GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chase refuses to help Brook Lynn with her plan to follow Linc and catch him doing something against the law and blackmail Linc to give her the rights to her songs back or go to jail.

Alexis and Gregory argue while he is in the park with Violet. Gregory thinks Alexis should not mix real news stories with tabloid stories in the Invader because it will only confuse the readers. Alexis asks Gregory to write an opinion piece and submit it to the Invader and she will publish it.

Marshall decides to return to Port Charles with his family when the doctor tells him he can go home. Marshall tells Curtis he will finally tell him the truth about why he left his family years, ago.

Elizabeth decides to go to Shady Brook to figure out why she is sleep walking. When she returns home in a few weeks she will have outpatient treatment.

The hearing for Nina to try and get visitation with Wiley begins and Diane gets Nina to admit she lied to Sonny’s family when she didn’t tell them Sonny was in Nixon Falls. Sonny asks Scott to put him on the stand so Scott calls Sonny to the stand to testify on behalf of Nina.

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