Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam is hurt when Victor tells him that after they get Ashland out of the company, he will remain CEO of Newman Media and Victoria will remain CEO of Newman Enterprises. Sally tells Adam to focus on all the good things he has done at Newman Media and all the good things he has done for his family. Sally tells Adam to be patient and continue to turn his life around and he will get his chance to prove to his family that he has changed.

Adam and Nick worry that Victoria’s plan will fail because there are too many details that could go wrong.

Ashland tells Victoria that they should leave everything and start a new life somewhere else because he doesn’t want to force her to cross a line by planting evidence to prove Adam framed him. Nick also feels the same way as Ashland and tells Victoria that is why he never liked her plan.

Adam has an idea and tells Ashland that the Newman family has authorized him to offer him five hundred million dollars to leave Victoria alone, leave town, and start a new life.

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