: You knew him?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, he was friends with my dad. I used to hang out with him and my uncle steve when I was a kid. I think he was a good man. Sorry he died. Oh, you know what? Actually, I think I have some pictures of us all fishing. Remind me and I’ll show them to you.

Jada: I’d like that. But for now, we should probably get back to work.

Shawn: Ah, yes, yes. Do me a favor and catch me up on where you guys stand on this abigail dimera case.

Jada: Oh.

Shawn: What’s wrong?

Jada: No, I just– you’re married. I didn’t know. I mean, when you mentioned the story about the child you thought was yours, you didn’t mention your wife.

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, because that’s– because it’s complicated.

Belle: I pulled together all the paperwork you requested as quickly as I could, if you want to take a look.

Ej: Wait. Before we talk business, belle, I’ve been thinking about you a lot since we decided to end things– or rather, you decided to end things. Wondering how you are.

Belle: I’m fine. I’m just working a lot, long hours.

Ej: As usual. And you and shawn?

Belle: Oh, well, in a crazy turn of events, I just learned that jan’s baby isn’t shawn’S. Never was.

Ej: What?

Belle: Yeah, jan was just trying to trap him, as usual.

Ej: Are you telling me that shawn, a detective, fell for a scam like that? Sorry. It must’ve been hard for him to hear the truth.

Belle: Yeah, it was. It is.

Ej: So, has this revelation removed the stumbling blocks between you?

Belle: You mean, are shawn and I getting back together?

Ej: Yes.

Belle: I don’t know.

Ej: I see.

Belle: If you don’t mind, I’d really just like to get back to business.

Ej: Of course. So have you determined whether or not jake had a will?

Belle: I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find an official record of a will.

Ava: How terrible for you. You must be so disappointed.

[Dramatic music]

Woman tc: My a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.

Chloe: Ugh, you know, I hate this whole waiting for the other shoe to drop with kristen.

Brady: So don’T.

Chloe: Don’t what?

Brady: Just don’t wait. Don’t think about it. Don’t give her another thought. Just pretend like she doesn’t exist.

Chloe: Don’t think about kristen dimera? Yeah, oh, that’s gonna be really easy.

Brady: I can help you. Every time you say kristen, there will be a penalty.

Chloe: You mean like a swear jar?

Brady: Like a swear jar, yeah. Sort of like a swear jar.

Chloe: Ugh, you know it’s going to be impossible to go an entire day without mentioning kristen–

Brady: Oh, eww, god.

Chloe: Oh. What was that?

Brady: That’s your penalty. That’s what’s gonna happen every single time that you say the word kri–


Chloe: You mean like that?

Brady: Yeah. Totally like that.

Chloe: Mmm. Mmm. This is a way better idea than a swear jar.

Brady: Right?

Chloe: Kristen.

Brady: Say it again.

Chloe: Kristen. Kristen.

Brady: You’re bad at this game.

Chloe: [Laughs] Is anyone else here?

Brady: No. Know what? Let’s continue this game in my room and we’ll just take the rest of the day off.

Rolf: Your father trusted me with his life. You can do the same.

Kristen: You say that, rolf, but I don’t know with you. What if this is a new experiment and you’re using both my brothers as guinea pigs?

Rolf: I admit my research has given me purpose since we lost your father. But believe me, the most important task of my life now and forever is to carry out the wishes of the man I devoted my life to serving.

Kristen: So you’re doing this in stefano’s name?

Rolf: Of course. He would’ve wanted me to save his son and namesake and that’s what I intend to do.

Kristen: And no one will know that stefan is alive until the time is right?

Rolf: I defer to you on that matter.

Kristen: Good. You said that you’ll be waking him up in a few hours?

Rolf: That’s right.

Kristen: All right. I’ll be back, but if anything changes, you let me know.

Rolf: Where are you going?

Kristen: [Sighs] I got something I need to take care of.

[Machine beeping]

[Door slams]

[Knocking at door]

Gabi: Hey.

Rafe: Hey yourself. I was in the neighborhood. I thought I’d deliver your mail.

Gabi: Thank you. Come on in. Whoa. There’s a lot of stuff here.

Rafe: Yeah, maybe because you haven’t been home in weeks.

Gabi: Well, it hasn’t been that long.

Rafe: Uh, yeah, it has. You’ve been shacking up with this shin dude ever since ari left for camp.

Gabi: I–

Shin: I wouldn’t call it shacking up.

