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 hey. Ahh! Finally. Where have you been? Uh, deception. I got stuck on a call with home and heart. I thought maybe you had an attack of common sense and decided to skip this ordeal. What — what ordeal? Looks like everyone’s having a good time. Look closer. Britt, what’s the problem? Simple. I don’t know what I’m doing here. Uh, staying open to possibilities? If you’d only just put yourself out there, you would have guys falling all over you. Is that even what I want? Well, you’ll never know unless you try. Come on, britt. We’ve both been through hell, and we deserve some good karma. What’s better karma than donating to a worthy cause while sipping cocktails by the pool? I will give you that one. These drinks are delicious. Hm. Okay, um, you just need to follow my lead. Forget the past and look to the future.

[ Scoffs ] I’m looking forward, and I like what I see. Maxie: Hi. Austin: This is for you. Thank you. Hey. So glad you made it. Thanks. Mm. Are you okay? Better all the time. Brad is coming with my next drink. Sorry that took so long. Ooh.

[ Sighs ] I know you don’t like austin for maxie. Yes, that’s — that’s exactly it. You know, maxie is the — is the mother of my child. I’ll — I’ll always be protective of her. Uh, drew, drew, drew, come — come join us. Hey. Spinelli, look at you. Hey. Aw. You look amazing. You look so good. Sam, goes without saying that you look even better. Thank you. That’s always nice to hear. It’s the truth. It’s so wonderful to see you. I-I-I can’t wait to hear about everything you’ve got going on. I swear, I’m not mad at you. Okay, I-I’m not mad at you anymore. We both got a little heated. Yeah, we definitely need to clear the air. You first.You first.

[ Clears throat ] Okay, I’ll go first. Great. I’m listening. Judge foster said she didn’t need a lot of time to prepare her ruling, scott. Is that good or bad? I don’t know, but we’ll know shortly.

The role of michael corinthos is temporarily being played by robert adamson.

Why weren’t there any closing arguments? Because, my dear, this is a hearing, not a trial. Apparently, judge foster heard everything she needed to make a decision. How much damage do you think scott did with that rewrite of what happened with claudia? I’m not gonna speculate. We’re just gonna have to wait for the judge to come back. Michael, where’s your mother? She said that she had an errand she needed to do. Well, must be really important. Otherwise, you know she’d be here. Well, no one thought the judge was gonna come back with a decision so fast, but I better text her. I’m sure she wouldn’t want to miss this.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Come on. Hello, ava. Why am I not surprised to find you at a shooting range? Same reason I’m not surprised to see you here. It’s probably a good idea, brushing up on your gun skills, given the company you’re currently keeping.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Oh, that wasn’t you dining out with victor cassadine at the metro court? Funny. I don’t remember seeing you there. I wasn’t there, but I have sources. Apparently, you were getting pretty cozy. Planning on upgrading from nikolas to victor? Is that the plan? I’ll tell you something. Your father is certainly a lot more charming than you are. Anna: Oh, I wouldn’t say that. Valentin’s had his moments. I’m gonna go for a ride. We can talk about this after. Walk out that door, and I may not be here when you get back. No such luck.

[ Gasps ] I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m not.

Bailiff: All rise.

[ Door closes ] Please be seated. It is the opinion of this court that parents have the right to determine who is a part of their child’s life, just as they are responsible for anything that affects their child. However, the law in new york state is very clear. It allows a biological grandparent, such as ms. Reeves, to petition to see their grandchild. That law is why we’re here today and the only reason I allowed this circus to go on as long as it has. The law gives ms. Reeves the right to be heard, regardless of the merits of her case. I’ve heard both arguments, for and against visitation. The respondent party has proven that the petitioner’s presence in wiley corinthos’ life would be detrimental. I hereby deny the petitioner, nina reeves, visitation with the minor child.

[ Gavel bangs ] Oh, thank god. We won.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry, britt. Somebody bumped into me. I know. Don’t use this as an excuse to leave. No harm. [ Chuckles ] Just get me another cocktail. You have great reflexes. She’s like a panther. Okay, we’re gonna sit down and let you two singles mingle. Mingle.

