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good morning. Oh. Oh, thank you. Mmm. Oh, my god. That’s really strong coffee. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, I added a couple extra scoops, and I couldn’t sleep last night. I have to get through trina’s trial today. Yeah. Is it too much? It’s fine. I like it.

[ Chuckles ] You were out late, huh? What was up? I went for a run last night, and I took a longer route than usual. And that route led you to sonny? Excuse me. Um…a-aaron. Right? Yeah. Hi. Nina. Um, one of our servers — he just called in, matthew, and we’re already short-staffed, so can you fill in for him? Thank you! Um, I’m a bartender. I’m not waitstaff. No, no, no, I realize that, but it would really help us out if you could pitch in. You know, you’re not going to get busy here until lunch. I’m in the middle of prep. I don’t think you know what my job is like. Um, aaron, I think you have the time. You’ve been here, like, what, a whole day? Is mrs. Quartermaine around? It doesn’t matter how long I have been here. I am co-owner, and I am telling you to pitch in. Oh, I know all about you. I read the article in the invader. I know how you stole that baby, how you stole ms. Corinthos’s husband, and now you’ve stolen this hotel. She was an awesome boss, so I’ll be taking my orders from mrs. Quartermaine and not you. You need to watch your mouth. You don’t talk to your boss like that. You okay? Every person who testified yesterday knows I’m innocent. But that ada kept twisting their words around, making it sound like they were covering up for me, asking them questions they didn’t know the answer to. Why would that jury believe in me now? You don’t lose hope. Every person that testified yesterday, they came out swinging. They took every chance they could to protect and defend you. We’re taggerts. This ain’t over till it’s over. Agreed. And when that jury decides, it’ll be in your favor. Oh. Missed you last night. Oh. Mm. Did you get any sleep at all? I missed you too, baby. Yeah. Um… tj managed to sneak me in one of the on-call rooms for a quick snooze. Mm-hmm. I definitely wanted to be close… just in case oz’s condition changed. He’s still in a medically induced coma. Yeah, no, I know. I checked as soon as I got here. Why aren’t you at the courthouse? Well, I’m on my way. I just had a check on a couple of my patients first, so… how’s trina doing? I don’t know. She’s just been so quiet this morning. She left with her dad. Mm. Did you talk to taggert at all or…? No, not yet. Okay, well, talk to me. Tell me how yofound this guy, curtis. Tell me what happened. I’d like to know the same thing. Hi. Um, I’m calling to check on the status of my father. He’s, um, a patient and came in with a drug overdose last night. Oz haggerty.

[ Door opens ] Oh. Good morning. I was, uh, just on my way out. No, you don’T. Time’s up, esme. Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you to the courthouse? I know how worried you are about trina. Oh, I am. But it’s okay. I’ll be fine. That’s sweet, though. You’ve been very sweet this morning. Oh, speaking of sweet… mm. Call me as soon as you know anything. Yeah. I will. What’s that? It’s here. What is? Our future. I didn’t win the lawsuit, but everybody knows I wrote that song.

