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oh, my god. Look at that guy. He’s so hot. Talk about a silver fox. Hello, daddy.

[ Women laugh ] That’s mac scorpio, chief of detectives. I saw him in a press conference. Well, he can slap some handcuffs on me any time.

[ Both laugh ] Sorry to disappoint ladies, but that silver fox has a mrs. Silver fox, and that would be me. A business associate is going to be screened with a background check, and I need certain information to show up. Look, you said that you could handle it. Just get it done — today. Whoa. I guess I know what kind of boss you are — decisive and demanding. Seems like you got a lot on your plate. Yeah. You don’t know the half of it. Look, I couldn’t help but notice you gave michael the runaround when he asked you why I was taking the lead here and not brit. So is there a reason you’re not telling michael this isn’t your usual O.B. Appointment? Look, there is nothing michael needs to know until the test results come back. Wait. Unless there’s something more serious you found out? Is that why you look so worried? I guess I don’t have to worry about getting my 10,000 steps in — not with one of the elevators being out of commission. Yeah, I know it’s — I know it’s a pain, but the functioning elevators need to be prioritized for the patients and the trauma team. Oh, I know. It’s just a hell of a way to start my first day back. Yeah. [ Sighs ] How do you feel about that, the first day back?

[ Sighs ] Honestly, I’m — I’m grateful. I’ve got a really good support system to rally around me now that I’m recovered. Mm-hmm. You know, it’s — it’s maybe the addict in me talking, but in — in meetings, we never talk about being fully recovered. Every day is just another day in recovery. So… I mean, I-it’s okay if you still have some recovery to do. I mean, there’s no shame in needing some more time before coming back to work. There will be a 30 minute recess. Ms. Miller, when we return, be prepared to call your next witness.

[ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: All rise.

[ Sighs ] Trina, all this time? All this time, you had an alibi for where you were when the revenge porn was distributed? Honey, why didn’t you tell us? If push came to shove, I was gonna testify about it. I just — I never expected spencer to do it himself. He could go back to prison. Okay, you know what? Let’s —

[ Clears throat ] Let’s just focus on you. I mean, spencer’s testimony — it’s not a slam dunk. It could help to create reasonable doubt with the jury. Well, at least spencer seemed adamant when he told the jury that he didn’t believe our daughter would do this. Whatever this is, it can’t take long. I need to get back into the courtroom. I want trina to see me when she testifies. I need her to know that whatever sacrifice I made was worth it. Well, I hope your alibi helps trina, because you might have just thrown away your freedom. Ava: Playtime is over. We’ll deal with you sleeping with my husband on another day. Right now, you’re going to go directly to the courthouse, you’re going to exonerate trina, you’re going to tell the world that you filmed joss and cam. We have already had this conversation. I have no idea where you’re getting this crazy idea from. And besides, why would I even do it? Are you offering to help make me disappear so that I don’t have to go to prison? No. I am not interested in being a fugitive for the rest of my life. Oh, darling girl. You misunderstand me. Either you confess to framing trina, or I will make sure that nobody ever finds you. At least not while you’re still breathing. Are you threatening me? If one were to believe the rumors, I’ve killed for a lot less. That’s just it — you’re a judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one person. You’ve tried to take my husband from me. You and spencer, you teamed up to try to take my sanity. You’re trying to take trina? I will not let that happen. You either tell the truth or it’s the end of the line for esme prince. You decide.

Open.It’s a beautiful word. Neighborhoods “open”. Businesses “open”. Fields “open”. Who doesn’t love “open”? Offices. Homes. Stages. Possibilities. Your world. Open. And you can help keep it that way. Those two women were totally checking you out when you got out of the pool. They were not. I’m too old to be checked out. No, I’m not kidding. One of them called you a silver fox, and the other one knows that you are chief of detectives. She was fantasizing about you slapping some handcuffs on her.

[ Laughs ] Get out of here. No, it’s true. I had to get a little possessive and let them know that that silver fox is married to me. Well, now you know what I have to deal with every time we go out. You’re usually the one turning heads. Oh, stop. Oh, what can I say? We’ve still got it.

[ Chuckles ] I know that waiting is — it’s hard, but we don’t want to speculate about things until we get information back from the lab. Like you said earlier, raised white blood cells, it can mean any number of things, or it can be an anomaly in the first reading. But if the results are consistent, you’re afraid the issue is serious? Tj, I’m about to graduate from nursing school. You can’t bluff me. I’m not trying to bluff you, willow, which is why this makes for a good example that doctors and nurses make the worst patients.

