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[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Almost done. Well, then, I’m right on time. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, ashley. Olivia: Nina.

[ Gasps ] Yeah. Can I have a word with you for a minute? Oh. Sure. Care to tell me why you’re pumping my staff for information? I’m not “pumping” them for anything. I am familiarizing myself with the operations around here. Oh. Okay. Okay, look…

[ Chuckles ] You’ve had your fun, lording your half-ownership of the hotel over carly. It’s got to stop. Okay? Ned and I are prepared to write you a check for every penny you paid, plus 3%. Olivia, I’m not interested. Okay, fine. 5%. Not a penny more. You don’t get it, olivia. My half of the metro court is not for sale. Sonny: Why not, nina?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Oh, wyndemere’s private property. If we catch the launch, the guards will tip off esme that we’re coming. Right. What we need is someone who lives there to help us out.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, hiya, gents. Going my way? Uh, we’re good, but… maybe you can help trina. Done. You don’t even know what we’re asking. Doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, if it’s for trina, I’m in. You have to use this, trina. I mean, this could be a real game-changer. What could be a game-changer? New evidence that could help trina’s case.

[ Door closes ] What is it, baby? Tell me, what’s the new evidence? Uh, get out, before I call security. I remember that high and mighty attitude, but I’d check myself before I call security. Security may lead to police. And something tells me the pcpd will be more interested in what I have to say about you than what you have to say about me. I can have a plane fueled and ready by this afternoon. Thank you. I appreciate that so much. I just can’t believe it, you know? How much can one family take? Grandmother? What’s wrong?

I just got a call from my mother in italy. Did something happen to great-grandmother lesley? Well, the house that she and marcello lived in on lake como burned down. Fortunately, no one was there at the time, so they’re unhurt. Thank god. Well, still, that’s terrible. Is there anything that I can do or…? There is something you can do. Actually, both of you. Name it.

[ Sighs ] Put my mind at ease. You both have been through an awful lot in the past year. Promise me that you two will be okay with each other if I go away. So, esme bought a black market phone from this bartender and she used it to record josslyn and cameron. And incriminate trina. We’ve tracked the bartender, oz haggerty, to wyndemere. They may be conspiring to cover their tracks as we speak. At wyndemere. Well, fellas, I’d love to stay and chat, but I got a witch to throw under a house. I have nothing to hide. From the police or anyone. Impressive. You managed that with a straight face. You and I both know the phone that I sold you is the same one you used to shoot your revenge porn. You can’t prove that. I don’t have to. That girl’s defense attorney will do it. Or at least use the info. What do you want?

[ Snapping fingers ] What else? Cash. Hey, hey, hey. You. Owe. Me. What I was telling you, mom. About how marshall and curtis are looking for the bartender that joss and i were tracking down. You know, the one that sold esme the phone. Oh. Oh, I-I thought — I thought you had some new information. Don’t worry, mom. I have faith that it’ll all work out. So do I.

[ Chuckles ] Faith is what we need. When all of our efforts are challenged or exhausted, what else do we have? Well, that’s a look. Yeah, I was going for “friendly neighborhood mover.” I can see it. I can see it. Yeah. Although, I’m out of a job, so I don’t know if I could afford you. Well, I’m pretty affordable, I got to tell you.

[ Laughs ] In fact, I’ll move all these boxes for the cost of lunch. That is affordable. Although, I hired actual movers, and they’re gonna be here any minute. What?! Yeah. Man! Outbid by the pros. That’s just wrong. I guess that means lunch is off, huh? Not necessarily. But we can’t go to the restaurant, ’cause I don’t have a tab there anymore. What do you say, um… the hot dog vendor at rice plaza? Carly. Hm? This is not a done deal. The metro court has a new owner. Can’t get more “done” than that. I’m just saying that nina’s offer is still on the table. You know that I turned her down. And you know why. Why wouldn’t you sell the hotel to ned and olivia? It sounds like the best solution for everyone. And whoever buys the hotel, that’s gonna be my new partner. I think I deserve some say in the matter. No, I think you’re misunderstanding me, olivia. I have no intention of selling my stake in the metro court to anyone. I’m your new partner.

My partner? Not on your life, lady. There’s no reason that this has to be hostile, olivia. You know, I realize that I need to learn a lot about the hospitality business, and I’d be really grateful if you would show me the ropes. So this is why you’ve been slithering all around my hotel, questioning my staff? Our. My. Our hotel. Are you hearing this? Yeah, every word. So, what are you gonna do about it? Nothing! He’s not gonna do anything about it. Because my business dealings are my affair, olivia.

