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At his gym, Sonny talks to Dante about looking into Esme as the one who made the sex tape. Dante reminds him that he can’t discuss anything to do with official police business. Brando arrives in a suit, and they ask what is with his getup. Brando is headed to The Savoy for the Deception IPO launch. Brando tells Sonny and Dante that Sasha could use a big success after all the loss she’s suffered recently.  Sonny reminds Brando that Brando deserves something good in his life too.  Sonny and Dante point out that Brando and Sasha seem to have overcome the trauma of the loss of Liam.  The three of them are unaware that Sasha has begun using drugs again to get through the loss of Liam.

Scott meets Ava at Charlie’s and asks why they are meeting at the bar and not at Wyndemere.  Ava says she stayed in town last night.  Scott wants to know if there is trouble on Spoon Island.  “Trouble with a capital E.”  She tells him that her husband has lost his mind and invited Esme to stay at Wyndemere.  The pregnancy was mentioned and Laura overhears, she tells them to repeat themselves because she doesn’t want to believe her ears. Ava says it’s only a possibility but she doesn’t know for sure. Laura leaves Charlie’s and heads out to find Nikolas.

At the Savoy, Curtis tells Selina that she is full of surprises, however, he won’t change his mind about her offer. Selina still believes there is a chance of bringing him to her side. Nina approaches them, and Curtis introduces Nina and Selina. Nina notes they have a mutual acquaintance, Sonny. Selina says he is a valuable friend, and one can never have too many of those. Ms. Wu excuses herself, and Curtis thinks she is going to be trouble.

Brando arrives with flowers, which Gladys immediately thinks are for her and grabs them. He explains they are for Sasha. After handing them to Sasha, Sasha gives Gladys one of the roses.

Lucy introduces Sasha to the stage to say a few words about this amazing day for Deception. Sasha downs more pills to be able to make it through the speech. Sasha praises the dedicated women she works with, as well as their friends and family for their support.

At Liz’s place, she wakes up after her nightmare and finds the words, “Don’t Forget Me” on one of Franco’s paintings in fresh red paint. Jake comes down and catches her with it and says “it happened again.” Aiden follows, and Liz assures the boys she’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, even if she has to do it alone. Jake says she doesn’t have to and makes a call for help. Finn arrives after Jake calls him for help. Liz tells them about her strange dream of a man and waking up to find the painting. Finn considers this new piece of evidence a lead and says it’s time to call in reinforcements. Dante arrives, and Liz reveals she disabled the alarm system because the kids kept accidentally setting it off. Liz fears someone was in her house, and the reason she heard them in her dream is that they stood over her while she slept. Dante agrees this person is getting bolder.

Dante bags the painting to check for prints, and also will need Liz to submit hers to exclude her. Dante also feels they may not be safe there seeing her home has been accessed multiple times. Dante heads out, and Liz tells Finn that she’ll see if the boys can stay with Laura. He asks where she will stay. Liz reveals she’ll stay put in her house and won’t be run out of the home she shared with her husband. Meanwhile, Aiden worries that it isn’t a person doing this, and says to Jake, ‘What if it’s Franco?”

At Wyndemere, Esme finds that Spencer has breakfast waiting in the living room for her. She thanks him for thinking of her especially since they know she’s not pregnant. She admits she was afraid he’d kick her out. Nikolas enters and notes there is no reason for her to go anywhere. Spencer swears he’d never let anyone hurt her, not even his Uncle Sonny.

Laura knows they don’t want that, but they also don’t want his wife to leave him. Nikolas reveals he stepped in because Spencer first confided in Victor, and he never had a chance to tell that to Ava. She pushes him to work on salvaging his marriage. He excuses himself, and Esme enters. She tries to turn around and leave, but Laura tells her they need to have words.

Spencer arrives at Sonny’s gym to discuss Esme, and why Sonny thought it was okay to scare the hell out of her. Sonny tells Spencer what happened at his restaurant, including Esme’s fake waterworks when Nikolas and Victor arrived. Spencer knows Sonny wouldn’t hurt Esme, but he can’t turn his back on her. Sonny tells him that his loyalty should be to those who have been on his side, and he’s backing the wrong person. Sonny believes Esme is playing a game and will use Spencer to get what she wants. He warns Spencer that he is dangerously close to following his mistakes and hurting the people he loves because of his choices.

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