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 look at you. There’s the guy. Ha, in the flesh. It’s been, what, a few months since I’ve seen you in person? Yeah, what can I say? You asked me to assess the west coast families situation. What did you find out? So far, all’s quiet on the western front. Alright. See, I knew they’d take their foot off the gas once I handled that situation at charlie’S. Not so sure the robbery had anything to do with the west, but the good news is, things have died down. That means I get to put my full attention on finding a replacement — somebody to fill jason’s shoes. I think I may have found someone. I’m tired of sonny taking whatever he wants. It’s time he faced some consequences.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] What are you doing here? I’m telling you for the last time, stop following me. I don’t know if he’s following my dad’s orders or if he’s just green and trying to show off, but sonny’s new errand boy won’t stop harassing me, and it ends today! No law against taking the stairs. Last time I checked, you don’t own them. Thank you, willow, for letting me vent. It helps so much to know that you really understand what happened to your mom was truly an accident. Still, hearing about it can’t be easy for you. No easier for you to talk about it, I imagine. I mean, accidentally hitting someone with your car — that’s got to be traumatic for you. Yeah, it is, for sure. Especially when those tabloid people start implying that I was driving under the influence. Well, those jerks did not get to me.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend like you. I have hurt you in so many ways — always unintentionally, but, still, you — you have never wavered in supporting me. A lot of people would just walk away. The feeling is mutual. I hope you know that. Because I know you’ll have my back, just like I have yours.

[ Both chuckle ] Wiley is so lucky to have you as his mother. And so will this little one. Tj: We have to go over the rest of the results. You have an elevated white blood cell count. That’s it?

[ Sighs ] Oh. I know from nurses’ training that it’s normal to have an elevated white blood cell count during pregnancy. And that’s true. Willow, from what I see, I don’t — I don’t think this is related to your pregnancy.

[ Sighs ] I have to get the hell out of here.

[ Sighs ] Yes.

[ Door opens ] You conniving little whore. As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. You’re not going to try to talk your way out of this? So unlike your normal lying ways. But even for you, this… this is a new low — sleeping with your boyfriend’s father. That is beyond tacky. Mm. Well, was it “beyond tacky” when you were having an affair with morgan corinthos and then slept with his father? How old do you think avery should be when you decide to inform her that she’s the product of hate sex? How could you know about those things? You didn’t think I’d do my research? I like to know what I’m dealing with. Where exactly do you think you’re going? I may have had sex with nikolas, but you’re going to still get what you want, ava — I’m leaving town and you’re never going to have to see me again. You’re not going anywhere. Not until you pay for all the damage you’ve done. Judge young: Counselor, you may call your first witness. Thank you, your honor. I got here as quickly as I could. The defense calls spencer cassadine. Proceed, ms. Miller. What the hell is happening here? I have no idea. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I do. One prilosec otc in the morning blocks excess acid production for a full 24 hours. Unlike pepcid, which stops working after 9. 24 hour protection. Prilosec otc one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn.

[] For comfortable underwear that also helps provide protection from bladder leaks… try depend silhouette. Designed with depend’s smoothest fabric, the unique shapewear technology adapts to your body, providing invisible comfort and unbeatable protection. Try depend. So you’ve been looking for candidates without me? I’ll try not to take that personally.

[ Grunts, panting ] No. He’s — he’s —

[ Chuckles ] This guy kind of fell into my lap — low level kind of guy working for me, you know. His name’s dex. He’s a military vet. But where’d you find him? I know you ain’t running “help wanted” ads in the classifieds. Well, when chet was away, dex was running the gym. Hmm. What do you like about him? He’s hungry. It’s like he’s chasing something more. So he reminds you of you?

