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all you’ve been doing is telling me what you think I want to hear. So why? What do you — what do you want from me? To get to know you better. So, instead of asking me what I’m looking for, you’re selling a version of the guy you think I want? I’m rusty at dating. Uh, no, you’re not. You’re as smooth as they come, but at least you’re transparent. Even an idiot would be able to see what you’re really after. Congratulations, detective. It’s a great performance. What do you want? I want to know… have you considered a career in music? Only recently. I see something in you. It’s good raw material. It needs refining, but it’s still there. It’s lucky for you I was here tonight. In fact, I think it was fate. Perhaps I’ve been a tad overprotective. Yes. Yes, you have. Austin is a good man, and you need to start being nice to him. Now! Very well. Consider it done. Why? What is going on? Nary a thing. Then why did you just so easily agree to do what I told you to? Well, you know I can refuse you nothing. That is absolutely not true. So, you’re gonna actually get along with austin? Yes. And lay off my relationship? I shall neither interfere nor opine. Thank you.

[ Inhales deeply ] With great reservation and trepidation, of course. There it is! Spinelli, back off. Okay? Wait — you have no reason to doubt austin. Oh, I have an incontrovertible reason. Ugh! What is it? He’s not who you think he is. What the hell are you doing here? You stopped responding. As such, you forced our hand. O-okay.

[ Sighs ] If I promise to be more responsive, will you just stop doing things that I have to respond to? Unfortunately, it’s too late for that. I’m here to deliver a message. Which is what? Your time is up. How’s, uh… how’s trina? She’s resting. Finally. Um… today at court, it just… it really rattled her. Yeah, that D.A. Arden. She sure knows how to twist a narrative to fit her purposes. Well, she’s doing her job, but… yeah, well, she doesn’t have to be so damn good at it. The reason she’s good at it is because she actually believes that she’s right. We just need to prove otherwise. Right.

[ Door o man, you two should have heard epiphany sing tonight! Man! I — oh. I take it things didn’t go too well today, huh? Diane did great.

[ Sighs ] It looks like our side is the one that’s gonna need the miracle. So please, um, please tell me our bartender lead is not dead.

[ Dramatic music plays ] What is this place? Try to hide your disdain, princess. We can’t all live in a castle on an island. Well, I won’t be there which is why I came to tell you in person. I no longer have a boyfriend. Or access to his money. Is that right? Huh! Then you can’t afford my silence.

I don’t believe in fate. Okay, hang on. I know you’re not my biggest fan. That’s an understatement. Yeah, but you don’t have to like me to trust that I know the music business. And I don’t just throw out idle compliments. Oh, I know. I hear how you talk to brook lynn. She’s a big girl. She can take it. What do you want? A joint venture. Between you and me? Being a musician is a lot of hard work. But the rewards. The money. Women. Any life you want to live. When you’re a star, everything is possible. And with the right management, that’s what you’ll be. Brook lynn: Then it’s a good thing he has me. So, ava believes that esme showed the bad guy a way off the island. Yeah. So he could be anywhere. Well, I mean, we know where he’s not. He never went back to his apartment, and he didn’t go to the motel. And how do you know that for sure? We have eyes on the apartment. He paid off a clerk to spy for us at the motel. According to the clerk, before the bartender suddenly took off, he left a lot of personal belongings behind. For a few more dollars, he agreed to leave the door unlocked so I can do some searching. And I-I really don’t mean to sound impatient, but what are we waiting for, then? Well, we went there earlier, but a different clerk was on duty. But our guy works tonight, so I’m about to head there now. There’s got to be something we could use. And what if there isn’t? I mean, I’m trying to have faith here, but what if this doesn’t pan out? I mean, trina… baby. Baby. She’S… I know. I know. Your breakup sounds like a “you” problem.

[ Sighs ] It’s also a “you” problem if I no longer have access to spencer or his family’s money. What about your own money? It’s tied up in a trust.

[ Chuckles ] Cry me a river. Mm! You’re all heart. Says the girl whining about her trust fund while I’m holed up in this place, all to take cover from people looking for the goods on you. Hell, at this point, I might just let them find me. That would be very stupid. You could go to prison. I’d cut a deal. And what could you possibly have to offer them? What do you think? You can let yourself out.

[ Exhales sharply ] Austin: “My time is up”?

