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[Tense music]

Chad: Bad day?

Ej: It’s allie. My mother and son are turning themselves inside out trying to figure out how to make contact with her, but so far, not even a clue where she is.

Chad: Given that the devil can morph into anything from a panther to a corpse, finding her isn’t gonna be easy.

Ej: Could even be impossible, god help us. But at least I got them to agree to get some rest.

Chad: Johnny must be going through hell. Sorry. I just–trying to save his sister from the devil, I can’t imagine. I’m really sorry.

Ej: Actually, I’m the one who should apologize to you.

Roman: Yeah, all right, well, keep me posted.

Kate: Roman, please tell me that is news about our granddaughter.

Roman: I wish to god it was. John, marlena, eric are still out beating down doors. No sign of allie or the baby.

Kate: Damn it, roman, where is she?

Roman: Kate.

Kate: What?

Roman: I’m afraid I have more news.

Kate: Okay, what does that mean?

Roman: It seems that sami and lucas are missing as well.

Kayla: Ah, there you are. I was really starting to get worried about you. How did it go?

Steve: Well, I tell you, I’ve stared down every stray cat that crossed my path. I listened patiently to susan banks’ analysis of the movie “rosemary’s baby,” which apparently she’s seen 168 times, so I thought it was time to call it quits and start fresh in the morning.

Kayla: That’s a good idea. Listen, I made you some chowder. It’s on the stove, and there is a nice cold beer waiting for you to go with it.

Steve: Thank you, baby. What else?

Kayla: I’m gonna head out.

Steve: Well, where you going?

Kayla: I’m gonna go check on ciara. I mean, she’s been through so much, and I just wish that she had a doctor treating her that really knew her, she felt comfortable. If it wasn’t for that jackass seth burns, it…

Steve: Yeah.

[Knock at door]

Kayla: Who could be here at this hour?

Steve: Oh, look, here’s the jackass now.

Julie: So lani’s father is the man who shot you in the park, left you for dead? And now that killer is on his way to paulina’s apartment?

Eli: I should’ve never let lani go over there.

Julie: Well, darling, you’re in no condition to stop her. You know lani, when she gets something into her head, even you couldn’t put the brakes on her, and abraham is there at least.

Eli: Grandma, that’s not enough. I mean, if tr is armed and he feels cornered, we both know how dangerous he can be.

Julie: But lani’s a police detective, so she knows what she’s doing.

Eli: She’s my wife, the mother of my children. I should be there.

Julie: Oh, no, you’re in no condition to do that.

Eli: The best thing you can so for the mother of your children is to stay here and to get well. I know how you feel. My god, if I owned a gun, I’d be tempted to go shoot tr myself.

Paulina: I’m not afraid of you, go ahead, you coward!

Lani: You son of a bitch.

Tr: Lani, baby, I can explain.

[Tense music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Seth: My apologies for dropping by so late.

Steve: Apology not accepted.

Kayla: Hello, seth.

Steve: Kayla, if you don’t mind, I have a few words I would like to say to mr. Burns.

Kayla: Yes, be my guest.

Steve: As you know, seth, my wife devoted years of her life to university hospital. She saved hundreds of lives, and you made the asinine decision to fire her because she wouldn’t play ball with the board and fire another outstanding doctor, who I might point out remains on staff.

Seth: If I may–

Steve: No, you may not. What the hell are you doing here anyway?

Seth: Actually, I’m here to offer kayla her job back.

[Dramatic music]

Paulina: What have you done?

Lani: If ray killed my father–

Abe: [Groans]

Lani: Dad, dad, dad, dad. Dad, can you hear me?

Abe: [Groans]

Lani: Dad–oh, oh, thank god. Oh, thank god, oh, thank god. Dad, dad, he’s alive.

Paulina: I’m not so sure about ray. Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Chad: Why are you apologizing to me?

Ej: Recent circumstances have led me to a bit of a wake-up call.

