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Sonny: Chet. Long time, no see.

Chet: Good to see you, Mr. Corinthos. Thank you again for the time off.

Sonny: How’d the trip to the Middle East go?

Chet: Oh, [Sighs] It was, uh — it was incredible. I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel being back in the country, but bringing those supplies to the nonprofit and sharing my story with the other wounded vets — I don’t know — it gave me a sense of closure I didn’t realize I needed.

Sonny: I’m glad the trip made a difference. You — you’re helping a lot of people.

Chet: Yeah, well, I tried.

And I’m also glad you’re back.

Yeah, well, I’m glad to be back. Turns out, I have a lot to look forward to now that I’m home.

Terry: What’s more date-worthy, biz — red or sparkly?

Elizabeth: Is this why you insisted I come with you — color consultation?

Terry: Uh, we needed a girls’ outing. You’ve been working too much.

Elizabeth: I’m trying to save up so Cameron can live in the dorms instead of semi-permanently crashing with friends. Getting my nails done is not a luxury I can afford.

Terry: No worries. It’s my treat.

Elizabeth: And normally I wouldn’t worry, except you never want anyone to come with you to the nail salon. This is your meditative time.

Terry: Well, after meditating on it, I’ve decided it’s time for a new tradition.

Elizabeth: Terry, what’s really going on? Uh…you know, there’s paraffin treatments in there.

Terry: [ Sighs ] Fine. Alright. I do have something to confess, and you’re not gonna like it.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephones ringing in distance ]

Britt: Heard it was a rough night.

TJ: I lost my first patient.

Britt: Always tough.

TJ: She wasn’t exactly a stranger. I mean, Harmony miller may have been bad news, but telling her daughter, “So sorry. We — we did everything we could” — it was… it was worse than I could ever imagine.

Britt: And did you? Do everything you could?

TJ: And we did.

Britt: Then you’re good.

TJ: Doesn’t feel that way.

Britt: [ Sighs ] Nothing prepares you for that first one.

Brook Lynn: I’m so sorry about Willow’s mom.

Michael: Thanks. I’ll, uh — I’ll tell Willow when she wakes up.

Brook Lynn: Thanks. And, Carly, I — I can’t even imagine.

Carly: Oh, that was rough. But I’m okay.

Brook Lynn: Never had any doubts. I’ll see you later, sweetie. Bye.

Carly: [ Laughs ]

[ Wind rushing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Brook Lynn: Oh. Oh, my god. It is so good to hear your voice. After the day I’ve had, and it’s only noon.

Chase: What’s going on? Are you okay?

Brook Lynn: Just too much reality. I need a fantasy fix. We’re still on for the screening later, right?

Chase: [ Gasps ] Oh, it’s, uh, May the 4th.

Brook Lynn: Last I checked. Did you forget?

Chase: Oh, it’s just we got those tickets ages ago and, uh… I have another commitment.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ] Like what, a date?

Chase: Yes, actually. And I’m pretty sure her dad doesn’t let her watch PG movies. I’ll talk to you later.

Violet: Pink or purple?

Michael: Yeah, Willow was so exhausted last night. I was, uh — I was worried she was gonna be too upset to sleep, but she sat on the bed to take her shoes off. By the time I turned back around, she was already asleep with her clothes still on.

Carly: Well, it’s a good thing that Willow’s getting some rest. She’s gonna need her strength with what’s to come.

Chet: How’d my temporary replacement do?

Sonny: Uh, Dex? Um, I-I only met him briefly. He’s — you know, he seemed capable.

Chet: Good. Well, I took a chance on him because he’s a fellow vet and he had experience in gym management, so I just…

Sonny: Yeah.

Chet: I just hope he met your expectations.

Sonny: Well, the — the transition was seamless. And the staff, no complaints.

Chet: Well, as long as he wasn’t better at my job than I am.

Sonny: No, no danger to that.[ Laughs ]

Dante: Hey, Chet.

Chet: Hey.

Dante: Good to see you back, man.

Chet: Yeah, thanks.

Sonny: You’re here early. I am, yeah.

Dante: I, uh — I left you a message.

Sonny: Ah, well, I was gonna call you. What’s up?

Dante; You haven’t heard?

