GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Linc tells Brook Lynn that the song that Chase sang belongs to hum because she wrote it while he was her music producer. Linc tells her he is talking to several singers about singing her songs. Linc tells Brook Lynn that she should sign another contract with him and they could negotiate the terms of the contract in his room. Brook Lynn punches Linc and Chase tells her she isn’t alone and he can help her but, she is distracted and rushes to go talk to her lawyer and see if Linc owns some of the songs she has written.

Portia tells Curtis that the Title 9 report that the Title 9 Coordinator from the university submitted says that the circumstantial evidence suggests that Trina posted the video of Cameron and His spun this report might lead to Tina’s expulsion from the university. Trina will have a hearing in thirty days and after the hearing the University will make a decision whether or not to expel Trina from school.

Gladys has a long talk with Sasha about her use of uppers. At first, Sasha denies she has been taking the pills but then she admits that she took the pills to help her deal with the Deception IPO and Liam’s death. Sasha promises Gladys she doesn’t intend to take the pills anymore and begs Gladys not to tell Brando. Gladys promises not to tell Brandon, but Sasha has to let her move in with her and Brando. Sasha and Gladys go to the garage and Sasha tells Brandon that Gladys is moving in with them.

TJ and Molly talk to the music store owner who fixed Marshall’s clarinet and he promises them he will let Marshall know that his family wants him to return to Port Charles. Jordan tells Curtis that TJ and Molly went to Brook Lynn to try and find Marshall. Curtis calls TJ and he tells him about their talk with the music store owner and Curtis tells him he is going to Brook Lynn and he will help them search for Marshall. TJ and Molly finish their cherry pie and are about to leave the restaurant when Marshall walks in the door.

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