Chad: By recent circumstances, I assume you mean–

Ej: Finding out that my son was possessed by the devil for months, and not only did I not realize it, I was proud of his behavior–well, some of it anyway. Needless to say, it was cause for some serious introspection.

Chad: Introspection, it’s never really been your thing.

Ej: [Chuckles] Yes, but I suppose that’s part of the problem. I’ve always said that family was my first priority, but my actions haven’t borne out my words, have they?

Chad: From personal experience, no.

Ej: I might have unfairly held it against you when giovanni returned to salem, and he seemed to favor trusty uncle chad to dear old dad.

Chad: Well, I mean, I’m the one that used to sneak him out in my maserati, let him eat pie for dinner, and I never asked him to clean his room, so i don’t think it had much to do with you.

Ej: I’m quite sure it was. At any rate, I took my anger out on you and johnny. I made everything between us adversarial. I inserted myself in johnny’s movie. I insisted that I play john to abigail’s marlena, exploiting my past with abigail just to needle you. It was cruel and unnecessary. Not to mention that I proposed that you and I team up to take dimera from jake, put you as ceo, while all along, I had my own agenda to take the reigns solely in my hands.

Chad: It’s just business.

Ej: No, it was selfish.

Chad: Yeah, kinda sucked.

Ej: And look where it’s gotten me, a son in trouble, gabi hernandez running dimera. I suppose it serves me right.

Chad: Look, johnny’s gonna be fine with our help. As far as dimera, I don’t want gabi running it any more than you do.

Ej: I was hoping you’d say that.

Chad: What do you mean?

Ej: Maybe we should join forces and get gabi out of dimera, take back what’s ours. What do you say, brother of mine?

Kate: Roman, I know that we’re having difficulty reaching lucas and sami, but what makes you think that they’re missing?

Roman: The thing is, nobody’s been able to get ahold of them. Now, spotty reception is one thing, complete radio silence, that is another, so i called shane.

Kate: Because their cells were out of range, you call the isa?

Roman: Sami and lucas’ daughter is out there running around possessed by the devil. Her twin brother is recovering from possession. That is an emergency situation in my book, so I thought they might want to know. Now, I wasn’t worried about them at all until the isa told me it seems like they have just simply dropped off the face of the earth.

Steve: What did you just say?

Seth: If you would allow me to explain?

Steve: Well, that’s up to my wife.

Kayla: Come in, seth. Would you like some coffee?

Seth: I’d love some, thanks.

[Cell phone ringing]

Steve: Okay, this is julie. I better take it. She might have some news about ciara and the baby. Hey, julie, what’s up?

Julie: Oh, steve, thank god you answered. I need you to go to paulina price’s apartment right now, right now. Do you understand? It’s an emergency.

Lani: We need to get help, paulina.

[Phone beeping]

Paulina: Oh, we need an ambulance. The victim is unconscious. There’s a head wound. He’s bleeding. Please hurry. Hang in there, abraham. Help is on the way.

Tr: Lani. Lani. I love you.

Lani: How can you say that after everything you’ve done?

Tr: You’re my daughter, my child. I love you. I forgive you.


Lani: Ray, ray, ray.

[Tense music]

He’s dead. My a1c stayed here,

Kate: So you believe the isa? You think sami and lucas have vanished?

Roman: Kate, we haven’t heard from them in weeks.

Kate: I know, I know, but it’s not like it’s unusual. Okay, they’re free spirits.

Roman: Yeah, well, two of sami’s kids have been possessed by the devil. What if satan decided to do something to make sami and lucas go away?

Kate: Okay, roman, now you’re scaring me.

Roman: Well, I’m just asking the question.

Kate: Look, roman, sami and lucas have been out of town for months. I mean, it’s not like they were caught up in what satan was doing and decided to interfere.

