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TJ: Grandpa accused Drew Cane of making him a fake job offer. He figured out it was a ruse to run some kind of background check and… and that’s why he left town. Am I right?

Curtis: Yeah. And he was not too happy about it.

TJ: I don’t blame him. So what’s your plan?

Curtis: My plan?

TJ: To find grandpa and bring him back?

Carly: I cost Nina her daughter? Have you forgotten your big plan to pass Sasha off as Nina’s daughter? Have you forgotten how hurt she was? Hell, I almost felt sorry for Nina at the time.

Valentin: I’ve never claimed to be perfect.

Carly: And you were the one who met with Nina’s mother, right? If you would have told Nina the truth at the start, I’m sure your search would have led to Nelle. In my opinion, I think it was a gift. You spared Nina the nightmare of trying to be a mother to Nelle, who was broken and dangerous. But I doubt Nina feels that way. So, if you ask me, if anyone’s responsible for costing Nina a relationship with her daughter, it’s you.

Chet: Is this seat taken?

Terry: Teal shirt. So far, I’m not disappointed at all.

Chet: Oh. Neither am I.

Terry: Same shirt, same opening lines. Is this Valentine’s déj vu?

Chet: Nope. And I’m not the mistaken date. I am the real deal.

Josslyn: I’m so glad that you suggested this instead of hitting the gym. I am so tight, and I need to stretch.

Trina: My mom swears by this class. I’m just glad we got here early. Fewer people, the better.

Josslyn: Well, I’m so glad you decided to come with me. I could use all the support I could get whipping myself back into shape so that I’m a beast by volleyball season.

Trina: You’ll be unstoppable.

Carly: Thank you. I hope so. I just can’t wait to get my life back on track.

Trina: I know the feeling. [ Sighs ] When this trial is over, I’ve grabbing life and I’m going for it.

Spencer: What?

Cameron: Now that you’ve learned how to bus tables, where are we with Esme? Have you dug anything up?

Spencer: You know, these things, they have to be finessed. It takes time.

Cameron: Look. I have been covering for you and lying to Joss. I need to know that the hell that I’ve been catching is worth it. I mean, is this plan to exonerate Trina even working?

Spencer: As much as I wish I could say yes, I… I haven’t found anything yet. I haven’t — I haven’t uncovered anything about Esme.

Cameron: And I thought you were the master of stealth. You used to be good at sneaking around.

Spencer: I know, I know. But Esme is brilliant at covering her tracks. Even her secrets have secrets.

Esme: “Dear Esme, I was so glad to get your letter with all your good news, winning prizes at school and a big circle of friends. Your life in Port Charles sounds like a success. I’m especially glad to hear that you and Spencer are happy and closer than ever.”

Nina: Hey. Sorry. I’m so sorry. Time just got away from me. I was strategizing with Scott about my visitation hearing.

Ava: Oh. Sounds like Scott has learned his lesson. No more sneak attacks like in Pennsylvania?

Nina: No, he definitely learned his lesson. This time when he goes after Willow, it’ll be on my orders.

Terry: To talking IRL. Welcome home.

Chet: To finally making this happen.

Terry: How was your trip back?

Chet: Are you as nervous as I am?

Terry: Oh. [ Laughs ] You first.

Chet: After you. Okay. Is this how it’s gonna be like all night?

Terry: We did better texting. Maybe we should pull out our phones?

Chet: Well, then we’d be looking down all evening. I wouldn’t be able to look into those beautiful eyes.

Terry: [ Chuckles ]

Chet: Was that cheesy?

Terry: But effective.

Valentin: Carly, it would be nice if we didn’t have to litigate the past.

Carly: Great. But you started it.

Valentin: I am just suggesting it would benefit everyone if you and Nina were to set aside your differences.

Carly: “Differences.” Is that what we’re calling it?

Valentin: I’m not defending the choices that Nina’s made. I am simply appealing to your compassionate side.

Carly: What makes you think that I would have one ounce of compassion for Nina?

Valentin: Because you have everything Nina’s ever wanted.

Carly: Really? Last I checked, she has my husband.

Ava: I have nothing against you playing hardball where your grandson is concerned. But you’re gonna go after Willow? Now? Didn’t her mom just die?

Nina: Yeah, um, I don’t mean to sound callous. I really don’t. What I meant by that was I’m just ready to fight. I don’t have a choice. Willow and Michael, they shot at me first.

