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Katie: Ah, it’s so good to be back.

Donna: Well, we came here to surprise brooke with this brunch, but apparently she’s at a meeting so, uh–

Hope: Well, uh, she’s missing out because I’m happy that I caught you.

Katie: I’ve just missed everyone so much. I’ve missed being here. As much as I liked being at international and, of course, spending time with will.

Donna: There’s no place like home.

Katie: I just wish I’d been a better sister. Uh, to you and to brooke, I feel terrible that I haven’t been here while she was going through everything that she went through.

Donna: Stop, stop doing that to yourself. You were in touch with us– us constantly. And we always felt your love and your support.

Katie: I just can’t believe what sheila did. I mean, I’m still trying to wrap my head around what she did to steffy and to finn and w she targeted brooke. I just hope that brooke and ridge can get back on track soon.

Ridge: Well, this is pretty cool. Not too shabby.

Quinn: What?

Ridge: Numbers for your jewelry line, evenetter than last year. That’s gotta make you happy.

Quinn: Yeah, thanks. I guess.

Ridge: You guess? This is great work. You don’t feel a sense of ide, maybe?

Quinn: I do. I do. I just have other things on my mind.

Ridge: Huh. Like what? You and my dad, or?

Quinn: Uh… your dad and I are fine. Thank you for asking.

Rge: Huh. Okay. Good.

Quinn: Good, yeah, right, of course,t’s iod. I mean, I don’t see your dad all that often. He, uh– he’s very busy. Spends a lot of time at the club.

R>>Ge: I know! What is that, pickle ball? He just picked that andup I don’t– I don’t know– maybe you should lea.Rn then the two of you can play together and you can spend more time with my dad.

Quinn: I uld love to spend more time with eric.

Ridge: To be fair, you’re luc that you’re spending time with him at all, after what you did with carter.

Donna: ,So I’m dying to know, how are you and bill? Is he still trng to woo you back?

Katie: Um, yes.

Hope: And is it working?

Donna: Not that we’re prying or, you kn–

Katie: No, no, of course not. Um, there’s really not a whole lot to tell, to be honest. He wants us to be together again and he seems sincere.

Donna: Well, I– I’m sure he is. He loves you, katie.

Katie: Well, I– I don’t doubt that, but I– I’m guarded. I mean, we’ve been through so much.

Donna: Every relationship has its challenges but if the love is there… the question is, do you still love bill?

Katie: I– it’s never been

issue of love.

Donna: Well, that’s not really an answer now, is it?

Katie: Okay. Well, ah, I– I guess the way I can answ that is tt for me, loving bill spencer is just I can’t not love him. Even though he can be the single most irritating man on the planet sometimes. I know him very well. And ultimately, ah… I have to wonder if deep down, he might always want tbe with brooke. And– and I’m not saying that because I’m upset. I’m not. It’s just– it’s just the way it is. So, I guess, since we’re on the subject, I don’t really want to put you on the spot but you do live onhe property, you’re married to his son, so has bill been coming around? I mean, now that brooke and ridge are apart, do you think he wants her back?

Paris: Oh, my god, what was that about?

Carte I guess, I, um– I couldn’t help myself. I had to kiss you.

Paris: You had to?

Carter: I needed to. If I– if I overstepped then…

Paris: No, uh, that’s not what I’m saying. It’s just the last thing I expected.

Carter: That’s understandable, uh, after the way we left things.

Paris: Mm, after the way you left things because you were the one–

Carter: I know, I know, and I know that my feelings have been all over the place. You know, I– I thought I– I thought that I knew what I– and then as it turns out, right, as it turns out, it– it was never…

Pis: Ar.

Carter: I’m not making sense right now.

[ Laughing ]

Paris: No, you’re definitely not, but I’m not sure what to make of it either. Because you’re normally so together.

Carter: At work, yes. But in my personal life, recently–

[ Chuckling ] — That’s a whole ‘nother story. Still, I finally see how it has to be.

Quinn: You’re never going to let me forget, are you?

Ridge: Come on, I’m not being cruel. I’m saying you’re lucky.

