Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 28 2022

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Recap written by Christine

When Victor’s security team told him Victoria was with Ashland, he sent Nick to check things out. Ashland apologized to Victoria for saying he wasn’t going to fight for their marriage. She gave him hope there was a chance they could fix things. Billy wouldn’t let Nick interrupt Ashland and Victoria’s talk. Billy and Nick saw Ashland and Victoria hug and kiss. When Victor found out, he rushed over to put a stop to Ashland manipulating Victoria. Billy and Nick confronted Victoria, and she refused to explain herself.

Billy felt that Victor should’ve teamed up with him in Tuscany, so they could’ve saved Victoria from all this. Victoria called a family meeting, and Billy tried to go, but Victor wouldn’t let him. Victoria informed Nick and her parents that she was going to tell Ashland that she still loved him and that nothing had to change between them. Billy told Ashland that Victoria was going to see through him. Chance flashed back to Spain while playing with the baby. Abby saw it. Chance told Abby that his therapist recommended he return to work. Abby was unsure, but when Chance explained that working would help him rebuild his confidence, she supported his decision. He thanked her for being a supportive partner.

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