Roman: Yeah, look, I just can’t help thinking about the last time sami took off for months on end, how wrong we got it. We thought when she left town and didn’t say a word, sami was just being sami, doing what sami does, only to find out she had been kidnapped and her life had been in danger that whole time. Is it so far-fetched to think that might have happened again?

Chad: You want to team up with me to take dimera back?

Ej: Now that johnny’s back in town and back in his right mind, he no longer has any desire to take over the company. I can reclaim my shares from him, and if johnny votes with us, belle said that–

Chad: Wait, you already talked to belle about this?

Ej: She was eager to do something to make up for her role in my ousting, or what she thought her role was, especially now that we know that she really wasn’t the one who framed me since she herself was framed by someone else.

Kayla: There you are.

Seth: Thank you. I’m sorry steve had to leave so abruptly.

Kayla: Oh, I’m sure you are. So tell me, seth, what’s going on? Why the sudden 180 on the chief of staff position?

Seth: I’m sure you’ve heard through the grapevine that, after his wedding debacle, craig wesley abruptly resigned as chief of staff and left salem.

Kayla: I heard something to that effect.

Seth: You can see the position this puts me in.

Kayla: Um, desperate.

Seth: In a word, yes. When craig pitched himself for the job, he said he’d be ready on day one. You’re the only other person who fits that description.

Kayla: How flattering?

Seth: Kayla, the truth is, the staff essentially revolted when they learned that dr. Wesley had replaced you. And I’m here to eat crow until i choke on it and beg you, come back to university hospital as chief of staff.

Kayla: I would love to have my job back.

Seth: That is good news.

Kayla: Only, I have one condition.

Julie: Honey, I’m sure we’ll hear from steve in no time, and everything’s gonna be fine.

Julie: Oh, you’re in pain. I’m gonna get a nurse and get you some medication.

Eli: Grandma, look, I’ll be fine, all right? I need to be awake. I gotta have a clear head. Lani left paulina a message. She said that–she was telling paulina that tr was dangerous. Abe, he didn’t know what he was walking in on.

Julie: Why tonight of all nights did I urge abe to go to paulina’s and say he loves her? Just got to believe that tr cares about paulina, cares about his daughter and wouldn’t hurt them, but abe… he thinks of abe as a rival and just wants him out of the way. Oh, god. Oh, please, god, let steve get there before anything terrible happens.

Paulina: Lani, sweetie?

Lani: What happened here, paulina?

Paulina: Ray said he was going to take me away on a romantic weekend, and I left the room to pack. When I came back–I should have known something was up. I thought I’d heard voices, but ray lied to me, tried to hustle me out of here, and that’s when I heard abraham moaning, found him like this. And I knew something was very wrong, and I tried to call 911. Ray grabbed my phone, threatened me, and then you came in.

Lani: Didn’t you get my messages?

Paulina: Your message? No.

Lani: Paulina, it was ray.

Paulina: What?

Lani: Ray, he is the one who shot eli.

Paulina: Who told you that?

Lani: Eli.

Paulina: Eli?

Lani: He’s awake.

Paulina: Oh, well, praise the lord.

Lani: And he remembers everything, paulina. He remembers everything the day that he was shot.

Paulina: But why would ray shoot eli?

Lani: Because he knew too much. Remember beth? She told eli that ray beat her and that he was using drugs their entire relationship.

Paulina: But beth, she told us the opposite. She assured us that ray was a new man.

Lani: She lied.

Paulina: Why would she lie?

Lani: Maybe he threatened her. He wanted to be with you. And he wanted a life with me. So he was willing to do whatever he had to do to keep us from finding out the truth, including–he shot my husband in the head, paulina!

Paulina: Oh, my god.

Lani: And I saw you and ray leaving the hospital together, and I was so afraid for you, paulina, so I left you that message, and I got here as fast as I could, and then I saw my dad unconscious, and I saw ray’s hand raised to hit you, and i just–I don’t know, I just–i lost it, and I–

Paulina: Baby, baby. It’ll be all right.

