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carly. Hey. Oh, great. You got my message. Yeah. What’s up? Well, I mean, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about your investigation into esme, and trina’s trial’s coming up, so… yeah, it’s even more important that we nail esme for making the video of joss and cam and putting it online. Right. So, what do you got? Fond or fraught? Your thoughts. Whatever they are, you’re totally absorbed. Wanna share?

[ Door closes ] Disappeared on me again. I promise not to make it a habit. I was just mailing a letter. So you haven’t changed your mind and decided to move out? Why would I do that when things are so much better between us? I thought you might have regrets about last night — agreeing to live with my father and ava. No regrets. Your father’s just been wonderful. Well, like father, like son. Something like that. Hey. Hey. Busy day. No more than usual. I got a client coming to pick this up later. Okay. Well, can you talk? Sure. What’s up? We are leaving port charles. You agree that I should suefor what you did? Never thought I’d hear you admit guilt. I’m recording this for posterity. No, no, no, no, no. You don’t want to sue me. I’m not the one you have the problem with. You made an unsafe parachute landing, dragged me in the pool. I was drenched…

[ Chuckles ] …Hemmed in by the parachute. I could have easily drowned. I’m pretty sure my problem is with you. All right, well, while you can drown in a few feet of water, most of the victims tend to be either unconscious or alone. And you were neither. Well, maybe we should let a jury decide. Here — look, you’re going about this all wrong. You don’t want to sue me, and you don’t want to claim some near-drowning that did not occur. No, what you want to do is go by the classic tale of corporations trying to take advantage of the little guy, or gal. Now, britt, you tell me. You the type of woman to stand for that? No!

[ Pills clatter ] What the hell just happened?

I have a lot on my mind since yesterday. I do, too. I can’t believe how close we came to ending our marriage. I’m just…relieved that we came to our senses before we jumped off that cliff. You left early this morning. Is everything okay? Yeah. I just had some work at the gallery. Did I wake you? No, it’s just nice having you in my bed again. Sleeping in the same bed feels like an important step, even if we are taking things slow. We have some things to work out. And we will. I know. I know we will. I love you too much not to. Mm. I love you, too.

[ Door opens ] Love is all around. Isn’t it wonderful? I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and I just figured, why wait, you know? We’ve been through so much freshman year. Going away just feels right. Sure does. We can head to europe next spring. That sounds great, joss — look, volleyball season will be over. You know, submissions — they’re due early next semester. Florence and barcelona — they’re my top two picks right now. They’re both great. But, you know, there’s other options that we can explore. Joss, stop. Why? I thought you’d be into this idea. I would love to go to florence or barcelona. But by next spring, I could be expelled from pcu or in prison. Probably both. I may have a lead on someone close to esme. Okay. Greetings and felicitations, lovely ladies. How are you two delightful women doing on this glorious day? More new clothes, huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Uh, do they meet with your approval? They’re nice. Nice. That — that’s — that’s the most gracious compliment you can muster? Nice? Uh… well, I was really used to your old look. Oh. Well, new look, new me. Hey, did, uh, sam tell you about the occurrence at the society setups event yesterday? Uh, the hotel staff filled me in. A skydiver crashed the party. Yeah, and straight into britt westbourne. Who was completely unharmed, by the way. Um, but I — the advent of the skydiver, right? It was — was pretty wild.

[ Chuckles ] What’s even more wild is the skydiver happens to be an old friend of dante’S. They went to summer camp together. His name is cody, but dante whisked him away from britt. And the three of us had dinner at charlie’S. Oh, wait, you did? I — I’m p-pretty sure I saw — pretty sure I saw dante put handcuffs on him and take him to the pcpd. No, no, it never actually got that far. Dante acted like he was arresting him for britt’s benefit. Oh, thank goodness. I-I just mean it wasn’t that poor man’s fault that he fell into britt. He didn’t do it on purpose.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah. Ooh. Uh, gotta take this. Yes? Is it just me, or is there something off with spinelli? No, it’s not just you. I noticed it at the fundraiser. Something is definitely off with spinelli. And it’s not just the wardrobe. I’m listening. What happened to you was wrong. My stunt never should have gone that far. And you know whose fault it is? Yours.

