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Jake: You cold?

Ava: Why would I be cold? It’s may.

Jake: [Chuckles] It’s cold and it’s may.

[Mimics explosion] And creepy.

Ava: Yeah. It was your great idea to come here.

Jake: Yeah, it was. And it certainly didn’t put you in a chipper mood, now did it?

Ava: Okay, listen, I’m sorry. All right? I am sorry. I just–I–I cannot believe you have decided to go work for dimera again. I thought that you were done with that nest of vipers. And especially the queen viper herself.

Jake: Queen viper herself? You wouldn’t mean gabi, now would you?

Ava: Oh, yeah, gabi. Yes, and in spite of all the petty and miserable things she’s done, she still has her hooks in you.

Jake: No, no, she doesn’t have her hooks in me, okay? She presented a very good argument for me to back to dimera.

Ava: Mm-hmm. So when she was presenting that argument, was she on the top, bottom–

Jake: Okay, no, no, no. It wasn’t like that. Wasn’t like that. Look, it is my birthright to be part of dimera. Just like it is chad’s and ej’S. And I never should have let them chase me out of that company in the first place. Plus, shin is a big fan of mine. Gabi seems to think that I can help her stabilize the company.

Ava: Yeah. And it helps her keep you in her orbit. There’s gonna be business dinners, business trips…

Jake: Trust me when I say gabi and I are done.

Ava: Mmm. So you’re relationship’s just platonic then, huh? Kind of like ours.


Steve: Mmm.

Kayla: [Giggles] Ahh. Hello.

Steve: Hi.

Kayla: That was quick. I just texted you 20 minutes ago.

Steve: Yeah, I was down at the station, um, asking about allie.

Kayla: And?

Steve: Well, if they know anything, they’re not talking.

Kayla: [Sighs]

Steve: How’s the baby?

Kayla: Perfect.

Steve: Ah, finally, some good news.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: What about ciara?

Kayla: She’s fine. Uh, she and ben are, predictably, over the moon.

Steve: Good.

Kayla: They told me what they named him.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: They named him bo.

Steve: That’s perfect.

Kate: Lucas, it’s me. I gave you 24 hours, and I haven’t heard a word from you.

[Groans] Everyone is looking for you and sami. They’re wondering where you are. And allie is in trouble, and she needs you. I know that I promised I would keep it a secret what you did to sami, but I am going to have to tell roman.

Roman: Tell roman what?

[Phone beeps]

Ciara: Ben, am I seeing things?

Ben: If you are, then I am too.

Ciara: Daddy?

Bo: In the flesh. Well, not exactly in the flesh.

[Sighs] I’m the one who taught you how to remap a fuel-injection system.

Ciara: [Gasps] It really is you. You came back. You were at the cemetery.

Bo: Yeah, that was me.

[Baby cries]

Ciara: You saved his life.

[Baby cooing]

[Sniffles] Honey… this is your grandad. Daddy, I named him bo.

[Baby cooing]

Bo: Thank you for that.

Eric: Tripp? Can you hear me?

Demon tripp: Well, that was surprisingly easy. The boy didn’t even put up a fight. But it seems his sacrifice was for naught. Allie is still going to die… and by tripp’s own hands.

Marlena: No! God, no!

Tripp: No! I won’t let you hurt her.

John: Let me help you, son.

Tripp: There is no help. There’s only–

Marlena: Tripp! No! No!

[Glass shattering]

John: [Groans]

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

John: Oh, this is bad.

Eric: Yeah, let’s get down there.

Marlena: Allie?

Johnny: Hey.

Marlena: Allie?

Johnny: Hey. Everything’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine.

Allie: No, it’s not. Wh–where are we?

Johnny: We’re at st. Luke’S.

Allie: We’re at a church? Why? Wh–what’s going on?

Marlena: Look, we’ll explain about all that. But what’s important is how are you? How do you feel?

Allie: I– I had awful dreams. The baby– there was a baby.

