GH Short Recap Thursday, June 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ava tells Spencer and Esme that the allowance that she offered Spencer is dependent on their good behavior. Ava and Esme argue because Esme thinks that Ava is trying to control her. Nikolas makes peace between the ladies and Spencer and Esme agree to Ava’s terms and stays at Wyndamere.

Esme tells Nikolas that if he wants to tell Ava that they slept together he has her full support so he won’t feel guilty anymore. Nikolas wonders if Esme needs him to go by the drug store to pick up something for her but Esme tells him she has handled the situation.

Spencer asks Ava to release him from his restitution at the gallery because he can’t stand to see Trina with Rory. Ava begins to suspect that Spencer has feelings for Trina and wonders why Spencer is still with Esme.

Gladys tells Brando that she knocked the pill bottle out of Sasha’s hand because she thought she, was having a relapse due to all the stress in her life. Gladys is relieved that the bottle only had aspirin. Gladys says she moved into the house with them to make sure Sasha didn’t have a relapse. Sasha lies to Brando and tells him she hasn’t had a relapse.

Trina and Jocelyn get a text that the PCU Ttle 9 Committee has made a decision about Tina’s future at the University.

Sam tells Carly that she is trying to find Esme’s nanny Maggie but she hasn’t found her yet. Carly and Sam are worried about Spinelli when they see him talking to a, suspicious looking man. Spinnelli tells Carly and Sam that he has been seeing a therapist since he broke up with Ellie and he has been behind on the bill so the bill was sent to a collection service but everything is fine because he just paid the bill. Carly and, Sam are determined to find out what is going on with Spinnelli.

Cody suggests Britt sue Society Setups or the Metro Court for the humiliation she suffered at the mixer. Cody tells Britt he will be a witness in her lawsuit if he gives her a percentage of the settlement. Britt is appalled by this idea, and pushes Cody in the Metro Court pool. Zelda Tedesco, the owner of Society Setups, offers Britt six months of th service free and she will make her a top priority. Britt takes the deal and, later, Zelda meets with Spinnelli to tell him Britt is no longer a problem. Spinnelli is happy because he doesn’t want anyone to know what he is doing.

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