Ava: Oh, so, was that first shot the feature in the invader or the charges in Pennsylvania?

Nina: [ Stammers ] How do you know about the feature?

Ava: Well, that reporter — the Smoltz? Smeltz? Wha– he reached out to me for comment.

Nina: Why would he reach out to you about my petition for visitation with Wiley?

Ava: Oh, no, Nina. No, it wasn’t about Wiley. It was about Avery… and how she was born.

Cameron: I mean, Esme’s good at covering her tracks? Couldn’t see that one coming. Duh.

Spencer: Nice. How’d you get into college with such a rudimentary vocabulary?

Cameron: How do you function with such lackluster critical-thinking skills? Maybe I was wrong to trust you that you can handle Esme. You’ve been in over your head this entire time.

Spencer: Not always. Just recently. I’ve been trying to get her to trust me so that she’ll confess, but I don’t think that I’m giving her everything that she wants.

Cameron: What more could she want?

Spencer: Intimacy.

Cameron: Wait. So you’re saying “Mr. I’m gonna give you sex advice that I don’t want” —

Spencer: Yes, bro. That’s what I’m saying. My girlfriend wants to have sex with me, and I’m running out of ways to avoid it.

Esme: “Spencer seems to be good for you. Don’t let him go. I’m also relieved to hear that you aren’t pursuing a relationship with your biological father.”

[ Boxes thumping ]

Esme: “You are smart and industrious. Use those gifts for good, Esme. Continue to focus on school and Spencer. Most of all, be happy. Love, Maggie.” Don’t worry, Maggie. I intend to be happy.

Josslyn: Trina, enjoying the view of Officer Invisible?

Trina: Officer Cabrera.

Josslyn: Right. I wonder what he’s doing here.

Trina: Um… probably just taking a yoga class. I-I mean, he was obviously here before us.

Josslyn: Hmm. Okay, well, you know, I just want to make sure that you’re comfortable, you know, being around him and everything. The police, they’re still investigating and they’re trying to prove that you did something you didn’t do.

Trina: [ Scoffs ] No. Officer Cabrera’s not like that.

Josslyn: Yeah, I guess. I mean, he seemed okay that day at the courthouse. Not so much when arresting Cameron.

Trina: And Spencer.

Josslyn: Oh, he can arrest Spencer any day of the week and twice on Sundays. I just want to make sure that he’s not harassing you.

Trina: No, he isn’t. I mean, I nearly pepper-sprayed him at the gallery, but he was cool about it.

Josslyn: What?

Trina: I mean, he told me the reason why he arrested Cam is because Commissioner Ashford wants everything by the book. And because he’s a rookie. I guess he…overcompensated.

Josslyn: I guess. And Cam did completely lose his head with Spencer.

Trina: Don’t act like you didn’t love when your man came to your defense.

Josslyn: Okay. It was hot.

[ Both chuckle ]

Trina: TMI.

Josslyn: But it looks like I’m not the only one who recognizes hotness. Looks like Officer Cabrera is not so invisible anymore.

Curtis: I have no plans to go after Marshall. The man wants to be gone. That’s his prerogative.

TJ: You can’t mean that.

Curtis: I can. And I do. Why would I go against his wishes?

TJ: Well, you didn’t have any problems going against his wishes before.

Curtis: Okay. Sound like you have something you want to say.

TJ: You know I respect you, Uncle Curtis, and I realize that he’s your father, not mine.

Curtis: TJ, okay. If you’re gonna go in on me about the methods I used, Portia already did and so did your mom.

TJ: No, it’s not only your methods. It’s the fact that since — since — since Marshall let it be known who he was, you have called all the shots. You even asked me to steer clear, and at first, I complied.

Curtis: Just trying to protect my family.

TJ: You have always been the head of this family, and I respect that. But now that you know the truth, was it worth losing the one chance you had with your father?

Terry: Your trip sounded like a success.

Chet: Yeah, it was. We were able to do a lot of good for the vets.

Terry: Was it hard going back?

Chet: At first. Working with the wounded veterans always brings me right into that place — in pain, uncertain of the future. But one of the guys came up to me and told me that seeing me thrive after my injuries, it showed him what was possible. So because of guys like him, I keep going back.

Terry: That’s incredible. How affirming.