Gabi: Rafe, this is li shin. Li, this is my brother, rafe.

Shin: Nice to meet you, commissioner.

Rafe: Yeah. Nice to meet you too.

Shin: I wish I could spend a little more time getting to know gabi’s brother, but I’m actually on my way out.

Rafe: Oh, all right, well, we should set something up soon. My wife and I would love to have you over for dinner.

Shin: Sounds great. It was good to finally meet you. See you later, sweetheart.

Gabi: See you.

[Clears throat]

Rafe: So how you doing?

Gabi: I’m good.

Rafe: Yeah?

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah. Look, yes, I did love jake, so it was very sad that he died, but we moved on, obviously.

Rafe: Hmm. Yeah. I heard that jake was married to ava. Gotta say, that surprised me.

Gabi: Yeah, no, that surprised me too.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Ej: I’m not disappointed that jake didn’t have a will. I consulted belle because I wanted to make sure my late brother’s wishes were carried out.

Ava: Oh, of course. So what happens to jake’s shares if there’s no will and no obvious heir?

Belle: Per the law, everything goes to the spouse.

Ej: You.

Ava: Well, I’m sure that’s what jake would’ve wanted.

Belle: I’m actually glad I ran into you.

Ava: What’s that?

Belle: This is a document that formalizes the transfer of jake’s stock to you, his widow.

Ava: Great.

Belle: Oh. Ava dimera. You changed your name?

Ava: Yeah, I wanted to take my husband’s name so I could honor him– his memory. Is that all? Is there anything else?

Belle: These are the stock certificates. I would advise you put them somewhere safe.

Ava: Okay, thank you, I will.

Belle: Yes. I’m sorry for your loss.

Ej: Well, thanks for stopping by, belle. Take care.

Belle: Yeah, you too.

Ej: Oh, I’d be happy to put your certificates in the safe for you.

Ava: Oh, I appreciate that. But I think I’ll hold on to these. Migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy

Jada: I promise I won’t pry anymore. I shouldn’t have been asking questions about your personal life.

Shawn: What are you talking about? No, come on, we’re partners. We’re gonna be learning a lot about each other.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn: Belle.

Belle: Am I interrupting?

Shawn: No. No, no. We’re just– this is my new partner, detective jada hunter. Jada, this is belle, my wife.

Chloe: As much as I would love to just say screw work, we really do have some important business we have to take care of today.

Brady: Do we?

Chloe: [Chuckles] Yes.

Brady: No, no, I mean, I know, but do we really?

Chloe: Yes.

Brady: We do?

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: All right. I don’t like it though. I’m not happy about it.

Chloe: I’m not either, but it’s to be continued, okay?

Brady: You can count on it. Let’s go work.

Chloe: Okay. Work, work, work, let’s go.


[Tense music]

Ava: Whoo! Isn’t it a little early for champagne?

Ej: Well, it’s 5:00 somewhere.

Ava: [Chuckles] Thank you. So what are we celebrating?

Ej: I just wanted to say welcome to your new home. I hope you’ll be very happy here.

[Glasses clink]

Ava: I’m sure I will be.

Rafe: Well, it looks like you moved on.

Gabi: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Rafe: Uh-huh. So? What’s the story?

Gabi: What story?

Rafe: You and li. Is it serious?

Gabi: I like him and the feeling is definitely mutual.

Rafe: Well, that’s good. So he makes you happy.

Gabi: I mean, we don’t have any expectations. We’re just seeing where this goes.

Rafe: You’re basically living with the guy.

Gabi: I wouldn’t go that far. Well, yes, we’re spending time together. I will admit that.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Do you love him?

Gabi: Is this a police interrogation? Should I bring my lawyer in?

Rafe: I am your big brother, okay? I’m allowed to ask questions.

Gabi: [Scoffs] If you must know, we have not said “I love you” to each other.

Rafe: Okay. Well, do you? Hmm? Do you love him?

Gabi: I like him. I just– you know, the last time that I was in love, it did not end well, so I’m not sure that’s something that I’m looking for.

Rafe: Right. You’re afraid of getting hurt again.

Gabi: Rafe, it’s not even about being afraid. Stefan was the great love of my life. And I just don’t think that anybody could take his place.

[Machine beeping]

[Door slams]

Rolf: I told you I had everything under control, kristen!

Shin: It’s not kristen.

[Dramatic music]

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