Quinn: You thin I don’t know that? That I feel blessed that your father took me back? You know, I’m just– I’m just grateful that I married a man who isn’t vindictive and spiteful, because I know eric would never hurt me the way I hurt him.

[ Phone beeps ] Yeahi’ve got to go. I’ve got a distributor downstairs.

Ridge: Hey, quinn.

Quinn: What?

Ridge: I’m just giving you a hard time. I know deep down, you care about my dad.

Quinn: Yeah.

Grace: Ridge.

[ Door slams ] Something’s going on. My daughter is being harassed here at work.

Rge: Id- wait, she’s being harassed? By whom?

Grace: Forrester creation’s O. Carter walton.

Paris: Why?

Carter: Why, why, what?

Paris: Why are you coming to me like this all of a sudden?

Carter: Because I– I can’t go on like this any longer. I can’t keep putting my life on hold. I need– I need to move forward.

Paris: So, carter, what are you saying? You want me back?

Ridge: Carter is harassing paris?

Grace: I realize you and carter are goofriends. And I’m sure you think you know him–

Ridge: I do know him! Ah, this is a very serious accusation.

Grace: It’s happening right now in an office across the hall. I saw it with my own eyes. Carter had his lips all over my little girl again.

Ridge: Again?

Grace: Yes, again. I caught them at his apartment not long ago.

Ridge: At his apartment? Not even here, that–

Grace: He had his lips all over her, just flaunting it in my face after I had expressly rbidden him from getting anywhere near my daughter.

Ridge: Okay, slow down. I’m trying to understand what’s going on here.

Grace: Carter is manipulating my little girl’s feelings. He’s using her. And I won’t stand for it, ridge. And I’m not going to let him do what he did to zoe. It almost destroyed her! And I’m not going to let him treat her the way he treated your father’s wife. Carter’s gotta be stopped.

Katie: So, I was all geared up to talk to brooke about this but she’s not here and you are, so lucky you. Just– yes or no? Has– has bill been coming around, or not?

[ Inhaling ]

Hope: No. Not at all. I mean not coming around for my mom. And even if he had, it would be pointless because my mother is totally and completelyevoted to ridgE.

Katie: Well, I know that, but bill has always liked a challenge, especially when he sees an opening.

Hope: Oh, there is no opening. Trust me, I mean– after these past few months, it is very clear that my mom’s heart belongs to ridge. I mean, now and always.

Donna: That is true love.

Katie: Well, I’m not sure that bill would see it that way. He’s never thought the dressmaker was right for brooke.

Donna: Oh. Well, luckily, bill spencer doesn’t get to choose who’s right for brooke. Hmm?

Katie: Hmm. Okay. Well, now that I’ve grilled hope and we’ve talked about brooke and me, what about you, donna? What man is in your life?

Donna: You are,

and always will be,

the great love of my life.

[ Door bangs ]

Quinn: Well, there’s my handsome husband. Oh!

Eric: Hey.

Quinn: It looks like I got home just in time.

Eric: In time for what?

Quinn: Well, it looks like you were lost in happy thghts. And I hope you’re going to tell me those happy thoughts were about me.

With age comes more…

Katie: So, donna, is there someone special in your life?

Donna: Well, yeah. I mean, I have a lot of special people. My sisters, and my niece. Nieces and nephews. And, you know–

Katie: That’s not exactly what I was talking about, but okay, all right, cool. I get it. We’re not going to intrude. I’m not going to, anyway. But I just want you knoto that there is someone special out there for you. The man of your dreams. And he might even be closer than you think.

Donna: Okay. Okay. Let’s just, um, you know, get back to you and bill.

Hope: Okay, look. For what it’s worth, you twalready share a life together. You share a child. And if he’s what you want then I think you should go for it. I mean, if anything, we have learned recently that life is srt.

Katie: Hmm.

Hope: And you never know what is going to happe I mean, anything is possible. I mean, look– look what happened with eric and quinn, right? She had an affair with carter but he still forgave her and took her back. And that man is a saint, let’s be hones I mt,n–

[ Laughs ] — That is the perfect example of a loving, understanding, committed man.