Chet: Uh, first day. I’m going to go take care of the handoff.

Sonny: Yeah. What’s going on?

Dante: Carly and Alexis were attacked last night.

Chase: Ooh, it’s so hard to choose.

Violet: Last time, you wore pink.

Chase: Right, because I thought you preferred purple. I do, but when it’s on my head, I can’t see it. That’s why daddy usually picks purple.

Chase: Oh. Speaking of, your dad called me this morning, and he said he’s so excited to see you tonight, and then he blew you a big kiss, like this. Mwah!

Violet: [ Giggles ] You’re gonna have to call him back so you can blow him a kiss from me.

Chase: Or you could do it yourself.

Violet: That’s true.

Chase: Do you know what else is true? With your dad away, we could spend the whole day together. What do you want to do?

Violet: Tea party.

Chase: That’s an option. Or we could take a walk in the park, see the ducks in the lake.

Violet: Hm. Tea party.

Chase: Or we could go to the aquarium. I bet they have purple fish and all the sea creatures there.

Violet: Tea par-ty.

Chase: That’s three tea parties in less than 24 hours, Violet.

Violet: You can never have too many tea parties.

Chase: Noted.

Terry: Today’s mani-pedi is actually being underwritten by a generous benefactor, one who’s concerned about the amount of stress you’ve been under.

Elizabeth: Ah. Okay, thank you for telling me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go kill Finn.

Terry: Hey, hey, hey. Can you kill him after you get your nails done? You need this.

Elizabeth: One afternoon is not going to make me forget everything that’s going on.

Terry: And what exactly is “everything”? You’ve been tired, irritable. And the fact that Finn asked me to take you on this little outing only confirms that things are bigger than you’ve told me.

Elizabeth: I can handle it.

Terry: Right, so who done it, then, hmm? Who slashed your dress and stashed your wedding ring in your locker? Who burned down Franco’s studio, took his portrait of you, and left it at your house? If you’re handling it, you must know, then.

Elizabeth: I don’t enjoy you when you’re like this.

Terry: And yet you should be used to it by now. Come on. Enough with the silence and pretense. You’re telling me everything.

Elizabeth: Okay. Okay.

Terry: And don’t forget, I’ve known you longer than anyone, so don’t even think about holding back, because I’ll know.

Britt: As much as I hate to say this, Harmony Miller is only the first of many.

TJ: Patients I’ll lose in the future? [ Sighs ] Can’t wait.

Britt: It may not be comforting, but it’s the truth. [ Sighs ]

[ Cup taps lightly ]

Britt: How are you doing?

Amy: Dr. Westbourne! Hi, Dr. Ashford. Dr. Westbourne.

Britt: Hi, Nurse Driscoll. Is there something I can do for you?

Amy: Yes, at least I hope so. I agreed to work a double, but I’m not feeling well, so I was hoping…

Britt: Did you check with Epiphany?

Amy: She said it’s okay with her if it’s okay with you. And I just conducted my final patient rounds, and the beds on the floor and in the er are at below half capacity.

Britt: Okay, off you go. [ Chuckles ] Feel better. [ Sighs ] Okay. Where were we?

TJ: Uh, how — how am I doing? Y-you know, I did — I did everything I could to save my patient, and I still lost her, so I feel — I-I feel helpless, useless, defeated. You know, part of me wants to scream and — and throw my coffee against the wall. I just…

Britt: Well, TJ, you are a doctor, and this is a hospital. There are plenty of fantastic places to scream if you muffle the noise. [ Chuckles ]

TJ: [ Sighs ]

Britt: Try a few and pick your favorite.

TJ: I’ll do that. Thank you.

Dante: Uh, Carly and Alexis, they’re at home recovering, but, you know, they’re — they’re pretty rattled.

Sonny: Harmony — where is she now?

Dante: She’s dead.

Sonny: Dead? How?

Dante: She tried to make a getaway on foot and a car hit her. That’s all I can tell you right now.

Sonny: Okay. I gotta call Carly.

Dante: What’s the matter?

Sonny: No, it’s just — there was just a time when Carly would — would have called me for something like this, or the hospital would have contacted me as next of kin. But now that, you know, in the eyes of the law, we’re not family anymore, so…

Dante: Well, you know, families aren’t made and broken with emergency contact information.