Johnny: Yeah. Allie, listen, that was ciara’s baby. He’s fine now.

Allie: But I– what did I do?

Marlena: Johnny–

Johnny: No, she needs to know. Like I did. You were possessed.

Allie: No. No, that was you.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, I was. Uh, but then the devil went from me into you. And you fought him so hard, allie, you really did.

Allie: Tripp… tripp–just now I heard his voice. Tripp was here, I know he was. Where is he?

John: Don’t do it, don’t do it. Don’t touch him.

Eric: Tripp. Tripp, it’s eric. Can you hear me?

Tripp: Is–is allie okay?

John: Yeah, she’s fine, kid. She is just fine.

Eric: You saved her.

Tripp: The devil?

Eric: He’s gone. He’s gone, thanks to you.

Tripp: He tried to hurt allie.

John: Whoa, whoa, hang in there, come on, kid. Hang in there. Stay with me, stay with me.

Eric: We need an ambulance at st. Luke’S. There’s massive trauma. Just get here as fast as you can.

[Phone beeps] Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Marlena: Easy, easy. We heard the sirens.

Eric: John’s gone with tripp in the ambulance.

Allie: What are you talking about? Where’s tripp?

Eric: What does she know?

Allie: I know that tripp was here. You know what happened to him, don’t you? Tell me! For god’s sake, tell me.

Ciara: I never thought that I would see you again.

Bo: I’ve been watching over you all along. You, your mom, your brother, and now…this little guy. He’s safe.

Ciara: But the devil is still out there, dad.

Bo: No. The devil’s gone. He’s not coming back.

Ciara: Are you sure?

Bo: Am I– is that any way to speak to your old man?

Ciara: [Chuckles] No. Not at all.

Bo: Yeah, baby, I’m sure. You and this little guy are safe. It’s over.

Ciara: How do you know that, dad? How can you be sure?

Bo: Because one good man sacrificed everything to get rid of him.

Steve: You know, baby, I see a lot of bo in ciara. Don’t you?

Kayla: Oh, all the time. And now she’s so fierce about that little baby. Well, it’s like her dad was always so fierce about his kids.

Steve: Yeah, and that was pretty fierce.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Hey, do you have time to give stephanie and joe a call and tell them they have a new cousin?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Or is it a second cousin? I can never…

Kayla: John, hi.

Steve: Keep that straight. Hey, john. What’s the matter?

John: Tripp’s had an accident.

Steve: What kind of accident?

John: He took a fall, steve. It’s not good. He’s in the er.

Kayla: I–I better go down there.

Steve: Okay, let’s go.

Kayla: No, no, you– you need to stay here and call ava first, okay?

Steve: [Sighs] I’m right behind you.

Jake: I’m starting to think that maybe sometimes you don’t like gabi very much.

Ava: [Scoffs] You’re very funny.

Jake: So a minute ago… when you mentioned that our relationship is platonic, would I be out of line if I said maybe you don’t like that very much? Like, you know, if gabi hadn’t interrupted us that maybe…

Ava: Maybe I’m in a bad mood because gabi interrupted us.

Jake: Huh. Yeah, we don’t seem to be having very much fun here, huh? Maybe we should…head home?

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, let’s go.

[Phone rings] Hmm. It’s steve.

[Phone beeps] Hey, steve, what’s up?

Steve: Ava, tripp’s in the hospital. Uh, there’s been an accident.

Ava: Okay, how bad is it?

Steve: I–I don’t know yet. You just need to get down here right away.

Ava: Yeah, I’ll–I’ll be– I’ll be right there.

[Phone beeps]

Jake: Everything okay?

Ava: It’s tripp. I have to get to tripp.

Roman: Wow. Must, uh– whatever it is, this must be, uh, real bad. You’re, uh, ready to set tables rather than, uh, talk to me.

Kate: I– I’m not trying not to talk to you, I’m just trying to figure out how to tell you.

Roman: Tell me what?

