GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Willow tells Michael that she loves horses and when she was twelve years old she befriended a horse named Hector that was in a community where she and Harmony lived. Willow tells Michael that Harmony decided to leave that community and she had to say goodbye to Hector.

Willow and Michael give Cody a tour of the stables and introduce Cody to Leo’s horse Comet. Britt goes to the Quartermaine stables to return a belt that Cody left at the hospital. Cody offers to teach Britt how to ride a horse but she turns down the offer since she fell off a horse when she tried to ride one when she was a little girl.

Carly turns down Sonny’s offer to give her half of the assets of their marriage something to which she is entitled but refused in their divorce agreement. Carly is determined to get out of this mess on her own but she cries when she realizes she may lose the Metro Court.

Sasha has a breakdown when one of the Home and Heart show hosts places a doll in the baby papoose and asks her to walk around with it. Sasha sees Liam instead of the doll because of the drugs she took, and she cries because she knew Liam was alive and he didn’t die. Brandi helps Sasha calm down and he and Maxie take Sasha to the hospital. Brandon gives Kevin permission to look inside Sasha’s purse where he finds the bag of drugs. Sasha admits to Brandon she only took the drugs because she was a nervous about her Home and Heart presentation. Brandon takes Kevin’s advice and leaves Sasha in the hospital for a three-day psychiatric hold.

Haven de Havilland is mad at Deception for the embarrassment that Sasha caused the network and threatens to sue Deception. Selina Wu tells Haven that wouldn’t be a good idea since it would lead to bad publicity since people would think they had no compassion for a grieving mother. Haven decides not to sue because she doesn’t want the bad publicity. Selina Wu tells Lucy to control her talent or there will be serious consequences.

Sonny finds Nina crying because she knows how much Sasha is hurting since she went through the same pain when she lost Nelle. Sonny tells Nina that she never had a chance to grieve her daughter, but she isn’t alone anymore.

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