[ Chuckles ] I was a mere cog in the corporate wheel.

[ Scoffs ] The corporation being? Metro court, of course. Yeah. I mean, they were supposed to protect my landing zone. Instead, they let you and anyone else just walk right through. Did they hire you for the skydiving stunt? No, no. That would be society setups. They actually rented this whole place. They engineered the stunt, lured lonely schlubs like yourself here with free drinks… excuse me? Who calls anyone a schlub? …And orchestrated this dangerous marketing ploy in front of a party full of vulnerable losers. T-the metro court is responsible for the safety of all of its guests. The corporations have all the money. You need to take back your power, lady. Sue their socks off. It’s aspirin for my headache. Gladys: Aspirin? Right. Aspirin. Why did you slap it out of sasha’s hand? Well — well, the — the baby shoes were delivered, and — and — that she — she backordered them before liam, um…

[ Stammers ] And brook lynn took them… and she’s gonna donate them to charity. Sasha, I’m — I’m so sorry. I’m fine. Hey, it was just an accident. It’s no big deal. I’ll get a broom. But it is a big deal. What did you think sasha was taking?

Hey, we’ll talk about spinelli in a minute. I was about to give you an update on esme. Great. Come on. Sit down. Okay. Okay, so, you have a lead? Well, it’s a long shot, but esme had a nanny who helped raise her after her adoptive parents died, and apparently they were pretty close. Sounds promising. Yeah, I just — I haven’t been able to locate the nanny yet. Do you have her name? Maggie fitzgerald. I’m working on tracking her down, but all I have is that she was somewhere in london, and I don’t have an address yet. How did you find out about this maggie fitzgerald? Well, I have a source who is very familiar with esme’s upbringing, and the source said that esme and maggie had lost touch at some point. But this person also tells me that there’s more to the story. That’s great. Do you think this nanny will give us some dirt on the real esme? Yeah, well, I’m hoping so. I just have to track her down first. Well, can’t you ask your source? Who is it, anyway? Sorry for intruding. Esme and I should have knocked first. No need. This is your home. And I’m glad you decided to stay, even if you were bribed into doing so. Mm. The important thing is that we’re all here together. I totally agree, ava. Any big plans today? I was thinking car shopping. Since I’ve regained access to my trust fund, I’m looking for something new and italian for my girl.

[ Chuckles ] But first, esme and I have some errands to run, so… and, uh, we really must get going. It was nice seeing you. Ava: Not so fast. No one is going anywhere. Not until we hash things out. I truly believe that you’re gonna be found not guilty, especially because cam and I are gonna testify on your behalf. Look, I’m not trying to make light of the trial. I know that it’s gonna be rough, but this will give you something positive to look forward to. I mean, even if you’re right, there’s still a title ix investigation. You have a copy of the report. You know how bad it makes me look. Yes, I know. I flipped out when I read it. My mom made me sit down with diane because I knew the whole thing was total bull. I wanted to do something to correct it. What did diane say? She said that it was a finding of facts, so I can’t challenge anything in there if I wasn’t misquoted in my interview. And you weren’T. Oh, I’m afraid I wasn’T. But diane also said that just because something looks bad, it doesn’t mean that we know what the determination’s gonna be.

[ Sighs ] I’ve been so afraid of getting expelled. I’ve been only reading the worst in the report. Look, diane also told me that there’s no guarantee that pcu’s gonna expel you. You know, they could decide to offer you a sanction, you know, suspend you for a semester. I don’t know. Maybe. I-I told rory I just need to not think about it, just look for a distraction. Wait. You told rory? Why? What would you do if you were me? Oh, no, no, no. I’m — I’m not gonna go there. Oh, humor me. I’m giving you permission. Okay, well, hypothetically speaking, first I’d hire a good lawyer. Then I’d find a killer witness. There were a lot of people at the party, and the whole thing was recorded. Yeah, I mean, I was thinking someone more directly connected to society setups, someone with insider knowledge, you know, someone who could really hold up when their feet are put to the fire. Someone like you?