Kate: I know that you’re worried about sami.

Roman: And?

Kate: Well, and I am too.

Roman: What?

Lucas: Wait, wait. Because of me? With depression, you just feel…blah.

Lucas: All right, mom. Mom, I can’t breathe. Come on. Hi, roman, how you doing?

Roman: Hey, lucas.

Kate: Okay, so where the hell were you, and why didn’t you answer my phone calls?

Lucas: Well–well, before I get to that, why don’t you just tell me how allie’s doing. Is she okay? Where is she?

Roman: Well, lucas, we’re, uh, sorry about that, but, uh, we don’t know.

Allie: You said I was possessed. Did I do that? Did I hurt tripp?

Eric: Allie… you didn’t hurt tripp, I promise.

Johnny: Allie, you fought the devil. You really fought him.

Eric: Listen, you’re in pretty rough shape. We need to get you home.

Allie: But I need to see tripp.

Eric: No, you don’T. The doctor’s gonna take care of tripp, and we’re gonna take care of you. You need to take care of henry.

Allie: Wait, but ciara’s baby?

Johnny: We didn’t even know where ciara was, you told us. And because of that, that baby boy is with his mom and dad. So come on. Let’s get you home.

Marlena: Yeah. Let’s get you home.

Eric: Come on.

Marlena: Come on, sweetie.

Ciara: Wait, who was it? What do you mean, “sacrifice everything”?

Bo: You’ll find out soon enough. But don’t worry. You and that little guy have a whole lot of bradys and hortons watching over you. Even a weston or two.

Ciara: [Weeps]

Bo: Oh, ben.

Ben: Yes, sir?

Bo: Please, don’t call me sir.

Ciara: [Laughs]

Ben: Yes, sir. I mean–I mean, um–

Bo: Look, man, um… I know you’re worried about having a baby, and I know why. But you gotta let it go. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s all about redemption. And you, young man? You’ve redeemed yourself. You’re a good man. Mm, you’re an okay husband.

[Chuckles] And if you work real hard, you’ll be a great dad.

Ciara: [Sniffles]

Ben: Thank you.

Bo: Oh. [Clears throat] I love you, little one. But I gotta go.

Ciara: Wait, no, dad–

Bo: Yeah, there’s something I gotta take care of. Tell your mom I love her. Give that little guy lots of kisses for me. And, little one, I’m really proud of you.

Ciara: [Sobs]

Bo: All right. I’m out of here.

Ciara: Dad, wait!


[Sniffles] I always wanted you to meet my dad.


Ava: John, where is he? Wh–where’s tripp?

John: Took him straight to the trauma unit down that way. Steve’s with him.

Jake: I’ll wait here. Go.

Ava: Okay.

Jake: He gonna be okay?

John: I don’t know.

Kayla: 360. Clear.

[Paddles thump]

Ava: Is he gonna be okay? What–what happened to him?

[Monitor flatlining] Why are you stopping? Do it again.

Kayla: I’m–I’m sorry.

Steve: [Groans]

Kayla: I’m sorry.

Ava: Wh–wh–why are you– why are you sorry? Do–do–do–do it again.

Kayla: No, I’m sorry…

Ava: S–s–save him.

Kayla: It’s– it’s too late, he’s gone.

[Breathes unsteadily]

Ava: No, no, no. No, no, he–he can’t be gone. No. Tripp? Tripp?

Steve: Come on. Lemons.

Roman: What? Wait a minute. Sami’s in the hospital? Why are you just telling me this?

Lucas: Listen, we were skiing in italy, and she was going down this run– and I told her not to do it. I told her it was too advanced, and she wouldn’t listen to me. And she wiped out. She broke her leg. She fractured her leg, she has other fractures– it’s bad. She’s in traction and she can’t fly right now. There’s no way.

Kate: Ah ha. So why didn’t you call?

Lucas: Because the reception was terrible, that’s why. I mean, we did get your message about allie. Which is why, since sami heard that, she insisted that I fly home immediately. So here I am.

