GH Short Recap Friday, April 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis agrees to allow Salina Wu to host occasional high stakes poker games at the Savoy if she gives him Marshall’s witness protection program file as well as his sealed criminal records.

Scotty asks Sonny to be a character witness for Nina but will Sonny side with Nina or Michael? Curtis agrees to be a character witness for Nina as she tries to get visitation rights with Wiley.

Harmony finally meets with the mystery person calling and texting her which turns out to be Neil’s brother Brenden. Brendan tells Harmony that she read Neil’s patient file on her. Brendan tells Harmony that he knows that Willow isn’t her daughter…that Willie’s real mother is Nina Reeves because Nina had twin girls and one was given to her and the other was put up for an illegal adoption. Brendan tells Harmony he wants money or he will tell Nina the truth.

Valentin puts the Ice Princess Diamond into Jennifer Smith’s hotel safe and close the safe before Jennifer catches him. Anna arrives with a WSB agent and they arrest Jennifer for stealing the Ice Princess Diamond and killing Luke. Jennifer insists the diamond was planted there by a French submarine captain. Anna and Felicia believe Jennifer’s story and set out to find the captain unaware that the captain is Valentin.

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