[ Sighs ] Though I have to ask, if you’re worried it’s bad news, why don’t you want michael here to support you? So, diane, what do you think? Was spencer’s testimony enough to create reasonable doubt with the jury? Oh, we definitely made progress in the right direction. Although, as the A.D.A. Demonstrated, spencer’s alibi is not foolproof. Okay, I-I don’t understand. Why put spencer back on the stand? Why have him admit that he snuck out of prison if it wasn’t gonna do my case any good? Honey, it’s like your father said. It creates reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury, and that’s like money in the bank for us. It actually didn’t help that spencer admitted that he bribed an official to be able to sneak out of prison. And that’s not a good look for a star witness. Just means that you have more work to do. I had to do it. I could not stand by and let trina take the fall for this. Okay, and that’s where you lost me. All this time, you and esme have been insisting that you thought that trina was responsible. It was just an act to try to get esme to slip up and admit that she was guilty. You think that I, for one second, thought that trina would hurt joss and cam that way? It was esme who was insisting that trina was guilty. I wouldn’t hesitate to give up my life to save trina. I certainly wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing yours. So you better think very hard about how you’re going to play this, esme. Trina is like a daughter to me, and I will not allow her to go to prison, which is where someone as demented as you belongs — locked up! Your devotion to trina is touching. But where was all of this motherly devotion to your daughter, kiki? Is that why you’re so obsessed with trina? Because she’s filling the void of the real daughter you drove away? I mean, I certainly can’t blame the dashing and gorgeous dr. Griffin monroe for upgrading to a younger model, especially when the current model is you, because you are just… downright awful. You drove away your daughter just like you drove away nikolas. Only, the problem is, when you drove away kiki, she didn’t just skip town. You drove her to her death.

[ Growls ]

[ Yelps ]

does this mean that you’rehaving second thoughts about asking dante about taking over for you as chief of detectives when you retire? I told you, felicia, I only mentioned it to dante as a distant possibility — something to think about down the road. Look, I’m not retiring anytime soon, but this day off definitely has its appeal. Felicia, I’ve had so many careers. I’ve been a mercenary. I’ve owned a bar. I’ve been a P.I. And police commissioner. I’ve always been a bit nomadic when it comes to my career — looking for what comes next. I agree with all of that. So I’ll ask you directly — what does come next? Why don’t we take a seat and talk about it? I have a feeling I know what’s going on. You — you do? Yeah. It doesn’t take a P.I. To know what you’re up to. I mean, it’s aurora, isn’t it?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah, you, uh — you got me. Yeah, the stock price went into free fall when the merger with elq fell through, so… yeah, I heard. How bad is it? Well, the bleeding stopped, but it’s going to take a while for aurora to get back where it was a few months ago. Not to mention my mom, uh — she inflated the price. I don’t know, I’m just a — I’m just a hired ceo, but I still… I don’t know. I take it personally. Why is that? Well, I had big plans for the merged company, and plus, I feel like I let you down. Me? How? Because aurora only started because it was, you know, your dream with drew. Oh, come on, michael. That was, like, five lifetimes ago? And we only did that for scout’s future. And I’m not — I’m not saying that to pressure you or to make you feel bad or anything, because I know you’re going to do everything it takes to get it back. I mean, for scout and — and for wiley, too. Um, [Laughs] I think you mean wiley and his new sibling.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Yeah. Willow and I have some exciting news to share. Michael is going through a lot right now — his parents’ divorce, his anger at sonny for choosing nina over his family, and aurora’s in trouble ever since the merger with elq didn’t happen. I’m aware of all of that. But I’m also aware that you just lost your mom and you are about to become a nurse. Okay? Your plate is pretty full, too. I know, I know. But michael finally got some good news when he found out that we were going to have another child. I-I just — I don’t want to take that happiness away from him. Not until there’s an actual reason to worry about it. That’s a heavy burden to be carrying all by yourself. If you don’t want to talk to michael, isn’t there someone you can confide in? What about sasha? Talk about someone who has a lot on her plate. Besides, it’s — it’s hard for her to be around me, knowing that I’m pregnant. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I get your point. What about michael’s mom? No, no, no. Carly’s dealing with her divorce and — and the loss of the metro court. Tj, I’m telling you, I can handle this. It’s not going to be a very long wait. The test results will come back and, fingers crossed, you’ll tell me it’s nothing and michael and I will be able to laugh about this later. Right? Portia…you okay? Not really. Look, I know our daughter is in college and she’s growing up, and she’s not going to tell her parents every single thing, but that girl had an alibi since day one, and she’s had all of us running around, scrambling, trying to help her for months now. I’m upset. I’m hurt.