Lani: Why didn’t I just arrest him? He wasn’t even armed, and–

Paulina: Oh, no, baby, it’ll be all right, it’ll be all right, baby, I’m telling you.

Steve: What the hell happened here?

Paulina: I shot him. I shot ray. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Kate: So are you saying that you think ej’s behind this? That he kidnapped lucas and sami?

Roman: No. I’m saying we don’t know who kidnapped sami the last time, now that ej has been exonerated.

Kate: Well, he hasn’t exactly been exonerated, roman. His conviction was overturned because of planted evidence. I mean, there was eyewitness testimony there. One of the kidnappers said that he–well, he identified ej as being the man who hired them.

Roman: All true, okay? All true, but still, that never seemed to sit quite right.

Kate: Well, I mean, who else could have done it?

Roman: Ej did point the finger at your son.

Kate: Roman, that was a completely baseless accusation by a lawyer who wanted to undermine lucas’ testimony. I mean, seriously, you really think that lucas could do something like that. He has absolutely zero motive. He loves sami.

Roman: Okay, all right, all right, kate. All right, look. I am just saying there could be other suspects, and that is something we need to keep in mind until we find just where in the hell our kids are.

Chad: You think someone else framed you?

Ej: Of course. Bell was never possessed. Johnny was. He must have been the one who planted that evidence on your laptop so you would stumble across it, then turn me into the police. Later, he copied the files onto belle’s laptop to make it look like she was the one who framed me.

Chad: You know a way to clear ej without incriminating me or lucas?

Kate: I think so.

Chad: Okay, I don’t see how we can pull that off and keep everybody’s hands clean.

Kate: Well, I didn’t mention everyone. I mean, someone’s going to have to take the fall, just not you.

Chad: Okay, I’ll bite, who?

Kate: I say we pin the crime on the devil.

Chad: Johnny did make a play for dimera, so that makes sense.

Ej: And that is all in the past. Belle has drawn up the stock transfer papers to help us make things right. All johnny has to do is sign, and all my original shares revert back to me. I’ll go up and speak with him.

Chad: Whoa, wait, I mean, his mind is filled with worry about allie right now. You sure this is the time to do that?

Ej: It’s not the best time, no, but this move will help us gain access to all of dimera’s resources, so we can be in the best possible position to locate allie and give her the help that she needs. Agreed?

Chad: Yeah, maybe, if you think it’ll bring allie home, sure.

Ej: I’ll go speak with him. I hope that this is the beginning of some healing between you and I, and for our family.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

Chad: Kate, pick up.

Kate: Hello?

Chad: You and I need to talk about what we did to my brother.

Seth: Name your condition, kayla.

Kayla: If you are still expecting me to fire marlena, I won’t do it.

Seth: [Chuckles] The board has rethought that position.

Kayla: Really, what made them change their mind?

Seth: Well, now that the devil has possessed multiple people, dr. Evans’ scandal is so yesterday.

Kayla: Of course.

Seth: And frankly, her popularity amongst the staff is only rivaled by yours. There’s widespread agreement that you and dr. Evans are the finest physicians to ever have been on the staff at university hospital. And I have to agree.

Kayla: Okay, I accept. When would you want me to start?

Seth: How about tonight?

Lani: Paulina, why?

Paulina: The emts and police are on their way.

Steve: Is he dead?

Lani: Yes.

Steve: All right.

Paulina: Oh, maybe abe’s starting to come around.

Steve: Hey, buddy, hey.

Lani: Why did you tell him that you shot tr?

Paulina: You, hush. I know what I’m doing.

Lani: But–

Paulina: No, just go and help steve with your father. Go show him where the first aid kit is. Do it.

Abe: [Groaning]

Steve: Stay still.

[Tense music]

Eli: Why isn’t lani calling? I mean, paulina, abe, hell, even steve?

Julie: I’ll call lani. I’ll call her right now.