Roman: So you just left left her there?

Lucas: I didn’t leave her. I mean, she’ll be fine. You know? She’s in the hands of trained professionals.

Roman: All right, I need to let marlena know.

Kate: Okay, what’s the real story?

Lucas: I just told you the real story.

Kate: Oh. Oh, she’s really in the hospital?

Lucas: Yeah, she is, mom. Now, why would I lie about something like that?

Kate: Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you lied the first time you kidnapped her. Why not this time?

Ben: You know, now more than ever…

[Baby coos] I am so glad we named him after your dad.

Ciara: Mmm.

[Sniffles] It was him at the cemetery, ben.

[Baby cooing]

[Sniffles] He’s the reason why I was able to step in the pentagram.

Ben: Ciara, he’s why we’re with our son right now.

Jake: Hey. Gimme this good news.

Ciara: [Sniffles]

Jake: Oh, I’ll, uh– I’ll come back.

Ciara: No, no, it’s fine. Come. You can meet– come meet bo.

Jake: Oh, man.

Ciara: Aw.

Jake: Aw, he’s beautiful.

Ciara: [Sniffles] Mmm.

Jake: [Sighs] And he’s okay.

Ciara: Yeah.

Jake: You are too, right?

Ciara: Uh–[Chuckles weakly] Yeah. Yeah, I am. It’s been a crazy night though.

Jake: Sure has.

Both: Yeah.

Ciara: [Exhales unsteadily]

Ben: What is it, jake?

Jake: I wish I didn’t have to tell you this, but, um… ava got a call about a half hour ago. Tripp was in an accident. Although john made it sound like it was less of an accident, more of A…sacrifice.

Ciara: Ben, my dad said something about a– oh, my god, jake… is tripp dead?

Ava: Kayla, please. Kayla, please do something.

Kayla: Um, I’m sorry. There is nothing else that can be done. I’m–I’m really so sorry.

Ava: Stop saying you’re sorry. You’re not.

Steve: Ava, stop, please.

Ava: No, the hell I will.

Steve: Come on.

Ava: You happy? You happy now?

Steve: [Groans]

Ava: Huh? Now that you got everything that you wanted? You hated–you hated that– that steve and I had– had a son, didn’t you? And so–so you killed him. You just let him die.

Steve: No, ava– ava, stop it! Stop it! Our–our son is dead. Kayla did everything she could. But he’s gone. And you have to stop this. Out of respect for him.

Kayla: Uh… we’re–we’re gonna leave you alone.

Steve: [Sighs]


[Emotional music]


Ava: He’s dead.

[Sniffling] Our sweet, perfect boy is dead.


[Both crying]

Kayla: [Sniffles]

John: Kay?

Kayla: Uh… I lost him.

John: Oh, my god.

Kayla: I did everything I could, but I–

[Sobs] But I lost him.

John: I know, I know that. I know, kay, I know.

Kayla: [Exhales heavily]

Johnny: Grandma, you’re a doctor. You think tripp’s gonna make it?

Marlena: Oh, hi.

Allie: He’s sleeping. I don’t even remember the last time I saw him.

Marlena: Well, he’s– he’s been fine. We’ve all been looking after him.

Johnny: Yeah.

Allie: Thank you. But now you need to tell me what happened–what I did.

Marlena: Well, maybe that can wait until you’re a little more rested.

Allie: No, I can’t sleep. I mean, I need to know. You told me that the devil left you and went into me? How?

Johnny: Okay, okay, do you, um–[Clears throat] Do you remember coming to the mansion to tell me off?

Allie: Yes, because you’d–

Johnny: Because I had told tripp about you and chanel. But that wasn’t me, allie.

Allie: It was the devil?

Johnny: You figured that out. And you were helping me fight. But then…

Allie: He went into me?

Johnny: I was so worried about you. I missed you.

Allie: I don’t remember much, but I missed you too. Looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?