[ Laughs ] Emphasis on “affair.” Running this hotel is between you and me. Wrong! It’s between you and me and our lawyers. And it’s gonna be a cold day in hell before you ever fill carly’s shoes. Professionally and personally. Ashley, I’ll be in my office. Don’t look at me. You brought this on yourself. I wouldn’t expect you to let nina gift you with your half of the hotel. Glad you’re listening. But you could accept it from me. No. No, I can’T. Because I got myself into this mess. I have to get myself out. Or not.

[ Sighs ] But either way, I don’t want to owe anyone. You know, I knew you were gonna be stubborn about this. But I had to give it a shot. Thank you. And if there is a silver lining, it’s knowing that I’m not in this alone. Not by a long shot. So, if I can’t buy half a hotel for you, will you at least let me carry a box? Yes. That I will allow. Yeah.

[ Both laugh ] I’ll be watching to see if any of those jurors looks at trina sideways. Oh, no. No, you won’T. Mnh-mnh. You won’t be stepping anywhere near that courtroom. Promise me you won’t say anything about spencer being at that cemetery. Not to anyone. Not yet. I’m sorry, trina. I can’T. I emailed my attorney in como. Yeah? They’ll put you in touch with a good real estate agent. You can help marcello and lesley figure out where they want to relocate, if they’d be happier in an apartment or if they want to be out in the country. I mean, for what my vote is worth, might not be a bad thing for them to be in town. You know what? You’re absolutely right. I-I will pass that along. What was it that you were gonna tell me earlier? Something about kevin and esme? Uh, it can wait. Okay. Handled. Deputy mayor will take the meeting.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Could I have a word with you? Of course. Okay. Excuse me. Yeah. Kevin and esme? What’s that all about? Oh, esme’s application to the psych program at pcu. Her what? Uh, I take it she didn’t tell you? Well, there’s a lot that esme doesn’t tell me. But that changes today. I’ve always wondered about this place. People can’t connect us. Too late. They already have. I mean, come on. Did you really think I wouldn’t have an insurance policy?

[ Indistinct conversation ] I don’t have any money on me, but I can get it to you. Don’t try to play me. Meet me tonight. I’ll text a location. Esme: Wait. Who followed you to the motel? And what did they look like?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Hi. Hi, avery. Yes. Yes. Tonight. Mm-hmm.

[ Laughs ] Oh, I look forward to it, too, honey. Um… yeah, cupcakes. Any flavor you like. Okay? Alright. I love you. Alright. Bye-bye. Bye!

If the authorities find outthat spencer left spring ridge, that could mean real prison for him. Pentonville. Admitting that I was with spencer at the cemetery the day that the video dropped probably won’t even help me, but it could definitely hurt him. But while you were tying yourself in knots deciding whether to save yourself by outing spencer as your alibi, consider this — spencer already knows that he’s your alibi. He has decided to stay silent. So, where is his compassion for you? I’m having major second thoughts about leaving right now. I mean, it’s just not the best time to be leaving port charles. But the recall was defeated. It’s over. Is it, though, really? I mean, there’s still a large group of people out there who are not happy with my job performance. Yes, but fortunately, cyrus lost his voting privileges. But the detractors who remain still have theirs. And even though I’ll be working remotely, they could easily spin my absence into a dereliction of duty. And look, there’s — t-trina’s trial starts today, elizabeth’s state of mind, and not to mention victor. Are you trying to talk yourself out of leaving? No. I know my mother needs me. Exactly, which is why a pillar of strength like yourself can’t carry the weight of the world on her own. So, we just have to be practical. First thing we do, we go home and we pack. Then we reschedule all of our appointments for next week. Then I call the bank, convert some currency. You call lesley and make sure that they don’t need us to bring anything. You have everything under control. It’s what I do. You’re amazing.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my goodness, it amazes me how you can keep everyone’s needs in your mind.

[ Sighs ] I’m so lucky to have your love and support. Which is why, um… I hope you’ll understand — that you need me to stay here. Stella: I beg your pardon? Of course I’m attending trina’s trial! Think about it. A courtroom, a trial — it’s a very high-pressure situation and it’s not good for someone with your medical history. You know I love trina. She’s such an amazing young woman, and I feel like she’s family now. And we love you, too. And we love your support and we appreciate it. That’s why we would never forgive ourselves if anything ever happened to you.

[ Sighs ] Meaning I’m just supposed to sit back and do nothing? You can pray. But I don’t want you to worry. Because curtis, taggert, and marshall — they’re on it. Trial is nerve-racking. Yeah. That it is. So I really need these leads to pay off. Yeah. Yeah, I can see that.