[ Laughs ] Not just me. Mm. I mean, he’s like stone. Jason. Well, far be it for me to question your judgment, which I won’t, but allow me to question dex’S. There’s no shortage of people who want to get into this business, thinking they know what they’re getting themselves into. But you and I both know there’s no way of knowing what it actually does to someone until they live it. Okay, guys. Hey, that’s enough. That’s enough. Why don’t you just back off michael — alright? Go for a walk. Fine. Whatever. See you around.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Look, uh, brando, I appreciate you stepping in, but I could’ve handled this. Look, I’m confused. What — dex just followed you to the hospital to try to intimidate you? I have no idea. Other than m-maybe he thinks he’s impressing my father. I have no idea what this guy wants from me. Yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s just trying to impress your dad. I can backchannel to sonny that you’re having issues with dex. No, no, no, no. No. Absolutely not. Just trying to help. No, hey, I appreciate that. Okay? Just — [ Sighs ] I don’t want sonny involved in this. Besides, you have bigger things to focus on right now. Honestly, willow, I don’t know what I would do without your friendship. Willow, hey. Hi. I’m ready for you. We’ll talk soon. Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Am I keeping my counseling appointment today?

[ Door closes ] Thanks for coming back. I just need another blood sample. Oh, why do we need another blood test? To make sure the first one wasn’t an anomaly.

[ Clears throat ] Doctors aren’t usually the ones who take blood samples. You’re my friend, okay? Sue me if I’m a little invested. Raised white blood cell counts can indicate any number of things, but it’s clear that you’re worried about something specific. Can you tell me what it is you’re looking for? Well, well. It seems that your, um, prince charming has finally decided to be honest and tell you he’s just another slimy frog. I’ve had you pegged right from the very start. You’re selfish, entitled, but you’re very, very smart. I’ll give you that. You helped spencer torture me for months, and it all came quite naturally to you, didn’t it? I know spencer says he put you up to setting my car on fire, but I saw that look of fear in his eyes. Spencer didn’t do that. He’s selfish, he’s self-centered, he’s self-serving, but he’s not a psychopath. Not like you. And you couldn’t just set it on fire, right? You had to go a step further. You had to put my dead daughter’s I.D. Next to it. I mean, that is just [Scoffs] Sadistic. And you made that revenge porn video of joss and cam. Again, only a demented mind like yours would do something like that. And you framed trina to take the fall. All of that — it wasn’t enough, was it? You had to seduce my husband. You had to trick my husband into falling into bed with you.

[ Laughs ] Oh, nikolas hardly had to be seduced. I mean, it’s all thanks to the shrewish ways that you’ve been treating him. Every day you came up with new and creative ways to emasculate him. You made him feel like less of a man. All I had to do was be there to catch him when he fell. Spencer, we danced around this during your previous testimony, so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Do you believe that trina robinson filmed and distributed an intimate video of josslyn jacks and cameron webber? No, I do not. I know for a fact that trina couldn’t have distributed that video. Spencer’s defending our daughter? Can you tell the court why you are so certain? I know for a fact that trina didn’t distribute that video. Because she was with me when the video was released via e-mail.

I-I know you don’t have firm answers yet, but…I want to know what it is you’re worried about.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. The nurse said that you were in here, willow. Oh. So I — you’re not interrupting. I’M…done here.

[ Sighs ] I’ll be right back. I’m a little confused. I thought you had an ob appointment. Why was tj in here and not — not britt? Oh, it’s — [ Scoffs ] It’s nothing. Tj was just… being a good friend.