Lucas: You think I kidnapped sami?

Kate: Oh, spare me. Seriously, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Lucas: Shh.

Kate: Hey, so did you talk to marlena?

Roman: Uh, voicemail. Left a message. It’s not as if she doesn’t have enough to worry about with allie, now this with sami.

Lucas: Well, you said that something was going on with allie before. She was in some kind of trouble. What’s going on?

Kate: Lucas, allie’s possessed.

Lucas: By the devil? You’re busting my chops not telling you that sami’s in the hospital, and my own daughter’s possessed by the devil now?

Eric: No, no, not any more.

Roman: What happened?

Eric: [Sighs] Tripp, he’s in the hospital. He saved allie’s life.

Lucas: He saved her?

Eric: Allie’s life was at stake. The devil had control of her, and, tripp, he called the devil into him. And then when he had control of tripp, he tried to kill allie.

Lucas: What?

Eric: He threw himself out the church tower window.

Lucas: So where is allie now? Is she at the hospital too?

Eric: No, mom and johnny, they took her over to nicole’s to see henry.

Lucas: I gotta go. I gotta get to her.

[Tense music]

Marlena: Why don’t you get some rest?

Johnny: [Sighs] Allie, you’re falling down tired. Why don’t you do what grandma says.

Allie: I’m home. Thank you.

Johnny: Yeah.

Allie: Thank you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

[Both sigh]

Johnny: [Sniffs]

[Clears throat]

[Sighs] If tripp doesn’t make it, I don’t know what that’ll do to her.

[Phone ringing]

Marlena: It’s john.

[Phone beeps] John?

John: I’m afraid it’s bad news, doc.

Jake: Your father was here?

Ciara: First at the cemetery, and then right here just now.

[Baby hiccupping]

Ben: John said tripp was trying to save allie.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, he got the devil to leave her and go into him.

Ben: And he jumped.

Ciara: Um, but allie’s okay? She’s fine?

Jake: Yeah.

Ciara: Back at the cabin, and then at the cemetery, it was so terrifying to look at her beautiful face and to see so much hatred and evil.

[Baby coos]

Ben: Kid, I sure hope the rest of your life is is a lot calmer than the beginning. And I’m so glad that you’re okay.

Ciara: [Sniffles] Yeah.

Jake: Dude… congratulations.

Ciara: Thank you.

Jake: I’m happy for you guys.

Ciara: Thank you.

Jake: All right, I’m gonna go check on tripp. Ava can’t lose him.

Ciara: [Exhales heavily]

[Phone beeps]

John: Doc sends her love.

Jake: It’s bad, isn’t it?

John: Tripp died a few minutes ago.

Jake: Where’s ava?

Kayla: Uh, she’s with steve in the trauma room with tripp.

Jake: All right.

[Emotional music]

Steve: He looks like a little boy.

Ava: I wouldn’t know.

[Sniffles] I wasn’t allowed to know him till– so many lost years. So much wasted time.

Steve: [Sighs] Think about the time we did have with him. Okay?

Ava: [Sniffles]

Steve: He loved you, ava.

Ava: [Laughs weakly] That was a damn stupid thing to do.

[Sniffles] I’m poison, and he should have just run away.

Steve: Oh, come on. Come on. No.

Ava: I didn’t deserve a son like him.

[Sniffles] He sure as hell didn’t deserve a mother like me.

Steve: That’s not gonna help.

Ava: [Laughs weakly] Maybe I don’t deserve to be helped.

Steve: Ava, come on. Come on.

Ava: [Sniffles]





Jake: Ava…

Ava: [Sobs] He’s gone. My baby is gone.

Jake: [Sighs] I’m sorry.

Ava: [Sobs]

Jake: I’m so sorry.

From prom dresses

Johnny: So he died saving allie.

Marlena: “No greater love.”

Johnny: I don’t know how we’re gonna tell her.

Allie: Tell me what?