Our divorce papers. Did you know martin was sending them? I was under the impression that he was still reviewing them. Well, he did. According to this, it all looks good and… just needs our signatures. Well…we needn’t worry about them now. You have enough on your plate worrying about trina. You should probably get going. Well, we may as well get it over with, you know, especially because I’m gonna be at the courthouse any– I can’t sign them. Quit stalling. What’s your answer? Are you going to exonerate trina so that you can learn who your birth mother is — yes or no? That is not something I can just decide overnight. Well, we’re testifying today, so you need to make a decision now. Right, so you can just go crawling to trina about your noble gesture? I haven’t said anything to trina. I don’t care what she thinks of me at this point. Oh, please. Give me a break. Trina is innocent. The only thing that I care about is making sure that she doesn’t go to prison. But you don’t give a damn if I go there? I don’t even think it’s possible for me to get trina off the hook without going to jail myself. You’ll figure it out. Scheming is second nature to you, esme. You’ve been manipulating people and situations since the day that we met. I never manipulated you. I loved you. Everything I did, I did for you. You were the one who wanted to break up your father and ava. And, yes, maybe I took some things too far, but I did that because we were a — a team and we loved each other — at least I thought so. I’ve heard this all before. What’s your answer? Are you taking my deal? I’m not sure your offer is worth helping trina. She’s the reason that I lost you. I wasn’t expecting to see you here today. I took a personal day. I wanted to support you. Trina, I’m so sorry for what I said on the stand. I feel terrible that my testimony could give the jury any cause to doubt you. That ada is definitely doing her job. She’s convinced I’m guilty. Well, she’s wrong. Lucky you have such a smart lawyer. I thought I’d blown it for you completely. At least, when she cross-examined me, she gave me a chance to explain to the jury that the only reason you were in the highsider was to try and get the bartender to id esme. But I should have done a better job with my original testimony and figured out a way to dodge ada arden’s questions. Stop. I’m not in the least bit upset with you. So give yourself a break, okay? I’m upset with myself… and I’m going to make it up to you if you’ll let me. I heard you were quite the hero last night. Is this an official interrogation, commissioner? I’m sure you’re both upset with me after my testimony yesterday, but I was under oath, and I had to answer arden’s questions honestly. No one expected anything otherwise. Really? Because I can tell curtis is holding something back. So, go ahead, curtis. Let me have it. Unbelievable. Sonny came running to you. After the way he’s treated you? What did he say? Never mind what he said. I want to hear what you have to say. Well, like I said, I went for a run, and, yes, I took a longer route than usual. I saw sonny get out of his car alone, which I thought was weird. Then I saw him walk into this alleyway, which was even weirder. I went to go check it out. I pulled out my phone as a precaution. I saw sonny and his new muscle beating up some guy and threatening to kill him, and I recorded the whole thing. Okay. I’m sorry that you had to see that, but, josslyn, you know sonny’s life. Did you stop and think that it could turn into a more dangerous situation? You know, mom, at the time, I just saw sonny breaking the law. And if it was anybody else, I would have done the same thing.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, maybe not let them see me or hung around after. You did that because you knew sonny wouldn’t hurt you. Mom, who cares if sonny wouldn’t hurt me? He was definitely hurting that guy in the alleyway. Why should sonny get away with that? Why should I pretend that it isn’t happening? Sonny trashed our family, and I’m done looking the other way. Thank you, sonny,but I think I’ve got this. What’s your name, buddy? His — his name is aaron. Aaron, I heard what you said to nina, your boss, and I want you to know that I get it. What you said was foolish and disrespectful, but in my experience, people that do those types of things usually have something else going on. Now, I know it must have felt good to talk to her like that in the moment, but it doesn’t solve what’s really going on… and it doesn’t help you in the long run to disrespect her like that, does it? You know I’m right. Now, I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong in the past. But if that’s the case… we got a bigger problem.

okay, jordan. Um… there is something I want to say. I’m listening.

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Thank you. You’re thanking me? Yeah. Yeah. I saw what you did on the stand. Ada arden had you backed into corner after corner, and yet you chose your words carefully so as not to give her any added ammunition against trina. Then in the cross, you made sure to point out that trina’s demeanor was not consistent with that of a guilty person. And on the cross, you answered before she could object. I just want to say that… you did your job admirably. It meant a lot. It meant a lot to both of us, and trina… she feels the same way. Trina is a strong young lady. Yeah. And I will always be on the side of justice. To that end… I need to know how it happened to be you who brought in oz haggerty — the same bartender who came up while ada arden was questioning officer cabrera… the same bartender who allegedly sold trina the unregistered phone used in the crime. Uh, it happens that I found oz haggerty passed out, and I made sure he was brought here safely. Tell me how you found him and why. Curtis, what do you know that I should know? I intend to be by your side for the rest of this trial.

[ Scoffs softly ] Does diane know she’s being replaced? For real, trina, I promise to do all I can to make things better for you. Thank you. Officer cabrera, a word. Now.