[ Sighs ] Here. Take mine. None of it spilled. And they’re the right price — free. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] Wow, y-you got to admit, there are some hot guys here. A-and did I tell you how sexy you look in that outfit? Easy, brad. I might think you’re trying to boost my confidence. Hello, there. Didn’t you say you didn’t need a singles mixer? That you’re already seeing someone? It looks like that’s not gonna work out. Like, what do you mean? You — you — you said you guys have great chemistry. We did, but he just got a job offer in chicago. He tried to turn it down, but I told him not to. The opportunity’s just too good. Oh, uh, excuse me. Hi. I’m just gonna take this whole tray drinks. Oh, no. We need them! Oh. Look what you did. It’s okay. Anna, I’m here, as you requested. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned. I think you’re gonna like it. Well, anna, I would warn you not to trust him, but something tells me you wouldn’t listen. Did ava say something? Do you care? I do not. I was a little worried you were gonna stand me up.

[ Gunshots in distance ] What, you were afraid that I was gonna pay you back for all the times you disappeared on me? I have a bad habit of doing that. I’m sorry to be such a disappointment. Can I take your invitation to join you here as a sign you’re willing to give me a second chance? A second chance? I-I think that you’re on about 99 at this point. Yet here we are. Yet here we are.

[ Gunshots continues ] Choose your weapon. Oh. Am I going to need to defend myself? So, drew, sam tells me that you’re gonna be serving as scout’s swim coach. Now, okay, I-I-I know you were a navy seal, but how good of a swimmer actually are you? And a-are — are you certified to coach? And are there gonna be other kids there that are around scout’s age? And, I mean, I assume the quartermaines are gonna be heating the pool, right?

[ Chuckles ] Well, um, scout’s in the 7-and-8 group on the country club team. I’m just a volunteer coach. You know, I just pitch in when the staff there ask me to help. But I-I just want to make it fun. I don’t want it to feel like it’s olympic training. Sure. Dante: Hey, guys. Hey. I’m sorry I disappeared on you. Oh, it’s forgiven. Do you want a drink? Ooh, yeah, a-allow me. No, I-I’m good, spinelli, actually. Thanks. Uh… can I talk to you for a minute, actually? Sure. Spinelli, what’s going on? Mm? Why are you so desperate to get away from me? Oh, perish the thought. No, stop. You’re dodging my questions. What’s going on? I can admit I may have gone too far asking for your help to go after linc. You mean when you asked me to entrap linc and risk getting thrown off the force for good? Yes, that. I-it wasn’t a good idea to ask a cop, even one on suspension, to do something potentially… catastrophic. …Not strictly legal. It’s just, you’ve helped me so much in the past. I-I guess I got carried away. But you also overreacted. We can agree on that, right? Okay. Sure. Great. So we’re good, then. You do realize you never actually said you were sorry. I’m sorry. Now can we move on? I have one more thing to say about that. Of course you do. I’ve decided I’m gonna help you take linc down, after all.

So, what happened?

[ Slurping ] Brad? Hmm? You should go talk to that really hot waiter over there. Where? Are you sure it’s not gonna work with this guy? I mean, you seemed so happy about him. I’m disappointed, but it’s okay. I’m not buying it. I mean, we both know quality men are few and far between. Chet and I met by accident, we texted a lot, but we only went on one follow-up date. We weren’t officially a couple.

[ Sighs ] Love sucks. I’m definitely not talking about love. Chet and I had potential, that’s all. And I’m just sorry we’re not gonna see where that leads. This is what happens. Life offers you something, then snatches it away. And bailey and i played peekaboo this morning. Ah, I love what a happy baby she is. It’s kind of incredible considering the first year of her life was such a roller coaster. And here I am again, rambling on about my kids. I’m so sorry. No, don’t be. I-I love when you talk about your kids. You kind of light up. It’s really beautiful on you. Probably in her room, waiting for me to come looking for her.

[ Clears throat ] You changed your mind? You — you want to help me with linc? Yeah. You made me apologize to you. That’s because you needed to.