[ Breathes sharply ] That’s all. Nikolas felt unappreciated. In name, you were husband and wife, and yet you were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Who does that? You drove him away, just like you drove away every single person you cared about. Whatever research you’ve done on me, you don’t know me. Oh, but don’t I? I know you turned your back on your brother right before he died. I loved my brother very much. Julian was self-destructive. I had no choice but to walk away. Hm, just like you had to walk away from kiki right after you found out that she was also sleeping with your boyfriend, griffin monroe? I am hardly the catalyst for what happened with nikolas. You do see that the common denominator in all of those twisted scenarios is you. Alright! That’s enough! Don’t try to make this about me. Nikolas is spencer’s father, so what, you thought you were going to trade up to more money by targeting him? Mm, one more time — I did not target nikolas. He came running to me. I know better. I know you’re a stalker. You and spencer played your sick mind game with me. You made me fear for my daughter’s life, and the ways that you attacked me… you know, all this time, I thought that you were just my — my stepson’s obnoxious, entitled girlfriend. So why, then, does this all feel so very personal? Why do you hate me so much? Oh, there has to be more to this story. There has to be. Are you saying that you were with trina at the moment that e-mail was distributed to the pcu listserv? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Okay. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but on that day, you were serving a sentence at the spring ridge minimum security prison, were you not? Yes, that’s correct. Okay. So was trina visiting you in prison on that day? No. No. Well, you’re gonna have to help all of us out here. Spencer, if you were with trina in person, but it was not at the prison, where were you? I arranged for a kind of, uh, off-the-books day pass to leave prison. You might say trina saw me when I escaped.

All I did was hold the bag.

[ Laughs ] This a bad time? You want me to come back later? No, actually, it’s a good time, ’cause we were just talking about you, and it’s a good time for you guys to meet. This is brick. This is dex. Dex, brick. Uh, he’s a trusted friend. Second in command. Nice to meet you, brick. Likewise, dex. I just wanted to give you an update on that thing we discussed, when you have a free moment. Whatever you got to say, you can say it in front of brick, ’cause he — he’s like family to me. Understand? Sure. So how’s our good friend the photographer doing this afternoon? He’s not going to be selling anything to anyone again.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] And he definitely won’t be opening his mouth. I made sure of that before the cops showed up. You talked — you talked to the cops?! Can you tell how excited I am? Yeah, I can. [ Laughs ] I am, too. I just — I can’t stop thinking about how lucky we are. Everything is going to be different this time, you know? We — we’re both going to be there from the very start, and…

[ Sighs ] And we’re not going to miss any moments with our child.

[ Door closes ] Hey, there you are. What are you doing back here? Um, I felt guilty after leaving you behind. I just — are you going to be late? No, uh… no, I’m not going. Why — why not? Well, I ran into willow and, um… it turns out, the photographer — the one who harassed me and got in his car and chased us, which led me to hit harmony — well, he is here at G.H., And it kind of forced willow and me to unpack a lot of things that we needed to discuss. But she was very sympathetic, and in a way, it was therapeutic. Okay, I understand. Um, why don’t we reschedule your therapy appointment? No. I’m all talked out. Why didn’t trina tell us any of this? She’s probably protecting cassadine.

[ Scoffs lightly ] I have no idea what’s going on. Me neither. But maybe spencer is doing the right thing for once.

[ Gavel pounds ] Judge young: Quiet in the courtroom! Ms. Miller, continue, please. Thank you, your honor. So, to clarify, spencer, you escaped from prison. I planned on going back. I did go back. Objection, your honor. There’s no way to verify this. Well, that’s the same as any witness’s testimony. Now it’s up to the jury to determine its veracity. Judge young: Overruled, but get to the point soon. Spencer, how were you able to leave spring ridge undetected? I’m not proud of this. But someone was bribed to look the other way. What was so important on that day that you arranged for this “unofficial hall pass”?

[ Voice breaking ] It was the anniversary of my mother’s death. You see, my mother, uh, died when I was a baby, so I never met her.

[ Breathes shakily ] The anniversary of her death is very important to me. As a boy, I always laid flowers on her grave. Then, for the last several years, I was away at boarding school in france, so I couldn’t do that. So to be back here in port charles on that anniversary and not be able to honor her with flowers, it was so… …incredibly painful. I went to the graveyard to see her. I never meant for anyone to see me. But that’s when I saw trina at the cemetery, working on a project for pcu. Your honor, my associate is currently collecting proof of trina’s pcu assignment, which I will be entering into evidence. Spencer, do you realize that with this, you could be jeopardizing your freedom, since you were released from spring ridge?

[ Crying ] I know. I know that. But at a certain point, you have to stop doing the easy thing and you have to start doing the right thing.

