GH Short Recap Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chase apologizes to Brook Lynn for not singing her song at the Deception IPO and for unintentionally hurting her feelings.

Brando tackles the robbers at Charlie’s Pub and then the police arrive to arrest the robbers. Sasha is so nervous that Brando put himself in danger that she almost takes a pill but then Nina arrives and Sasha hides the pills from Nina.

Brando tells Sonny that he has heard rumors that his business is weak and new people in the business think they have an opening to take over his territory. Sonny tells Brando that he is planning to show everyone he is still the boss.

Sam talks with Spinelli because she fears she may have ruined her relationship with Dante because he caught her trying to forward a confidential police file from his phone to her phone.

Cameron and Spencer have a heated argument and during the argument Spencer tells Cameron that he is only with Esme hoping she will let her guard down and he can find proof that she posted the video. Spencer makes Cameron promise not to tell Trina or Josslyn about his plan.

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