[ Scoffs ] You’re right. I did. And I accept your apology. So let’s go get that slimeball. Is there a problem? Well, that depends. Are you backing michael’s vendetta? What are you talking about? Michael says he’s gonna dismantle everything sonny’s built. I think it’s pretty unlikely michael’s gonna start firebombing sonny’s warehouse. Yeah, of course not. So, wait. I’m — I’m sorry. What does this have to do with me? Michael’s gonna use elq to target sonny. Judge foster: Mr. Baldwin, your mischaracterization of michael corinthos bordered on slander. The court is perfectly capable of reading and comprehending a criminal record. Your distortion wasted the court’s time, tried its patience, and did your client no favors. As far as the court’s concerned, this matter is closed. Court’s adjourned. We did it. It’s over.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. Oh. It was a legitimate argument. I mean, if she’d just listened… nina, listen, I’m sorry. I-I-I gave it my best shot. Michael, willow, I’m so happy for you both. Carly, what’s wrong? Willow. Michael. Please. Please reconsider. A walther ppk? It’s a classic. Yeah. How about you? Oh, I have my own. Obviously. It is a classic. Okay, so let’s decide on the rules for this little shooting competition. Whoever gets the cleanest set of kills wins. What are the stakes? Um, if you win, I’ll have dinner with you. And if you win? I don’t know. Not sure. Have to see. What if it’s a draw? It won’t be. Okay, well, you’re using your own weapon. I’ve never used this one before. You have an unfair advantage. Want me to give you a little time to practice? Yeah? Does that seem fair? That sounds fair. Okay.

[ Gun cocks ] Okay. What? That’s it? One shot? I mean, that’s your idea of practice? I only need one. You should know that about me. Once I get a feel for it, I always hit my target.

Se don’t cut meout of wiley’s life completely. You knew the risks when you took this case to court. Your petition was denied. There’s nothing left to say. I know that, legally, I have no rights to see wiley. I’m at your mercy. Oh, now you’re asking for mercy? After you had scott try to destroy michael’s reputation? Listen, I’ll take anything. Supervised visitation.

[ Scoffs ] I-I’ll come over to your house. You both can be there the entire time. Why would I ever let wiley spend time with a woman who had her lawyer tell lies about his father on the stand? All you proved today, nina, is that you will say anything, do anything to get your way. And when it doesn’t work out, then you start crying.

Then you claim you didn’t mean it or you were misunderstood. You are the one who pushed the issue by taking this to court. There is no going back now.

[ Breathing heavily ] Willow, are you okay? Michael and i are wiley’s parents, and like the judge said, it is up to us to decide what is best for him. And we do not think you can be trusted with him. It is really that simple. You can’t change this. I love wiley, and he loves me. Wiley doesn’t know any better. That’s why we are protecting him from you. Come on, nina. Let’s get out of here. Nina should really sue baldwin for malpractice. I mean, they never really had a case, and that stunt he pulled by attacking you, that totally alienated the judge. All the matters now is that it’s over. The judge found in our favor, thanks to you, diane. I agree. I didn’t want this hearing, but I am so glad it’s now legally settled. Thank yourselves. Michael, for the most part, you held up beautifully under scott’s attack. And, willow, you were nothing short of brilliant on the stand. I was fighting for wiley to make sure nina won’t have the chance to hurt our son. Why aren’t you texting me back, esme? Oh, I get it. You want me to beg. Well, that’s not gonna happen.

[ Door opens ] Ava: Nikolas! Oh, it’s you. Obviously. Have you seen your father? Thank you. You’ve always been so considerate with me.

[ Sighs ] I can’t believe that just happened. Are you alright? I mean, I knew michael was planning on cutting sonny out of his life, but I had absolutely no idea that he wanted to use elq resources to — to take him down. Are you sure? Mm. Well, michael told me he’s gonna take sonny down. He didn’t say he was gonna use elq to do it, but call it an educated guess. Look, I-I get michael’s anger towards sonny. I mean, his dad chose the woman who kept him away from his family for months over michael’s own mother. Look, if it’s a legitimate deal that benefits elq but also damages sonny, I can’t stand in michael’s way. But with that said, I would never do anything to weaken elq. Does michael know that? Whoo! It’s june, and I was hoping to get out and hike a little bit soon, and I wondered if maybe you want to come with me sometime. Yeah, absolutely. Just as long as it’s not in pautuck. I’m not ready to go back there yet. I’m sorry. I know you love the woods there. I do, but we’ll find a place here in port charles, someplace that’s new for both of us. Okay. Deal. Yeah? Yeah. Great.

[ Giggles ] Britt:

[ Giggles mockingly ] Great, great. Is there a problem, britt? No. No. By all means, do your thing. Just explain something to me first. What are you two even doing at a singles mixer? This is also a charity fundraiser. Oh, my god. I’m officially a charity case?

[ Laughs ] I’m excited you’re on board. Not so fast. I have conditions. I will keep an eye on linc, see what I can dig up. I’ll see if he’s involved in any illegal activity, but I’m not gonna set linc up in any way. I would never ask you to do that. That’s exactly what you said. Okay, fine. That — that was before. We’re moving on now. Any help that you offer is appreciated. I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty nervous going after linc myself. Now you don’t have to. Not on my watch. You’re the best. Thank you.

