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[ Cheerful music ]

Hope: Now, if I had come home just a little bit sooner, I could have joined you in the shower.

Liam: Uh-huh. And apparently, if I had come home a little bit sooner, I might not have missed all the fireworks. Did paris and carter really not get married?

Hope: Oh, yeah, no. Their relationship pretty much imploded right in front of our eyes.

Liam: Oh, no. Let me guess.

Hope: Huh? I don’t know. I think you might guess wrong.

Liam: What? Really?

Hope: Uh-huh.

Liam: Because I feel, like–

Hope: Try.

Liam: Obviously, either her mom or zende. No? Well, who have– well– well, who else would want to stop that wedding?

Hope: Oh. Your brother’s mother? Quinn.

Quinn: You look as shocked as I feel.

Carter: You’re shocked? You– you rushed in and stopped my wedding.

Quinn: God, I can’t believe I did that.

Carter: Neither can I. But I don’t think paris is feeling what we are.

[ Quinn sighing ]

Quinn: No.

Carter: I should talk to her.

Quinn: I’ll be waiting right here.

Carter: I like the sound of that.

Paris: Carter said that it was over quinn. That he didn’t want to be with her. That he was ashamed–

Grace: He should be ashamed for breaking your heart this way. Now, do you see the kind of man carter really is? So sorry, sweetheart.

[ Knocking on door ]

Carter: I realize I’m the last person you want to see right now. S I’m sorry sounds hollow right now, but I am. I’m deeply sorry for hurting you, paris. I wasn’t honest about my feelings for quinn. Yes, I lied. But I did want to make you happy. I want to make you feel respected and adored. Because that’s what you deserve. And it’s going to happen. He’s out there. A man who truly deserves you.

Sheila: Wake up henry, baby.

[ Heart monitor beeping ] Come on, open those eyes so that I know you’re all right.

[ Knocking ]

Mike: Hello? It’s mike. You there?

[ Heart monitor beeping ] Got your message. Wow. I missed you, too. Oh, this can’t be good.

Sheila: I need your help, mike.

Mike: I got you out of jail. You need me to buy you a bus ticket, too?

Sheila: I can’t leave him.

Mike: Is that finn? Your son that you killed?

Paris: I feel like a fool.

Grace: No. You were in love. And that is not foolish. But putting your faith in another person that way, that’s foolish. I wish carter had been worthy of your love, but he wasn’T. You always see the best in people. And I never want you to lose that and become cynical.

Zende: I agree.

Quinn: Mm. Hm. Is paris okay?

Carter: No. But she will be.

Quinn: It must have been hard.

Carter: Yeah, but it’s time to be honest.

[ Quinn sighing ]

Quinn: There’s a lot of that going around today.

Carter: Come on. Let’s go home.

Mike: Your son’s alive? What in the flying–

Sheila: Apparently, his adoptive mother was taking care of him here. I thought I killed him, but I didn’T.

Mike: They put you in jail for murder. You had me spring you from the slammer, and you’re not even guilty?

Sheila: No. I was never guilty, mike. Shooting finn was just a terrible accident.

Mike: What about shooting his wife? And escaping from jail, that was no accident. We both have that hanging over our heads now.

Sheila: Yeah, but if you hadn’t done that for me, I never would have seen my son again. And now, I need you to help me keep him alive.

Meet ron.

Zende: You’re going to bounce back from this stronger than ever, more beautiful inside and out. If that’s even possible.

Grace: That is so kind of you, zende. You are a true gentleman.

Paris: Always has been. Well, I don’t know about you two, I am ready to get out of here.

Paris: Me too.

Grace: All right. I will put our things in the car and then we can head home, okay?

Zende: Actually, grace, I’d like to take paris home. If she doesn’t mind.

Quinn: Thank you for letting me freshen up.

Carter: And thank you for telling me everything that happened with eric.

[ Quinn sighing ] And everything you did to get to me.

Quinn: Oh.

[ Quinn laughing ]

Carter: This is unreal.

[ Carter laughing ]

Quinn: Yeah, I know. We’re… back where it all started

Carter: With you opening up to me. Telling me how you really felt.

Quinn: I can never hide anything from you, carter.

Carter: You didn’t hold back today.

Quinn: I didn’T. Do you remember the first time that we told each other, “I love you?” It was right here in this loft.

Carter: Mm. Do you remember the first time we kissed?

Quinn: It was right here in this loft. Do you remember the first time we made love?

Carter: It was right here in this loft.

Liam: Paris must be devastated right now.

Hope: Yeah, she is.

Liam: I knew something was up because I got this cryptic text from my dad that was like, “oh, weddings with the forresters are never boring.” And I just went, “oh, no.” But, hey, on the bright side, at least it wasn’t sheila that showed up.

Hope: Oh. Ridge was actually worried about that and he hired a bunch of security for the restaurant. Oh, here at the house, too! Have you see those big dudes down at the front gate? Like, they’re scary.

Hope: Oh, yeah. Have you been to forrester or steffy’s house?

Liam: Yeah. I mean, I’ve– I’ve been keepin’ in touch. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss kelly. But uh, honestly, I’m so glad she and hayes and steffy are far, far away from all of this.

Hope: Yeah, all the security probably would have been a little scary for her.