[Phone beeps] Straight to voicemail.

Eli: Screw this. I’m not sitting in this hospital waiting–

Julie: Darling, no! No, honey, you can’t! Honey, you can’t get out of bed! Darling!

Trelegy for copd.

Eli: I gotta get to my wife.

Julie: No, honey, no, please. Help, somebody, help me!

Kayla: What’s going on?

Julie: Kayla, thank god.

Kayla: What happened?

Julie: Well, my crazy grandson tried to get out of bed.

Julie: Easy, let’s get you back in bed, come on, come on. There you go.

Eli: I’m fine.

Kayla: Let me help you. You’re all right. Let me get your pulse. Julie, would you get him a glass of water, please?

Julie: Yeah, sure. Oh, kayla, not that I’m not thrilled to see you, but what are you doing here? I thought you–

Kayla: Was fired? Well, I was, but seth reinstated me. There you go.

Julie: Well, he’s not the idiot I took him for then.

Kayla: Yeah, well, I was on my way to see you because i heard you woke up. What are you thinking getting out of bed when you just came out of a coma?

Eli: Lani is in danger.

Julie: That’s the reason that I called steve to check on her.

Kayla: Oh, that’s what that call was about.

Julie: But we haven’t heard a word, not a word from him. Have you?

Kayla: No, I’m sorry. I haven’T.

Steve: Hey, over here, guys. That one’s beyond help.

Paulina: Where are the police?

Busy night, they’re a few minutes behind us.

Paulina: This is all my fault; none of this would have happened if only ray hadn’t tried to worm his way into my life. If I hadn’t left that opening, then–oh, and now poor abraham. Can we go to the hospital with him? I want to be there when he wakes up.

Steve: Lani can go with him. She can give her statement to the police later. I think you should stay here until they arrive.

Paulina: Right.

Lani: Paulina–

Paulina: No, no, you go. Go be with your father. He needs you.

Lani: Yes, but–

Paulina: You go. I’m fine. I can take care of myself. I always have.

Kate: So ej thinks johnny’s the one who framed him. I mean, that’s no surprise. We framed the devil. Everyone thinks it’s the devil. So what’s the problem?

Chad: The problem is that ej is reaching out to me. He wants a fresh start. He wants to be brothers instead of adversaries. He even wants to partner up to reclaim dimera. I mean, if he’s willing to take these steps, then I have to at least meet him halfway.

Kate: Chad, you can’t do that; you can’t tell ej you’re the one who framed him for kidnapping sami. I mean, it will totally implicate lucas.

Chad: Okay, I can do it without implicating lucas.

Kate: Oh, my god, we have been through this before. You tell ej that you’re the one who framed him, what do you think he’s gonna do? Do you think he’s just gonna forgive and forget? Do you think he’s gonna want to just hug it out? Because that is not ej’s style. Okay? You want a fresh start with your brother, well, that’s all gonna go up in flames, and you’re gonna be covered in ashes. Is that what you want?

Chad: What I want is to make things right with my brother.

Kate: Then do that, chad. Just do that, okay? Get your fresh start, but just keep your mouth shut about what you know.

[Tense music]


Kate: Yeah, okay. Well, I have to go. And I really hope you’ll take to heart what I had to say.

Roman: Take what to heart?

Kate: Oh, god, it’s rafe. I was telling that he and his keystone cops need to get their act together and find allie. I mean, she’s been gone so long. Who knows what’s happened?

Roman: Kate, look, I’m frustrated too, okay? But there’s not a damn doubt in my mind that rafe is doing every possible thing he can do.

Kate: Yeah, well, he can do better. What? You drinking coffee at this time of night?

Roman: Decaf. But you know what, I think i am gonna turn in. Not much we can do till daybreak, and I do want to get up bright and early to help search.

Kate: Okay, well, why don’t I close up for you then?

Roman: No, no, that’s all right.

