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[ Both grunting ] Ava?

[ Ava and esme grunting ]

[ Screams ]

[ Water splashes ]

[ Screaming stops ] Ava! [ Gasps ] Oh, my god. What the hell happened? Did you push esme?

[ Breathes sharply ] Willow: Dr. Singh is an oncologist. Do you think I have cancer? I’m worried you may have leukemia. Jordan: Curtis? So let’s be perfectly clear. Ms. Robinson. When you all went to the cabin that weekend, you did not have feelings for cameron webber because you had feelings for spencer cassadine — is that correct? Yes. And how long had you had these feelings for spencer? Well, we met at my high-school graduation party, and he was pretending to be someone else. He called himself “victor.” “Victor.” Were you attracted to “victor”? Let the record show that ms. Robinson has nodded in the affirmative. Yes, she was attracted to spencer cassadine when he was using his guise as “victor.” So you’ve had romantic feelings for spencer cassadine for over a year now, hm? Just through this past january. Maybe even longer. But I don’t have romantic feelings for him now. To the best of your knowledge, did he ever return those feelings? I don’t know. We never went on a date or anything. And I think he just saw me as just a good friend. Besides, spencer had a girlfriend. You would be referring to esme prince. Yes. The same esme prince that went to the cabin with you all that weekend? Yes. Was esme prince aware that you had feelings for her boyfriend? Elizabeth: Peter? Peter, it’s elizabeth. Can you hear me?! Peter! Elizabeth:

[Echoing] Daddy!

esme was trying to leave. And s-she had a letter that she didn’t want me to see, and we were fighting over it, and she just…went over. I don’t see her anywhere. I have to call 911. I got to get my phone. Okay, whoa, whoa. Don’t call the police. What? They will think that you pushed esme over the parapet. Yeah, I’ve made no secret of wanting her gone. I-I threatened to kill her! T-this room has got to look pristine, right? Hey, I’ll take care of the room. I’m gonna take care of the room. You can’t be here. You were never here. Uh-huh. The staff, they heard you. They called me. They heard us fighting? Yeah, but they don’t know what room you were in. You’re gonna — go to the master bedroom. You don’t let anyone in there but me. Uh-huh. Okay? I’m gonna — just make sure that you’re not seen. Okay. I’m gonna make sure the staff doesn’t come in here. Is this esme’s? Yeah. We have to find her.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I’ll take care of that. You just take care of yourself and you get out of here. Let’s go. It’s all clear. Go. Now. Esme knew that I liked spencer, and she was suspicious of my friendship with him. Do you think esme was jealous of your relationship with — objection, your honor. Calls for speculation. Withdrawn. Ms. Robinson, would you please describe your relationship with esme prince for the court? Esme was around because of spencer. We weren’t friends. Why not? Esme helped spencer stalk my friend ava jerome. Esme set ava’s car on fire. Objection! Mr. Cassadine pled guilty and spent a month at spring ridge minimum security prison, your honor, for the crimes he committed against ms. Jerome. There has been no evidence that esme prince was involved. The defendant is living in the land of wishful thinking. Judge young: Sustained. Your client can only bring up what can be proved, not what she thinks may have happened. Of course, your honor. Ms. Robinson, throughout this trial, the prosecution has accused you of being the kind of person who would violate her friends’ privacy, trust in the most despicable and insidious manner. Have you ever wanted to harm a friend in such a vile manner for any reason? No. Especially not to joss and cam. Their friendship means everything to me. I would never do anything to jeopardize that. Thank you. No further questions. Judge young: Your witness, ms. Arden. Do I want to know? You don’T. How’s mr. Haggerty? Still in a medically induced coma. Were you able to draw a connection between him and esme? I went to wyndemere. Nikolas cassadine wasn’t aware of oz haggerty’s visit to wyndemere. He was here at the hospital with spencer when you saw oz take the launch to spoon island. And with esme’s help, he was able to get off the island without anyone seeing him. Unfortunately, we don’t have proof that oz met with esme. Marshall and I, we met ava at the dock, and we filled her in on our suspicion that oz sold esme the black-market phone that she used for revenge porn. Ava hoped to find oz and esme at wyndemere. But when she got there, there was no sign of them. Esme must have helped him leave the island undetected. Yeah, well, oz was the loose end that, uh, she needed to tie up. You know, before oz lost consciousness, he said that “she” gave him something. I’m sure he meant esme. To prove it, we have to find evidence that esme was at the apartment with oz. Any chance of that happening? Forensics is going over the apartment, but [Sighs] There’s so much dna, it’ll take months before they discover if any of it belonged to esme. Trina could be in prison by then. And an appeal? An appeal could take years. However, I did learn something interesting.