Sonny: But they’re all — it’s family. There should always be, you know, trust. Care. I’m always gonna care for Carly the rest of my life. But now, you know, she just doesn’t want anything to do with me.

Carly: Keep that up, you’re going to wear a groove in the floor.

Michael: Yeah, I know, I’m just — I’m just still reeling about what happened. I mean, Willow was just starting to regain trust with Harmony, and now she has to deal with this?

Wiley: What about grandma Harmony?

Michael: Um…

Carly: What color do you want to color the car?

Wiley: Uh, blue.

Carly: Blue it is. Get going, alright? Um… you’re going to have to watch it.

Michael: I know. It’s — I-I just — I-I don’t understand what led Harmony to do what she did at Rana Point. I don’t, but… the police are investigating. That means this is gonna go public. Yeah. And the press is going to jump all over it. I know. I managed to stall Aurora’s digital press, but I can’t control all media. Eventually, this is going to come out, and I just don’t know how to protect Willow from the fallout.

Violet: How were the refreshments, Princess Brandywine?

Chase: [ Clears throat ] [ British accent ] Why, Lady Honeycutt, I do believe these are the finest scones I’ve ever had the good fortune to nibble on.

Violet: Why, thank you.

[ Knock on door ]

Chase: [ Normal voice ] Whoever you are, I owe you.

[ Lightsabers activate ]

Brook Lynn: [Laughing] May the 4th be with you.

Chase: I know, I know.

Brook Lynn: Ah! Tell me, young Skywalker, is that a Jedi tiara or a Sith tiara, hmm?

Violet: Uncle Chase is Princess Brandywine.

Chase: Ah. Yes, uh… Lady Honeycutt speaks the truth. [ British accent ] I am Princess Brandywine.

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ] Well, then, call me Han Solo because I arrived in the nick of time.

Elizabeth: So now the boys and I are living apart. Aiden’s discussing Ouija boards with Lucy Coe, and I can’t even escape this menace in a hotel room. And that brings us to now.

Terry: Oh, my god, biz. I can’t believe you’ve been dealing with all this. You should have told me.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] I mean, the police are on the case, and Finn’s been really supportive. What more could you have done besides worry?

Terry: Offer my support? Someone to vent to? My home?

Elizabeth: Finn offered his home as well, but whatever this is, it followed me to the metro court. I don’t want it following me to your house.

Terry: Wait, “whatever” this is? Don’t you mean “whoever”?

Elizabeth: Aiden believes it’s franco’s ghost. And do you actually think he’s right? That you’re being stalked by franco’s ghost?

[ Door opens, closes ]

Elizabeth: Amy.

Dante: Look, you won’t know if Carly wants you to check in with her unless you reach out.

Sonny: Someone tries to kill Carly — she doesn’t reach out to me? Same thing with Michael? That sends a message. They don’t want anything to do with me.

Dante: What message? What do you — maybe they’re just catching their breath…

Sonny: Okay.

Dante: …Right now.

Sonny: Alright.

Dante: Come on.

Sonny: No, I’m just saying.

Dante: Look, last night was a crazy night. Alexis and Carly were still being treated when Harmony was brought in. I mean, it — we’re all still just trying to pick up the pieces of what happened. And then Michael, he was worried a-about Carly and Willow and maybe just too distracted to contact you, even if he thought about it. Even if he wanted to. I don’t know.

Sonny: Michael didn’t want to, but that’s his choice.

Dante: [ Sighs ] I guess so.

Sonny: Yeah.

Dante: You taking care of yourself?

Sonny: Uh… of course I am.

Dante: You lost your best friend, your wife, and now son.

Sonny: Thanks for reminding me.

Dante: Well, I’m not trying to remind you — I’m just trying to make you see that you’re getting more and more isolated, and sometimes, when that happens, we both know you can get vulnerable.

Michael: There’s just one thing I don’t understand about all this.

Carly: Just one?

