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Ridge: No. I’m finishing upr: Um, yes, I did. Thank you for asking. She’s going to watch my patients until I get back.

Ridge: Makes things a little easier, right?

Taylor: All I can think about right now is getting to monaco to see steffy.

Ridge: Well, we’ll be there soon enough. Meet ya at the jet.

Taylor: Okay. Bye.

[ Knocking on door ] Yeah?

Deacon: Hey.

Taylor: Deacon.

Deacon: What’s going on? Where’s your big, funny bodyguard?

Taylor: Well, we don’t really need him right now. Ridge and I are going out of town. We need to go check on steffy.

Deacon: You guys are going to europe.

Taylor: You know, we thought that– that being away would maybe help change her perspective on things, but losing finn is just too much for her.

[ Humming gently ]

Sheila: There he is.

Finn: What’d you do? What did you do?

Sheila: I’m sorry. I don’t want to have to keep sedating you, but you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep lashing out like that.

Finn: You sedated me again?

Sheila: Yeah, but it’s wearing off. You got some rest. That’s a good thing. I’m gonna have to lay down a few ground rules. No more outbursts and tirades, okay? It’s just only going to cause you setbacks and I know you don’t want that.

Finn: I want to go home. I need to see steffy. Today.

Bill: Hey, good morning. I don’t know if you drank coffee, but I made a cup. How ya feeling? You’re all cleaned up. You look great. Did you sleep well? Are you ready to tell me your name? What happened to ya? It’s okay. I think we’re going to have a breakthrough today.

[ Knocking on door ]

Zende: Good, I caught you.

Ridge: Barely, I’m on my way to the airport.

Zende: So I heard, uh, you’re going to see steffy?

Ridge: Yeah.

Zende: Give my cousin my best. All of us, we’re all thinking about her. Please tell her that.

Deacon: I’m sorry. I– I know that you thought that this time away would be good for steffy.

Taylor: Ah, I really did. You know, she likes to do things in her own way. You know?

Deacon: Wonder where she gets that from? Look, think of it this way: She needs more help with her grief and she’s getting it so that’s a good thing.

Taylor: It is but– but, she hasn’t been okay and she’s been keeping it from us.

Deacon: Well then, you gotta go and see yourself. I’ll be thinking about you while you’re gone.

Taylor: Thank you, deacon. That’s really sweet. You know, I– I– I don’t think that we should see each other like this when I get back.

Finn: You know that this is wrong.

Sheila: You’ve got to stop behaving like this. You’re still recovering.

Finn: You’re not listening.

Sheila: It’s not doing you any good to fight me.

Finn: Steffy thinks I’m dead because of you. And my mother is gone because of you.

Bill: I found you down by the wharf. You were hurt. Scared. Maybe if I tell you more about myself, which is my favorite subject anyway. Well, maybe then you’ll– you’ll tell me more about you, your name, what happened to you? I told you I have three sons. What– what– what? Hey, liam. Sort of talking about you.

Liam: I couldn’t take it anymore. Where is this, uh– where’s this total stranger you’ve invited into your home?

Bill: She’s in her room.

Liam: She got a room now, huh? Who are you? What is happening right now? You don’t even know this person.

Bill: We’re working on that.

Liam: Is this because of that little conversation you had with wyatt?

Bill: It’s because I found this woman alone in an alley, she was in bad shape and I decided to help her. And that’s what I’m gonna do. And I would think that you, of all people, would understand that. (Vo) at dog chow

Ridge: All right, I need to get going.

Zende: You and taylor must be anxious to see steffy.

Ridge: We are. I don’t want to keep her waiting.

Zende: Yeah.

Ridge: Thanks.

[ Zende sighing ]

Taylor: I’m not trying to be hurtful or insensitive.

Deacon: You don’t have it in you. Taylor, listen, if– if you don’t want me to stop by anymore, I’m not going to push back.

Taylor: Thank you. Thank you. Because timing is everything and–

Deacon: Stop, please. Come on. I’m a big boy. You don’t have to play that game with me–

Taylor: Oh, good, good. So you– you understand?

Deacon: Yeah, of course I understand. Uh, yea, this is a bitter pill that I’ve been swallowing for a long time now.

Taylor: But you know that this has nothing to do with you or your past, it’S…

Deacon: Yeah. No, I know exactly what it has to do with. Ridge. It’s always ridge.

Taylor: Well, you know– you know how he feels about you.

Deacon: And you’re still hung up on him.

Taylor: I’m trying not to be. Right now, I am just focused on our kids and our grandkids.

Deacon: And you don’t want to upset him?

Taylor: You know, I– I– I don’t think I could handle any more conflict of any kind right now. And I know that my children couldn’T. My god, we have been through so much.

Deacon: You’re afraid that he’s going to ditch you the same way he ditched brooke when she got too close to me. You– you get– you get how messed up this is, right? Why the hell does he get to make all the rules? I understand you have kids and I– I know things have been rough. But the reality is this: He is married to brooke. He’s moved back in with her which means he is this close to recommitting to her. And so I just don’t get why he gets to dictate who you see.

Sheila: You’re twisting what I told you.

Finn: You were chasing my moher when she died. She was running away from you.

Sheila: I didn’t want anything to happen to li, I trusted her. We were going to be a team. Make you healthy again. She even told me she could see how much I love you. She lied to me. But my love is true, finn. Honey, I love you so much.

Finn: Prove it. Prove your love for me. My son. Send me home. Let me be with my family again.

Liam: Listen, all I’m saying is this doesn’t– it doesn’t feel very… bill.

Bill: All right look, uh, it’s not like I don’t do any good things, all right? I poured money into charities for years. Even the forrester foundation.

Liam: Thought you did that to stick it to ridge.