[ Laughing ] Seriously? Have you been binge-watching film noir? Laugh all you want. Just do it on your way back to pautuck. I’m not going anywhere. This is nonnegotiable. Good, ’cause I’m not negotiating with you. I don’t answer to you. No, you don’T. But you do answer to my boss. Okay, spinelli. Tell me. Who is austin gatlin-holt, M.D.? Very well. Austin gatlin-holt, M.D. Is… …a perfectly decent man with an above-average intellect and an admirable fico score. And…? That’s it. How a-are you making this sound like a bad thing? Because you have absolutely no future with such a man. That makes no sense, spinelli. And who are you to decide that for me? Okay, I just know. Even if you think otherwise. What is really going on with you? You have been acting squirrelly for weeks, and I’m not the only one that’s noticed. And that’s where I shall take my leave. Being compared to rodentia is where I draw the line. Since when?! Come on, spinelli. I know you. Better than you think. Okay. I-I can explain — mnh. Don’t bother. Instead, allow me to explain you to you. Okay. Give it to me. You — you actually thought a few tired clichés about marriage and babies would get me in between the sheets with you? Man, did you have this wrong!

[ Chuckling ] What is so funny?! It’s — it’s — this is funny? No. No, it’s not. It’s just, you are so way off. The truth is, and this is gonna blow your mind, but… I was just trying to impress you.

[ Scoffs ] My mind is not blown, cody. You were trying to impress me… uh-huh. …By pretending to be someone even more banal than who you really are? Okay, you obviously don’t date much. Can’t imagine why. So, I’m just gonna call it. This so-called date, time of death — right now. You are a — a counterfeit casanova. Not to mention a complete waste of my time. So trot on out of my life, cowboy. You and the horse you rode in on.

[ Chuckling ] It’s funny you don’t like horses, considering you’re such a nag. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, britt. I shouldn’t have said that —

[ Laughing ] Yep! Ahh.

I’m sorry. For filming that couple having sex and making it go viral? Or for stiffing me? I am apologizing because I have been acting like a spoiled little rich girl. I’ve been handed things in life, and someone like you — oh, careful. Someone who supported himself through law school and managed to still graduate at top of his class. That is what I meant.

[ Scoffs ] You looked into me? Mm. As you said, thank god social media. And I must say — what I found was very impressive. Seems to me you’re mistaking flattery for cash. I’m not. I’m simply asking for a little time. You may not have it. Those guys who tracked me down before seemed pretty determined. Were they cops? No. Well, one was an ex-cop. Tall, built dude. They said they were friends of my buddy jack. So I gave him a ring. The guy he vouched for is named marshall. Last name ashford?

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Um…

[ Sniffles ] I know that you’re doing everything that you possibly can to help. I’m just, um… a parent. It’s what you are — yeah. …Portia, a parent. And I’m terrified for my daughter. Well… I hate to break it to you, but when this is over — and it will be over, and trina, she’s going to be just fine — the worry… no, that’s not going to stop. Thank you. Thank you, really. Both of you. Baby, you never have to thank me for looking out for trina, okay? I will always protect her as if she were my own. I’m gonna tell you what I’ll find at the motel. Okay? Mm-hmm. Want me to drive? Uh…can I talk to you real quick? Sure.

[ Sighs ] Can you stay here? Well, I want to help wherever I can. Yeah. Right. I think the best way you can help is by keeping portia company. Yeah. Yeah, I got it. I got it. Hey. Keep us posted. Thanks.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Why are you still here? I had to talk with your buddy chase. Yeah, I heard you going on and on about how you think chase can be a star. You don’t agree? Oh, I don’t think chase has star quality — i know he does. Guess I’m the odd man out. His modesty is part of his appeal. I agree. Which is why I think we could market the hell out of this wholesome “aw, shucks” vibe you got going. He’s not interested. Will you let the man speak for himself? Any business talk should go through his manager. You’re repped? You didn’t say. Who are you signed with? Hello? You’re looking at her. Ms. Wu. Please, I insist you call me selina.

[ Breathes sharply ] Very well. Why are you at my house, selina?