Michael: As crazy as what, uh, Harm– actually, let’s — let’s go over here. As crazy as what Harmony did at Rana Point, I mean, what pushed her that far? I mean, she seemed like she was in a good place. She was rebuilding with Willow. And what she tried to do, it — it — it was so outrageous that it was guaranteed to fail — I mean, thank God, but she must’ve known that. So why jeopardize her relationship with Willow?

Carly: And this little guy.

Michael: Exactly. She was obviously desperate, and then… [ Scoffs ] I probably didn’t help that.

Sonny: You saying I’m vulnerable or my business is vulnerable? What are you — I don’t — I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

Dante: Well, I can’t speak to your business for obvious reasons, but as your son right now, I’m just saying that I’m concerned. I don’t want you to start drinking again or get off your meds.

Sonny: Well, you’re not wrong, and I appreciate your concern.

Dante: Okay.

Sonny: But I got it handled.

Dante: On the drinking or the meds?

Sonny: Both.

Dante: Alright. [ Clears throat ] What about the loneliness? You got that handled, too?

Sonny: You know, let me just say this — you don’t have to worry about me. [ Breathing sharply ]

Dante: Alright. Good enough. I gotta go to the Quartermaines’ and talk to Willow, alright?

Sonny: Alright.

Dante: See you around.

Sonny: Alright, see you later.

TJ: I almost wish I could compartmentalize my emotions.

Britt: No chief wants robots populating their staff.

TJ: You don’t want doctors lined up outside the call room, taking turns having a good cry, right?

Britt: I don’t know. Sounds pretty good to me.


[ Telephones ringing in distance ]

Britt: It wasn’t that long ago I had to deliver devastating news to new parents.

TJ: Brando and Sasha?

Britt: [ Sighs ] Feeling too much and feeling too little, both have their drawbacks. But given the choice, I want medical professionals who treat patients using their heart as well as their head.

TJ: My — my favorite professor always said that good doctoring comes from good listening, and good listening can’t always be taught.

Britt: It’s also not billable.

TJ: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Britt: The trick is to combine compassion with efficient care.

TJ: You make that sound really easy.

Britt: Oh, no, it — it’s not. [ Laughs ] But it is doable. Tell me, TJ, what kind of doctor do you want to be?

Elizabeth: Amy, come join us.

Amy: Uh, I’m here for a manicure, not a pedicure, but thanks.

Terry: I thought you were working a double.

Amy: I was, but I wasn’t feeling well after last night.

Terry: Were you prescribed a cuticle trim?

Amy: I’ll find another salon.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no. You don’t have to do that. We can save shoptalk for when we get back to work. Okay?

Amy: No, not okay. Dr. Randolph, why are you always picking on me lately? We’re not even at the hospital and you’re getting all up in my business.

Terry: Because, to the best of my knowledge, you’re supposed to be at the hospital.

Amy: Dr. Ashford lost his first patient last night. I was working with him. We couldn’t save her. It got to me.

Terry: I’m sorry to hear that.

Amy: Thank you.

Terry: And I have my job to do.

Amy: Well, I don’t like the way you’re doing it, and I’m probably not the only one.

Terry: Which is why staff are given the opportunity to evaluate hospital leadership quarterly.

Amy: Well, I may forgo that and march straight to Monica.

Terry: Knock yourself out, Amy. We’re done.

Elizabeth: Hey, Amy, I understand that you’re upset, but let’s all just take a deep breath, you guys.

Terry: It’s fine, Elizabeth. Amy’s entitled to her anger.

Amy: Oh, gee, thank you.

Terry: You’re also entitled to file a formal complaint with the board. What you’re not entitled to do is try to ruin my day off.

Amy: [ Scoffs ]

Elizabeth: Finn was right. It’s definitely got my mind off of my problems.

Chase: You are so my hero.

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ]

Chase: Did you pick these up on the way over?

Brook Lynn: Are you kidding? All the good lightsabers are gone by the end of April. My dad actually got these a while back for Rocco and Leo. Since you couldn’t go to “Star Wars,” I thought I’d bring “Star Wars” to you.

[ Lightsabers whirring ]

Chase: I glad you remembered.

Brook Lynn: Of course I remembered.

Chase: Why “of course”? Well, it’s a very important day in this galaxy, and it’s really important to you.

Violet: Uncle Chase, come sword fight with me.

