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Hope: So, you and steffy told kelly and hayes, I mean, how are they doing, are they okay?

Liam: Thanks, um, yeah, they– they’re okay. It was, uh, yeah, it was tough. We had to tell them that, um, finn isn’t– he’s not coming home, but he’s always going to be with us. And honestly, I think that part was harder on steffy and me, than it was for the kids. But I co– I could see kelly processing.

Hope: I’m sorry. That– that must have been really tough. For all of you.

Liam: Still can’t believe any of this.

Steffy: Sometimes I wish my memory never came back, especially seeing my husband die.

Taylor: I’m so sorry that you had to see– go through that.

Steffy: To realize it was sheila. Sheila killed him. God, just makes it even more tragic. Finn should be here with us, he should be here with his family.

Taylor: Oh, he should.

[ Sighing ] How did– how did the kids take it, whenever you and liam told them?

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: Kelly was brave. I mean– she was confused, especially when we said finn was gone, but we’ll always be able to see him in our memories.

[ Sniffling ] And we’ll remember the good times. And– and hayes, he just– he’s so little. He doesn’t really understand. But I think he senses something.

Taylor: Of course. This is so overwhelming for you. Have you– have you given any more thought to a memorial service?

Steffy: Yeah, of course. I want to honor finn’s life, and I want li to be involved. I mean, she’s his mother, no matter how you look at it. But we need to talk to her, before we plan anything. Li needs to know the truth about how finn died.

Taylor: Yes, um, I actually reached out to her earlier. She should be on her way right now.

Hope: You know, thank god, steffy, you know, she isn’t alone. She has taylor at the house, ridge and thomas are just a phone call away. You know, I’m only saying this because she does have a really good support system in place.

Liam: Yeah, no, she has a great support system. It’s not that at all. We just didn’t get to debrief, we told the kids, and then I had to leave, you know?

Hope: I get it.

Liam: Can I tell you something?

Hope: Mm.

Liam: I’m not taking this for granted. Just that fact that you’re– you’re here, you know, I can– I can touch you, and I can hold you, and I can lay with you. And that’s– I mean, these are things that steffy’s never going to get to do with finn again.

Hope: I know, it’s tragic.

Liam: I just can’t imagine what steffy’s going through. First, she loses her husband, and then she finds out it was sheila who did it?

Taylor: Well, we talked about reaching out to li. So, I– I just went ahead and did it.

Steffy: Oh, good. Yeah, I reached out, but she didn’t respond.

Taylor: Ah, you know, li is dealing with finn’s loss too. Everyone grieves differently. Some people want to be close to family and friends. Others want to shut down.

Steffy: I guess that’s how li copes. She basically took on all the end of life details, and disappeared. I didn’t even get a chance to see finn before he was cremated.

Taylor: I’m so sorry. That made everything so much harder for you.

[ Steffy sighing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Taylor: Okay. Here we go.

Steffy: Yeah. Okay.

Taylor: Li, hi, thank you for coming.

Steffy: Li, hi. Please, please sit.

Li: Sorry, I haven’t–

Steffy: No, no, don’T. Don’t apologize.

Taylor: Yeah, can I get you anything?

Li: No, thank you. You said there’s something I need to know about finn’s murder?

Steffy: We have news, about the person who killed your son. For copd,

Hope: I know that sheila has done some horrible things in the past and that she could be dangerous if she ever felt threatened. But I mean, come on, she’s still a human being. And I did give her the benefit of the doubt, when she said that she wanted a place in finn’s life and wanted to know her grandson, because I’m sorry, it’s– it’s relatable. And I could understand that. I mean, I’m– I’m a mom. But what does she do? No, um, instead, she shoots finn in an alley, uh, takes her grandson’s father away. I mean, she also shot his mother, too, and– and steffy could have died from that. So, yeah, you know, sheila doesn’t deserve to see the light of day ever again. She doesn’T.

Liam: It just– breaks my heart. Hayes is going to grow up without his father. Finn, you know, he was a good man. He really was. And he was a good father. And not just to hayes. I mean, everybody would expect that, but– but he was a good stepfather to kelly. And he didn’t have to be. He could have been– he could have been a distant stepfather, especially with me in the picture. You kidding me? But he embraced my daughter. And he just– and he loved her and… I don’t know, I’m always gonna be grateful to him for that. I wish kelly had more time. Okay, uh, I think I’m going to go to steffy’S.

Hope: Okay. All right.

Liam: I will, uh, I won’t be long. I love you.

Hope: I love you.

[ Sighing ]

Bill: Wait, what– liam? Okay. Good to see you, too.

Hope: Hi.

Bill: He just took off– hi. Took off like he did something wrong. Did he?

Hope: No, not at all.

Bill: Where was he off to, in such a hurry?

Hope: Oh, he went to go check in on steffy.

Bill: Aah. You okay with that?

Hope: Yes, of course I am. Steffy needs all the support she can get right now.

Bill: Something else happened?

Hope: Oh, steffy remembered who shot finn and her.

Bill: Who?

Hope: It was sheila.

[ Bill stutters ]

Taylor: Kelly and hayes are with the sitter so we can talk.

Li: How is my grandson?

Steffy: He’s good. He– he misses his daddy.

Li: Ah, I think of him all the time.

Steffy: You know, you can see him whenever you want.

Li: Thank you. Thank you. Tell me, what have you learned?