[ Breathes deeply ] Elizabeth:

[Echoing] Daddy? Mommy?

[ Thud ] Who is it?! What do you want?! Finn: Elizabeth. Hey. Elizabeth. Hey. Hey. What happened? Are you okay?

[ Line rings ] Willow: Hi. This is willow.

Please leave a message,

and I will call you back

as soon as I can.

Have a great day.

[ Beep ] Hey. It’s me. I just got back, and you’re not here. Um, and I hope everything’s okay. I love you. Hey. Uh, tj. Um… do you know what happened to willow?

[ Door opens ] Willow, I’ve asked dr. Westbourne to consult on your case. Unless you’d like another obstetrician. No, of course not. You’re my ob. Did nurse baldwin come in while you were waiting? Uh, no. She should be here with your results soon. And the results will confirm that I have…leukemia? I reviewed your initial bloodwork and your symptoms over the last few months. The weakness, fatigue, loss of energy, appetite. They can be consistent with adult-onset leukemia. How can that be possible?

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m healthy. I mean, yes, I’ve been tired, but I’ve had so much going on. Let me remind you that your diagnosis isn’t confirmed yet. If you do have leukemia, it could be genetic, and many patients diagnosed with leukemia don’t have any known risk factors. What does this mean for my baby?

let’s not get ahead of ourselves, willow. We need to rule out all other possibilities first. So how do we do that? I’d like to perform a bone-marrow biopsy. You studied that procedure in nursing class. Right. You draw the bone marrow out of my pelvic bone. And then you’ll determine if there are cancer cells and what type they are. A-plus. I’d like to schedule the procedure as soon as possible. As you know, it’s an outpatient procedure. It takes about 30 minutes. And it’s safe for my baby? Absolutely. We’ll give you a sedative that won’t hurt you or your baby. You should avoid eating and drinking before the sedative is administered. And you’ll need someone to drive you home. Is there any way we can do this now? I fit the pre-biopsy criteria. I won’t need a strong sedative. It’s painful if we go that route. I don’t care. I-I don’t want to wait. I need to know what my child and I are dealing with. I’ve got room in my schedule. I can do this now if that’s what you really want. I do. Do you want to call anyone to be here with you? No. No. I can do this by myself. It’s me. Alright? You’re okay. I only want to help you. Alright? Hey. I’m not gonna let anything hurt you. Oh, finn. Hm. Finn, what happened? I was hoping you could tell me. I don’t — I don’t know. I don’t know. Okay. It’s okay. We’re gonna figure it out together. Do me a favor, alright? Take a deep breath. Just take one deep breath.

[ Breathes shakily ] Better?

[Shakily] Mm-hmm. Good. Let’s get you out of here. Okay. Yeah? Alright. There you go. Okay. Come on. It’s okay.