No worries, boss. This isn’t my first rodeo. Yeah, well, even a veteran rider gets tossed off the bull. All I meant to say is that I know enough to make myself scarce before the cops can see me. It was your son, the detective. I don’t care who it was. Somebody shows up with a badge, you don’t say anything. I-I promise you, that is exactly what I did. I-I’m sorry if I didn’t handle it correctly, but I thought I was doing what you wanted.

[ Sighs ] Alright, listen, you’re right. You’re abso– yeah. You did the right thing, like you did with josslyn.

[ Sighs ] What happened with joss? We were having a discussion with that reporter who gave sasha drugs. It got a little heated. We were roughin’ him — roughin’ him up a little bit, right? So happens that josslyn shows up [Scoffs] Starts filming the whole thing, and threatens to take the footage to the police. She what?! She was upset about, you know, what happened with me and her mother…

[ Sighs ] …And she wanted payback. And thanks to dex, he talked her into deleting the footage. I haven’t even thanked you for that yet. I appreciate that. Now you know what the boundaries are when it comes to dealing with my kids. You’re the boss. You make the rules. Don’t you get it, brando? I am emotionally drained right now. I am too spent for another therapy session. I-I do get that, but you need to stick to your program if you’re going to get any better. Well, that’s not for you to decide, now, is it? I’m not saying that. Look, if you want, I can make the appointment for you, okay? This is not something you need to stress out over. Oh, my god, brando! The only one stressing me out is you! You and gladys are smothering me! Ava: Why are your attacks on me so personal? First, you threw morgan in my face, and then kiki and griffin. You didn’t know any of those people. Who is giving you this information and why? What the hell did I ever do to you? Mm, ava. If time in this provincial city has taught me anything, it’s that people here love to gossip. There aren’t that many people here that, uh, like you very much. Not that I have treated you differently than I would treat anyone else. That is a lesson that you learn pretty quickly in boarding school. People can be vicious, so the best defense is having a good offense. So I learned things. You just happen to have more dirt in your past than most people. Mnh, mnh-mnh. That’s not it. I’m onto something, I know it. I can feel it. When spencer asked for your help in torturing me, you jumped at the chance, didn’t you? Why were you so willing to help him? Spencer ended up in prison. You very well could have ended up there, as well. Now, if you were just some simpleton trying to please her crush, I might buy it. But you are no fool. And obviously, you’re not very devoted to spencer — oh, I am not the one whose devotion wavered. Oh, my. Well, I see I’ve pushed a button. Let’s see if I can push a few more. Okay, if trina robinson did not film and distribute this revenge porn video of josslyn jacks and cameron webber, you must have some suspicion as to who did. Unless, of course, josslyn and cameron filmed themselves. No. No way. It was their first ti– they wouldn’t do that. Did you have anything to do? No, absolutely not. I may not have been the best friend to josslyn and cameron over the course of the last year, but I would never hurt them that way. Okay. This cabin that we’ve been discussing, that belongs to josslyn’s former stepfather — is that correct? Uh, yes. This trip to the cabin — this was before sonny and carly got divorced. Okay, tell me about this cabin. Is there staff? Is there anyone else who might have made this video? A — a cleaning crew, perhaps? No. No, there was no staff there, okay? Okay. Someone else, then? A disgruntled neighbor, perhaps? No. The cabin is very isolated. Alright. Well, there were five of you there that night — trina, who you know is innocent, josslyn and cameron, also innocent, you deny any responsibility, and that leaves who? Objection, your honor. Speculation. There were five people at the cabin that night. Your honor, spencer cassadine was one of them, and therefore, his opinion has merit. Overruled. But tread carefully. There was no outside staff. It had to be someone who was staying in the cabin. Uh-huh. Who? My girlfriend at the time. Esme prince.

