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At the gym, Michael is sparring with Drew when T.J. walks in.  Michael tells Drew that Nina is taking Michael and Willow to court over visitation rights to Wiley. Michael says that he began a battle that could get very nasty.  Drew tells him that he is a good father and that he would do exactly what he is doing if he were in his place.

T.J. and Marshall discuss what T.J. is considering to be his specialty since he is getting close to that point in medical school when students decide.  T.J. tells Marshall that he feels a real camaraderie when he is working on a surgical team. 

Marshall approaches Drew, while Michael is still with him and says that he is ready to talk about the job that Drew offered him.  Drew says that he is sorry but they have already moved on with another candidate.  Marshall sees right through the whole scheme.  He realizes that Curtis asked Drew to pretend to hire him simply so that Drew could pull a background check on Marshall.  

Britt pulls Spencer out of Kelly’s when he and Josslyn get into a heated argument over his apparent blind loyalty to Esme.  Cameron tries to talk Joss down and tells her that Spencer has asked to come back to work there.  Joss can’t believe that Cameron is even considering allowing Spencer to hang out there let alone coming back to work.  Trina says that she needs a minute and when she comes back to the table Cameron and Josslyn are still arguing about Spencer.  Josslyn says that she can’t believe that Cameron isn’t backing her on this.  Cameron says that the decision to rehire Spencer will be his to make and won’t be influenced by drama that seems to surround them now. Josslyn says, “this is so typical, guys always forgive guys.”  Cameron is offended and says that Joss wouldn’t be mad at Cameron if she knew what he was really up to.

Britt gives Spencer a shoulder to lean on. He tells her about the sex tape and the terrible place he is in, being stuck between friends who think he is disloyal and a girlfriend he is pretending to love while he gathers evidence.  Spencer tells Britt that talking to her has always made things better.  Britt says that Spencer will always do the right thing in the end.  Spencer thanks her for dinner and then leaves.

Portia and Jordan are at odds over Trina’s case.  Curtis asks them to take a deep breath. They move their conversation to a private office but Portia tells Jordan outright that she can’t be impartial about the case because of the elephant in the room, that being Curtis.

Alexis is horrified when she finds Brendan’s body in the water at the pier.  She is even more horrified when the police identify the victim as Brendan.  She tells Jordan that she knew him that he was the brother of her ex-boyfriend but she hasn’t seen him since the funeral.  Except for a few days prior when he stopped by her office looking for a job.  Jordan continues to come up with questions for Alexis and finally when Alexis says she is going home that she no longer feels like visiting Nikolas, Jordan asks if that is because she is not in the mood or is upset over the grisly discovery.  Alexis tells Jordan if she has anything further to say she will need to contact her attorney, Diane Miller.

Valentin shows up at Anna’s place bearing wine as a gift.  He tells Anna he has heard that she has been doing some traveling. Anna says that the travel has been strictly business.  Anna tells Valentin about the night she allowed Peter to die without medical attention.  Valentin says that Peter couldn’t be redeemed and that Anna made the right call.  He goes a step further by saying that he would have enjoyed watching Peter take it.  Anna says that she has missed him and she can’t believe that he never bothered to call.  Anna is clearly not pleased with the situation with Valentin.  She asks him if he has seen his father lately.  Valentin says that he has not seen him in awhile.  Valentin then decides he will not be able to stay for the wine.  Anna says that it’s his decision but tells him not to expect her to keep it for him.  They go to the door and say goodbye, the tension is palpable.  Then immediately after closing the door, Valentin knocks again.  Anna asks if he’s forgotten something and they share a passionate kiss.

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