[ Scoffs ] She chose to protect that spoiled, entitled brat over herself. I know, I know. I was shocked, too. But we got to remember that she said if she thought it was necessary, she would bring it out in her testimony. But that’s my point. Why wait till the last minute? If she would have been honest from the very beginning, maybe we could have got the pcpd to use their resources to find the real criminal, who isn’t our daughter. I know. I know.

[ Both sigh ] It is tough watching our daughter suffer like this. This is just all so completely unbelievable to me. Our daughter is on trial for a crime that she didn’t commit. And for the first time in spencer’s life, he’s decided to tell the truth. Which is great, I-I guess. I — I just don’t know. I just don’t know. I just don’t know if it’s enough, at this point, to help trina. Trina… look, I know what you’re both thinking, but I was always planning on admitting that I had an alibi for when that video was distributed. What doesn’t make sense is spencer. Why would he admit that he escaped from spring ridge? He has everything to lose and nothing to gain from admitting that. Well, maybe spencer couldn’t sit back any longer, knowing what his silence was costing you. Trina, I need a word with you in private. You’re up. I’m putting you on the stand next. I know. I’m ready. Except that things have changed. The calculus is a little different, if you will, and I need to pursue a different line of questioning. Okay. What does that mean? It means that the line of questioning I need to pursue might be a little more personal than we had originally intended. You’ve been begging for that for months. That all you got? Because I am not afraid of you. At all. The walls are closing in on you, esme. Even if you’re too arrogant to understand. You know, you are the definition of the poor little rich girl. Someone who will never be loved. Oh, I am so done with you and this entire family. Oh, esme. You seem to have forgotten something.

professional sports or award shows? All the time. Yes. [ Laughs ] But a patient’s diagnosis, never.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Everything okay? Yeah. Ye– uh… yes, I just need to check in on a patient, but I promise I’ll be right back.

[ Door closes ] Hi. This is dr. Ashford. Who is on call for oncology today? Okay. Well, have dr. Singh paged, please. Yes. It’s — it’s very important. I need a consult about some lab results that just came in. If you believed that esme made the revenge porn and you were just trying to get her to slip up to save trina, you should have let me know. Esme was a guest in my house. Father, I understand. You’re confused. But the more people who knew what I was doing, the greater chance of me being found out. We both know how smart esme is. How quickly she twists things to her own advantage. It’s complicated, right? I just wish you would have included me in your plans. It would have changed so much. Look, we can work this mess out later, but for now, I need to get back into the courtroom. Spencer, wait. There’s something I need to tell you. When the trial is over for the day, you and I, we will go someplace and we’ll talk. Okay? No. No, I need to tell you this now, because it’s very important that you hear it from me and no one else. The letter. The one you didn’t want me to see. Well, I wonder what kind of incriminating evidence is revealed in here. Esme: Your worry

is misplaced, maggie.

Everything in port charles

is going swimmingly.

Okay, maybe that’s

an exaggeration.

I don’t quite have everything

I want just yet,

but I am well on my way. How do I know this is yours at all? It could be a — a cassadine letter that you’ve stolen for some kind of leverage. It’s mine, and I want it back now.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my. You’re so desperate to have it. I do wonder what’s written here. I appreciate your concern, but I’m ready to get back to work. Keeping busy is going to help me feel normal again, and I processed my grief for franco, and as long as I don’t overwork myself or self-medicate with sleeping pills, the worst is behind me. And now I just need for you and terry to understand that I can handle this. Yeah. No, of course. And look, I owe you an apology for any friction I may have caused between you and terry. No, finn, stop. We already talked about this. You don’t owe me an apology. Maybe, but if — if terry is guilty of smothering you, then so am I, and I apologize. Maybe… [ Sighs ] Maybe I’m just a little gun shy. You know, my… my last relationship kind of went off the rails because of all the secrets, uh, being kept. I mean, it destroyed everything that we had, and I guess I just went all in on the truth and no middle ground. I know it’s a terrible excuse, but I’m still trying to find the right balance when it comes to privacy with someone I love.

You’re having another baby? Yeah, yeah, okay. Congratulations! Okay, keep it down. Keep it down a little bit, okay? Yes, I couldn’t be more excited, but willow is still in her first trimester, so, you know, w-we’re not telling everybody just yet. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m just really happy for you. Well, thank you. I’m so excited. But, the — yeah, because last time I found out I was going to be a father, it was, uh… what’s the word for it? Turbulent, to say the least. Yeah, but that was different because nelle was the one having your baby. Yeah, I just — I hated the way that she lorded it over me. Then after she gave birth, I mean… it’s going to be different. You and willow, you love each other. Yeah. [ Sighs ] I know. And I’m so happy that willow and I make such a great team. And this time around, I got nothing but hope for the future.