[ Telephone rings ] Hello, doctor? Yes, I can get you that information. Hi. Hey. I spoke to dr. Westbourne about mr. Haggerty’s tox screen. She says he has acute opioid intoxication. And she did not find a prescription for it in his name. My officers checked his motel, his apartment. No sign of drug use. Well, he got it from somewhere. Dr. Westbourne also said that someone approached her recently about identifying a drug. She looked it up… and surprise, surprise… the drug oz ingested was the same one brought to her earlier. Wait. Who asked britt about this drug? Spencer cassadine. Ada arden: Ms. Robinson, can you account for your whereabouts when ms. Jacks and mr. Webber were secretly filmed having sex? I was in my room. I had too much to drink and was sick. How many drinks did you have? One. But I’m not used to whiskey. So you would have the court believe that you fell ill from one drink? That’s what happened. I was dizzy, hot and cold. And then I went to my room and eventually just went to sleep. Do you remember the events of that evening? Josslyn told me what happened. I’m asking about your own memories, not ms. Jacks’. I remember playing “never have I ever,” but not what anyone said. And then I remember running out of the room and then talking to josslyn through my bedroom door. Then how do you know you were in your bedroom for the rest of the evening? Because I know I was. Don’t you remember retrieving the phone that you used to film your best friends? I don’t remember because I didn’t film them! Then how did the phone come to be in your possession? Because I was set up by esme prince! Oh, damn.

[ Door opens ] Did you find esme?

Man: Mom, really? You know, everything’s okay with her and our baby? I haven’t told michael that there could be an issue, so just please don’t say anything in front of him. Yeah, I haven’t seen her, but as far as I know, willow’s still here. She probably can’t get to her phone. Yeah, I’m — she’ll get back to me when she can. I’m trying not to hover, but obviously I-I need to work on it. You just found out you’re going to be a dad. You’re allowed to care. Actually, which — which reminds me, I never really thanked you for looking after willow, and, um, you’ve been really good to her. “A,” that’s my job. “B,” it’s easy to be good to willow. She’s a special person. Yeah. And don’t you forget it. As if I would. No. She’s really changed my whole world. Now we’re having a baby. I cannot say those words enough. Especially after how

[Breathes sharply] Tough these last few months have been. Congratulations, man. I wish you every bit of happiness, both of you. Thank you. Yeah. No, it’s — we’re already blessed enough with wiley, and now we get to experience parenthood together again. Yeah. How lucky can I get?

[ Monitor beeping ] Thank you. Terry: Okay, willow, I’ve administered local anesthesia to numb your spine, but without the sedative, you’re about to feel a sharp pain, okay? I know. I’m ready. So spencer asked about the same drug bartender oz od’d on. Jordan, that just can’t be a coincidence. According to dr. Westbourne, spencer brought her a single capsule, saying he found it. When she pressed him, he admitted it belonged to esme. So esme had access to the same drug oz took. The one that she apparently gave him. What else did britt say? Spencer was concerned because he had never observed esme taking this medication. When britt told him the side effects, he asked her what would happen if someone took it with alcohol. The tox screening said that oz ingested the opioids with alcohol. From that medical chart you didn’t want me to know about? So what’s significant about the alcohol connection? If spencer witnessed esme taking this drug with alcohol, he would have noticed her getting extremely ill. What if it wasn’t esme? As stated in multiple witness testimony, ms. Prince was not at the cabin the night the video was taken. She didn’t have to be. She could have put the phone on a timer or started the video before she left the cabin. And yet, commissioner ashford testified that the phone was recovered in your bag. Esme planted it. Do you have proof? No. Could you speak a little louder for the record? No! I don’t have proof. But surely, ms. Robinson, if you believe ms. Prince framed you, then you must have some idea of when she planted the phone on you. I’ve done nothing but think about it. There was a day that I went to spring ridge to see spencer cassadine, and I left my bag on a table as we were talking. It wasn’t always in my sight. And esme was there that day, interning. Your honor, I have here exhibit five-b, the list of staff present at spring ridge on the day trina robinson visited the facility. If you believe that that’s when the phone was planted in your bag, isn’t it true that any one of the staff members could have done it? Why would they? I don’t know them. They don’t know me. The only person is esme prince. The fact is, ms. Robinson, you were the only one in the cabin with josslyn jacks and cameron webber the night the revenge porn video was filmed. No one can account for your whereabouts, not even you. The phone that filmed your friends was found in your bag and contained your credit-card information. Nothing backs up this fanciful story of yours that ms. Prince filmed the video and then planted the phone on you. Objection, your honor. She’s badgering the witness. Sustained. And, your honor, is there a question anywhere in our future? Or is the assistant district attorney simply going to use my client as an excuse to expound her own absurd theories? Duly noted, ms. Miller. Ms. Arden, if you have a question, ask it. If you don’t, sit down. No further questions. Redirect, your honor. Proceed. Ms. Robinson, you’ve already testified that you and esme prince were not friends. We weren’T. Were esme and josslyn jacks friends? Absolutely not. Objection, your honor! Hearsay.