Chet: Yeah. For them and for me. I’m not gonna lie. They’ll have to clear some hurdles, have to believe in themselves, not give up, and do the work. But they can clear those hurdles.

Terry: Like you have.

Chet: Yeah, well, it’s still not that easy. In fact… can I make a confession?

Cameron: So, you’re saying that you and Esme have not had sex since Spring Ridge?

Spencer: I’ve been trying to string her along, but I don’t want to have sex with her, especially not after she framed and betrayed my best friends.

Cameron: Dude.

Spencer: But I can’t get her to open up. I don’t know. It must be the lack of sex, right?

Cameron: You think?! I mean, the way you guys were all over each other before? Did you at least search her stuff?

Spencer: I’ve been trying to, but she’s always around. At first, it was because she was hiding from Uncle Sonny, but now she basically times leaving the house with whenever I’m going to work or the gallery. I mean, I can’t shake her. If I’m — if I’m sneezing, Esme’s there to say, “gesundheit.”

Cameron: Well, then, we’re out of options. If you can’t search her belongings and she won’t confess, that only leaves one choice.

Spencer: Don’t say it, dude.

Cameron: You have to tell Joss and Trina the truth.

Rory: How’s it going? You guys here for the next class? I was in the previous one, but I wanted to stretch out a little more.

Josslyn: We came early. We were hoping that you would come say hi.

Rory: Is it safe or are you armed again?

Josslyn: Just with good looks, intelligence, and charm. Trina is the full package.

Trina: I-I didn’t know you were into yoga. Or are you here on an assignment?

Rory: Uh, off duty, ma’am. It’s my day off. In fact, I spent the afternoon at The Chuck.

Trina: Oh. Having lunch on the front steps or…?

Rory: Uh, no, I actually went inside this time.

Trina: Hm! I rented one of those audio guides, but it wasn’t as good as the Jerome Gallery. I couldn’t ask questions.

Josslyn: Oh, well, next time, ask Trina. She is an expert.

Trina: Hardly an expert. I mean, Officer Cabrera couldn’t even really seek out my opinion on art, not while I’m facing a trial.

Josslyn: Why not? He’s not your arresting officer. Okay. Um, I’m gonna just — I’m gonna put our bags away.

Trina: I’m — I’m sorry about that.

Rory: Oh. Don’t be. Your friend’s right.

Valentin: Even if we were to put Sonny in Nina’s column of assets, look at everything she doesn’t have. She doesn’t have children. She has no relationship with her grandchild. She has a few friends, but nothing like the roots in the community that you have. Even her office space is at your mercy.

Carly: I’m happy to let Nina out of her lease at Crimson. I’m sure she can afford the penalty. She has no problem coming up with the money to buy herself out of all of her legal difficulties. And she has defenders like you who trip over themselves running to her rescue every time she chips a fingernail. Nina’s no victim!

Valentin: Carly, Nina has been exploited by almost everyone who has ever claimed to care for her. And before you say anything, yes, I’m including myself on that list. The least I can do is come to her defense.

Carly: Who hasn’t been exploited?

Valentin: I get that. And I’m not minimizing what has happened to you. But you’re strong. And you have a huge heart. Can you really tell me there’s no part of you that… feels for Nina?

Nina: Don’t know why that reporter would dredge all that up again. T-this is Michael, Willow, and Carly’s doing. Do you see now what I am dealing with?

Ava: In all fairness, Nina… it is public record. Everything you did. The forced labor… kidnapping Avery, taking her to Canada.

Nina: Please. I was a different person.

Ava: Yeah, that’s right. You were. I’m just warning you that Diane Miller is definitely gonna bring it up in court and that the judge will likely find it kind of pertinent.

Nina: Yeah, I was just — I w-wasn’t in my right mind. Um… I’ve worked a lot on myself, you know? So what did you tell the reporter?

Ava: Nothing. I didn’t tell him anything. I’m not gonna talk. The only time I’m gonna talk is in court if I’m called to testify on your behalf.

Nina: Thank you. Yeah, because Wiley lost a grandmother last night. He can’t lose another one.

Ava: What about Wiley’s grandfather? Is Sonny still hands-off?

Nina: Yeah, I made it very clear to Scott that he is not to question Sonny on the stand.

Ava: Well, that’s not really what I meant. The last time we talked, you said that you were trying to resist temptation when it comes to Sonny. So how’s that going?

