GH Short Recap Monday, June 13, 2022

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Recap written by Suzanne

Aurora stock goes up, thanks to Carly buying lots of shares. Michael isn’t happy about it because it’s a big risk for her. They try to get Lucy to pledge her shares of ELQ to them.

Sonny has a brief chat with Jordan about his ship in the harbor that hasn’t been released by the harbor master. She can tell he’s upset about something else, so he tells her that he’s upset about Michael feuding with him. She’s sure that if Sonny keeps trying, they’ll eventually reconcile. Jordan also tells Martin that Cyrus is not the one who targeted him and Laura.

Martin is worried about who may have been after them; especially Laura. Valentin offers to give him protection. Valentin is determined to keep his job at ELQ. Martin assures him that Lucy will still support him. Sonny visits Carly at her request, to talk about the kids. She agrees with Michael that Sonny threw away his relationship with his kids.

Spencer tells Laura that Ava offered him money to stay at Wyndemere, which surprises her. He has an epiphany about how to deal with Esme. Laura goes to see Ava and Nikolas. Nikolas wants to divorce Ava, and then remarry her, to start fresh.

Ryan isn’t pleased that Esme still hasn’t told Ava about her sleeping with Nikolas. Felicia visits and warns Esme away from Ryan, telling her some of their history. Esme explains to Ryan that she has to make Nikolas betray Ava again, which will destroy their relationship for good. Ryan accepts her plan. Esme meets up with Spencer; he’s quitting his job and plans to spend lots of time with her (but he’s secretly plotting against her).

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