GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Valentin talks to Ned and tries to persuade him to team up with him so Michael and Drew won’t push him out of the company if ELQ merges with Aurora Media. Ned tells Valentin he is late for Leo’s birthday party. Valentin tells Ned they have to set up another time to talk about business before the board meeting.

Chase keeps his promise to Leo to sing any song he wants because Leo recited his poem at his school fair. Leo chooses one of the songs Brook Lynn wrote that is his favorite song. Olivia encourages Brook Lynn to tell Chase how she feels about him while Dante is telling Chase the same thing. Brook Lynn and Chase are about to leave the birthday party to go talk when they are interrupted by Linc, Brook Lynn’s sleazy former manager.

Gladys gives the paparazzi photographer back his memory card and watches him delete the pictures of Sasha from the memory card as well as deleting the pictures from his back up memory. The photographer gives Gladys
the pills he promised Sasha. Gladys tells Sasha she can trust her with, anything and then gives her a plastic bag with pills in it.

Spencer tells Sam about his plan to trap Esme and tells her about the pills he found, Rand’s nanny, Maggie, so Sam is going to investigate nanny

Esme tells Nikolas that Ava doesn’t appreciate what a wonderful man he is and holds his hand. Ava arrives and sees them and, argues with Nikolas later and she is upset because Nicolas won’t throw Esme out of the house. Esme overhears the argument and packs her things to leave. Esme later tells Nikolas that she doesn’t want to cause trouble in his marriage. Nikolas tells her to stay. He will make sure he and Ava are on the same page. Ava tells Spencer she will give him ten thousand dollars a month from his trust fund if he and Esme move out of Wyndamere.

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