GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Martin returns from visiting his mother and he and Lucy have a romantic reunion. Lucy persuades Martin to take their relationship public. Martin tells Valentin he and Lucy are a couple and if he doesn’t like it he can find another lawyer. Valentin wishes Martin and Lucy the best and Martin promises not to discuss business with Lucy.

Georgie isn’t happy when she sees Austin and Maxie kissing on the couch and she tells Austin to leave which he does after saying goodbye to Maxie and telling her he had a nice evening.

Finn moves into the hotel room next door to Elizabeth so he can be close by if she needs him. Finn and Elizabeth spend time playing cards, talking, and kissing. Finn leaves and Elizabeth calls Aiden and later takes a shower. Elizabeth comes out of the bathroom and discovers someone broke into her room. Finn calls the police and, after they talk to Rory, Finn and Elizabeth go downstairs to the restaurant and get some tea. Finn goes back upstairs to get Elizabeth’s phone and Rory tells him that the room isn’t near a surveillance camera and there isn’t any evidence someone broke into the room. Elizabeth asks Lucy for the name of the medium she recommended to her because she doesn’t think that the police can help her with this problem.

Harmony tries to tell Willow she isn’t her mother, but her monitors go off and TJ has to sedate her. Carly goes into Harmony’s room later and tells Harmony she hasn’t told Willow she isn’t her mother because Willow has too much on her mind right now. Harmony struggles and says one word to Carly “Nina”.

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