Brook Lynn: You heard the princess.

Chase: Hey, that is mine. Well… okay, Violet, first of all, this is called a lightsaber, and it is the ancient and sacred weapon of the warriors known as the Jedi. Wah!

[ Lightsabers bleeping ]

Chase: Unh! Wsssh! Aaah!

Michael: I was always so guarded with Harmony, and she felt it. You know, maybe if I was more accepting, she would have been honest.

Carly: Stop that. No one made Harmony do what she did. She made the choice to hurt people.

[ Knock on door ]

Michael: [ Sighs ] Hey, Dante.

Dante: Hey, everybody.

Wiley: Hi, Uncle Dante.

[ Door closes ]

Dante: Hey, pal, how you doing?

Carly: So, are you here to see Willow?

Dante: Yeah. Is she resting? If so, I can come back another time.

Carly: Oh.

Michael: Hey, bud, your mom’s awake. She could use a hug.

Carly: Willow, what can we do for you?

Willow: Hugs help.

Carly: Well, then I’m next in line. [ Chuckles ]

Willow: Aww.

Carly: Oh, I’m so sorry. Alright, why don’t I take this little guy up to the main house, alright? And I’ll be right back. Come on. Let’s go get some yummy snacks in the big house.

Michael: How you holding up?

[ Door closes ]

Willow: Last night was…

Michael: Overwhelming?

Dante: Hey, Willow, um… I do have more information for you, if you feel like you’re ready for it.

Chet: Mr. Corinthos, if you have a minute, Dex would like to say goodbye. It’s his, uh, last day here.

Dex: Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. Corinthos. I hope my work was satisfactory.

Sonny: Listen, if — if I ever need anybody to replace Chet, I’ll give you a call. What’s next for you?

Dex: Not sure. Ideally, I’d love to stay on here in some other capacity.

Chet: Well, I wish we had a more permanent position for you at the gym, but we’re fully staffed.

Dex: Till something opens up, I’m — I’m more than happy to scrub floors, fix equipment, wash towels. I mean, no job is too big or small. I’m just asking for a chance.

Elizabeth: Since when is there friction between you and Amy?

Terry: I’ve had to call her out a few times. Nurse Driscoll thinks it’s personal, but it really isn’t. I shouldn’t lose my temper. It’s unprofessional. And even worse, it causes frown lines.

Elizabeth: Well, then, let’s talk about something that makes you smile, like your secret “lovah.”

Terry: Uh, he is not my “lovah.” And it’s not a secret, I just don’t want to jinx it.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] If not his name, give me something.

Terry: He’s funny and handsome, a real gentleman, and he looks great in a t-shirt. [ Chuckles ]

Elizabeth: Go on.

Terry: I met him a few months ago. We had a drink on Valentine’s, and then he had to leave town.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, that’s not a good sign.

Terry: We kept in touch. And, my god, Biz, the man gives great text.

Elizabeth: Oh, gee. Sounds like you’re in trouble.

Terry: [ Laughs ] Hey, speaking of trouble, are you gonna be okay at the hotel tonight?

[ Water bubbling ]

Elizabeth: I just forgot to latch the door. It’s not gonna happen again.

Terry: Did you at least call hotel security?

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] Hotel security, the police, and nothing seems to help. I don’t know, maybe nothing can.

Terry: The ghost theory.

Elizabeth: I know you’re a woman of science, and so am I. But at this point, I’m willing to try everything.

Terry: Whatever eases your mind.

Elizabeth: Great. So will you go someplace with me later this week?

Terry: Can you be more specific?

Elizabeth: Why? You already trust me. You don’t need to know.

Terry: Unfortunately, that’s true.

Elizabeth: Great. But right now, I need to get back to work, and you need to prep for your hot date.

Terry: Mm. [ Chuckles ]

Brook Lynn: Mmm, my word, Lady Honeycutt, this tea is delicious.

Violet: Thank you, Queen Marshmallow.

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ] Please tell me you have something strong and real to put in these cups.

Chase: Oh, now you know my pain.

Brook Lynn: [ Chuckles ]

Violet: The tea is orange spice, daddy’s favorite.

Brook Lynn: Oh. Is daddy working today?