[ Scoffs ] We’re at least 500 yards away. A distinction without a difference. Football players, architects, and surveyors would all disagree. Fair enough. But you still haven’t told me — I ordered my driver to park well away from the home you share with portia, trina, and marshall. I respect your family, curtis. It’s unfortunate others don’t feel as I do. She sent a message. “Your gambit in port charles has failed. It’s time to return to the fold.” And you’re here to make sure that happens? Physically, if I have to. What if I’m not ready to go? Well, I guarantee there will be consequences. Your friend maxie — she’s, uh, right inside, isn’t she?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Is whatever you’re into a threat to our daughter? No. No, no, no. This — this has nothing to do with georgie. And what exactly is “this,” spinelli? I need to know you’re not into something dangerous. I need to know that you’re not chasing some adrenaline rush by getting into trouble. And, yes, I will continue to badger you until you tell me, so you might as well. Okay. I’m behind society setups!

Hi. Hey. You seen brad around? No. Sorry. Nice chat. Yeah. Who’s your friend? He’s not really — I mean, I don’t — I don’t know that guy. He just asked me for a light. Well, it seemed like one intense casual chat. Well [Sighs] Yeah, I mean… you know, I am a doctor, so… couldn’t help myself — it was a little bit of a sermon about the ill effects of smoking. But, you know, we’re all addicts, right? Nobody wants to hear that they should stop doing the bad thing that they know is bad for them. Mm. Okay.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Well, at least you were honest. That’s more than I can say about some people. Talking about anyone in particular? Um, yeah, I might be. I mean, is it too much to ask for a man to just be open and honest these days? What do you mean you’re behind society s– what?

[ Whispeng ] What do you mean you’re behind society setups? Look… exactly that. Society setups is owned and operated by yours truly. It’s my… it’s my brainchild. If this is your company, who is this zelda person? She’s just a figurehead. An outward face. But the methodology is — is all mine. Are you telling me you are combing through hundreds of dating profiles and matching them? Well, n-n-not quite. I… I developed an algorithm designed to find someone’s perfect match. And — and our success rate is far above the average of all other similar services. And that’s how I know that you and austin are not a match. How would you know that when we never even signed up? Well — don’t answer that. And if this algorithm is so great, how come britt keeps meeting losers? Oh… did y’all see that? Who does she think she is? Okay, granted, I shouldn’t have called her a nag. That was a little mean. Also, she’s a little unworthy of being compared to a horse. You can back me up on that, right?

[ Sighs ] She didn’t keep an open mind. She’s clearly never tried to love a horse, much less a cowboy. And to top it all off, she called me, what — a counterfeit casanova! Although, given what I’m up to… she may not be wrong. You’re his manager? Exclusive contract. Done deal? You bet. We technically haven’t signed anything yet. We have an agreement. We do. In writing? Like, on a napkin? It’s like a verbal agreement. What, like a handshake? Like his word, which actually means something, unlike yours. You know what they say about verbal agreements, chase? They’re not worth the paper they’re written on. Your word is your bond. That’s what you always say. Unless you’re having second thoughts, chase. I’m sorry, brook lynn, but I’m not entirely convinced that this is what I want. But we’ve been over this. You know what? This isn’t the time or place to have this conversation. Maybe we should go somewhere private to discuss it. Chase. Look, I know we got off to a bad start, but you’re a good guy. You’re a loyal guy. You’ve got a knight in shining armor vibe going on. Me? I got none of that. No. You’re full of slime. Why don’t you go glide off on it? What i do have is an ear and a head for business. What? Like I don’t? You tell me, brook lynn. Who owns most of your songs? I assume trina’s trial is keeping you away from the club. The savoy is being well looked after, but, um… yeah, I have some other priorities at the moment. As you should. What’s happening to your family is terrible. By all accounts, trina is above reproach. So you’ve done your homework. Reputation, good or bad, precedes us. Trina is an admirable young woman. Now, at the risk of seeming impolite, I have somewhere to be. So, what business brings you here, exactly? Oh, I’m not here on business. I’m here to help. Oz: Yeah, that’s him.

[ Sighing ] Curtis ashford. Ex-cop, ex-P.I, now owner of the savoy. Fancy. How do you know him? He’s involved with trina robinson’s mother. The girl on trial. The entire family has it in for me. They can’t accept that trina did this awful thing.

[ Sarcastically ] Right. Let me ask you — if you’re so innocent, what are you doing here? If you admit you sold me a phone — any phone, for that matter — they would find a way to twist it and use it against me. Definitely a “you” problem. And just when I thought we were becoming friends.