[ Sighs ] It’s okay, little one. It’s all going to be just fine. I’m really hoping my diagnosis is wrong. Please tell me I’m overreacting. Unfortunately, I think your diagnosis is spot on. There must be something very juicy in here, huh? What, did you write about how you framed an innocent woman for a crime you committed? Or about how you seduced my husband? Oh, god. You are so self-centered. My letter said nothing about you, ava, but it’s mine and I want it back. Oh! Oh, esme. I do believe I’m detecting some real, genuine emotion — rage, mostly, but fear underneath. There is something here you don’t want me to know, huh? I can’t wait to see what it is. Whatever you have to tell me, it’s obviously weighing on you, which means it probably is a long discussion, so it really needs to wait until the trial wraps for the day.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay? No. I — I need to go back inside.

[ Sighs ] Yes. What is it? What kind of commotion? Well, who’s upstairs with my wife? What did you just say? What did I just say? I think I said something about, you know, love. And — and by love I mean I really, really care about you, and… and there’s no getting out of this one, is there? Especially after that whole truth speech. I know we’ve been taking things deliberately slow. And I’m not sure how you feel about me, but I’m pretty sure I know how I feel about you. I love you, elizabeth. I’M… I’m in love with you. And you, uh… you don’t have to say anything back. You don’t have to say anything at all.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um, it — um… it’s tj. He, um — he needs my help with something, so I should — yes, you should. Probably… yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You don’t need to worry. I know exactly what I need to do. I’m your attorney. It’s my job to worry about you. You’ve endured so much during this trial. I cannot imagine what it is like sitting there, listening to that woman try to convince everyone that you would betray your friends in such a heinous fashion. A lesser woman would have crumbled under the pressure. But you are not a lesser woman. Your mom and dad raised a strong and confident woman. Thank you for the pep talk. It’s not a pep talk. It’s the truth. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but spencer cassadine actually helped our case. But the ball’s not in the end zone yet. That’s up to you. You need to be the heroine in your own story. I like how that sounds. I thought you might. Come on. I know you’re testifying next. How are you feeling? You are going to be great. I’m going to be better than great. I’m going to be the heroine of my own story. Let’s win this. Bailiff: All rise. Be seated. Court is now in session. Ms. Miller, call your next witness. Thank you, your honor. I’d like to call trina robinson to the stand.

[ Both shouting ] It’s mine! Give it back!

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ] Aah!