[ Chuckling ] Your honor, I am going to ask my client about interactions she specifically observed between esme and josslyn. Judge young: I’ll allow it. Thank you. Did you ever observe tension or hostility between esme and josslyn? Josslyn hated esme from the jump. She called her out every chance she got. “Called her out”? Josslyn said that esme is a liar, a manipulator. She said to esme’s face that she didn’t trust her and they weren’t friends. And was this just one altercation? No, this went on for months before and after the cabin. And how did esme react when josslyn called her out? Sometimes she acted hurt. Other times, she got angry. Angry. And how did that anger show itself? Esme told josslyn that she’s spoiled and entitled and that she’d be sorry for what she did to esme. Esme prince told josslyn jacks that she would be sorry? Yes. And was josslyn jacks sorry when esme prince filmed her most intimate moments and uploaded them for the entire world to see? Objection! Withdrawn. Trina, do you love your friends? With all of my heart. Would you ever hurt any of them? Never. Thank you. No further questions, your honor. You may step down. I found the spot where esme would have fallen, but I didn’t — she wasn’t there. I did…find this. So then we don’t know if she’s dead or alive. Between the — the height and the rocks, I mean, she could have broken her neck or — or drowned. Mnh. We both know that fall is not necessarily fatal. Exhibit A. If esme did live, what would she say? What really happened between the two of you?

Alright. I’m personally walking this biopsy to the lab. I’ll let you know as soon as I get the results. The nurse should be coming in shortly to take you back to your room so you can get dressed and be discharged, so just rest until they get here. Thanks. Just remember — we’re working to rule out all other possibilities. I understand. You did so good.

[ Door opens ] Can I take a picture of you and hang it on my office wall?

[ Door closes ] A little plaque that says “bravest person of the year”? I am hardly that.

[ Chuckles ] You know… you’re still brave if you talk to someone and tell them what’s going on. Oversharing can be a positive experience. Not always. [ Sighs ] I don’t think I can handle the concern. I’m not that brave. Or strong. Don’t sell yourself short. Or michael. All we can control is… what we have now. You sound like you really understand. It comes with the job. Thank you. Do you need anything else? No. I’m good. Don’t hate me, but I don’t think you are. Can you tell me what happened?

[ Stammers ] I was just delivering some lab reports to terry’s office. And — oh, the reports! I must have left them in the stairwell. I need to go — it’s okay. It’s okay. I talked to epiphany. She’s got another nurse. She collected the reports, and she took them to terry’s office. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Okay. So you — you were on your way to terry’s office… I took the stairs like I had been doing all day. And? And… I just lost my balance. Did you fall? Are you hurt? No. No, no, no, I — I caught myself and — I lowered myself to the ground, where you found me. You were pretty out of it. You didn’t recognize me at first. I was just trying to get my bearings. Uh-huh. Look, I think you might need more than a physical exam. I told you, I’m — I’m not hurt. I just pushed myself too hard on my first day back. Yeah. Maybe we should get a neurologist to check you out. You mean you think I need my head examined. Ada arden: And, of course, people spin all kinds of stories to hide the truth. That’s why in law we have to rely on facts and evidence. The evidence in this case clearly points to one person — the defendant, trina robinson. No one saw trina set up the phone to record josslyn jacks and cameron webber. No one saw trina send the e-mail. The evidence in this case is purely circumstantial and, as such, is open to an alternate interpretation. Esme prince was threatened by trina’s relationship with spencer cassadine and took revenge by framing trina for filming and distributing revenge porn, which, of course, had the added collateral benefit of humiliating josslyn jacks. We know that esme prince was gone from the cabin when that revenge porn was filmed, but just as an e-mail can be timed in advance, so can the camera on a cellphone. And esme prince had means, opportunity, and a far more compelling motive than trina robinson. The prosecution in this case has utterly failed to meet the burden of proof, and now it is