My mom and I don’t mean to smother you. We just want to see you get better, sasha. And I know you had a good talk with willow. I’m glad you guys cleared the air. I know willow’s a good friend to you, but willow is not a psychiatrist. And the whole harmony part — I know that you have guilt over that, but that isn’t your main issue. You need to talk to a doctor about why you turned to pills after you had already seen how cocaine damaged your life. I’m an addict, too, remember? You need to deal with the root cause.

[ Scoffs lightly ] You don’t trust me. Normally, I do. But I know how addicts think. The temptation of drugs gets the better of your brain. You need your psychiatrist’s help. Your doctors and me, we all wanted you to go to a live-in rehab, but you didn’t want to do that. So if you’re not going to go to rehab, you need to stick to your outpatient therapy. Stop trying to control my every move, brando! Well, given the way that our life together is spiraling out of control, maybe somebody does need to control you! Dex, you can go ahead and take off. I’m going to go over some stuff with brick. Thanks, boss. I’ll see you tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Dex, hang on.

[ Breathes deeply ] Sonny mentioned you were a vet. Same here. I’m sure we’ve got a lot to talk about. I’m sure we do. Mm-hmm. What do you think?

[ Sighs ] He’s too full of himself. Cocky. Too reckless, as far as I’m concerned. Too flippant with the way he speaks about your family and dealing with the cops. He’s young. He’s — he’s — you know, he’s learning the ropes. He deserves a shot. I’m just not so sure about sending a rookie to deal with some drug dealer. Dex volunteered.

[ Sighs ] And you think that someone this young and green will be effective in the enforcer role? Well, I mean, he was about jason’s age when jason started working for me. Yeah. Except this generation seems to need a lot more growing up than the previous one. Every generation needs time to mature. Sonny: [ Chuckling ] Isn’t that always the case? Michael: Now, even though we, uh, we didn’t plan for the pregnancy, I can’t help but think that the timing couldn’t be better, right? Because wiley and the new baby, they’re only gonna be a few years apart. Yeah. I mean, growing up, I was, for so many years, desperate for a brother or sister. Mm. Someone I could talk to, play with, share the crazy of life with harmony. Yeah. Uh, what about you? Were you and morgan close? Yeah. I mean, well, for the most part. I mean, there was that time that we were fighting over kiki, which wasn’t great. Uh. [ Chuckles ] But overall, you know, we were close. Then there was dante. Obviously, we didn’t grow up together. We met as adults. But I’m very glad he’s in my life. Nobody can talk me off a cliff like he can.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, uh… uh… something wrong? No. It’s just a — it’s just a work thing. Yeah, I really — I really need to handle this. B-but actually, I can stay around if you want me t-to stick around… no. No, no, no. …’Cause it can wait. Michael. Go. Go deal with your work. I-it’s fine. I’m fine.

[ Chuckles ] If this were some big step, of course, I’d — I’d want you to be there, but this is just another routine appointment. You sure? Absolutely. Okay. I’ll see you at home. Alright.

[ Door closes ] Thank you, mr. Cassadine. No further questions. Mr. Cassadine, it is your testimony that you were with ms. Robinson the moment the e-mail with the revenge porn was distributed to everyone at pcu, correct? Yes, that’s correct. But you have no accounting for ms. Robinson’s whereabouts at the moment the video was being filmed, do you? Let me remind the court, it is the nonconsensual recording that is the most pressing charge here. Um… let me repeat — were you with ms. Robinson when the revenge porn video was filmed? No, I wasn’T. And to reiterate your previous testimony, you were with esme prince when the video was filmed. Yes, I was. Okay, then. Moving on. Mr. Cassadine, you audited classes at pcu last fall. Did you ever need to pull an all-nighter? Yes. Hmm. And when you needed to turn in, say, a term paper to a professor in the middle of the night, were you aware that you could schedule send an e-mail for a later, more reasonable hour via a run-of-the-mill app? Um, you lost me there. Objection, your honor. The state has lost everyone with this line of questioning. Withdrawn. Your honor, I’d like to enter into evidence an e-mail that I personally sent to you and opposing counsel. Excuse me? Give it a second.

