Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Eric rushed after Tripp when he jumped out of the window. Allie woke up and wondered why she was at the church. Johnny told her that she was possessed. Allie remembered hearing Tripp’s voice. She wanted to know where to find him. Marlena motioned for Johnny not to say anything. Tripp was motionless on the ground. Hr weakly asked John and Eric about Allie. They let him know that he saved her and the devil was gone because of him. Tripp lost consciousness. Eric called the police. Steve met Kayla at the hospital. She told him that Ben and Ciara name baby after Bo. Steve thought that was perfect. John rushed in the hospital to tell them about Tripp. Kayla ran off to help and Steve called Ava. Ben and Ciara talked to Bo’s ghost. He told them that he was watching out for them. He told them that the devil was gone for good. He said the devil wouldn’t be back. Bo told Ben that he needed to let go of his fear of fatherhood. He said he redeemed himself and was a good man. He said he had to take care of something. Bo asked Ciara to tell Hope that he loved her. He wanted Ciara to give Little Bo a lot of kisses from him. He said he was proud of her. Bo disappeared. Ciara cried when he left. She was glad he got to meet her father.

Ava rushed to the hospital as Kayla tried to revive Tripp. She couldn’t revive him and looked up at Steve and Kayla. She told them that Tripp was gone. Steve held Ava as she ripped into Kayla. Steve told her to stop yelling at Kayla. He said their son was gone. Kayla gave them a moment alone. Ava collapsed after she looked at Tripp’s body. Kayla went to the lobby and told John they lost Tripp. John held her as she cried. Kate was ready to tell Roman the truth about Lucas’ plan when he showed up. He wanted to know what she meant. She hugged him and wanted to know why he didn’t return her calls. He wanted to know how Allie was doing first. Roman joined them and said he didn’t know. Lucas said Sami broke her leg skiing and was in the hospital. He said she couldn’t fly so he left without her. Roman left to call Marlena. Kate wanted to hear what really happened. Lucas assured her that he was telling the truth. Roman came back and said Allie was possessed by the devil. Lucas was upset when Eric showed up. He told them the entire story about Allie. Lucas rushed off. Johnny and Marlena brought Allie to their place. She wanted to know what she did while she was possessed. Jason told her what wanted. Allie thanked them and hugged Johnny. John called Marlena to tell her the bad news about Tripp. Steve and Ava mourned Tripp. Steve pleaded for Tripp to come back to them. Ghost Bo appeared and put his hand on Tripp’s head. Tripp jolted awake. Steve and Ava rushed to Tripp’s side. Steve saw Bo and he dissolved away.

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