[ Door closes ] Is there a problem? No problem. It’s clarity. Okay? I just realized you were right all along. Divorce is off. Nikolas cassadine, you have been convincing me for weeks that we needed to do this. And now you’re doing a 180, and I — I’m confused. I know. I know. I — I was wrong. Reality struck. You know, hearing my grandmother’s house burned down, it reminded me how unfair and random life can be. Anything can happen at any moment. And I-I just — I can’t risk putting you through that. Just please [Sighs] Tell me you understand. All of these proclamations of love, what a team we were… yeah, I thought so, too. But I realize now that what we had, it was never love, esme, because someone who loves me doesn’t go around hurting my friends, and they certainly don’t lie to my face over and over again.

[ Softly ] I didn’T. Just don’T. Take the energy you spend on your lies and put it to use. Figure out how to set trina free before it’s too late. He’s right. Got stuff going on with my parents and… any– anyway, I’m sorry for what I said… and how I said it. I’ll clock out and go. Oh, no, aaron, no. Um, I’m not firing you. I accept your apology. You do? I do. Just don’t let it happen again. Thank you… boss. Well, I’m impressed in how you talked to aaron. Reminds me of a man that I knew in nixon falls. Yeah, me too. Thank you for having my back. Always. I had it when I suggested you sell half of your hotel. But, listen, this is the exact situation that I warned you about. Really? How so? Okay, I get where you’re coming from, and your feelings are 100% valid — they are. But what?

[ Sighs ] But like I have told your father many times over the years, if you’re going to go after sonny, you have to consider the collateral damage. Donna and avery. Yes. They’ve already had so much loss, josslyn. It’s not fair to take their father away again. Well, that was sonny’s message, too, that busting him for assault and attempted murder was somehow unfair to donna and avery. You don’t agree? Being a father is not a “get out of jail for free pass,” mom. It doesn’t excuse the things that sonny has done and will continue to do. And, you know, everyone’s saying he’s such a good father, but shouldn’t we consider how the life he leads puts donna and avery in danger? I mean, he didn’t seem to think about them much during his time in nixon falls. He didn’t remember them. He didn’t want to remember them. I mean, isn’t that what he said during his testimony? That he was so happy with nina up there in nixon falls that he didn’t care to think about anything else? Okay. I get it. I get that you’re mad at what sonny put us through, and, baby, so am I. But I’m trying so hard to move past it, and I can’t do that if I have to worry about you going after sonny.

Of course I understand. This divorce-on-paper was tempting fate and symbolic maybe, but also legally binding. I’m thrilled that we’re ditching it. Me too. Being your husband is all that matters to me. I feel same way about being your wife.

[ Breathes sharply ] Yeah. Now that that’s settled, I really do have to go to court. What are you going to do with those? I will find a symbolic way of destroying them. You go ahead, and we will celebrate not divorcing tonight. Do you have anything in mind? Oh, you’ll find out. Mm.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] You’re asking a lot of me. In return for equal value. My uncle victor used considerable resources to find your birth mother, so do you want to know who she is or not?

[ Door opens ] Everything okay? Yeah. Just trina’s trial is today, so we’re both a little bit on edge. I’ll bet. I at least have some good news for you, esme. I pulled some strings, and, uh… your internship at spring ridge has been reinstated. O-oh, my god. Really? This is amazing! T-thank you so much! I’m going to go call my supervisor now and work on my schedule. Too bad you can’t start today! Yes. Of course.