Liam: Yeah, it would. I mean, steffy said she’s trying to make it feel like a– like a vacation. But ah, it just breaks my heart because I know she never got to have that vacation with finn. I mean, the two of them really wanted to go to monaco together.

Hope: Well, they thought they would have more time.

Liam: And sheila robbed them of that.

Hope: It’s crazy thinking that she’s still out there. What is she going to do next?

Sheila: And there’s nothing more?

Mike: Just that steffy left the country. She– she took the kids with her. What do you expect me to do about this? You’re the nurse.

Sheila: Yeah, but the jail has infanmary. You can bring me what I need to help keep finn alive.

Mike: But where’s his other mom? Is– isn’t she some big time doctor or something? You said she was keeping him alive.

Sheila: She can’t anymore.

Mike: Why not?

[ Car crashing ]

[ Explosion booming ]

[ Tires screeching ]

[ Splashing ]

[ Fire roaring ] Oh, no, sheila. You didn’t do something to her, did you?

Sheila: Well, I– I didn’t intend to kill her.

Mike: Kill her?

Sheila: She was gonna rat me out, mike. She took off in a car. I– I chased her. She lost control. It wasn’t my fault. It was an accident.

Mike: Well, those happen around you a lot. And I might want to remember that.

Sheila: I am the only mother finn has now. Li is gone. He’s depending on me. It’s up to me to keep him alive. (Vo) red lobster’s seafood summerfest is fire!

Paris: You want to take me home? After everything that I’ve done?

Zende: You’ve kind of had a rough day.

Paris: Zende. You don’t have to feel sorry for me.

Zende: I don’t feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for carter. He just gave up… the best thing that could have ever happened to him. So, how about that ride?

Paris: I’d like that. A lot.

[ Quinn moaning ]

[ Carter sighing ]

Quinn: You kn, this is not how I thought this day would end when I finished my cup of coffee this morning.

[ Carter laughing ]

Carter: Tell me about it.

[ Carter laughing ]

Quinn: I meant every word I said when I interrupted you earlier today.

[ Quinn sighing ] I can’t believe I thought I could live without this. Because I can’T. I tried to deny it for so long. But the one thing that I knew for sure from the moment I let you into my heart, is that I love you, carter.

Carter: I love you, too.

Sheila: Mike, please. You gotta help me. I need you.

Mike: Oh, it’s those three little words you know I can’t resist. Sheila, you make me do the craziest things.

Let me take care of this.

Old mikey’s on the job.

The situation is well in hand.

If these samples were really

important, she wouldn’t have

let you in here.

Nobody’s that stupid.

Sheila: Because you should

know better than anyone

what happens to my enemies.

Mike: Sheila!

[ Dog growling ]

Sheila: Welcome to

forrester creations, mike.

Glad to have you aboard.

[ Mike screaming ] You’re the one person I can always depend on. Everyone else, they– they let me down or– or they decieve me. But never you.

Mike: We’ve been through a lot together. But I didn’t break you out of jail so you could go on a crime spree. What happened to finn’s mother–

Sheila: I am his mother. I could have disappeared. I could have run away where nobody ever would have found me. But I didn’T. I stayed. I risked my future.

Mike: And mine.

Sheila: To take care of my son. Would a monster do that? A sociopath? No. I have changed. I’m– I’m really not the same person that I was.

Mike: With all due respect, sheila, you shot your son and your daughter-in-law and then you killed his adoptive mom. I don’t think you changed that much.

[ Finn grunting ]

[ Sheila gasping ]

Sheila: Finn? Finn?

Quinn: You got your wish.

Carter: Which one? I had a few that went like this.

Quinn: Of what our life would be if we ran away with each other.

Carter: Mm. I didn’t see it quite like this.

Quinn: Yeah, well, it’s without all the running. Although not for me. I did a lot of running today. And a lot of biking. And a lot of falling down.

Carter: Hmm. The beginning of the future we’ve always dreamed about.

[ Finn grunting ]

Sheilla: What is it, finn? What is it, baby? I’m trying. I just don’t know what to do. Why did li have to turn on me?

Mike: Sheila, if this is an emergency, you should go. I’ll call 9-1-1.

Sheila: No, I’m not going anywhere! Li set all of this up. She should be here.

Mike: Well, she’s not. You saw to that.

Sheila: Have they found the body? I mean, was there anything on the news?

Mike: No.

Sheila: That just doesn’t make any sense. You think she was washed out to sea or sharks?

Mike: Sheila, you should be more worried about people finding you than finding li. Look, I work in the prison system. Your escape is all they’re talking about. Whoever finds you, gonna get a big bonus. Look, I took a risk helping you. You promised me you’d behave. Now somebody else is dead.

Sheila: Yeah, well no one else is going to die.

Mike: Well, I hope not. But finn does not look good.

Sheila: Li was an amazing doctor and she took care of my son. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I swear that I– I need her. Finn needs her.

Mike: Well, she ain’t comin’ back.

Sheila: Finn. Finn. Finn.

[ Beeping quickens ] Finn! Oh, my gosh. Oh, no, he’s flatlining. No, finn. No, finn! Oh, my god, I killed him again.

[ Sobbing ] He’s dying. He’s dying! No, god, no. No, finn!

[ Elongated beep ]

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