GH Short Recap Friday, July 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn promises Trina she won’t tell Diane about Spencer being her alibi unless she sees the trial isn’t going her way.

Ava doesn’t get to Wyndemere in time to catch Esme talking to the guy who sold her the burner phone. The guy wants money to keep her secret and tells her he will text her a location for her to drop off the money later tonight. Ava offers Esme whatever amount of money she wants to confess to posting the video and she will also give her a ticket to wherever she wants to go.

Nikolas and Spencer arrive and Esme turns down Ava’s offer. Spencer tells Esme he knows what she wants most in the world and he can give it to her.

Laura leaves to help her mother Lesly whose house burned but she asks Kevin to stay and take care of Elizabeth.

Olivia isn’t happy that Nina has decided to keep her half of the Metro Court and neither is Sonny. Carly says goodbye to the Metro Court telling herself she still has her family.

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