GH Short Recap Friday, April 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brendan Byrne, Neil’s brother, returns to ask Alexis to pay for Neil’s funeral since he believes that Neil’s relationship with Alexis led to his death.

Brendan meets Harmony and recognizes her from somewhere but he can’t quite figure out where he has seen her. Harmony tells Alexis to stay away from Brenden. Harmony remembers injecting Neil with the drugs that killed him while he and Alexis were sleeping in her room.

Trina pleads not guilty to the charges against her and Scott persuades the judge not to set a bond since Trina isn’t a threat to society.

Sonny asks Brick to take over Jason’s job and Brick accepts the job offer. Brick first assignment is for Brick to find out how Esme framed Trina.

Spencer and Esme move into Wyndemere and Spencer tells Esme she needs to take a pregnancy test.

Cameron and Josslyn are worried that Trina’s fight to prove her innocence will be a hard one. Ava tells them both not to worry because the truth will come out and Esme will get what she deserves.

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