[ Chuckles ] You didn’t want sasha to take those pills. Why not? Gladys thought that I was back on drugs. The habit-forming kind. Your mother believes that I have relapsed. Why do you think sasha’s abusing pills? Because she knows that I’ve been having a hard time, with liam and then the accident with harmony miller, plus all the pressure from the ipo launch of deception. Gladys…overreacted. Um, some of sasha’s behavior triggered my memories of when you were struggling with addiction, how you would do anything for a fix. And when I saw sasha with the pill bottle, I got the wrong idea. And it is the wrong idea. I’ve told gladys before, there’s nothing to worry about. Wait, wait, wait. You’ve had this conversation before with my mother? Is that why you’ve moved in with us? Are you using again?

If your lawyer subpoenaed me, then I’d have to tell the truth. They’d probably want to know about zelda telesco. What’s a zelda telesco? You don’t know zelda? She’s the matchmaker who runs society setups. Ha! See — ugh. This company clearly cares more about lining their own pockets than getting you a date.

[ Scoffs ] Who knows how many other washed-up women zelda’s preyed on besides you? What’s your point? Point is, okay, if your lawyer subpoenaed me, I’d have to tell the judge about my meeting with zelda, the one in which my concerns about the skydiving stunt were left unheeded. And you would be eager to do that? No, no, I’m not eager. I don’t want bad blood with any employer. But I’d have to. I’d never lie under oath. Of course not. You get yourself a killer witness, you can win a big settlement.

[ Sighs ] And would this star witness want a percentage of my settlement in exchange for betraying their employer? I mean, who knows what motivates people? I know what motivates you. I told you, I’m not using drugs anymore. But I — I did move in because I was afraid sasha would relapse. And I wanted to prove to gladys that her fears were unfounded. Okay, why didn’t you come to me?

[ Sighs ] I didn’t want to worry you. And neither did I. Sasha I understand, but not you, ma. You’ve had no problems worrying me in the past. Don’t blame gladys. She confronted me with her suspicions, and I admitted I was having a hard time. Gladys was doing me a huge favor by keeping quiet. Look, if you were wrong about sasha, ma, why did you still move in with us? Because my mother wasn’t wrong. Okay. Um… listen, we’ll talk to dr. Collins, and we’ll find out what our options are together. Options? Yeah, so he can refer us to a good rehab facility or something outpatient here, maybe a group, whatever works — brando, no. Listen, you need all the support from us that you can get. I don’t need this kind of support. Listen to your wife, brando. You were the one that slapped a pill bottle out of sasha’s hands. I mean, you’ve kept things from me. What am I supposed to think? After all the lies you’ve told me, you owe me this one. Carly, you know I can’t reveal my source. You said it yourself that esme is dangerous. She’s crossed lines. I get it. I get it. You can’t risk esme finding out and retaliating, but if this was something I needed to know…? I would tell you. You’re worried about spinelli, aren’t you? It’s just, he’s not acting like himself. And then all of a sudden, he’s dressing like that. And that is not cheap. Well, do you think it’s because ellie left him? I don’t know. We haven’t really spent a lot of time together. Maybe he’s lonely, or maybe he’s missing his friends. But spinelli has always had his own unique style, which I loved. And this — this is… I don’t know. It’s different. It’s flashy, like he’s trying to be someone he’s not. Did you talk to him about it? Yeah, of course I did. He promised me nothing dangerous was going on. Oh. Well, that looks volatile to me. Rory and I hung out yesterday.