Kate: I want to.

Roman: Too good to me, kate. Thank you.

Kate: Hey, come here. Okay, get some sleep, and I’ll be up in a few minutes.

Ej: Chad, success. Giovanni signed my shares back over to me.

Chad: That’s great.

Ej: I also asked him about those statements showing i paid off the kidnappers.

Chad: What’d he say?

Ej: Unfortunately, my son has no memory of framing me for sami’s kidnapping, which hardly surprises me, given that he doesn’t remember much about what transpired during that time, so I guess we’ll never really know.

Chad: Ej, there’s something I need to tell you.

Kayla: So everything that beth said about tr was a lie?

Julie: Exactly, he is a violent man, a lying, murdering–oh, god, now I’ve upset you. Maybe I shouldn’t have called steve; I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

Kayla: No, no, no, it was the right thing to do. That’s what steve was trained to do. It’s okay.

[Cell phone rings] Wait, sorry. Oh, it’s the er. I’ve got to take this. Dr. Johnson. Yeah, I’ll be right there.

Julie: What is it?

Kayla: There’s an ambulance en route from paulina’s address. The victim is unconscious with a head injury.

Julie: Oh, my god.

Eli: Did they say who it was?

Kayla: No, but I will let you know as soon as I know. I gotta go.

Eli: Damn it.

Julie: What the hell happened over there?

Paulina: Can we cover him with a blanket or something?

Steve: I know it’s not pretty, but we can’t disturb the crime scene.

Paulina: Of course. You think abe’s gonna be okay?

Steve: He’s in good hands, I can tell you that much. You want to tell me what happened here?

Paulina: I already told you. I shot him.

[Radio chatter]

Ma’am, you said you shot this man?

Paulina: Yes, sir, I did.

Steve: He’s dead.

Paulina: And I’m not going to say a word without my lawyer present.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Kate: Lucas, this is your mother, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and perhaps you already know, but your daughter, allie, has been possessed by the devil, and no one knows where you and sami are, and roman is starting to ask questions. So if you have done something to sami again… lucas, if I don’t hear from you in 24 hours, I’m telling roman everything.

Ej: What is it?

Chad: I’m sorry for the things that I did as well that contributed to our falling out. I want to be partners again. I want to be brothers again.

Ej: Wouldn’t father be proud and pleased to see his sons coming together in the name of family and the dimera legacy?

[Tense music]

Kayla: Okay, I want you to follow my light with your eyes. Okay, good, very good. Do you know who I am?

Abe: Dr. Kayla johnson.

Kayla: Uh-uh, that’s cheating. No, you got it.

Abe: Oh, wait a minute. You’re not supposed to be here.

Kayla: You know, despite that nasty blow on your head and a mild concussion, I would say that your memory is intact.

Abe: Thank you.


Kayla: And I was reinstated.

Abe: Well, that’s good news.

Kayla: Yeah, it is, and I’m glad I’m here to help you. Listen, I just want you to know the police are gonna want to talk to you, but not until I’ve medically cleared you, all right?

Abe: Okay.

Kayla: Now, how about before or after the attack, do you have any memories about what happened?

Paulina: What have you done?

Julie: Oh, steve, if you hadn’t been there, it could have been so much worse. I’m just glad I had the presence of mind to call you.

Steve: Excuse me, julie. I gotta go. That looks like a police issued service weapon.

It sure does.

[Tense music]

Eli: Baby, thank god. Are you all right?

Lani: I’m fine.

Eli: What about your dad? How’s abe?

Lani: He regained consciousness in the ambulance. He’ll be okay.

Eli: Honey, look at me, hey. Are you sure you’re okay? You’re covered in blood.

Lani: It’s ray. He’s dead.

Eli: He’s dead? What happened?

Lani: You son of a bitch.

Tr: Lani, baby, I can explain.

Eli: Lani, what happened?

Lani: Paulina said she shot him.

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