Lucas: Allie. Allie, it’s me. It’s dad, open up.

Allie: Dad!

[Melancholy music]

Ava: [Sniffles]

Jake: Hey, how about I get you home?

Ava: [Sniffling]



Jake: I’m so sorry.

Steve: Okay. Okay.

Ava: [Sniffles]

Steve: [Gasps]

[Weeping] Why him? Oh, why? My boy.

[Sniffles] Oh, no.



[Door closes]


Kayla: I–I called stephanie and joe. I didn’t want them to hear it from anybody else.

Steve: My sweetness.

Kayla: Come here, come here, come here.

Steve: [Weeping]

Kayla: Come here, oh. Oh, I know. I’m so sorry.

Steve: I want my boy.

Kayla: I know, I’m sorry.

Steve: [Sobbing]

Kayla: I’m so sorry.

Steve: I want my boy.

[Chimes tinkle]

[Ethereal music]

Steve: [Sobbing]

Tripp: [Gasps] Allie.

Kayla: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. He didn’t have a heartbeat or a pulse.

Steve: Tripp? It’s dad. Hey.

Tripp: Dad.

Steve: Huh? Hey, kid. Hello, buddy. Buddy? Oh, my god.

Ava: [Sniffles]

John: I’m sorry, ava.

Ava: [Weeping]

Jake: I’m gonna get her home.

John: Yeah. Hey, um, anything you–you need, just–just call, okay?

Jake: Thanks, man.

[Elevator dings]

Steve: Ava…wait.

Ava: [Sobs]

Steve: Hey. I was on an antidepressant,

[Monitor beeping]

Ava: It’s true.

Kayla: It’s true. He’s alive.

Tripp: Hey, mom.

Ava: [Sniffs]

[Whispering] My son.

[Tender music]

[Baby hiccupping]

Ben: Babe, you’re not gonna believe this.

[Sighs] Kayla pronounced tripp dead. Then he came back to life.

Ciara: Wow. I believe it. Remember when my dad said that he had something left to do?

Ben: [Exhales]

Ciara: Baby, are you crying?

Ben: [Sighs] Ciara, if he died? Allie, his parents–

[Sighs] It would have killed them.

Ciara: I know.

Ben: I just–I just– I want everybody to just be as happier as we are right now.

Ciara: [Scoffs lightly] You know what?

[Sniffs] I don’t think that anybody can be as happy as we are right now.


Ben: [Sighs]

Roman: Thank you, kayla.


Kate: Well?

Roman: It was close. Kayla thought they’d lost him. But, uh, it does look like, uh, tripp is gonna be just fine.

Eric: Oh, thank god.

Lucas: I’m just so sorry. I should have been here for you.

Allie: No, there’s nothing that you could have done. There’s nothing that anyone could have done. Except tripp. Did you hear about him?

Johnny: Yeah. Uh, yeah, we did.

Allie: [Sniffs] Did he die? Did he die because of me?

Lucas: No, honey, don’t say that. Don’t do that to yourself. Stop, stop.

Allie: Yes. Because I never got to tell him how I felt. I never got to tell him that I love him.


Lucas: I’m so sorry.

[Knock at door]

Allie: No, I can’T. I can’t see anyone.

Lucas: Yeah, of course you can’t, it’s not a good time.

Marlena: I’ll take care of it.

Allie: [Weeps]

John: Couldn’t get through. It’s–it’s okay. It’s okay. Allie… tripp…he pulled through. He is alive. And kayla thinks he’s gonna be just fine, honey.

Allie: Oh, my god.

John: He’s gonna be just fine.

Allie: Oh, thank god.


[Monitor beeping]

Ava: You’re really here?

Tripp: How’s allie?

Kayla: She’s gonna be just fine. Thanks to you.

Steve: Our son the hero.

Ava: Mmm. Please don’t ever scare us like that again.

[Chuckles weakly]

Tripp: I won’T. I love you guys.

Steve: We love you, son.

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