[ Cellphones chime ] Hmm, there it is. You see, while mr. Cassadine was accounting for the defendant’s whereabouts, I scheduled my e-mail to be released later.

Michael had to leave? Yeah, there was a work issue. I told him to go deal with it. Oh, well, if — if you want to reschedule for a time when you both can be here, we can do that. No, no, I have time. I can wait until the lab results are in. Okay. Look, I couldn’t help but notice you gave michael the runaround earlier when he asked you why I was taking the lead here and not britt, so is there a reason you’re not telling michael this isn’t your usual ob appointment? Well, I hope this is important. I was at the hospital with willow. She okay? Yeah. Yeah, just some standard pregnancy stuff. So what’s going on? Talk to me. Just wanted to make sure you squared things with brando. He seemed pretty suspicious. Yeah, he was 100% suspicious, but he bought that, uh, I was pissed at you for harassing me. Good. ‘Cause I have enough people looking at me suspiciously. What does that mean? This guy, brick — I think he’s going to dig into my past. Well, thanks for the heads up. But… if brick is doing a background check, I mean, that’s — that’s a good sign that you’re moving closer into sonny’s inner circle. Bric k: Well, if you seesomething in this young guy, there must be something there. Still, I’m going to run a full background check on him, and that ain’t a request. Oh, I’m not even gonna try to stop you. Mm. But no matter how much we look into this — you know, dex’s past, it’s not going to tell us whether he can deal with this life. Mm. I mean, all he’s taken care of so far is some low-level drug pusher/ tabloid photographer. Mm. So you want to give him a bigger assignment to test him? Well, I’m thinking… why don’t we see if he proves himself? Trial by fire.

[ Chuckles ] I like that. Sasha, I am so sorry. If I could take those words back, I would. I didn’t mean it. Didn’t you? I — no, I don’t want to control you. I-I’m just worried about you.

[ Scoffs ] And so is — so is michael and willow and my mom and everyone at deception. Just admit it, brando.

[ Sighs ] You said what you really felt. You finally stopped walking on eggshells like you’ve been doing — like everybody’s been doing. No, that’s not true. I mean, can we — can we just go home and talk about this in more privacy? No. No, I need space. Space from me? From everybody. Baby. Sasha. Your honor, I object to the assistant district attorney’s theatrics. There is no proof to suggest that that video was sent via a pre-timed e-mail. No more questions, your honor. Judge young: You may step down, mr. Cassadine. Both counsels, approach the bench. I can’t believe you did that. I can’t believe that it didn’t work. I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell us that spencer was your alibi before? I was hoping that curtis would have a hail mary so that I wouldn’t have to. Just keep your chin up, okay, baby girl? I mean, diane’s right. There’s zero evidence that that video was sent via e-mail timer. Maybe spencer was your hail mary. Hey. Hey. I knew I could trust you to do the right thing… after you exhausted all other options. Son. [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Can we talk? It’s important.

[ Cellphone chimes ] So you do still have feelings for spencer. Were you so jealous that he obviously has feelings for trina that you slept with his father as what — revenge? Payback? And trina and i were just collateral damage, or something more? What is that? None of your damned business, that’s what!

[ Laughs ] Okay. Forget it. You know what? Trying to find answers in your bizarre, twisted behavior would have me running in circles. But make no mistake — after everything you’ve done to make people I care about suffer, you are going to do the right thing for the first time in your life.

[ Scoffs ] And what is that? Playtime is over. We will deal with you sleeping with my husband another time. But right now, you’re going to march down to that courthouse, you’re going to exonerate trina, you’re going to tell the world that you made that tape of joss and cameron. We have already had this conversation, and I have no idea where you’re getting this crazy idea. And besides, why would I even do it? Are you offering to help me disappear and make sure that I don’t go to prison? No. I have no interest in being a fugitive for the rest of my life. Oh, darling girl. You misunderstand me. If you don’t admit that you framed trina… i will make sure that nobody ever finds you. At least not while you’re still breathing.

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