Carly: Nina’s been hurt badly? So what? Many of us have endured trauma. Carrying on isn’t a miracle. It’s called life.

Valentin: And you are fortunate. You have multiple safety nets. You have your mother, your brother, your children, your friends. Nina really only has three people that she can count on. She’s got Phyllis. She’s got Wiley —

Carly: Sonny.

Valentin: That is a relationship that is very important to her.

Carly: Right. Who Sonny chooses to love is his business. It’s not Wiley’s job to be Nina’s emotional support.

Valentin: Phyllis is highly protective of Nina. Do you really think that she would give her that loyalty if Nina didn’t deserve it?

Carly: Phyllis nursed Nina when she was in a coma and pregnant, right? Was Phyllis there when Nina gave birth?

Valentin: Why on earth would you need to know that?

Nina: There’s nothing going on with me and Sonny.

Ava: Nothing? Nothing at all?

Nina: We danced.

Ava: Is that a euphemism?

Nina: Would you st– why is your mind always in the gutter?

Ava: I know. I can’t help it. I’m just being coy. And tell me, are you and Sonny an item or what?

Nina: Mnh! Hey, Amy. How you doing?

Amy: Oh, hi. I’m terrible, thanks. And you?

Nina: Oh. I’m sorry to hear about that.

Amy: All I wanted was a day off. Is that a crime?

Ava: I’m not sure we’re the ones to arbitrate what constitutes a crime.

Nina: Well, I hope the rest of your day goes better, and you just let me know if there’s anything I can do, okay?

Amy: I’m so glad you asked.

Chet: On valentine’s day, I knew you hadn’t clocked my prosthetic legs, and I should have told you that evening, but I chose not to because we were having such a nice time. Instead, I chose to tell you through text, which was nerve-racking and a bit dishonest.

Terry: I didn’t feel it was dishonest. Why didn’t you tell me that night? Did you think I’d be turned off?

Chet: It’s happened before.

Terry: I’m sorry some people are like that. I wasn’t turned off. If anything, I was in awe of your bravery. And I understand why you’d want to hold back disclosing deeply personal matters at first. After all, we barely knew each other’s names. We didn’t know we’d keep in touch like we have or form any kind of… relationship.

Chet: Were you nervous when you told me?

Terry: Terrified. That’s how I knew I really liked you. I’ve worked hard to be proud of who I am and the many challenges I’ve navigated to live my truth, truly be who I’m meant to be. But I have to admit, I would have been devastated if you decided dating a trans woman was a deal breaker.

Chet: Missing out on you would have been my loss.

Terry: And mine, if I had rejected you because you don’t have the legs you were born with.

Chet: Well, I know our situations aren’t the same. I don’t have to worry about violence against me or actual laws being passed to curtail my rights. But I do worry about not being seen.

Terry: It’s everything, right? All people want is to be seen for their individual inherent beauty and dignity.

Chet: And be accepted.

Terry: And loved. If it’s in the cards.

Rory: If you would have been with me at the chuck, I might have understood what I was looking at.

Trina: Well, first of all, I told you, art is subjective. And, secondly, that’s what docents are for.

Rory: And, third of all, I have no idea what a docent is.

Trina: [ Chuckles ]

Rory: Um, but you were partially right before. As an officer, I’m not allowed to socialize with anyone who’s the subject of an active investigation.

Trina: Well, then maybe you shouldn’t be talking to me in public.

Rory: Well, there’s no rule against me bumping into you, which is what happened. Besides, when you beat those charges…

Trina: If I beat them.

Rory: You will.

Cameron: Sometimes it takes a village to bring down a lying snake. Trina and Joss can help us.

Spencer: No offense, but your girlfriend’s a hothead. She can’t stand Esme.

Cameron: Neither can anyone else.

Spencer: Okay, but my point is that if Esme pushes the right buttons, Joss is gonna come out swinging and blow everything up. Look, I know I can do this. I just need more time.

Cameron: We don’t have time. Okay? With each passing day, Trina’s trial date comes closer, and without another suspect, the worse it’ll look for her.

Spencer: Hey, no one wants to help Trina more than me.

Cameron: There’s got to be a loose end out there. Somewhere there’s physical evidence linking Esme to the crime and incriminates her. You just have to find it.

Spencer: When? Esme and I are always together.