Violet: He had an emergency at the hospital. He is saving lives.

Brook Lynn: I know. Finn helps a lot of people.

Violet: Chase helps a lot of people, too.

Brook Lynn: Right, police officers certainly help people, and your Uncle Chase is one of the best.

Chase: I miss it.

Brook Lynn: It’s just a few more weeks. [ Clears throat ] You hear that, Violet? Your Uncle Chase is gonna be back to saving the galaxy very soon, just like Luke — Luke…

Chase: Skywalker?

Brook Lynn: Right. Skywalker. How could I forget?

Chase: It’s too bad we’re not going to the movie tonight. You could use a refresher.

Brook Lynn: Well, maybe we can have a private screening someday soon.

TJ: I want to be the kind of doctor that — that people are happy to see again. And I want them to trust me, to know that I will move heaven and earth for them. And — and to be the kind of doctor that can provide solace when healing is impossible.

Britt: And how’s that going for you so far?

TJ: I did all I could to save Harmony. But when I had to break the news to her daughter last night, every bit of confidence, all of my training went out the window, and I felt completely out of my depth.

Britt: Well, Dr. Ashford, congratulations. You’re still human. [ Chuckles ] But you can’t tell when the losses are gonna hit. You could go a whole year without one.

TJ: Mm.

Britt: And then you could have three in one hour.

TJ: Damn.

Britt: You may need to learn not to internalize every loss. I mean, that is — that takes a toll.

TJ: What do you suggest?

Britt: Self-care. I-I know it’s an overused, crunchy granola term these days, but the whole concept of putting an oxygen mask on first on an airplane — you have to take care of you first. I know it sounds selfish, but it’s the first step in helping others.

TJ: I-I will remember that, but do you have any recommendations or suggestions for self-care?

Britt: Uh, I mean, find something that brings you peace. For some people, it’s exercise and therapy — for others, it’s a hobby or spending time with loved ones. You’ve been here all night, right?

TJ: And I still have all day.

Britt: While you were worrying about Willow’s family, have you had time to check in on your own? How’s Molly doing after her mom was attacked?

TJ: I spoke with her briefly, and — and she’s upset, of course, but, you know, she’s Molly.

Britt: I don’t know what that means.

[ Both laugh ]

TJ: Okay. Not only is she holding it together, but she’s holding everyone together.

Britt: That sounds rough. It’s a lot. You’ve had a rough night. Just say the word, and I can have you covered.

TJ: You mean…?

Britt: I mean, I’m saying you can go home. [ Laughs ] This is the time, TJ, in the beginning of your career where you have to determine what matters most to you and make it a priority. Otherwise, you can count on having many more dark, lonely nights of the soul. [ Sighs ]

Dante: Uh, you want to sit down? Uh, officially, I’m here to update you on our investigation.

Willow: And unofficially? Well, unofficially, um…

[ Door opens ]

Carly: Hey. Okay. What’d I miss?

Michael: We just got started.

Carly: Oh.

Dante: Unofficially, I’m here as family.

Willow: Thank you. But please just tell me why my mother tried to kill Carly and Alexis last night.

Carly: At Alexis’s house, I found papers that implicated Harmony in a crime, and to stop me from exposing it, Harmony attacked me and drugged me.

Willow: I know all that. What I don’t know is why. What was my mother trying to hide?

Dante: Harmony had killed before.

Violet: Thank you for making my tea party such a delightful occasion.

Brook Lynn: Mm.

Violet: I’m gonna go clean this up now. Don’t have any fun without me.

Chase: [ Laughs ]

Brook Lynn: [ Chuckles ] Aww, Violet wanted to clean up by herself? I’ll never be able to raise a kid who’s half as well-mannered as her.

Chase: Are you kidding me? You’re gonna be a great mom.

Brook Lynn: I don’t know.

Chase: I’ve seen you in action, remember?

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ]

Chase: Uh, how’s Leo? Is he feeling any better about his upcoming performance?

Brook Lynn: He’s still nervous, but you definitely helped.

Chase: I think we helped. We make a good team.

Brook Lynn: But there’s only so much we could do. I mean, drama therapy is definitely helping, but stage fright is very, very real.

Chase: Even when you’re not the one performing?

