GH Short Recap Thursday, June 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

The man who fell from the sky at the Society Setups fundraiser is a sky diver that was paid by Society Setups. The man is named Cody Bell, Dante’s childhood friend. Britt wants Cody arrested. Dante handcuffs Cody in front of Britt but doesn’t arrest him; instead, he lets him borrow some clothes and he and Sam take him to Charlie’s pub for lunch. Britt tells Brad and Spinelli she is interested in parachute man.

Cameron tells Spencer to either tell Trina the truth about what he is doing or speed up his plan to prove Esme posted the video. Cameron tells Spencer he will not lose Josslyn because of his plan.

Drew tells Michael he won’t let him use ELQ to take down Sonny. Michael promises Drew that he won’t use ELQ to take down Sonny.

Nikolas feels guilty about sleeping with Esme after Ava apoligizes for threatening to divorce him. Ava tells Nikolas she doesn’t want to give up on her marriage. Nikolas tells Ava that he has something important to tell her.

Sonny looks for Nina but he can’t find her anywhere and he is very worried about her.

Carly decides not to tell Willow Nina is her mother because Willow is happy that Nina is out of their lives. Carly also lies to Drew and tells him the DNA tests said Nina isn’t Willow’s mother.

Esme tells Spencer that they need to talk.

Chase and Brook Lynn continue to avoid talking about their feelings but Chase promises to do everything he can to get the rights to her songs back for her.

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