[ Both grunting ] Ms. Robinson, can you confirm nikolas cassadine’s testimony that the two of you were together at the very moment that that revenge porn e-mail was distributed? Yes. I was in the cemetery working on an assignment for my art history class at pcu, and the last person I expected to see was spencer because I knew that he was serving his sentence at spring ridge. To run into him there — I was shocked, to say the least. Well, if you’ve always had this very clear alibi, why did you wait until now to bring it to the court’s attention? As the A.D.A. Demonstrated, e-mails can be sent by a timer. So spencer being with me when the revenge porn e-mail came out — that was never going to be enough to clear my name. And if spencer came forward and admitted that he bribed someone to be let go for a day so that he can visit his mother’s grave, he would get into a lot of trouble. So I was hoping that there would be enough other evidence to prove my innocence without jeopardizing his future. Yes, but, trina, you are on trial for felony charges. That’s an awfully big risk, don’t you think, to put someone else’s well-being ahead of your own future? I’m sorry. What’s the question? Can you please tell the court why you put spencer cassadine’s future ahead of your own? We’ve already established that you’re a very intelligent young woman. You get excellent grades, and yet you sat on a key witness that could have provided you a rock-solid alibi because you didn’t want to harm him. So I’m just trying to understand the motivation here. And I can only come up with one reason. That it was an act of love. Right now, dante is super focused on the day-to-day — raising rocco as a single parent, forging a new relationship with sam, being the go-between of michael and sonny. He’s an extremely good detective, but he’s not thinking about his overall career objectives, which, sometime way down in the future, what I’m — when I do retire, I want someone to replace me that I know can do the job as good as I can. So the conversation I had with him, I was just planting a seed. I’m not turning my badge in any time soon. Thank you for the clarification. On the other hand, when I stepped in and hosted open-mic night at the haunted star, oh, I have to tell you, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed running the floating rib. Sure, the insurance check we got from the explosion provided a very nice nest egg for us, and I’m eternally grateful for that, but I miss that place as a home base. I mean, I felt — I felt so anchored to the community. It was a place where people could come and get engaged, or celebrate an anniversary, or an entire office would come in and celebrate someone’s retirement, or someone was just having a bad day at work and wanted someplace friendly to come in and unwind. I mean, I really loved all that. I know what you mean. When we lost the floating rib, it left such a void. And I think that I tried to fill that void by revisiting my P.I. Skills. Between working with anna and giving sam advice, it was — it was just a lot of fun for me. Well, as I recall, you were the best in the business. I know we’re grandparents, but we’re still young at heart. That’s true. When I was working with sam, I felt so useful. Yeah, about that. You said sam was struggling with a heavy caseload, and you pointed her in the right direction regarding a search for someone’s biological parents? Yeah. I suggested she look for hard-copy analog records. Well, maybe sam could use more than your advice. What if you stepped in to help lighten sam’s caseload? Michael, it’s such amazing news. I-it’s the kind of surprise that I could actually use on a day like today. I’m actually kind of surprised that dante didn’t tell you. Your — your brother knew and he was holding out on me? I think — I think he was just… waiting for the official green light to tell anybody. Um, you know, like I said, it’s no secret, but the doctors tell us to not broadcast the news until we’re safely through the first trimester. And plus, dante’s got a lot on his plate, you know, navigating things between my dad and me. Yeah. Dante is pretty good at keeping things pretty close to his chest. Sometimes, I feel like I need a decoder to figure out what’s going on inside of his head. I’m not saying that he keeps secrets from me, but it’s like you said, it’s a big job negotiating between you and sonny, and I just think there is a whole world going on inside of his mind. Which means I’m always in for a surprise as we take our next steps in our relationship. Okay, well, that sounds newsworthy. What kind of next steps are you two planning? Hey, elizabeth, I — I need a favor. Can you go up to the lab and print out a more detailed analysis of this patient’s bloodwork and bring it to my office? I need to make this a priority. Yeah, of course. Thank you. What happens now? As soon as we have the results, I’ll share them with dr. Randolph and then we’ll discuss what options willow has.

[ Both grunting ]

The bloodwork shouldn’t be much longer, and then we can start to answer your question. I saw you talking to dr. Singh. You both seemed extremely serious. I have to ask, were you talking about me? I know you don’t want to scare me, but I’m about to be a nurse. I can handle it. Dr. Singh is an oncologist. Does this mean… do you think I have cancer? I’m worried you may have leukemia. Elizabeth: Finn. Oh. Oh, that was really fast. Yeah, I just had to pick up some time-sensitive results, and now I got to take them downstairs. Oh, yeah, yeah. Um… what I said before, I don’t want to put any pressure on you. You’ve been through a lot, and we haven’t even… I love you. You do? If I don’t leave right now, epiphany’s going to think I’m playing hooky, so…will I see you after my shift? Absolutely. Okay.

[ Door closes ] Peter. Peter, it’s elizabeth. Can you hear me? Peter? I didn’t mean for that to sound so big. I was actually talking in the abstract. Dante and I are very happy, and we’re taking it slow out of necessity. We have three kids involved between the two of us, and rocco, his mother, she’s in a coma, and it’s really complicated. And dante and i are both consumed with work and — and parenting, and my caseload is intense. Yeah, my mom told me that you were looking into ways to get trina exonerated, but you — you ran into a brick wall. Yeah, I did, but I got some excellent advice from a veteran P.I. This morning, and I got a feeling that this tip could get me closer to finding the proof that we need. How many mai tais have you had? Sam never told me she was looking for a partner. Would you be interested, even if she were? Felicia, we’re both jacks of all trades. We like dabbling in a bit of everything. That doesn’t mean you can’t scratch that itch by helping sam out every now and then. Yeah? That could be fun. Plus, sam told me she needed to be stealthy about this investigation because it would hit close to home for some people. I could speed the process along by doing the legwork. I mean, it’s not like I have any connection to the client’s biological parents.

[ Both grunting ]

[ Grunts ] No! [ Yelps ]

[ Yelps ] The prosecution alleges that you filmed that video of jocelyn and cameron because you were jealous of their relationship. So let’s clarify things. Were you ever involved with cameron webber? No. But you once had feelings for him. We kissed twice and decided we were better off as friends. And when you all went to the cabin last january, did you have feelings for cameron then? No. No. Because you had feelings for someone else? Yes. And who would that person be? Spencer cassadine. Ava!

[ Ava and esme grunting ]

[ Screams ]

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