Brook Lynn: [ Sighs ]

Chase: Have you written any songs lately?

Brook Lynn: Nope. [ Scoffs ]

Chase: You are a gifted songwriter, Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn: I-I used to be. I mean, what if my new stuff isn’t — what if it isn’t… [ Sighs ]

Chase: There’s only one way to find out.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ]

Chase: I get it, you know.

Brook Lynn: Really?

Chase: Sure. I haven’t done my job in so long. I mean, what if I can’t remember how to do it?

Brook Lynn: You’re a pro. It’ll be like riding a bike.

Chase: If you can have this much faith in me, why can’t you do the same for yourself?

Terry: [ Laughs ]

Elizabeth: Well, thanks for our girls’ outing.

Terry: Make sure you thank Finn, too.

Elizabeth Ohh.

Terry: Preferably before you kill him for being considerate of your feelings.

Elizabeth: [ Laughs ]

Terry: He should know by now how much kindness annoys you.

Elizabeth: Seriously, what is wrong with that guy?

Terry:[ Laughs ]

Elizabeth: And thanks for the ride back. You didn’t need to.

Terry: No worries. I left something in my office.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Terry: Let me know the day of our mystery appointment.

Elizabeth: And let me know how your date goes.

Terry: [ Chuckles ] Britt, did you know that Amy Driscoll blew off her second shift for a manicure?

Britt: I did tell her she could leave early, but a manicure? Good for her.

Terry: Excuse me? [ Laughs ]

Britt: She lost a patient last night.

Terry: [ Scoffs ] And it sucks that Amy had a rough night, but it doesn’t excuse the way she spoke to me.

Britt: I’ll address it with her.

Terry: I was just going to have Epiphany talk to her.

Britt: I—I’d like a shot at it. Use the carrot instead of the stick. It’s–it’s a thing I’m trying.

Terry: Okay. Thanks. Let me know how it goes.

Britt: That’s not what you’re wearing on your date, is it?

Terry: [ Laughs ]

Sonny: I appreciate your hustle. Uh, I don’t think — we don’t have any jobs right now.

Dex: It was worth a try. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, am I right?

Sonny: Good attitude.

Amy: Chet.

Chet: What? Uh, excuse me. Family awaits.

Sonny: Okay, speaking of family, I got to make a call. So don’t be a stranger, Dex.

Dex: Absolutely.

[ Men grunting ]

Sonny: Carly? Hi. Um, I heard about last night. I just — I just want to make sure you’re okay.

[ Men grunting ]

Sonny: What the hell?!

Dex: Knock it off!

Man: Come on, kid! Come on, kid!

Dex: This is not some back alley! Have some respect. Come on.

Dante: The body of Brendon Byrne surfaced off pier 54. We have evidence that Harmony murdered him.

Willow: But why would my mother kill Brendon Byrne? Did he have a connection to Dawn of Day and Shiloh?

Dante: Well, the only connection we are aware of is that he was Dr. Neil Byrne’s brother, whom Harmony also murdered.

Michael: Hold on, are — are you saying that Harmony murdered a man to conceal that she killed his brother and then tried to kill my mom and Alexis to cover?

Dante: That’s what I’m saying.

Willow: I’m sorry. That — that can’t be right. My mother had her faults, but she was kind, compassionate. She was not a murderer.

Dante: Uh, Willow… Harmony committed a crime years ago, and she went to great lengths to hide it.

Willow: Having to do with her past?

Dante: Having to do with her past… and yours.

Terry: How did you know I have a date?

Britt: When I’m bored, I hack into your personal calendar, e-mails, and browser history.

Terry: Oh.

Britt: I also just overheard Elizabeth.

Terry: [ Scoffs ] Well, if you must know, I’m going home to change. So thanks for asking.

Britt: Mm. Not a fan of unsolicited advice?

Terry: Is anyone?

Britt: Well, then, you’re probably not gonna like what I’m about to say.

Terry: Go on.

Britt: Forget about Amy. Forget about the hospital. Forget about everything right now. Enjoy your date.

Dex: You guys are busted. Get out of here. Let’s go.

Amy: She has it in for me, I swear.

Chet: Well, I’m sure that is not the case.