Cameron: I don’t see her now.

Spencer: She went to a yoga class. Trust that in about an hour she’s gonna walk through that door just in time for me to finish my shift.

Cameron: Well, then go. I will stall Esme.

Curtis: It’s true — Marshall suddenly appearing into my life, it, um, raised a lot of feelings.

TJ: And I can understand that. But going against his wishes and investigating his past, that didn’t only affect you.

Curtis: T, I had to investigate. I had to know if he was bringing danger to you, to Aunt Stella, to Portia, to all the people I love.

TJ: So you actively investigate until you find something?

Curtis: I had to know.

TJ: Okay. And now that you do know… what did it cost you? Was it worth it? Because it wasn’t worth it to me. I was just getting to know my grandfather, and he left town without saying a word to me.

Curtis: Well, goodbyes aren’t his strong suit.

TJ: Marshall had his faults, but he was making an effort. He was making an effort with you. He was making an effort with me… Epiphany, Stella, even Portia and Trina.

Curtis: I know.

TJ: So I, for one, I’m gonna miss him.

Curtis: I know.

TJ: And I know you didn’t talk to me about it, but did you consult with Stella before investigating his past?

Curtis: Aunt Stella found out that I was digging into Marshall’s past, and she asked me to leave it alone.

TJ: Uncle, I wish you would have listened to stella because now we have all lost our contact with him.

Curtis: But, T, you don’t get it. This was Marshall’s choice.

TJ: No, no. You made a unilateral decision to protect us without our buy-in. That is your choice, and now we just — we just have to live with it.

Terry: Tell me about your job at the gym.

Chet: Well, it’s not saving lives like you are, but it’s pretty cool watching people come in and work on themselves, getting stronger, surpassing expectations.

Terry: Must be so gratifying helping people achieve their personal goal.

Chet: It is.

Terry: [ Chuckles ]

Chet: It’s also a constant reminder for me to keep setting my own.

Terry: What’s your biggest goal?

Chet: Right now, it’s impressing you. How am I doing?

Amy: Who is dr. Randolph to dictate whether I can get a manicure or not?

Ava: It does seem like a bit of an overreach.

Amy: Or how to store patient files?

Nina: Well, that part seems to be in her purview.

Amy: I’m sick of it. She’s singling me out. I deserve respect, too.

Nina: Yes! Well, how would Man Landers advise?

Amy: [ Laughing ] Oh, my god. I haven’t given professional advice in years.

Nina: No, but, Amy, you still have the insight, wisdom, and wit. Come on. What would Man Landers advise two women who were having friction at work?

Amy: I’d start by telling the innocent woman to get a drink. The stronger, the better. [ Chuckles ]

Ava: Nice try. But at least the woman she’s at odds with is at work. I wonder what Man Landers would advise when the conflict is at home.

Nina: Uh-oh. I have a feeling you’re speaking about yourself. What other woman do you have friction with?

Ava: Oh, she’s not a woman. No, no, no. This is a treacherous teenaged she-devil.

Rory: My saying that you’ll beat those charges doesn’t undermine my objectivity as an officer of the law.

Trina: Of course not, Officer Cabrera.

Rory: I thought I told you you could call me Rory.

Trina: I thought that was only if I called you.

Rory: [ Chuckles ] I gotta run.

Josslyn: Leaving so soon?

Rory: Yeah. I’ll see you around.

Josslyn: Hm.

Trina: Oh, my God. Could you be more obvious?

Josslyn: I was just speeding things along. It’s pretty clear that you guys are into each other.

Trina: The guy’s a cop, Joss. He’s friendly. But that’s as far as it goes.

Josslyn: Maybe I can ask Dante if he’s single.

Trina: Don’t you dare.

Josslyn: Why not? Trina, there are worse people to crush on.

Trina: Like Spencer? Are you trying to hook me up with Rory to keep me away from Spencer?

Josslyn: “Rory,” huh? Look, I just want you to be with somebody who’s worthy of you, one who isn’t needy and selfish and entitled, one who is unattached and can reciprocate your feelings.

Trina: You don’t have to worry. I kicked Spencer and Esme out of the gallery just the other night.

Josslyn: What? Why were they even there?

Trina: Spencer was there to work on his restitution. And, of course, Esme followed him like a creepy, jealous parasite.

Valentin: Why are you asking about the day Nina gave birth?