[ Door closes ] Why are you always helping esme? Curtis: Well, I am surprised that the commissioner is personally investigating an overdose victim. I take an interest when the victim’s name just arose in testimony at an ongoing trial and when the person who found him is closely connected to the defendant. Certainly you’re not suggesting that curtis had anything to do with the od. Absolutely not. Okay. But it does raise questions. Curtis, what’s going on? If I tell you… this can’t get back to the ada. Arden: What’s going on, cabrera? You’re not testifying today and you’re out of uniform. I’m not on duty. I’m here as a private citizen. How do you think it looks, cavorting with the defendant? I can’t control what people think. But you can control your actions. And if you don’t, are you ready for the consequences? Do you think she’s reprimanding rory for coming here and supporting me? That’s very possible, baby girl. I don’t want him to get in trouble because he’s my friend. You and rory knew there were possible complications when you started the friendship. What’s going on here now, that’s not on you. Rory made a choice. Well, you can relax because sonny’s guy convinced me to delete the recording. How did he manage that? He told me that if I turned over the footage to the cops, sonny would just beat the charges and that he, the guy, wouldn’T. And he’s probably right. I mean, diane’s gotten sonny out of much worse. I just didn’t understand why the guy should go to prison for following orders… yet sonny is not going to go for giving them. Makes sense. Well, of course, the guy’s an idiot for even accepting a job from sonny. I mean, everybody knows who he is and what he does. He had to know that, sooner or later, he’d be expected to do something illegal. Jason worked for sonny, and he wasn’t an idiot. Maybe he was an idiot. I mean, I loved jason. I thought he was the best. Maybe he was an idiot for making all of those sacrifices for sonny. And no offense, mom… maybe you were an idiot for standing by him that long.

[ Voice breaking ] I mean… he didn’t do that for you.

[ Breathes deeply ] Michael’s right. Sonny’s gotten away with all this crap over the years because we all lined up and made excuses for him. But he showed us who he really is. He showed us what we mean to him. I’m not gonna defend sonny. Good. But he’s still donna and avery’s father. And for their sake, I — I would like to coexist. Mom, what are you asking? The next time you go for a run, you see sonny walking down an alley… keep running. Well, I probably would have, except… except what? I was still mad about my testimony. So that’s what fueled your interaction with sonny. I think it was about control, josslyn. Control of what? I think you needed to reclaim some for yourself after the ada weaponized your words against your best friend. So

glad that olivia still serves corinthos coffee. Yeah. Why wouldn’t we? It’s top notch. I mean, it would send the wrong message to change brands now, especially after everything that’s going on. All I’m saying is you keeping carly’s half of the hotel is going to cause a fallout. Okay, now that we’ve established that sonny corinthos is right, I have a few interns that I need to — it’s not about right or wrong. It’s — it’s about you accusing me of being more concerned over carly than you. I’m — I’m there for you. I’m just trying to protect you. Really? Yeah! You know, I’ve dealt with difficult employees before, sonny, but what I really need to know is that you have my back when it counts. I always have your back. Really? Yeah. It didn’t feel that way when you were trying to convince me to sell my half of the metro court. Because I thought it was the wrong move. I — you know, I got to speak my mind. Doesn’t mean I don’t support you. No, there is a difference between honesty and undermining. I’m always going to be straight with you, nina. You know that. Even if you don’t like what I say. If — if you can’t deal with that, this is not going to work.

My part in trina’s trial concluded after I gave my testimony. As far as I’m concerned, the investigation is ongoing. I’m only obligated to inform the da’s office if I see evidence of a miscarriage of justice. Okay. I’m tracking the black market phone you found in trina’s purse. I’m working to prove that it was bought from oz haggerty by esme prince. Portia: That’s why trina and joss were at the highsider. And they even brought it up in court yesterday, but of course they twisted it and used it against trina. Yeah, they did. But josslyn and trina went to that bar to find the bartender who sold esme that phone. When they found him, they showed him a picture of esme, and he recognized her. I’m impressed by their initiative, even if it was reckless. Her father and i weren’t happy about it, but I wasn’t surprised. At least they found something. Taggert and i took it from there. With a little help from marshall… and a nephew who will remain nameless, marshall and I, we followed oz to his motel room. We dropped a few threats about his connection to trina’s case. And he took the bait. He went straight to wyndemere. That’s interesting. Did he meet with esme? We weren’t able to get proof of that, but we saw ava at the pier and we looped her in. And by the time she got to wyndemere, oz was gone. He had disappeared and didn’t return on the launch. I think esme helped him get off the island undetected.