[ Sighs ] What kind of law do you want to study? Environmental. Mm! Smart, resourceful, cares about the planet. Under different circumstances… circumstances where you weren’t trying to work me? Mm. And you weren’t trying to extort me.

[ Sighs ] If we could both be arrested at any moment, we may as well enjoy ourselves. How about we start with a drink? Aren’t you a little underage?

[ Chuckles ] Are you carding me? It’s not like we both aren’t on the hook for much, much worse. Stay here.

Oz: Sorry it’s not top shelf. It gets the job done.

[ Glasses clink ] Did your boyfriend dump you over this whole phone business? Who says he dumped me? Well, he lives in a mansion on a private island. Stands to reason you didn’t get rid of him. Spencer is faithless and weak. And me… I’m done with boys. My room is just in back. Can you top me off first? You won’t run off? Oh, not a chance. I can’t wait for what comes next.

[ Chuckles ] Can I get you a drink? Thank you, but I, uh… I don’t think even that will help me at this point. Eh, it may not help you, but it might show these poor floors some mercy. Ohh. You’re about to wear a tread in them. I just thought we would have heard from curtis by now. And how long do you think he’s been gone?

[ Exhales shakily ] Longer than I’d like. Portia. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen my son in action, but I got to watch him today, and he was a sight to behold. He must have made a da mn fine P.I.[ Chuckles ] So if there’s anything out there to find, he’s going to find it. I know, I know. It’s just that… so much hinges on this evidence. And if he doesn’t find it… okay. Instead of focusing on what trina’s defense lacks, let’s look at what she’s got going for her. Okay. Alright. Stellar reputation. Mm-hmm. Right? Glowing accounts from friends, two of whom are her alleged victims. Yes, that’s right. Impeccable grades and an otherwise unblemished history. Yes, she does have all of those things. But you were a pretty upstanding citizen when you were arrested. No — weren’t you?

[ Laughs ] No, no, no. I was a troublemaker. Good trouble, though. Well, that depends on who you asked. No, I, um… I didn’t have any legal representation. Trina, she’s in a much better position than I ever was. But what concerns me a-at a whole other level more than the legal aspect is the emotional toll that it’s taking on her. And I-I know my little girl. I know that she’s strong. But is she equipped, you know? Is she equipped for the emotional stress of all of this? Why wouldn’t she be? You were asking questions at the highsider about a certain bartender slash black-market goods dealer? I can point you in his direction. How do you know all of this? Have I surprised you?

[ Breathes deeply ] Just a little bit. You still don’t understand how far my reach extends. I’m starting to. So, I take it you have informants at the highsider. Even better. I own it. Ms. Wu, is there an enterprise in port charles that you don’t have a stake in? I see I’ve impressed you. How gratifying. Out of respect for our partnership, I had my people look into this. If you want to know where this man is, just say the word. And what’s in it for you? I knew I shouldn’t go. I knew it would turn out terrible. But I went against my better judgment, and he was completely disingenuous. Maybe he was just trying too hard.

[ Scoffs ] To what? Shovel manure my way because he ran out of room in the barn? Britt, you’re a beautiful, impressive, accomplished woman. That terrifies some guys. He’s just — a horse’s ass? …Not in your league. Then what’s the point? More specifically, why bother me? Well, call me crazy, but maybe he likes you.

[ Scoffs ] You’re crazy. Britt, if you don’t want to date anybody, just don’t date anybody. Try telling that to my mother. Okay. So, y-you know the — the trouble with people? Uh, there’s too many to pick just one. A lot of times, we allow other people’s expectations to dictate our lives. But the good news is — and there is some good news — we don’t owe anything to anybody but ourselves. You sound like you have experience with that.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah. Don’t we all?

[ Laughing ] But my — my framework is sound, though there are one or two inherent flaws, which is why my program is still in beta. And I refuse to go to the next version until I crack it. Why keep this a secret? Well… clients trust companies more than they trust people. Spinelli. Do you think people wouldn’t use the service because it’s yours? Well…

[ Chuckles lightly ] Look at me, maxie. I’M… I’m awkward. I’m idiosyncratic. Those are good qualities. How is awkward good? It beats being arrogant! You’re also the kindest, smartest, most perceptive person I’ve ever known. And just because I want to make up my own mind about austin doesn’t mean I don’t trust your judgment. Spinelli, if I were single, I would totally trust you with my heart. Austin: Hey! What are you two up to?