[ Chuckles ] Details, please. The only details that matter is that when he took me home — rory took you home? My dad was there and totally humiliated me… oh. …By telling rory that he’s breaking an unwritten rule of cop-dom by spending time with me while I’m waiting for my trial to start. What did rory say? Rory was great. But all the distractions in the world won’t change the fact that I have a criminal trial and a title ix investigation hanging over my head. I-I can’t visualize the future the way you do. I can’t think about classes or studying abroad or even this job and my friends. Not when things could be different by the end of the summer. Look, I don’t care what happens. I’m always gonna be here for you. And it sounds like rory will, too. If I’m in pentonville, the pcpd could order him to stay away from me. And while I appreciate your loyalty and support, I noticed that you left out cam. Yeah, well, I’m not sure if we can count on cam anymore. Ava: The four of us will be cohabitating for the foreseeable future. And I don’t think there’s a need to pretend there won’t be difficulties. Nikolas and I will be working on our marriage, and in the spirit of reconciliation, I think that we should all truly make an effort to get along. Absolutely. We should all want to be closer. And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Whatever you say, ava. Thank you. Now, spencer and i have an arrangement. I give him an allowance from his trust fund in exchange for living here and working things out with his father. But I want to be clear about something. The allowance depends on how both of you behave. Ava, I-I’m confused, I thought the deal was between you and spence. Well, as long as you’re living here with spencer in our home, the deal must include you. Nice, ava. Just like you to change the terms of our agreement on a whim. Both of you have done horrible things to me and to people I care about. I’m just giving you a friendly warning. If either of you reverts to past behavior, the deal is off. You think I’m responsible for something that I-I didn’t do. What happens the next time your precious little trina lies about me? Are you kicking me and spence off to the streets? That won’t happen. You would do well not to mention trina’s name in my presence.

[ Chuckles ] I am not your puppet, ava. Don’t you dare try to control me. And if I do?

[ Indistinct arguing ] Should we step in? Yeah. Let’s go. Okay. Oh, ladies, uh, to what — to what do I owe the pleasure? Nice try, spinelli. I almost called security. Who was that guy? I — no — no one of concern. Uh, we saw what was going on, and it was very concerning. You are clearly in trouble, so I want you to stop lying to me and tell me what’s going on now. Did something happen between you and cam? It is nothing compared to what you’re going through. Forget comparison. There’s obviously tension between you and cam. You’re my friends. I care. So tell me all of it. Okay. Well… I think that there’s something cam’s not telling me, and he says there isn’t, but, trina, I swear there’s something going on. Any ideas? Well, it’s about spencer and esme. Cam’s attitude just makes no sense. He claims he knows esme’s guilty, but there’s never any follow-through. Well, cam gave spencer a second chance. Maybe he just feels stuck in the middle. No, it’s more than that. You know, cam’s not telling me something, and that’s bad enough. But what if he knows something that can affect your trial and he’s holding back? Why do you think he’d know something? Because I told him that we should break up spencer and esme, and he snapped at me and said we can’T. Did he say why? None of it made any sense. He just kept doing backflips to change the subject. And then later he texted me that he would set spencer straight about esme. Then I haven’t heard from him since. Look, we don’t need cam, okay? We can break spencer and esme up ourselves. You’re wrong. We can’t do that. Go on, esme. Tell me to go to hell, and then you can watch as spencer’s allowance dries up and he’s back to waiting tables at kelly’s, maybe with you taking orders right beside him. And why should you get to decide what constitutes good and bad behavior? ‘Cause I control the money. Okay, enough. I thought we were moving past the animosity. You and spencer — you came to an understanding. We don’t need to push the envelope. I’m sure that we can trust that esme will do the right thing. If we could, I don’t think she’d be so resistant. That’s enough, ava. I agreed to your terms. You’re the one changing the rules last minute to spite esme. But I love my father, and I don’t want to hurt him. So I’ll agree to your 11th-hour change. That’s fine. Thank you, spencer. All I want is what’s best for spence and mr. Cassadine. If you’ll excuse me. I need a martini. Maybe a double. I’ll get some ice. I was hoping you’d come find me. Who’s washed up now? What was that for? You really think I’m some lovelorn loser in the market to buy what you’re selling? Just trying to help. Help yourself, you mean? But I’m on to you. It’s gonna take a lot more than your pathetic pitch to get one over on me. Britt westbourne? Zelda telesco. I’ve been looking for you. Society setups zelda telesco? The one and only. I’ve been looking for you, too, cody. Yeah. Yeah. What’s going on between you and dr. Westbourne? Cody was just practicing his moves in preparation for his next party. Do you have my check? After I speak with dr. Westbourne. I gotta dry off, anyways. Let me buy you a drink and discuss yesterday’s unfortunate incident. Oh, you mean my total humiliation? That unfortunate incident? I’m here to make that all go away. When have i lied to you? After you came home from iraq and started using. Anyone with eyes could see you were spiraling out of control. But you insisted you were fine and said that

