GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lucy tells Maxie that in order to save Deception they have to get a new Face of Deception. Maxie doesn’t like the idea so she tells Lucy that she has to tell Sasha the news. Sasha tells Gladys that it felt good to finally stand up for herself an she would do it again.

Martin tells Brandon that the only way to keep Sasha out of jail is for him to become her conservator and he can make sure she gets the help she needs to get well.

Britt accepts another date with Cody after he gives her the invitation he made for her.

Spinelli can’t hide the truth from Britt anymore and tells her she can’t go on another date with Cody.

Dante tells Chase that chances are slim he will get his job back on the force. Linc tells Chase he has a promotional package ready for him and he has booked him at the Savoy and a famous club in New York. Brook Lynn tells Chase not to listen to Linc because they can write songs together and he can sing and record the songs. He can make more money. Dante wants Brook Lynn to tell him what he and Chase are doing because he knows they are trying to con Linc. Linc also tells Chase he knows Brook Lynn and he knows what she is trying to do.

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