GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Jocelyn he helped Spencer with his plan to get Esme to confess and free Trina. Josslyn is upset that Cameron kept this a secret from her but once she hears the whole story she decides they need to work together to bring down Esme.

Trina talks to Rory because she is worried she will go to prison. Rory encourages Trina to think positively that she will be found innocent. Ava asks Sonny to make sure Trina will be found innocent and Sonny promises to take care of it.

Spencer has to spend the night in jail while he waits for his hearing and Nikolas tells Spencer Esme left town. Ava gets a room at the Metro Court to get away from Nikolas.

The sleazy reporter asks Sasha makeup artist to record Sasha saying she was on drugs when she ran Harmony over with her car. The makeup artist is too eager and Sasha leaves their meeting. Sasha later sees the makeup artist talking to the sleazy reporter and figures out that she was set up by the sleazy reporter.

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