[ Voice breaking ] And now he is here… in a coma… with information that could clear my daughter. Hi. Um, I called before about my father, oz haggerty. Still no change? You’re sure? Esme’s your girlfriend. Why wouldn’t I help her? Pulling strings takes effort, phone calls, reciprocal favors. I’m just surprised that you’re going the extra mile for her. Nothing’s more important to me than you. And as long as you care for esme, her…concerns are important to me, as well. I didn’t ask you to do all that for me. I know. Just…I want you to be happy. Are you happy? I’m trying to be. How are things between you and esme? Things are complicated. I see. Maybe I’m the problem. How? I’m really worried for trina, mom. I mean, her case isn’t looking so good. I know. And I’ve been where trina is. I know, and that is exactly what scares me. I felt so helpless on the stand. I mean, I-I counted on my testimony to help show that trina would never do something like that. And as the victim, I thought that it would turn the tide. That ada twisted my words and made trina look guiltier than ever. That’s her job. I know. I-I don’t care. I hate myself for even answering the questions. I should have just lied. And that would be perjury. Then I should have shut my mouth and let them hold me in contempt. Listen to me. You didn’t do anything wrong. Then why do I have this awful feeling that I just — because you’re afraid for your best friend, josslyn. I mean, when you were on that stand, you were passionate in defense of trina’s character, and you put the blame on esme, and the jury heard you even though the ada was trying to object. You showed strength, courage, and true loyalty, and I am damn proud of you. So proud. You ready to go to trial? Absolutely. I want anybody on that jury that still doubts trina to know that her friends are not abandoning her. That’s right. What happened? Nothing. It was definitely something. Ada arden didn’t look happy. She thinks it’s bad optics for you to support me publicly, doesn’t she? I’m not worried about her, so don’t you — I’m not worried about her. I’m worried about you. Hey. How you doing, darling? Good. I’ll see you. Oh. Officer cabrera is back, huh? He doesn’t appear to be on duty. Rory’s just here to support me.

Rory. We’re friends. Ah. That’s all? Ask me again when the trial’s over. You’ve been a good friend to my daughter. I appreciate that. She needs her support system at this time. I’m proud to call trina my friend. So you should be. Just for the record… you and me? Still not friends. Understood, sir. I came here ’cause I did not like the way we left things, and I don’t want to fight. No, neither do I. But maybe this is another indication that we need to take things slow. Why is that, nina? Because we’re still trying to figure things out. We’ve already figured each other out. No, we haven’t! If one fight, one fight derails us, then it’s better to know now than later. Is that the way you see it? ‘Cause I don’t see it that way. Yes, it is, because you… well… …you have a need to, what, protect me from the world, to coddle me? I don’t need to be coddled, sonny. I doubt that you ever felt like you needed to coddle carly. Carly and I have said way worse things to each other and done worse things over the years. Well, if we’re aiming to have a kind of arrangement that you had with carly where it gives us permission to be verbally abusive to each other… I don’t want any part of that.

As soon as I could connect bartender oz to esme, suddenly I find him fighting for his life. Now, we know she is capable of some serious stuff. But this is attempted murder. Yes, it is. Do you think she knew you were on to her? It’s possible. Alright, since we can’t yet rule out that illegal drug use was at play, that allows me to discreetly investigate.

[ Breathes sharply ] Jordan, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. We really appreciate it. I’m just doing my job.

[ Cellphone beeping ] Oh. I just got a notification. Oh, no. One of my patients is critical. I — I — okay. No, you — you go look into that. I’m going to stay here and keep eyes on oz, okay? Okay. I can’t let this guy slip through our fingers again. Not until he helps trina. Okay. Okay. I haven’t been the best example to you, and I’m sorry that you’re unhappy. Father, we’ve had our moments, but this isn’t on you. Part of being a parent is feeling your child’s pain as if it were your own. And I know that I have been the cause of that pain many times.

[ Clears throat ] Well, we’re moving past that now, right? Well, I don’t know if I’ll ever be past the mistakes I’ve made with you. And I’d like to promise not to make any more, but I know that I probably will, despite my best intentions. Just know that… I love you, son, and, uh… I’m a flawed man. Uh, moving forward, I never want to hurt you again. We’re both flawed men, father. It’s okay. I, uh…

[ Door opens ] I am all set to resume my internship. Great, but we really should be getting to the courthouse. Oh, um, I’ll meet you there. I need to change. I’ll wait. No need. I’ll be there. I won’t be late. I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to me.