[ Gunshots ] How did you do? I held my own. How did you do? Eh, well. I don’t know. It’s less of a challenge when the target isn’t moving. I don’t buy that. Unlike you, who just seems so very hard to pin down.

[ Gunshots in distance ] I meant what I said. I’M… I’m ready to stay put for a while. But you’ve always liked a moving target, haven’t you? So is that even gonna work for you? Oh, it — it depends… if there’s anything to stay put for. There will be. I promise you. Okay. Shall we see who won? I think I already know the answer to that. Hold, please. No, no. I-I just — I’m just gonna grab this one, okay. Okay, okay. Cheers. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckling ] Okay, britt. Do you think you should slow down? The drinks help me mingle. I’m not here for charity.

I’m here because I’m single so why am I talking to the two of you? I am still gonna be your friend after this. Why don’t we just leave them to it? Come on. I don’t know. I’ll keep an eye on britt. We both will. Okay. I’m fine.[ Chuckling ] Okay. Alright, wingman, wingwoman, let’s find me someone. Okay. Too short. Ooh, still lives with his parents. Uh, um, had — oh, had his teeth whitened too many times. And no. Just — just no. Too many freckles. Well, thank you for the heads up. I mean, I know firsthand how easy it is to let anger consume you, and…michael doesn’t deserve that. I agree. I’ll talk to him. Hey, nina, I got to sign some court documents. Should I call liesl? I don’t want to talk to anyone. I just can’t believe it’s over. I know. Listen, it was a hard loss. I thought for sure we were gonna win. But maybe I just convinced myself of that because I couldn’t bear the thought of losing wiley forever. Well — well, maybe michael and — and willow, they’ll reconsider. I’ve got to go. Aw.

[ Sighs ] I’m still waiting, spinelli. Okay, okay, I…cannot lie to you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yes, something is going on. But I-I’m just not — I’m not ready to talk about my new…thing just yet. Okay, just promise me you’re not in danger. Oh, no, no. Heaven forfend. It’s not anything like that. I-I promise. Can we just — we just leave it at that for now? Look at that one in that hideous shirt.

[ Laughs ] Oh, that sounds like there’s a problem. Britt, you may want to lower your voice. You’re getting a little loud. And obnoxious. What are you saying, terry? Am I causing a scene? Not yet, but you are well on your way.

[ Groans ] Well, that won’t do. Oh.

[ Glass clinking ] It’s not loud enough.

[ Sighs ] You know, we keep talking around something, and I don’t want to ignore it anymore. Me, neither.

[ Britt whistling loudly ] What’s that? Listen up, everyone! I’m gonna blow your minds. Get ready. I have no idea where my father is, though there is this hot new invention called texting. You should try it sometime. Yeah, I-I am. He’s just — he’s not responding to me. I wouldn’t, either, if I saw your name. Never mind. I’ll find him myself. Wait. Ava, we need to talk. I just tried that. It didn’t really work for me. Esme and i are moving out. Oh, good. Yes, I saw esme’s suitcase in the foyer. Uh-huh. Well, our deal is that we move out, and I get access to my trust fund. Mm, mnh. Our deal is that I give you a weekly allowance. So is there something else? Well, we’re not moving back in with my grandmother and kevin. I’m sure laura will be very happy to hear that. We plan on staying in a five-star hotel, at least for a while.

[ Laughs ] That’s what you’re gonna do with your money? Well, I don’t think that’s very wise, but you do you. Well, I’m gonna need my first payout to book the room. Mm, not gonna happen. We have a deal. You’re still here. No, you don’t get any money until you and your girlfriend are really, truly, totally, completely out. Hey, we’re going. Not until you have a new place to stay. What? You don’t trust me?

[ Chuckles ] God, no. And I trust esme even less. I can’t believe we did that. I’m so sorry. I-I never expected that to happen.

[ Sighs ] Are you okay? I’m great. If I’m being totally honest, I’ve been fighting these feelings for a while. Have you been struggling, too? I’m sorry. I just — I feel like I took advantage of you. Oh, you did not take advantage of me. If anything, you saved me. I’ve been so lonely and sad. Spence has been so cold to me, and you’ve been so kind and caring. It was nice to feel close to someone again. To feel safe in your strong arms. And I’m sorry that spence wasn’t the man I thought he was, and I’m sorry that your marriage is over, but I can’t say that I’m anything but glad that we found each other. Esme, what we did is wrong. Spencer is my son. And spence and i are finished. To be clear, that was his choice, not mine. Going forward, spence has no say in what I do. Spencer will never forgive me for this. Spence… never has to know.

