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Drew: [ Sighs ] All right, Cassadine. Here I am. Why was it so important we meet in person?

Victor: Hmm, I see we’re dispensing with the pleasantries.

Drew: Mm, I think I made it pretty clear what I think about you.

Victor: Yet here you stand. Are you alone?

Drew: Why? You got something up your sleeve? As usual?


Dante: You still getting feedback?

Sam: Yeah, what about you?

Dante: Yeah. I don’t understand, w-we — we — we heard Drew fine when we did a sound check earlier.

Sam: Do you want to go over the checklist again?

Dante: Well, yeah, the wireless transmitter is functioning. The firmware is current.

Sam: Okay, well, what about the software on your tablet? Is that —

Dante: I updated it this morning. You can’t hear anything that’s going on?

Sam: No. And if I can’t hear Drew, he can’t hear us.

Dante: That means he’s on his own with Victor.

Portia: Oh. Oh! Oh my, God, Jordan. [ Laughs ] I’m so, so sorry. I — God, I should be watching where I’m going.

Jordan: You and me both.

Portia: Is everything okay?

Jordan: Yes, yeah, I’m just here for a checkup. But I feel pretty good.

Portia: Well, good, that’s — that’s what we like to hear. [ Chuckles ]

Jordan: Yeah. I should be checking in soon.

Portia: Okay. Jordan, um, do you… have time to answer just — just — just one question? Something’s been weighing on my mind.

Jordan: Sure.

Portia: Do you consider Spencer Cassadine… dangerous?

Spencer: [ Chuckling ] Trina, you must be psychic. I was just thinking about you.

Trina: I’ve been thinking about you, too.

Spencer: I was hoping you’d visit.

Trina: Life’s been hectic.

Spencer: I heard about the sex tape.

Trina: It’s been rough on Cam, but I can’t even begin to describe what Joss is going through.

Spencer: What about you? I know that you and Joss are best friends. Her pain must be your pain.

Trina: Which is why I’m here.

Spencer: So your first visit isn’t a social call.

Trina: This isn’t a social call. And this isn’t just my first visit. It’s also my last.

Britt: Carly, hi. Hey, you okay?

Carly: Hey. I’m fine.

Britt: Uh, hey, I thought we made peace on Valentine’s Day. Or was that just a temporary truce?

Carly: Oh, God — no, no, we’re fine. We’re good. I — it’s just, um, a lot going on.

Britt: Jason.

Carly: What about Jason?

Britt: Oh, uh, I’m sorry. I thought you knew.

Carly: Thought I knew what?

Britt: Uh… [ Sighs ] Monica’s decided to have Jason legally declared dead.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knocking continues ]

Sonny: Okay.

Sonny: [ Exhales sharply ] You want to know if I — if I talked to Michael. Am I right?

Nina: Yeah, uh, you’re right. Did you?

Sonny Yeah, Michael and Willow.

Nina: Well, I guess I’m too late, then. I was having second thoughts.

Sonny: Why?

Nina: I just didn’t want to cause you any more trouble, Sonny. So, how’d it go?

Sonny: Michael and Willow don’t want anything to — you know, they don’t want you to see, uh, Wiley. End of — end of discussion.

Nina: Okay, okay. Well, thanks, at least, for trying. Um, I will call Martin Grey, and I will tell him to start the paperwork.

[ Tray Crashing ]

Nina: Oh!

Sonny: I told you I’d fix it! And I will!

Jordan: If you’re asking for my personal opinion of Spencer, I haven’t really formed one.

Portia: Okay, and your professional one?

Jordan: Not so much an opinion as facts. Spencer Cassadine is a convicted felon, currently serving a custodial sentence at Spring Ridge. He’s never been charged with a violent infraction.

Portia: He admitted to stalking, harassing, damaging property. That sounds like someone that’s capable of violence.

Jordan: If you mean setting Ava Jerome’s car on fire, Spencer had an alibi.

Portia: Yes. Oh, yes, I know. Which brings me straight to his girlfriend, Esme Prince. Why exactly wasn’t she charged?

Jordan: That’s complicated, but may I ask — why all the questions about Spencer and Esme?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Portia: Well, I-I need to know the risks involved for someone that’s in their lives.

Jordan: Is this about Trina?

Curtis: What happened to Trina?

Spencer: This is your first and last visit… because I’m getting out soon?