Bill: I did. But that’s not the point.

Liam: Okay, what is the point?

Bill: I don’t know. No, I– I– I do know. I do know. The point is, I want to make a difference.

Liam: Dad, there’s literally a foundation in your name. You give millions to charity every year. What are you talking about?

Bill: Liam, look, that’s from a distance. That’s with my checkbook. All right? With this woman, I can do something immediately impactful for just one person.

Liam: No, that– trust me. That’s cool. But, you know, devil’s advocate. You– you don’t know this person whom you found in an alley. They could be unstable. They could be a drug addict or a criminal, like you don’t–

Bill: Yes, she’s a– she’s an undercover hit woman for the mob–

Liam: Okay. That is not what I’m saying–

Bill: You’re being ridiculous. Keep your voice down. Trying to get her to trust me.

Liam: Okay.

Bill: Look, liam, I’m telling you. There is a story that this woman has to tell. Now, I don’t know why, but I have got to figure out what it is. You can call it my– my spency-senses tingling. You better get that look off your face, son.

Liam: What? It’s my instincts that built an empire.

Liam: I’m not– I’m not questioning your instincts, but clearly you have formed some kind of connection with this woman.

Bill: Liam, I have to help her. I need to do this. You said that you would shave your eyebrow off

Deacon: I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I don’t think anyone should tell you what to do. That’s the point.

Taylor: It’s a– it’s a sharpe point. You– see what I–

Deacon: Just saw it. Exactly what you were– it was very cute, but obviously not a sharp enough point to change your mind.

Taylor: Nope. It’s not. Look, ridge and I are about to get on a plane to go see our daughter and our grandkids. And when we get there, steffy’s going to need us like she’s never needed us before. She’s in the deepest depression.

Deacon: Well, there’s nobody more qualified to pull her out of it than you are. And when she’s better– and she will get better– and when you’re back in L.A. I– I just– I think we oughtta just see nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”. And even– even before, all the way back to your– your wedding. All I ever wanted was to meet you, finn. To congratulate you and tell you how proud I was. And how I horribly regretted ever giving you up. I never meant to hurt anyone, especially you.

Finn: Show me, then. Let me go. Set me free. Let me go home.

Ridge: Are we ready to go?

Trevor: Flight plan’s filed. As soon as dr. Hayes is on board, we can take off.

Ridge: Cool, she’s on her way.

Taylor: Sorry, sorry, sorry. I got hung up at the office, but I’m here now. Hi, captain.

Trevor: Hey. I was just telling mr. Forrester that we’re cleared to take off any time.

Taylor: Okay. The sooner we get there, the better.

Trevor: We’ll be there as soon as possible.

Ridge: Thanks, trevor.

Trevor: Yes, sir.

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Hi.

Taylor: Our daughter needs us, ridge. I wish we were there already.

Bill: You have two choices, liam. All right? You can get on board. Or you can get the hell out. Now, enough with this. I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. Talk to me about steffy. You said she was struggling.

Liam: Oh, yeah. Well, it turns out that she had to check herself into a depression rehab facility, which, you know, I can’t say I blame her after all the trauma surrounding finn. Oh, hey. Uh, there you are. Now, come on in. I– I want you to meet someone. This is my son.

Liam: Li. Li. Li that– um, I’m liam. Liam spencer. I’m kelly’s dad. Do you– oh, my god. What happen– what happened to you? Are you okay? Kids, one year they want all dinosaurs stuff

Ridge: Who are you texting?

Taylor: Flavia, the lead therapist in monaco. Just letting her know we’re on our way.

Ridge: Just wish we could be there already. I want to see steffy and the kids.-Taylor: Me too. I’m glad that she got help. I really am. I just wish she would have let us know how she was feeling.

Ridge: Why was she putting on a brave face when we talk to her all the time? Why?

Taylor: Because the forresters power through.

Ridge: And we pull together.

Finn: I keep asking for the same thing.

Sheila: I can’t do that. I can’t let you go. No, I can’t let you jeopardize all the progress that you have made.

Sheila: Why– why– why can’t you be grateful for what you have? I am.

Finn: You’re not being kept apart from the people that you love.

Sheila: I love you. I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.

Finn: My family’s hurting, sheila. They need to know that I’m alive. All I’m asking for is a little bit of mercy.

Sheila: Oh, yeah, the way that steffy showed me mercy? When she tricked me into meeting her at il giardino. When she followed me into that back alley and berated me and threatened me? When all I wanted was a little consideration, a little compassion, a chance to show them that I could be good. But steffy and li, they used that against me. I trusted them and they lied to me. I’m telling you the truth and I’m saying it as clearly as I can: I want to go home. Steffy and hayes, they need me. You took my mother away from me. Sheila, I’m never going to see her again. Now, give me back my wife and son.

Bill: You know this woman?

Liam: It’s li– dad. It’s li– this is li. This is steffy’s mother-in-law.

Bill: Wha– wha– finn’s mother? Well, we never met.

Liam: How– are you– are you all right? I mean, what are you even– I don’t understand any of this.

Bill: I really don’t now.

Liam: Were you attacked, are you– or were you in an accident? Like what–

Bill: Why didn’t you tell me who you were? I know finn and steffy. He was helping to raise my grandchild. I mean, his death impacted all of us.

[ Li and sheila screaming ]

Li: Come on, come on.

[ Engine revving ]


Oh! Sheila. Sheila. Sheila.

Bill: Sheila? Wait, sheila carter?

Li: Finn! My son, finn!

Liam: No, yeah, no, we know. We– we– we know. Sheila killed finn. It’s a tragedy that he’s gone.

Li: No, no, no, no. Finn. He’s not dead. Finn’s alive. My– my son’s alive.

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