i was melodramatic for asking if you were taking drugs. You lied to me to my face every single day. I’m sorry. Yeah. So when I sawthe same signs in sasha and realized she was struggling, it scared me. I didn’t want to fail her the way I did you. And I thought I was also helping you because what’s best for sasha is best for you. Ma, can, um… can sasha and i have a minute? We made a vow, remember? For better or for worse. And I plan on sticking to that vow, no matter how dark it gets. I know. It’s one of the reasons why I married you. So please be honest with me. Is there any truth to my mother’s concerns?

I assure you both, there’s nothing to worry about. Too late. Spinelli, I’m worried. Hey, look, if you have crossed the wrong person, call drew. I know he will be happy to help. I mean, that navy seal background can be very persuasive, spinelli. Alright, I — that’s nice, but it’s — it’s fine. E-everything is — everything is under control. Spinelli, how long have we known each other? I mean, I know when something is wrong with you. Something is definitely wrong with you. I think that we should sit here and talk about it for as long as it takes. I think that’s a good idea. I’m seeing a therapist. Huh? Well, after my breakup with ellie, I — I’ve — I-I’ve been lonely, and I wanted to seek some professional help. So you meet your therapist here at the metro court? Well, that — that wasn’t my ther– that wasn’t my therapist. I, um — we were having a-a billing issue, and, um, doctor… my therapist sent a collection agent after me, and — and I surely did not handle that as well as I could, and that’s what you saw. But all — all is — all is settled now. All is — all is good, so, um… but time is a-wasting. Mm-hmm. So I must be off, but you — you two have a super day. Mm. Are you buying that? Not even a little. Breaking

up spencer and esmeis our best shot at isolating esme and proving that she framed you. Without spencer there to protect her, she’s gonna lose nikolas and victor and spoon island — and she’ll leave town because she knows she has no reason to stay in port charles. Esme knows she set me up. She knows we’re on to her. She’s also smart enough to know without the cassadines, she has nothing to fall back on when we prove her guilty. You really think she’ll just disappear? Slip through the cracks, hide away in some place where no one can find her, which is why spencer and esme need to stay together. But she set us both up. Trina, she put my private moments on blast and then framed you for it. What? We’re supposed to just let her get away with that? Now that you’ve had a day to process what happened between us, how are you feeling? Honestly, I’M… still a little overwhelmed. I’m sorry I let my emotions get the better of me just now. Ava took you by surprise. She has a way of doing that to people. Will our relationships ever normalize? I mean, everything’s so… complicated. Things are working between me and ava, just like they’re working between you and spencer. And what happened… between us — we were both hurting. We were looking for comfort, and… it doesn’t mean anything more than that. Right? Oh. Absolutely. I love spence, and you love ava. I meant it when I said they never have to know. I care about you, nikolas, and I don’t want what happened between us to complicate your life. Or yours. I’m going out later this afternoon. Do you need me to… pick anything up from the p-pharmacy? I have it all taken care of. I promise you, I want everything to work out. Since you felt free to renegotiate our deal, I have some changes of my own. Mm, don’t push it, spencer. Release me from my restitution at the gallery now. Why? Because it’s bad enough that I’m gonna be living here with you, forced to act civil, and now that extends to esme?