[ Sighs ] I just don’t feel like I’m doing enough. Even if we get this guy to — to — to — to I.D. Esme as the buyer of the phone, there’s no guarantee that it’s gonna secure trina’s freedom. There’s no guarantees in life, son. I should know that better than anyone. Something the matter? You alone? I thought I heard voices. I was listening to a podcast. So, no one has ever told you that you shouldn’t paint your nails on the furniture? Nope. Well, you know, that doesn’t surprise me. Someone callous enough to destroy lives certainly doesn’t care about safeguarding fabric. Oh… how wrong you are, ava. I do appreciate what’s yours. In fact, I am so careful when I use your things… you’d never know. What the hell is that supposed to mean? What are those? Um, well, uh, they’re pictures. This is a box of, um, personal things that I don’t trust with the movers. So, uh, but they’re mostly just pictures of my kids through the years at the metro court. Mm. At the nurses’ ball and stuff. Look, josslyn and cam and… wow! They’re all so young. I know. There’s morgan. His face… hmm. I’m okay.

[ Chuckles ] You know, there’s just a lot of memories here. Just… do you remember when you hired me? New year’s eve many years ago. Oh, my god. I forgot about that. You’re right.

[ Laughs ] Bartender. Yeah. Bartender. Make a mean martini. I still do. You make a terrible martini! What do you mean?!

[ Laughs ] So talented. Gosh, our lives have changed so much since then, huh? I know. Lots of ups and downs, but… but we’re still here. And it doesn’t mean that change isn’t hard. I’m still working on that “letting go” thing. You know, I mean, especially here. I… I was good at this.

[ Chuckles ] And no matter what was going on in my life, I mean, the metro court was my constant.

[ Sighs ] Is that your way of telling me that I deserve the way olivia spoke to me? Nina. You got to be realistic. You had to know there was gonna be strong reactions to you keeping carly’s half of the metro court. My half, sonny.

My half. Right. And, yes, I knew there was gonna be resistance. Then — then why go through the hassle? Why not just give it to olivia and walk away? Power is the great equalizer, isn’t it? And I intend to keep mine. Not just for myself, but for wiley. One day, all of this is gonna be his. Is that all? Isn’t that enough? Well, I mean, you know, all this talk about power and wiley’s inheritance… is — is this just a business decision for you? Or is this a way to… stick it to carly?

Come on. Listen. You think all I want out of my life is revenge against your ex-wife?

[ Sighs ] You really believe that I am that petty? After everything that you and carly have been through, y-you’re gonna tell me that you don’t want just a little revenge? That’s not what this is about. Oh, okay. If that’s not what this is about, let’s drop it, then. No, we’re not gonna drop it, because you just accused me of being spiteful. I didn’t accuse you of doing anything. Let me just remind you of something, sonny. I bought this half of the hotel to give it back to carly. So instead of standing here scolding me, you should be lecturing your ex-wife about turning it down. Olivia: Hey. Hey. Wow. What’s this? I know you said not to make a fuss, but, uh, the staff insisted. We all wanted you to know how much that you would be missed. Olivia, if you make me cry… no, don’t cry. Don’t cry. I can take them back. No, don’t you dare take them back! Don’t you dare. They’re so beautiful. Oh, well… ohh! Thank the staff for me, please. You know, it’s not too late for a proper send-off. No. No fanfare. Okay. You know, I mean, the last box is almost packed, drew’s bringing the car around, and, um… this office is no longer mine. Well, it’ll never be hers. I don’t know if you know, but nina has decided to remain co-owner of the metro court. Of course she has. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] She may have half of this hotel, but she will never have my loyalty. That belongs to you. First, last, and always. Even after I ruined our partnership? I would say that that honor goes to my ever-loving husband.

[ Both chuckle ] But…

[ Sighs ] If you think that I don’t appreciate everything we’ve been through here… I mean, you… you trusted me as your operations manager, and you backed me as your partner, and… and you loved me as your friend. I’m always gonna love you as my friend, and that’s never gonna change. And you’re making me cry. I told you not to make me cry. Me too.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] You know, an arrest for a demonstration shouldn’t have, um… shouldn’t have resulted in being held against your will at an institution. Eh. Uh, don’t worry. I’m not gonna push. You don’t have to talk about it. You know, in the old neighborhood, there was this guy — bud. Bud the barber. Gave haircuts to anyone who — who couldn’t afford one. Kids from poor families, guys with — with job interviews, the homeless. Sounds like a good guy. Yeah, he was. He was respected. But then, suddenly, people… people started describing bud as “touched.” Every now and again, you’d see him… see him wandering around babbling to himself about some secret mission or — or aliens. When the bad days started to outnumber the good, nobody wanted to get their hair cut by bud anymore. Even for free.

