Days Short Recap Thursday, August 4, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad was drunk at the Brady Pub. Sarah tried to call him, but he refused to answer the phone. He wanted another drink. Eric told him that he was cutting him off. Chad refused to leave until he got the drink he wanted. Sarah left a message for Chad when Sonny walked in the room. She told him that she remembered that she didn’t kill Abby. He was happy for her and was sure that Rex would testify for her. He thought she could put the situation behind her. She didn’t think the police would believe her. Sonny got a call from Eric about Chad. Xander arrived at the police to tell Rafe and Jada about Rex being Sarah’s alibi. He demanded they cross Sarah’s name off the suspect list. Jada couldn’t do that and told him about the evidence they have so far. Xander refused to accept that so Rafe agreed to talk to Rex. Jada warned him that Sarah wasn’t off the hook. Xander thought they were idiots and walked out. Rex didn’t approve of Jada telling so much about the case.

Sonny arrived at the pub to get Chad. He watched Chad crawl over the bar to get a drink. Sonny tried to stop him so Chad tried to punch him. He missed and fell to the floor. Sonny dragged him to the Kiriakis mansion. Chad wanted to get a drink. Sonny told him that Sarah had an alibi for Abby’s death. Chad started laughing. He thought it was strange that Clyde and Sarah had alibis. He wondered if Abby killed herself. He said it didn’t matter if the police found the killer because it wouldn’t bring Abby back to him. He told Sonny that he drank because the yelled at Thomas for wanting his mother. He didn’t want to be around his kids because he didn’t want to cause them any more pain. He said he was supposed to make things better for the kids. Chad felt like he was causing his kids more pain. Xander went back to his room and saw Sarah. He told her about what happened at the station. They talked about Lucas seeing her at the mansion. Xander reminded her that she couldn’t be in two places at once. She said she was before. They thought she could have killed Abby wearing a mask of her face. Xander couldn’t believe he was about to marry someone like her. He wanted to prove their suspicion. He wanted to search her room.

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