Quinn: I don’t know what got into me. You don’t have to answer that.

Eric: It’s okay.

Quinn: No. No, it’s not okay. I sound like some insecure wife who needs her husband to tell her that she’s always on his mind. And that’s ridiculous. I don’t expect that.

Eric: No, it’s not ridiculous. Everybody needs to know that they’re appreciated and loved.

Quinn: Yeah. But I–

Eric: But what?

Quinn: Well… well, if I’m being honest with myself and with you…

[ Sighing ] Yes, we’re back together and– and we’re living– living in this home together,but we both have acknowledged that things haven’t been the same between us since– since I betrayed you, and I– um, I take full responsibility for that. I hurt you, eric. I know I hurt you deeply and– and I’m so sorry. I– I can’t apologize to you enough. But I’m also a very patient woman and whatever time you need to take, I want you to take it. Whatever you need to do to get past this, then– then you do it. Becausi believe in our marriage and in our future and– and both of those things are possible because you opened up your heart to me and you– you let me back into this home. And I am so– so fortunate to have such a loving, loyal husband.

Carter: I, um– I can’t sto thinking about everything that happened. And what brought us together and I know this– this is coming out of nowhere especially when I was so adamant about us not being gether. But we have to be. I need this, paris. More tn you can ever know.

Paris: I mean, I never lost hope and I’m glad I didn’T. But I know it’s complicated with zende and my mom, but we’ll make them understand. They’ll understand and they’ll be happy for us.

[ Phone dinging ] Oh, okay. I have a meeting. I’ll reschule, but–

Carter: No, no, no, no, no, ‘s fite. Anwe can’t talk here really any way.

Paris: I can’t wait to be alone with you again. I’ll see you.

Ridge: So, I just had a very interesting run-in with grace. She seems to think that you were in here, making out with her daughter. Tell mshe’e wrong. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Carter: Ridge, look, man.

Ridge: Look what? Just tell me grace was wrong. That’s all I need to hear.

Carter: I can’T. Because she isn’T.

Ridge: Oh, come–

Carter: Look, paris and I–

Ridge: “Paris and I,” how– what, argh– how is it even in the same sentence? You and paris. You know how zende feels about the wom–

Carter: Yes, I do, but–

Ridge: But what? This is starting to be a– a pattern, right? Is there something wrong with you? Is there something wrong?

Carter: I don’t know! I don’t know, man. All I know is I need to move on.

Ridge: Oh, you need to move on, but move on to what?

Carter: With my life, ridge!

Ridge: Easy!

Carter: Look, man, I’m tired of sitting on the side lines and watching everyone fall in lov and– and get married, and start families. I’m sick of it.

Ridge: Oh, so now you wanna start a family? With paris?

Carter: I– I’m not sure.

Ridge: You’re not sure? Well, don’t think about starting a family if you’re not sure. What are you doing? She’s– she’s a nice woman. She’s– is she the one? Is she the one you’re in love with?

Quinn: Stop thinking about that. Focus on eric. My sweet, wonderful husband who’s devoted only to me.

Hope: You agree with me about eric, right? I mean, you know him so well. He’s such a kind, devoted man.

Donna: Uh, yeah, mean, of course I agree. Eric is remarkable and quinn is lucky that she’s his wife. Just as ridge is lucky to have brooke for a wife.

Katie: I just know that ridge is going to go back to brooke. I mean, they’re finally going to have their happily ev after.

Hope: And, uh, what about you, aunt donna? I mean, we want that for you. We want you to have a lifelong love.

Katie: Listen, we all know that bill is the love of my life and eric is the love of yours. It’s just so sad that he’s with quinn.

Quinn: Mmm. I love sharing this home with you. You’ve brought such peace into my life– a happiness I have never known until you. You know, I always went through life alone, right? A single mom, raising a young son. And I was shut off. I– I had my walls up and I surrounded myself with all the wrong people. Wrong men. And I got hurt. But all that changed when I met you. My wonderful, steadfast, loyal husband.

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