Steffy: Remembered, actually. My memory of that night, it– it came back.

Li: I can only imagine how painful that is.

Steffy: Excruciating. I was telling my mom how much I wish I hadn’t remembered.

Li: Who did it? Who shot you and my son?

Steffy: It was sheila.

Li: That woman! How could she shoot him? Sheila gave birth to him. The one good thing she ever did. Why?

Steffy: Uh… she was manipulating people’s lives again. And I went to go confront her. And– she didn’t want the truth to come out. So she pulled out a gun. She was– she was going to shoot me. And that’s when finn showed up. And he– he jumped in front of me and– he was trying to protect me. He saved my life. He’s a hero.

Li: I’m not surprised. That’s my boy. A protector, a healer. A loving husband. Father, who has so much love to give.

Steffy: Sheila’s in, uh, she’s in custody now. I know it doesn’t bring finn back, but now she’s going to have to answer for what she did.

Li: Everything was fine. Jack and I were together. Finn had just married you, happier than he’d ever been. Sheila shows up, and ruins everything. Upended finn’s entire world, and now this? I can’t imagine a life without my son. I’ll do anything to have him back. (Vo) at the tidy cats innovation lab.

Taylor: I am– I am so sorry, li. You are a wonderful mother, finn– finn was, uh, remarkable. He was warm and kind and loving, and– and you did that. And no one, not even sheila, can take that away.

Steffy: Li, finn adored you. I know this is– well, it’s never the right time, but, um, I just wanted your input on the memorial service. I mean, it doesn’t have to be big or anything–

Li: I don’t wanna go there right now.

Steffy: I understand that. It’s the last thing I– I want to discuss–

Li: You can have a memorial service any time. It doesn’t have to be now.

Steffy: Okay, but there’s still things that we– we need to figure out, like, are we going to scatter his ashes? Assuming you haven’t done so? I– I am not sure–

Li: Steffy. Stef– stop. I can’t have this conversation. I refuse to think of finn being gone from this world.

Steffy: And I understand that completely. But as his wife, I still want to honor his life.

Li: I will take care of everything, when it comes to my son.

Bill: You know, uh, there– there’s not a lot that I would put past sheila, but this really does take me by surprise. She killed finn? Her long, lost son that she would have moved heaven and earth, if it bought her a minute of his time.

Hope: Mm hm.

Bill: And– and steffy knows all of this?

Hope: Steffy’s memory of that night is back now.

Bill: That’s got to be so tough. How are the kids doing?

Hope: Well, uh, steffy and liam actually told them both earlier, and– and kelly’s okay, she’s still processing, and hayes is, obviously, still pretty young, but I’m sure he feels his father’s absence.

Bill: Oh well, of course he does. I– finn is gone for no good reason, because sheila felt threatened, so she acted out.

Hope: You know, what sticks with me is the fact that finn, his instinct was to protect his wife, in that moment, he didn’t even give a second thought about himself. He just jumped in front of that bullet.

Bill: Went out a hero. Not that it’s any consolation.

Hope: Yeah. So, um, yeah, that’s where liam went, to check in on steffy, because he is obviously very worried about her right now.

Steffy: Is it just me, or was li acting, like, super strange?

Taylor: No, it– it wasn’t just you. I guess– I mean, she just– she just lost her son in a very violent, and horrific way, but you also lost your husband. I– everyone copes differently.

Steffy: I just got a weird vibe from li, but like, you’re– you’re right. There’s no proper way to grieve the loss of someone you love. Oh, the damage sheila’s caused my family. Just awful.

[ Knocking ]

Liam: Hey.

Steffy: Hey.

Liam: Uh… kids have been dropped off with amelia, but um… I don’t know. I just– I just wanted to come back and check if you’re okay after, you know, telling them.

Li: Sheila carter. Go with simparica trio it’s triple protection made simple! On loan for a bit. Steffy is– is reeling, understandably. But she is tough. She’s strong. She knows those kids need her. So I have no doubt that she will come back, better than ever. And in the meantime, she just needs, uh, some extra support.

Hope: It’s a lot.

Bill: I know that liam will do whatever he can to help her through it.

Liam: Here you go.

Steffy: Thanks.

Liam: Is there, um, is there anything I can do?

Steffy: Just be with me. So what now?

Liam: How do you mean?

Steffy: How do I move on?

Liam: Oh. You know, I don’t know. But I do know you’ll figure it out. ‘Cause that’s kind of your thing.

[ Scoffing ]

Steffy: I don’t know if I can, this time. I watched the life drain out of my husband. Oh, we were just starting our life together. Our future, our family. Sheila robbed us, especially hayes. He’s only going to have vague memories of his father, if that. Finn and hayes deserved so much more.

Liam: Maybe, um, maybe it’s healthy to ask yourself, “what would finn want?”

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Steffy: To go on. To have the best lives? I don’t know. I don’t think I can do that.

Liam: Yes, you can. You can. You wanna know how I know? Because you’re not alone. You have an amazing family, who would do anything for you. And you have me too. Anything you need, I’ll show up. Day or night. Doesn’t matter.

Steffy: Thank you, because I’m going to need that. I can’t stand it, this, liam, he’s– he’s gone. Finn’s gone, he’s never– he’s never coming back.

Li: It’s a cold, cruel world. Maybe you’re better off where you are. But as long as there’s still a chance, I won’t give up.

[ Machine hissing ]

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