[ Exhales deeply ] I’ve repaid my debt to you. You haven’t begun to pay for the terror you put me through. You want esme to behave, don’t you? Working at the gallery with trina is only gonna provoke her more. After everything esme has done, her feelings are the last thing I care about. Then care about trina’S. You really think she wants me around while she’s with… that guy? What guy? Zelda: On behalf of society setups, I am mortified over what happened to you at our event. With all due respect, miss — zelda, please. You’re not half as mortified as I am. Being knocked into the pool by your skydiver — I won’t live that down. Cody is a bit rough around the edges. I should never have hired him in the first place. Whatever. I will no longer be attending any of the society setups events again. You’re frustrated that my service hasn’t been successful for you. How about I make it up for you by offering you the next six months for free and making you my top priority? I promise, you won’t have to waste any more time being alone. My check?

[ Sighs ] I’ll be in touch. Son of a bitch. Gladys

isn’t wrong abouthow much I’ve been struggling with deception going public right after losing liam and then the accident with harmony. Of course that tested your sobriety. But you didn’t have to hide it from me. I wasn’t using, so there was no need. I told you, gladys overreacted. Are you sure?

[ Sighs ] I don’t need that kind of help anymore. Not when I have this wonderful new life and the most amazing husband in the world. Including his shockingly caring mother-in-law?

[ Laughs ] Gladys has her moments. Believe me, brando. I — I don’t claim to be happy all the time. My life is good. My days are full of more good than bad. And right now,

you are my drug of choice. I’m still worried about you. And I need to do something about it.

I left to get ice. I should do that before ava wonders what happened to me. Then go. But, nikolas? I can tell keeping our secret from ava is taking a toll on you. And if you change your mind and decide that you need to tell her what happened between us, I’ll support you. You won’t be alone. The cop who’s been hanging around the gallery. Officer cabrera? He’s the one I’m referring to. Oh. The officer who is keeping trina from being harassed after your girlfriend made a sex tape of joss and cam and — and framed trina for it and then posted it for everybody to see — that cop? Cabrera’s interest in trina is far more than professional. And this creates such a problem for you that you — you can’t do your restitution at the gallery? Oh, so this attempt to work things out with esme — your heart really isn’t in it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I love esme. Oh, you did, maybe, at one point. But I think now you’re — you’re far more invested in your feelings for trina. And they’re only growing. You don’t think that it kills me that esme believes that she’s winning? She’s not getting away with what she did to me, to us. But we’re playing the long game here, josslyn. And we’ve been going crazy trying to figure out how to get the proof against her. We just have to keep thinking. Something — something out of the box that we haven’t thought of before.

[ Cellphones chime ] It’s pcu. The title ix determination has been made. We should postpone our reception. Look, it’s one more stressful event that you don’t need right now. Life is stressful. But celebrating our marriage with friends and family would only make me happy. You aren’t just saying that? I want to show you off.

[ Laughs ] Besides…I love you. I love you, too. Okay. The reception goes on as planned. Thank you.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Mouthing “thank you” ] Check shorter than you hoped? Yeah, well, the deal was my skydiving fee plus hotel accommodations and amenities. Zelda shorted me the $500 in amenities. You need to know anything else about how this company screws people over? You spent $500 in amenities? All right, skydiving’s very hard on the body. I needed a massage, and you can’t have a massage without wine. Right. Probably shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. Massages are dehydrating, and tap water is free. You’re really enjoying this, huh? You have no idea how much. Not all of us are rolling in money. You could just sue. Good luck finding a killer witness as desperate as you.

[ Slurps ] Something wasn’t right about spinelli’s meeting with that so-called bill collector. Yeah, but spinelli seeing a therapist does make sense. We were just saying that he might be lonely. Yeah, but spinelli’s getting money from somewhere. I mean, what billing issues could he possibly have? I don’t know. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Big enough for the therapist to send a bill collector here to the metro court? I mean, come on. Therapists don’t do that. I mean, they call. Yeah, I know something’s not right, but what?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. You know what? We need to take spinelli out and have him open up to us. We’ll take him hatchet throwing. Okay. Yeah. That — that sounds like a plan, because it is not like spinelli to keep things from me. Yeah, but this is spinelli we’re talking about. I mean, he can’t be in any real trouble. It’s handled. Britt westbourne won’t be a problem.

[ Sighs ] Good. It’s important that no one knows what I’m really up to.

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