[ Laughs nervously ] This is just like you, linc. First you poach my songs, now you’re trying to poach my singer. I can’t take something from you that isn’t yours. That’s enough. My hesitation to sign with brook lynn isn’t because of any lack of faith I have in her. I completely believe in her. Then what’s the hesitation? Because I don’t know if I believe in myself. But I do know one thing for sure. I would never, ever sign with you.

[ Scoffs lightly ] Never say never. Your friend here, she has a talent for scribbling lyrics, but she’s not ready for the big time. She never will be. If a parasite like you can do it, how hard can it be?

Chase, between my songs and your voice and our shared vision, what more do we need? So much more. You need established industry contacts and resources, both of which I have access to. With the — the right a&r development team, wardrobe, and a whole cadre of experienced songwriters, I think you’ll be amazed at what I can do for your career. That is a good argument, linc. Then again, you are also an amoral, unrepentant sleaze. Which is exactly what it takes to make it in this business. Along with everything else I bring to the table. None of which miss blq has. You can’t honestly be considering this, chase. Okay. How about this? Don’t sign with either one of us. Give me 30 days. Give us 30 days. Let us show you what we can do, and then decide. Chase, please. Fine. If it’ll get you off my back. 30 days. I’ll be in touch. We were just [Chuckles] Talking about childcare. Britt, you look really nice. Thanks. I was on a date. From society setups.

[ Gasps ] Oh! How’d it go? Let’s just say I’ll never get those two hours back. I mean, were you receptive to the gentleman in question?

[ Scoffs ] What gentleman? Where’s brad? Is everything okay? You were on that call for a while — yeah, yeah, I had to check in with a patient, then I got to chatting with britt. Spinelli: Society setups is an elite service, and any client… maxie, did I miss something? No.

[ Chuckling ] No. Just spinelli being spinelli. …Must treat his or her date with courtesy! W-why do you keep supporting this stupid service, spinelli?! Okay, just as a — as A…

[ Sighs ] Let me just point out, as a fellow member, that the fine print pledges to send matches till you’re 100% satisfied. Okay, you know what? I refuse to spend another moment on this. I’m gonna do what I should have done after that disastrous mixer — sue society setups and put them out of business forever. It’s just that too often we equate strength and wellness. And I don’t want to assume that this isn’t gonna have a negative impact on trina’s mental well-being. Well, um…

[ Chuckles ] Having schizophrenia doesn’t make me an expert on mental well-being, but it does make me more in tune to people who are struggling. And I haven’t sensed any of that in trina. You, um, said that you didn’t have any obvious symptoms before your breakdown, is that right? Paranoia, and, of course, thinking that the government was coming to get me.

[ Both chuckle ] But those symptoms, they — they only became obvious when I looked back on them. But what if she is, um… you know, burying her emotions? She’s covering up her trauma. And all that’s gonna do, sooner or later, it’s gonna blow up on her, right? Hey. If that happens… we’re just going to have to put her back together. In the meantime, we’ll annoy the heck out of her with our concern. Hey, hey. If trina needs our help, we’re going to make sure she gets it. “We,” huh? Yeah, we. We’re family, right? Family is important. This man is key to helping yours. I appreciate the offer, but, uh… I have leads of my own, thank you. And only so much time to follow them. I can give you an address tonight. The trial is well under way, curtis. While I respect your caution, time is of the essence. The gentleman in question could be gone again tomorrow. And then where will trina be? Is it not worth weathering any compunction to save her?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Uh…drink up! Then you can show me your room. You sure your ex won’t storm in here? Oh, he doesn’t care about me. Not anymore.

[ Groans ] Besides, doesn’t matter now. He was just a means to an end. Mm. What end? Feeling alright? Oh, it’s nothing. Never trust cheap tequila. Or a woman scorned. What? My ex had the audacity to think that he could play me. But I was onto him. People constantly underestimate me. It’s so frustrating. Level with me.

[ Clears throat ] Did you shoot that video? What do you think?

[ Sighs ] I think you’re the type who’s always looking out for number one. Mm. We have that in common.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. You… you never know what —

[ Groans ]

[ Slurring ] …What people are capable of. Ain’t that the truth. Mm.

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