your responsibility to see that justice is served. You must find trina robinson not guilty. Thank you.

[ Gavel bangs ] Nice closing, counselor. Yes, it was especially good, wasn’t it? Trina, honey, I am so, so proud of you. That makes two of us. Thank you. I told the truth. And now my fate is out of my hands. Mm! What if it wasn’t esme? Well, I mean, think about what we know of esme prince. She’s sharp. She orchestrated a sex tape and then posted it without any evidence leading back to her. So let’s say she slipped oz the pill to prevent him from tying her to the phone. Do you think it was coincidence that he was drinking, or did she set it up that way because she knew what the combination of the pills and the alcohol would do to him? It’s not too far-fetched that she’d know. If it was a prescription, esme would have been informed of the potential drug interactions. But wait. I thought you said spencer didn’t think it was a prescription. So let’s say esme did obtain opioids through less-legal means, okay? Maybe she researched it because she had another idea in mind. And maybe spencer did see someone acting strangely after taking the pills mixed with alcohol. Like… trina. The one drink she had at the cabin. She got sick, and she blacked out. I think we can both agree that that’s not normal. So what if her reaction wasn’t from the drink? What if esme spiked it? If you’re right, then we need to talk to esme. I came back here, ready to pack my things and — and leave. Then I ran into esme. Ava: Where exactly do you think you’re going? I may have had sex with nikolas, but you’re going to still get what you want, ava — I’m leaving town, and you’re never going to have to see me again. I couldn’t let her leave, not when trina was being framed for her crimes. I told her that she had to confess to framing trina, that I-I wouldn’t let someone who was like a daughter to me pay for her actions! Your devotion to trina is touching. But where was all of this motherly devotion to your daughter kiki? Is that why you’re so obsessed with trina? Because she’s filling the void of the real daughter you drove away? And I….I hit her.

[ Grunts ] Ohh! I cut her lip with my ring. So what happened is, you come home… esme taunted you, comes at you. You had to defend yourself. No, no, I know what you’re trying to do, but it — I’m still gonna look like the aggressor. The cops are gonna want to know why I — why I didn’t just walk away — and how esme ended up going over the parapet! There weren’t any witnesses. Even if esme did survive, it would be your word against hers. Everybody knows that I hated her. And you said yourself the staff heard us fighting. My dna’s probably all over her! Evidence of an assault. The fact is, whether esme is alive or dead, I am certainly gonna be implicated.

Esme’s getting more desperate by the day. Your bartender’s proof of that. Oz is the only one that can prove that esme bought the phone that filmed joss and cam. But he’s in a medically induced coma, and we don’t have time for him to wake up. Which makes esme our best lead at this point. I’ll do everything I can to get something out of her.

[ Cellphone rings ] Commissioner ashford. Okay. I’ll deal with it myself. A situation requiring my immediate attention… that could have repercussions for trina. Hey. Ohh. How do you think the trial went? A-and please — no sugarcoating. I never sugarcoat. We accomplished what we set out to do. Created a reasonable doubt in the jury’s mind and an alternate suspect. A very viable suspect. Now it’s just up to the jury to come to the right conclusion. Oh, my gosh. Is it mean of me to want ada arden to, like, vanish in a puff of smoke? Throw a bucket of water on her and see what happens.

[ Laughs ] Look. You know, I could just walk around you. That’d be fine.

