GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

General Hospital celebrates its 15,000 episode today as Laura’s friends rally around her to try and figure out who wrote an opinion editorial in the Invader which said they had gathered enough signatures to generate a recall election.

Sonny and Curtis follow the money trail and discover that Cyrus is helping the group calling themselves The Friends of Port Charles. Cyrus also wrote the opinion editorial in the Invader. Laura tells Cyrus she forgives him and is grateful that he cares so much about Port Charles. Laura writes a rebuttal to the letter Cyrus wrote telling the citizens of Port Charles how much she loves the town and admits that there is work to be done to bring down crime. There, are still a lot of things that are good about Port Charles.

Scott asks Liesel to marry him but, she tells him no because they don’t need to get married because they are already happy together. Maxie goes with Laura to visit Elizabeth and bring her make up. Laura tells Elizabeth that the boys are fine although they miss her very much. Laura tells Elizabeth to concentrate on her recovery because all her friends, are stepping up to make sure that the boys’ life is as normal as possible under the circumstances.

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