Carly: Because it occurs to me that Phyllis may have a soft spot for Nina because she feels guilty about the role she played in giving Nina’s baby away.

Valentin: And you think guilt is the only thing that motivates loyalty?

Carly: It’s the way Nina motivated Harmony to talk to Michael and Willow about visitation with Wiley.

Valentin: And why did Harmony feel guilty where Nina was concerned?

Carly: Harmony felt guilty about many things. It makes sense that she would try to redeem herself any way she could.

Valentin: And why does Sonny feel guilty?

Carly: You got me there. Sonny spent months lying to me, so I have no idea why he’s so fascinated with Nina. Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

Esme: Hi! Cameron! Is, uh, Spence around?

Cameron: Uh, no. Actually, he, um… our supplier forgot to get enough milk this morning, so I sent him on a grocery run.

Esme: Do you think it’ll be long? There’s something I can’t wait to tell him.

Cameron: I mean, it’ll take as long as it takes, but would you like to order something in the meantime while you wait?

Esme: No. Thanks. Um, just tell him I came by and I’ll see him at home, okay?

Cameron: Oh! You know… hold up just a minute.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Spencer: [ Exhales sharply ] Of course, it won’t be that easy.

Josslyn: Well, maybe officer handsome can help us.

Trina: I think you know he can’t.

Josslyn: Why? Because he’s all about truth and justice? Right? Well, Esme is all about lying and criminal behavior. And he has resources.

Trina: Okay, I’m going to stop you right there. It’s not fair to put Rory in that position.

Rory: Good night, ladies.

Trina: I’m not going to ask him to help. Esme has ruined enough lives as it is.

Joss: Okay, well, I don’t really feel like doing yoga anymore. So do you want to go get a milkshake?

Trina: Yeah. Sure. Let’s get out of here.

Josslyn: I need something to take my mind off of everything that’s happened. I mean, Trina, you’ve been arrested, Cam and I are on shaky ground, and this sex tape is gonna follow us around forever. I mean, what if future employers do an internet search on me and that pops up?

Trina: Wha– I thought that hacker guy took it off.

Josslyn: Yeah, but you never know.

Trina: I know what we’re up against. I just don’t know what to do about it except… learn to live with it.

Josslyn: No. That is the last thing that we should do. Esme set us both up. She violated my privacy and she stole a very intimate moment of mine and framed you for it. Esme brought this fight to us, and now we’re gonna take it to her.

Trina: How?

Josslyn: She made a mistake. I don’t know what or when, but there has to be evidence out there that proves that she’s guilty, and we’re gonna find it. And when we do, Esme prince is going to prison where she belongs.

Cameron: Look, I think that we need to clear the air.

Esme: [ Sighs ] I don’t want to do this. I know that you and Joss believe I’m a terrible person.

Cameron: And I know I said things… but you need to understand. Trina is Josslyn’s best friend, and Joss is my girlfriend.

Esme: I get it. You’ll always have Joss’ back, even when she’s wrong. And I just wish I had a boyfriend who was as loyal as you are.

Cameron: W-what are you talking about? You’re all Spencer thinks about.

Esme: Then why did he waffle on my innocence even after Trina made those crazy accusations that aren’t even true?

Cameron: This whole situation is complicated, a-and Spencer’s been all over the place. I mean, he even went as far to accuse me, Trina, and Joss being in on it all together. That’s why we got into that fight.

Esme: Really? Spence accused all of you? I-I mean, it’s absolute rubbish. I know that you and Joss would never.

Cameron: Look, the point is that Spencer’s got your back. Don’t turn away from him now. Don’t sweat it. Alright? This will all work out for the best.

Esme: You really believe that.

Cameron: I’m counting on it. For both my sake and Joss’.

Esme: Thanks. I just — I feel so alone. I mean, Spence’s father’s done his best to be a good host, but… I miss having friends. Like you, Cam. I always felt you kept an open mind about me. I’m sorry we got off track.

Cameron: It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you. I will always treat you in the way that you deserve, Esme.

Terry: Well, you’re no Tanner.

Chet: Oh, yeah.

Terry: [ Laughs ]

Chet: That mystic phony bragging about “vibrating at a higher frequency” when he was really…

Terry: Just a broke, misogynistic blowhard.

Chet: Well, at least he set the bar low. It shouldn’t be too hard to surpass him.