[ Scoffs ] You did a really nice thing for trina. Leave it at that. Rory: Your testimony was very impressive. Are you just saying that? You were strong and passionate, trina. There’s no way the jury won’t believe you. Well, it doesn’t hurt that I got help from the last place I expected. I will admit, I did not think you had the guts to stand up there and say that esme framed trina. I told you esme’s not my girlfriend anymore. Well, ex or not, I would pay actual money to see her face when she finds out what you said. Esme

could have evidence on herthat incriminates you. We have to strategize. Okay. Fact number one — esme’s gone. Fact number two — questions will be asked. We have to have answers. Especially for spencer. Answers that do not involve the police. Spencer will want to know why esme was leaving. She didn’t tell you. No one would expect her to. And if spencer doesn’t buy it? Uh, things weren’t always good between them. And he just gave trina an alibi in court. And if esme’s found? And my dna’s on her? She either fell into the rocks or the water. I mean, most of your dna probably washed off. Not to mention, I mean, you lived in the same house with her. Traces of your dna, well, they’d be on spencer, they’d be on the staff. Me. What about the suitcase? Someplace safe. If anyone goes looking, they’ll find esme’s things gone. No one ever needs to know what happened. Get dressed. I’ll meet you downstairs. Nikolas, wait. What if esme turns up alive? You don’t need your head examined, but you and I both know that vertigo can stem from psychological causes, not just physical ones. Mnh. I definitely don’t need more counseling. You can trust me on that. I do trust you, but… clearly there’s something going on with you and — hey, look, if you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your kids. They need their mom to take care of them. How dare you accuse me of not being able to take care of my kids. Michael! Hey. Hey. There you are. Where were you? You weren’t returning any of my calls. I was starting to worry. Dr. Westbourne wanted to run another test. It’s no big deal. Okay. I figured that was the case, but how many tests do you have to take? Well, if I learned anything from my nursing classes, G.H. Insists its doctors be as thorough as possible. Okay. I just — I don’t remember nelle taking this many tests when she was pregnant with wiley. But — [ Chuckles ] Then again, she wasn’t exactly honest with me.

Maybe G.H.’S procedures have changed since nelle was pregnant. You seem off. Everything okay? I am having a baby with the love of my life.

[ Chuckles ] What’s not okay? So the — the appointment went well, right? No surprises? None worth repeating. Hey. You are an amazing mother. And I’d be the first one to say so. Then where are you going with this? If there’s a chance that something’s wrong, I mean, don’t you want to know for your boys’ sake? I mean, when you checked yourself into shadybrook, you told me that was for them as much as it was for you. Don’t you want to be healthy and whole for them? I’m not broken. I have to get back to work.

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth, plea– biz, how are you feeling? What happened? Something’s wrong. Something’s — something’s very wrong. If esme turns up alive, we’ll deal with it. With any luck, she’ll never be found. We still have to cover with the staff. We’ll tell them that — that she left in a huff, that she didn’t say where she was going. In the meantime, we will keep looking for her. Yeah, we’ll take care of this. Ava, the truth stays between us. I promise… I will not let anything happen to you. Hey, uncle. I got your text. What’s up? Trina’s running out of time. Her best chance at freedom is in a medically induced coma. Now, I need him to wake up. Okay, but bringing a patient out of a medically induced coma, it’s not like flipping a light switch. It takes time. There can be risks. I understand, but can it be done? It can be. Uncle, I’m — I’m not authorized to do that. Tj! An innocent young girl could be sent to prison. Now, if there was ever a time for drastic measures, it’s now. Or tell me what i can do. Okay, I know, but I-I need you to understand. This will just as likely kill him. I owe you an apology for going off on you earlier. You owe me nothing. I should have spoken up from the start. You said on the stand that you think esme made the revenge porn and posted it. When did you figure that out? Jordan: Spencer cassadine… you’re under arrest, for escaping spring ridge minimum security prison. But he went back! Trina, it’s okay. What? You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

[ Handcuffs clicking ] You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand your rights as I’ve read them to you?

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