Days Short Recap Monday, August 8, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady noticed that Belle was working too hard. She said that DiMera Enterprises was a mess since Jake was murdered. He wondered if she was working like that because of the baby drama. She admitted it was hard to watch him give up the baby. She could tell Shawn was heartbroken. Brady wanted to know if they were getting back together. She didn’t answer him. She picked up her things and left. Li noticed that Gabi was pacing. She told him that she was concerned about Ava living in the DiMera mansion. She was afraid that she would turn on her. Li believed that Ava wouldn’t be dumb enough to blow the plan. He advised her to have Ava spy on EJ for her. He wanted her to go to bed with him. Ava arrived at the mansion. EJ let her know that he needed her to vote Gabi out of the company at the next meeting. She appreciated him giving her a place to stay, but she couldn’t promise that she would do that vote. She said Jake was on Gabi’s side and she wanted to honor his wishes. She told him that Gabi offered her a job. He understood, but he wanted her to think about it. EJ took her to Abby’s old room. She wasn’t thrilled about staying in there. He said that another beautiful woman wouldn’t be killed in there. He walked out of the room. Gabi called Ava. She warned Ava that she would expose her fake marriage if she stabbed her in the back. Ava asked her about the job. Gabi couldn’t promise her a seat on the board, but she would ask Li about it. They argued for a bit before they hung up.

EJ met with Belle at the mansion. She told him that she couldn’t find a record of Jake’s will. Ava walked in the room and wondered what happens to Jake’s shares. Belle said the spouse gets everything so she handed her a document transferring his stock to her. Ava signed it and Belle gave her the stock certificates. Kristen went to Rolf’s lab and noticed that Jake’s body was gone. Rolf told her that he performed the surgery on him and put him in the morgue. He told her that Stefan was recuperating. Rolf said that Jake’s heart was in Stefan. He said they wouldn’t know how successful the surgery was until he woke up. She wanted him to wake him up. He didn’t want to risk any complications. Kristen wasn’t sure if she should trust him. Rolf said he was doing it in Stefano’s name. He assured her that he would wake her up in an hour. She told him that she had to take care of something.

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