What are you saying, esme? For both our sakes, spence should never find out. It’ll be our secret. Is that what you want? Even though spence has made it perfectly clear he doesn’t give a damn what I do, I… the last thing I want is to cause trouble for you. I mean, I just couldn’t resist you. You’ve been so good to me. So, now that it’s all over, how you feeling? You alright? Well, this whole thing has been draining. Nina has put us through so much. But now that it’s over, I am pretty sure I will sleep well tonight. Thank you for everything, diane.

[ Chuckles ] Yes. I-I don’t know how you do it. Nothing ever seems to rattle you. Well, that’s — that’s not entirely true, but thank you for the compliment, michael. But that’s my job — to not lose my cool. And nina gave me so much to work with. And now you two have a legal ruling. If she comes anywhere near wiley, you can have her arrested. Ugh, well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but it’s good to know we have that protection. I so love it when the good guys win. Enjoy your victory. Hi. Hi. Thank you so much, diane. My pleasure, carly. And bonus points to you for holding it together during sonny’s testimony. Yeah, well, anything for wiley. Of course. Of course you’d feel that way. But I have some idea of what that cost you. Well done.

[ Exhales slowly ] Hey. Glad you were able to make it back in time for the verdict. But now we have to go celebrate.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I definitely agree. Justice was served. What about you, willow? Any second thoughts? No. [ Chuckles ] Why would I? I know tha t you were the onewho struggled the most with denying nina contact with wiley. Oh, n-not anymore.

[ Scoffs ] I see nina very clearly now. No, I’m thrilled that wiley is protected legally. We never have to see that awful woman again. Mom, what is that? What are we all doing here? Supporting a charity?! I don’t think so. Do something. I am. We are shelling out our hard-earned money on the search for love. We are suckers. Save your money and get a pet, okay? Everybody wants to find their special someone. And once you care for them, they leave you. N-n-not every time. You just have to find the right one. Oh, yes, the mythical right one. The one who will complete your life. The one who will stand by you to hell and back, who will trust you more than you trust yourself. You and the one will always have paris, right?! Wrong! Okay? Haven’t you seen how the movie ends? She flies away with the other guy, because it’s just a sappy movie. There is no right one. Uh, what the hell is going on right now? I need a drink.

[ Airplane engine roaring ] Is that…? H-have faith. Your time will come. Cupid will loosehis arrow — oh, duck and cover, people! Those suckers hurt, okay? You know, port charles is the anti-cupid, okay? No, actually, ’cause it’s a place, not a person. But cupid’s not a person, either. It’s just a chubby baby thing. Britt, I think you made your point. Let’s get you something to eat, okay? No, these people have to understand.

[ Roaring continues ] Oh, my god. There is no love. There’s no love in port charles, okay? All the good ones are taken — or dead.

[ Roaring gets louder ] If you’re looking for love in port charles, you might as well wait for someone to fall out of the sky. Uh, britt! What?! Man: Look out below! Terry: Oh, my god! Britt! Woman: No! Oh, no, no, no! Britt, britt! Look out!

[ Screams ]

[ Water splashes ]

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Ritz. A taste of welcome. You keep helping her with homework. We’ll help you save for her college. We gave zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep. To people who were tired of being tired. I’ve never slept like this before. I’ve never woken up like this before. Crafted with clinically studied plant-based ingredients that work naturally with your body. For restorative sleep like never before. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Wait a minute. Anna devane… did you fire one less round than me or did you miss your target entirely? That is not like you. Well, it’s not me. Look, no. I fired twice into the same exact place. No, you — no, you… alright, well, then, you won our little competition. Congratulations. You gonna give me a second chance to win dinner with you? I’ll do you one better than that. I’m listening. I’ve decided that, for my prize… …we get to spend the evening together. During what? You’ll figure it out. Pick me up at 7:00.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] This is a esme’s jacket. Esme?! Spencer. Esme? I failed, nelle. I lost the right to see your son. What am I gonna do now what I’ve lost to you and wiley? Mom, what is it? As long as it’s not bad news.

[ Sighs ] Sorry, michael. Oh, my god, it’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother. Michael: Mom?

[ Britt screaming ] Britt?

[ Breathing heavily ] What the hell just happened? Now, that’s an interesting. Hello, port charles! Hoo!

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