[ Door closes ] We need to talk about you almost telling ava and spencer that we slept together. I overreacted. I mean, you have to understand how much this internship means to me. I mean, it’s everything. It’s my future. When I contemplated telling them, it was in a weak moment, but I swear I would never do anything to hurt you or spencer that way. It sure seemed like you meant what you said. Thankfully, it never came to that. How you doing, trina? I’m hanging in. Yeah? Thanks. We’re all behind you. Don’t forget that. Thank you. Stay strong.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. I’m going to take this.

[ Sighs ] Um, is that your dad sitting with rory? I know, right? Their face seems kind of neutral, which is a good sign. I just can’t believe rory showed up for me. I understand you relinquished your share of the metro court. Yes, I did. Well, if — if you want to spend more time with avery, I’m happy to help make that happen, especially since you’ll — you’ll have more free time now. Mm. I’m always happy to spend time with avery. You know, my family means more to me than a job ever could. You’re so fortunate you still have them. I know you’ve — you’ve lost so much lately. I am fortunate. You, on the other hand, I mean, you have to endure living with a stepson who hates you and his psycho girlfriend who framed trina — all because your husband can’t man up and kick them out, huh? Let’s just hope for the best for trina, shall we?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Pilar? What’s up? Nina? Nina: Huh? I know we’re just getting started, and it’s going to take…

[ Sighs ] …A little while to find our way, and that’s understandable.

[ Exhales sharply ] But it doesn’t mean that we can’t speak our mind. I think that’s important. Like we did in nixon falls. Absolutely. I want this. But, you know, do you? More than anything. Then we have to stop comparing ourselves and — and our relationship to carly’s relationship. That was in the past. And… …what we have — right? — Is different. Mm-hmm. It’s m-meaningful, right? You know, sonny, you don’t always have to support my decisions. I know you won’T. But I need to know that your loyalty is always with me. Carly’s long shadow is always going to hover over us. And no matter how hard we try to move forward, I’m afraid we’re never going to escape it.

So you admit there are three people in this relationship? Not in the way you mean. Carly is always going to be part of this. We can make peace with the past, but we can’t separate ourselves from what’s happened. She’s the mother of my children. Yeah. It’s never just going to be the two of us. But I can — I can live with that because… you mean that much to me. What you have to decide… is how much I mean to you. Hey, hey, honey. Look, I’m sorry, but I got to go. Donna got hurt on the playground. She’s okay. Pilar said she’s fine, but I just want to go home and make sure she’s okay. So I will text you when I get there. And you do the same. Let me know what’s going on? Yeah, sure. Okay. Okay. Give donna a hug for me. I will. Alright. Bye. I just heard from diane. She’s on her way. Traffic. How about you? How you doing? Need anything? I’m fine, dad. I’m glad you’re here. Can you excuse me for a minute? I just need to talk to rory. Yeah, I’ll wait for your mom. Thank you.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Marcus. Marcus, I-I don’t know what to do. Whoa. Take a breath. Tell me what’s going on. I thought you would have been here by now. That’s the problem. I have an emergency. One of my patients is in critical condition, and they’re prepping him for surgery right now. But how do I do that to trina? Well, you know what you have to do, and — and trina will understand. I mean, she needs me. She needs my support.

[ Voice breaking ] But my patient… my patient’s life, it depends on me. You take care of your patient. I’ll take care of our daughter. Okay? I know you’re downplaying what the ada told you. Rory, if you need to go, please leave. I don’t want you getting in any more trouble because of me. Trina, I want to be here. But if me being here stresses you out — no, no, no. That’s not what I mean. I just… I just want you to know that I realize that you’re putting yourself out on a limb for me, and it means a lot. Well, in that case, I’m not going anywhere. Commissioner ashford, is an official visit? Good morning, mr. Cassadine. Actually, it is. How can I help? I’d like to ask you a few questions about your recent visitor. This is esme prince. Again, I know I’m not on the schedule yet because my internship just got reinstated, but I need to come in today to see ryan chamberlain. Please tell me that I can see him right away. It’s urgent.

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