Terry: I’ll give you my review on our second date. That is, if you’re gonna…

Chet: My answer is an unequivocal yes to a second date.

Terry: Thanks for the save. This has been so much fun, it almost made me forget my morning.

Chet: Hard day at work?

Terry: I’ve had worse. Just a dustup with a colleague. I do not want to get into personal pettiness at G.H.

Chet: I thought you worked at Mercy?

Terry: I’ve been consulting at Mercy, but I’m on staff at G.H.

Chet: Oh, really? My sister works at G.H.

Terry: Small world!

Chet: Yeah, maybe you know her.

Nina: Don’t tell me Esme is acting inappropriately.

Ava: When is she ever appropriate? She’s ingratiating herself with Nikolas. Nikolas is so desperate to seem like a hero in Spencer’s eyes that he’s — he’s blind to her manipulations. And I tell you what. It’s taking a toll.

Nina: Ohh. And — and Nikolas doesn’t recognize how unhappy you are?

Ava: He does. He knows now, now that I’ve canceled our vow-renewal ceremony.

Nina: Oh. I’m sorry, Ava.

Ava: Ehh. Just never have a stepson. Although, you know, if — if you were to ever marry Sonny, you’d have two stepsons and you’d have three stepdaughters. And I would love that. Can you just picture Carly having to pick up donna from you?

Nina: I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Ava: Maybe you should. I mean, it’s possible, right? And you’re going pretty hard on Michael and Willow. Someday they could be family, too.

Nina: I don’t care. I’m coming at Michael and Willow with everything I got.

Curtis: So, I thought Marshall was, uh — I thought he was on the run from a dangerous criminal element.

TJ: So then he wasn’t?

Curtis: No. He never ran afoul of the mob. And he was never in witness protection.

TJ: Alright. So t-then what happened?

Curtis: He was arrested in a protest that got out of control. And instead of being sentenced to prison, the judge remanded him to a mental facility.

TJ: How long was he there? What’s his diagnosis?

Curtis: The records I had access to didn’t say. And, you know, Marshall wasn’t about to tell me.

TJ: There is a lot of stigma attached to mental illness, and for a man Marshall’s age, it’s even worse. Uncle, it’s no surprise he took off. He feels you violated his privacy.

Curtis: Hey. I’m not gonna apologize for trying to protect us.

TJ: And I am not asking you to apologize. I respect your choice. I just hope that you will respect mine.

Curtis: Which is?

TJ: I’m not ready to give up on Marshall. I intend to find him and bring him back.

Chet: I know G.H. Has tons of people, but you might know her.

Terry: A name would help. And while we’re at it, I suppose we should get around to our last names. I’m dr. Terry Randolph.

Chet: Yeah, we covered a lot of ground but skipped the basics. Dr. Randolph, I’m Chet Driscoll.

Terry: Driscoll. And your sister is…

Chet: Same last name. Amy Driscoll. Do you know her?

Julie: Amy.

Amy: Hi, Julie. Small world.

Julie: I just saw your brother in the metro court gardens.

Amy: That doesn’t sound like Chet. What was he doing there?

Julie: Meeting our boss for drinks.

Amy: Our boss?

Julie: Dr. Randolph. They seemed to be having a great time.

Amy: [ Softly ] No.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Spencer: This season. Last season. This season. Three seasons ago. Very unlike you, Esme. What do we have here?

Esme: It means so much that you wouldn’t turn your back on me. Thank you for being so kind. I’m just so glad you’re your own man.

Josslyn: No. He’s my man. And you have about five seconds to get your tentacles off of him.

Ava: If you go after Carly’s son, she will rip your throat out.

Nina: Well, he’s still walking around, isn’t he? He’s still alive. She let my daughter fall to her death. She could have saved her. She’s not gonna take away my grandson, too. I didn’t want this fight, Ava. But now that I’m in it, I’m gonna come out guns blazing. And Carly better hope to God that she’s not in the line of fire.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Josslyn (to Cameron): Why would you hurt Trina that way?

Ava (to Trina): Gode her into making a mistake.

Spencer: What else are you hiding?

Willow: Do you think any of that story is true?

Michael: It’s not that simple.

Carly (to Nina): If you’re wondering if I talk to Sonny. The answer’s yes.

Drew (to Ned): How can I help?

Ned (to Drew): Call it off.

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