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At home, Hope tells Liam that if she had come home sooner, she would have joined him in the shower. Liam’s shirt is open, so she strokes his chest. Liam says if he had come home any sooner, he would not have missed all the fireworks (meaning the wedding). Hope tells him that Paris and Carter’s relationship imploded right in front of everybody.¬†¬†Liam wonders who would have thought to stop the ceremony; she makes him guess who stopped it. He guesses that it was Grace or Zende. Hope shakes her head no and says that it was Quinn.¬† Liam is shocked.

Back at Il Giardino, Quinn sits on Carter’s lap at one of the outdoor reception tables. She says that Carter looks as shocked as she feels. He replies that since she rushed in and stopped the wedding, he doesn’t think Paris is feeling as good as they are. Quinn agrees. He sighs that he’d better go talk with her.¬† She says she will be waiting for him; he likes the sound of that. They share a kiss. Quinn smiles happily as he walks away.

On the inside of ll Giardino, Grace has Paris in her arms, consoling her. Grace gives her opinion on what type of man Carter is.¬†There is a knock at the door.¬†Carter comes in and states that he’s the last person they want to see.¬†They look at him angrily. Grace stands up and slaps him. Carter explains how sorry he is. He wasn’t honest about his feelings for Quinn.¬†Carter tells Paris warmly that a good man that truly deserves her is out there.

Back in the city, Sheila watches over Finn and tells him to open his eyes. She wants him to let her know if he’s in there. There is a knock. Mike asks her through the door if she’s there. Sheila goes into the outer room, shutting the door to Finn’s room. After she pulls him inside and locks the door, he notes, “This can’t be good.” Sheila needs Mike’s help. He replies, “I got you out of jail; I need to buy you a bus ticket, too?”¬† Sheila says she can’t leave “him.” Mike looks at her quizzically. Sheila goes in to check on Finn.¬† Mike sees him and asks in a shocked voice if this is Finn, the son that she killed.

Back at ll Giardino, Paris tells her mom that she feels like a fool.¬† Grace reminds her that she was in love, which is not foolish. She believes that putting your faith in another person is what was foolish. Paris always sees the best in people.¬†¬†She says that she doesn’t want her to lose that quality. Then a voice says, “I agree.” They both look up; Zende is there. Paris has a slight smile on her face.

Meanwhile, back outside, Quinn eats some of the finger foods at the wedding. Quinn wonders if Paris is OK. Carter says sadly that she’s not, but she will be. She says sympathetically that it must have been hard for him to talk to Paris. He agrees but states, smiling, that it’s time to be honest. Quinn agrees. He takes her hand, and they leave to “go home.”

Back at Finn’s bedside, Mike wonders what happened to Finn.¬†She explains that she thought she had killed Finn, but she was wrong. She tells Mike that his adoptive mother was taking care of him. Mike reminds Sheila that she has escaped from jail and that he helped her. Mike is amazed that they put Sheila in jail and she’s not even guilty. They argue about what Sheila has done – including shooting Steffy. She points out that if he hadn’t helped her escape, she wouldn’t have ever seen her son again. Sheila needs Mike’s help to keep him alive.

Zende, seated now in Il Giardino, compliments Paris, telling her that she’ll bounce back and be even stronger and more beautiful. Grace thanks Zende for his kind words. Grace and Paris agree that he’s a “true gentleman.” Paris flutters her eyelashes at Zende. Grace thinks that it’s time to go home.¬† Zende asks Paris if he can drive her.

Back at Carter’s place, Quinn comes out of the shower, wearing his shirt. She thanks him for letting her freshen up. Carter thanks her in return for filling him in about what happened with Eric and her crazy bike ride. Quinn and Carter reminisce about the first time they said I love you.¬† They kiss.

At Hope and Liam’s, they discuss Paris.¬† They talk about Sheila, the security at the house, and how glad they are that Steffy and the kids aren’t around to be more of a target for Sheila. Liam laments that Steffy and Finn never got to go to Monaco on vacation, like they wanted.

Mike and Sheila talk about getting things from the infirmary. Mike peppers Sheila with questions about what’s going on. Sheila has another flashback to running Li’s car off the road and says that she didn’t mean to kill her. Mike is shocked when she explains that it was “an accident.” Sheila maintains that now it’s up to her to keep Finn alive.

Back at ll Giardino, Paris is shocked that Zende would want to take her home after everything she’s done. She worries that he feels sorry for her, but it’s Carter that he feels sorry for – for giving up the best thing that could have ever happened to him.¬† She smiles sweetly at him and agrees to go with him.

Quinn and Carter talk about her interrupting the ceremony and say sweet things to each other. Quinn tells him, “I meant every word I said today.” She kisses Carter again. They both say, “I love you” and kiss.

Sheila begs Mike for his help. He sighs that she knows he can’t resist her saying, “I need you.” He says that she makes him do the craziest things. Sheila has flashbacks about their past together. Sheila is glad that Mike has always stood by her. He notes that he didn’t break her out of prison just so that she could go on a “crime spree.” They still discuss how they can figure things out, so they can help Finn.¬† Finn grunts a little bit, so Sheila thinks he is waking up. After she declares that she just has to take care of her son, Mike mentions all of the things that Sheila has done lately, pointing out that she hasn’t changed that much.

At Carter’s place, Quinn observes how their dream came true – about running away together.¬† He kisses her and says that this is the beginning of their future. Then Quinn starts taking her shirt off. They wind up in bed together.

Sheila and Mike hear Finn groan again. Sheila doesn’t know what to do for him and wonders what Finn is trying to say. She frets about Li betraying her. Mike thinks she should leave so that he can call 911. She refuses to leave and wonders again what happened to Li.¬† Sheila asks Mike if he’s seen any news about Li’s body being discovered, but he hasn’t. Mike notes that Sheila ought to be more concerned about the police finding her, instead of looking for Li. Mike is worried about how Finn looks. Then, Finn starts having¬† convulsions. Sheila just keeps saying, “Finn, Finn.” The machine starts with the flatlining tone, which means trouble for Finn. Sheila gets very upset and yells that he’s dying.

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