[ Chuckles ] Hm. Yeah. Whatever happened to old bud? Well, I’ll — I’ll tell you what didn’t happen to him. Bud never got the help he needed. Being institutionalized, maybe it wasn’t ideal. Maybe it wasn’t even fair. But I got a diagnosis out of it. Some of us…

[ Chuckles ] Some of us weren’t even that lucky. Hopefully, they’ll get the bartender to admit to selling esme the phone. You just keep telling yourself that the truth is on trina’s side. But you and i both know, sometimes the truth isn’t enough. I want you to help me. But this is my trial and my future. Can you promise me that you’ll let me make the decision of when and if I tell diane about spencer? Joss. Please? I will stay silent. For now. If it looks like you’re gonna be convicted, I will stand up in my seat and I will tell everybody in that courtroom exactly where you were when that email hit those inboxes at pcu. Even if it means that you will never speak to me again. I’m sorry. That came out all wrong. Of course I respect what’s yours, ava. You respect nothing. Now, let’s get to it, shall we? Something on your mind? Yeah. Trina. It is incredible how many heads that girl lives in rent-free. I’m so glad that you mentioned free rent. How would you like to go the rest of your life without ever worrying about a roof over your head? In exchange for…? Your admission that you filmed that video and framed trina. But I didn’T. Okay. But if you agreed that you did, you wouldn’t have to spend a single day behind bars. You’d just have to sign a confession and then get yourself a ticket anywhere. Anywhere but here. Gee, what’s the catch? There is no way you’d be content with letting me evade justice.

If I said I did it. I’d be willing to forgo justice in this instance. I care about the greater good. And make no mistake. Trina is greater than you in every way. So, esme… what’s the magic number that’ll make you do the right thing? I worry that nikolas and spencer are still vulnerable to… to victor’s influence. And then, elizabeth needs you, and you’re one of the few people who can actually keep esme in check. Say no more. If it gives you peace of mind, I’ll stay put. I adore you. I adore you back. It’s a good deal.

[ Both laugh ] Okay, we’re heading back to wyndemere. I’ll call you with the flight details. Let me know when you’re ready. Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much for coming through for me. And you — you remember your promise to me, okay? Don’t worry, grandmother. I haven’t forgotten. Safe travels. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Why do I have the feeling that I shouldn’t go? You’re getting on that plane. And we’ll all be here when you come back.

Do you really thinkI’d stop talking to my bestie because you’re trying to save my life? Well, you’d better not, because you’re my bestie, too.

[ Both chuckle ] Stella: I’m not naive, portia. I’ve lived in this world long enough to know how elusive justice can be for people who look like trina. And I know it’s been two steps forward and one step back. But I still choose to have hope. Because not to is to fall into despair, and I don’t want to live there. It’s still a fight, but I have seen some forward motion. And I have to believe that today, in 2022, that arc will bend the right way, toward our girl. Well, I pray that you’re right. Oh, you don’t know how hard I pray. Not only for my daughter to be — to be vindicated… but to take away this anger — no. No, no, no, this hatred that I have for that girl that did this to my baby. I don’t want to walk around with this bitterness, stella. But I’ve been sitting on it because trina has so much to handle. But I know in my bones that this is more than jealousy over trina and spencer’s friendship. What are you saying? That girl targeted trina because she’s black? Esme was intimidated by spencer and trina’s relationship, but she felt the same way about josslyn. And trina told me that she went after josslyn harder than she ever did her. But who did esme ultimately target? That video was of josslyn and cam, though. Yes. Yes, they were the victims. And trina was framed as the criminal. To face the criminal justice system. In the midst of everything that’s been going on in this world, in this country,

everywhere, esme had to know the ramifications of that kind of an action. That trina would have a harder time with it. People can pretend that it’s not real, but that — that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re pretending. I know that, baby, but there are good people with good hearts out there. And I am clinging to the hope that eyes are opening and the world is wising up. But not everyone wants to wise up with it. And I’m praying to god that they didn’t get past diane miller and aren’t sitting in that jury and passing judgment on my daughter — my innocent baby girl, who didn’t do any of this. She didn’t do anything wrong.

[ Voice breaking ] And… I feel like I didn’t prepare her for this. I didn’t prepare her for any of this.

[ Crying ] I just feel like… I just feel like I failed her, you know? Oh, baby.

[ Sobs ] Ava, I just saw spencer and nikolas get on the launch to wyndemere. Just giving you a heads-up. Call me. Son. Son, relax. How are you so calm? Antipsychotics?