Amy: Thanks for telling me my feelings and perceptions are invalid. You’re a great brother.

Chet: It’s not like you don’t have a history of blowing things out of proportion.

Amy: You’re adopted.

Chet: Actually, you were.

Amy: Oh, what? [ Laughs ] No, I wasn’t.

Chet: You and your boss are going through a rough patch. You should probably just talk it out.

Amy: You don’t know this woman, Chet. She is completely unreasonable.

Chet: Yeah, I can’t imagine what that’s like.

Amy: There is no point in talking it out. Instead, I’m simply going to avoid her whenever possible.

Terry: Wait, wait, wait a second. You, Britt Westbourne, she of the caustic remarks, who freely judges the choices of others, is actually telling me to go out and —

Britt: Just enjoy yourself.

Terry: [ Scoffs ] You know, you’re continually not as aggravating as I thought you’d be.

Britt: What a compliment.

Terry: [ Chuckles ]

Britt: Now get out of here.

[ Both laugh ]

TJ: You were right.

Britt: As usual. About what?

TJ: I took your advice. I called Molly, and she wants to curl up on the couch, watch “Star Wars,” and eat vegan pizza.

Britt: Sounds like the perfect way to recharge.

TJ: So I would like to take you up on your offer, if that’s okay.

Britt: Go. Leave. Be with your domestic partner.

TJ: Awesome. I just need to tie up a few things, and I’ll be on my way.

Britt: Okay. I will hold down the fort. Enjoy that vegan pizza. And, TJ, May the 4th be with you. Besides, it’s not like I have anyone waiting for me tonight. [ Sighs ]

Elizabeth: Chelsea, hi. My name is Elizabeth. Lucy Coe referred me to you. I would like to schedule a session. I need help explaining the unexplainable.

Brook Lynn: I know what I’ll do. I-I will start saying daily affirmations, like, “I am good enough, I am strong enough, and I will hit the game-winning home run on opening day of the summer softball league.

Chase: Oh, in your dreams. No, not even in your dreams.

Brook Lynn: The Deception team has something the PCPD team doesn’t.

Chase: Yeah, what’s that?

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ] A base stealer from Bensonhurst with a .350 batting average.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Violet: The tea set’s put away.

Chase: Oh. Guess what — I have an idea. If Leo’s free, the four of us could, uh, go to Kelly’s for dinner.

Brook Lynn: That’s a really great idea. Leo can practice his poem for Violet.

Chase: And then we can go back to rounding the bases.

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ]

Chase: In terms of softball and describing how softball works.

Brook Lynn: Alright.

Violet: As long as we can bring the lightsabers.

Brook Lynn: It’s a date.

Violet: It’s a date.

[ Laughter ]

Dex: Sorry, Mr. Corinthos. I gave those guys a talking-to. They won’t cause any more trouble.

Sonny: You know what? You know how to handle yourself.

Dex: Just doing my job. Well…you know.

Sonny: You know, I’ll tell you what. There might be something that, you know, I-I might have for you. Why don’t you come by my office later and we’ll talk about your future?

Willow: So this crime my mom committed all those years ago, it was referenced in the papers you found?

Carly: They were session notes from dr. Byrne, who was apparently Harmony’s psychiatrist. And in the notes, dr. Byrne wrote that Harmony revealed a secret to him.

Willow: And what was the secret?

Carly: Uh, Willow…

Dante: Carly, I’m going to stop you before you go any further. Willow, I’m obligated to tell you that, uh, we have yet to verify these and other details, but having said that, we have no reason to doubt the veracity of the comments Dr. Byrne made that, uh, Harmony confessed to doing.

Willow: Thank you, Dante. I understand. Now, can somebody please just tell me?

Dante: Harmony was not your biological mother.

Harmony: She was…one of two. My Willow, she had another half.

Carly: Had another half? Was Willow a twin?

Harmony: Nelle…

Carly: Nelle? Oh my God.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Sasha: What the hell are you doing here?

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Jordan (to Curtis): And how exactly did you manage to do that, when I said no?

Nina (to Scott): I need your full and complete attention.

Willow (to Carly): Did Harmony tell you anything?

Sonny (to Dex): If that’s a problem, we stop right now.

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