[ Chuckles ] Look, I’m glad you didn’t fall through the cracks like bud.

[ Sighs ] Were your symptoms as severe as his? No, no. I didn’t have delusions. I didn’t have any hallucinations or problems thinking. I-I was prescribed treatment and meds. And if I hadn’t, well, then who knows, but… wait, wait, wait. Are — are you saying that your arrest saved your life? Well, I-I’m not saying it brought doom upon me. But, uh… I don’t know, curtis. I’ve had a long, long time to come to peace with it. Besides, there’s nothing that I can do about it now, anyway. Yeah. Thanks for talking to me about it. Sure. You know what? There’s something about this pier. T-this is where we had our last breakthrough, isn’t it? Pier or no pier… I appreciate you. And I’m really glad for the progress. Now, if we could just make some more progress and help trina. I hear that. I wonder why we haven’t heard from ava. What a hypocrite you are! Here you stand, trying to get me to admit something I didn’t do. Oh, come on. Don’t play a player. You are unreal. Why would you risk everything for an employee? You know very well that trina is much more than that to me. Little miss perfect inspires such unwavering loyalty. Well, I’m counting on you to be as opportunistic as you are bitter. Tick tock, esme. Trial’s about to start. So, what’s your number? Or shall I throw one out there to get the ball rolling? As someone who has lost their fair share of family, allow me to extend my condolences. You’re about to lose trina for 5 to 10 years. You insufferable little bitch. I have finally found my family here, and all the money in the world wouldn’t make me give that up. There is nothing you could offer to make me! Just what are you offering? Nina, I don’t think you’re spiteful. I just… look, when word reaches carly… she’s going through a tough time right now, trying to — do you even — do you even hear yourself, sonny? You’re more concerned about carly than me. That’s not true. I’m here with you right now. Right? Am I? Oh, physically. But who’s on your mind? Come on. No! Before you got a divorce, you said that carly complained that there was three of us in the relationship. Yeah. Right. I’m not so sure she was wrong.

[ Exhales sharply ] Wow. Ah. Those are so beautiful. Yeah. Mm. Your staff really loves you. Feeling’s mutual. It’s crazy, you know? I-I-I did not set out to own a hotel. And I really came to love the — the daily challenges, you know? All the strategizing, putting out the fires. Real ones sometimes.

[ Both laugh ] The weddings, the nurses’ ball… I mean, so many incredible memories here. I loved every minute. I’m gonna miss it a lot.

[ Exhales deeply ] You ready? I’m gonna need a minute. You know? You take as long as you need.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. I’ll be right down. Okay. Take your time.

[ Exhaling deeply ] Oh, wow.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales, sniffles ]

[ Switch clicks ]

What did father and I walk in on? Oh, more of ava’s wild accusations. She actually offered me money to confess to filming joss and cam. Really? How much? Not enough to get me to lie. I’m innocent. Yeah. It’s too bad for ava. She may have had a chance if she knew what you truly wanted. Like me. And that is…? Well, it’s something that you want more than anything else in the world. And only I can give it to you. I know you want to help trina, but is it worth it getting into it with esme? Yes. Let me act as a buffer. Just try to avoid being alone with her. Not to worry. Esme will be out of our lives very soon.

[ Ringing ] Ava. Did you catch the bartender making a deal with esme? I know it happened, but unfortunately, I missed it. He was gone before I arrived. How could he be gone? The launch never returned.

There’s another way

off the island. Obviously esme knows about it. Okay. Thanks for trying. Good lor– we lost him? Okay. Alright. Alright. Now what? You did a wonderful job with trina. Why do you think you failed her? I don’t know. All I ever wanted to do was give trina the absolute best life that I possibly could. And being a doctor and her father in law enforcement, um, we were able to do that. And I was proud. So proud that I was able to give her a comfortable life and she grew up with this sense of security. But she lived a sheltered life. The friends she’s made, the — the schools that she went to, maybe it was a little bit too sheltered. I don’t know, maybe in my quest to give her this ideal life, I failed to inoculate her against the realities of being a woman of color in this world. Trina knows who she is. And she’s pretty savvy about the world. I-I-I know we want what’s best for our children, but it’s impossible to completely shield them from pain and injustice. Stop torturing yourself. Look, knowing trina, I can already see that you taught her what’s important. What’s that? To keep her head to the sky. The world gonna knock you down. But what matters is that you get back up, and you don’t stay down. And trina’s a fighter. And whatever life throws at her, our girl is gonna always get back up on her feet.

[ Sighs ] Sonny: Hey, carly. You okay? Was willow a twin? Nina is willow’s biological mother?

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