Trina: No, it’s because of your girlfriend. As long as Esme’s in your life… I can’t be.

Spencer: [ Clears throat ]

Trina: [ Sighs ]

Spencer: I want to discuss this with you, but right now is not a good time.

Trina: When is a good time, Spencer? Joss and Cam told me you avoided this conversation at the cabin, too.

Trina: [ Sighs ]

Spencer: I’m not avoiding the conversation… but Esme is here, okay? She interns at Spring Ridge for her psychology class.

Trina: You’re never gonna change. Will you, Spencer?

Spencer: What is that supposed to mean?

Trina: It means no matter how many horrible things Esme does, you keep trying to make her happy. It’s been very apparent that you make Esme the priority since she first got here. Correction — since she first showed herself. Who knows how long you and Esme have been lurking around Port Charles, planting creepy gifts for children to find?

Spencer: That is not — I made some horrible mistakes. That’s why I’m here — to pay for them.

Trina: Esme should be the one paying! She’s the one who torched a car! She’s taking a step back and letting you take the fall, and you’re obviously okay with that. Just like you’re okay with the fact that Esme taped Joss and Cam having sex and showed it to the entire world.

Spencer: Trina, no, you’ve got it all wrong!

Trina: No, I’ve got it all right! Which is why I’m giving you this. Take it. I don’t want it anymore.

Dante: I-I don’t understand — the wi-fi signal is garbage. I checked it yesterday, and it was totally fine.

Sam: I knew I should have called Spinelli. No, we —

Dante: We don’t need Spinelli. I just need some time so I can figure this out.

Sam: We don’t have any time. Maybe you should just — I don’t know — move the van. We have to leave. Find a new spot.

Dante: “Leaf.” Leaf, you’re right. Sam, oh, my God. Like, it rained, and the wet leaves are interfering with the wi-fi signal. That’s it.

Sam: Oh, my God, why didn’t I think of that?

Dante: Well, gotta move the van a few feet.

Sam: Okay.

Dante: We’ll have sound loud and clear.

Sam: Hurry up! We need to know what’s going on between Victor and Drew on that bridge.

Drew: You said you wanted to discuss ELQ. What difference does it make if I came alone? Actually, what difference does it make if we have this conversation in private?

Victor: Well, as I said, we’re here to discuss sensitive financial matters.

Drew: Well, if you didn’t want an audience for that, why’d you bring your attack dog? Yeah, I surveil the area before I come out in the open. It’s a reflex — you know, all that Navy SEAL training is pretty ingrained.

Victor: [ Scoffs ] All right, Johann, he’s onto you. You might as well join us. There are those in town who might mistake my motives.

Drew: Oh, I don’t think any of us are mistaken.

Victor: Johann here is my insurance policy.

Johann: That card is going to allow you to access Drew Cain’s old memories?

Victor: Huh. There’s only one way to find out. I’ll have to lure Drew to some secluded location and then activate the conditioning.

Johann: Drew figured out what you were doing. You denied it once. You try that again, there’ll be no denying it.

Victor: You make an excellent point. Oh, it’d be a terrible waste, but if the conditioning of Drew doesn’t work this time, he’ll just have to be eliminated.

Drew: Your henchman may be here to protect you, but if this meeting goes sideways… who’s gonna protect him?

Britt: It’s not a done deal. Monica has to petition the court, and the judge might make her wait the full seven years before declaring Jason legally dead.

Carly: I don’t understand — Jason’s only been missing three months. Why is Monica doing this now?

Britt: You’ll have to ask her, but I think she feels Jason’s kids need closure.

Carly: And she told you?

Britt: Only because I was on Cassadine island when Jason was killed. She might need me to provide a statement for her declaration.

Carly: Will you?

Britt: Yes, of course. Whatever Monica needs.

Carly: I guess it’s official, right? I have to live the rest of my life without my best friend.

Sonny: I’m so– I-I didn’t mean to yell. I-it just — and —

Nina: I mean, we can just talk about this another time, okay?

Sonny: You’re not leaving, are you?

Nina: No, I am. I have to get out of here, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m not —

Nina: No — well, how do I know that? You’re obviously drunk.

Sonny: No. No, no, no —

Nina: Aren’t you?! And you’re angry. So how do I know what you’re going to do?

Sonny: Because I’m not — I’m not angry. I j– I’ve — I’ve had — I’ve had a couple of — of bad days. Can you just come in? Let me —

Nina: Listen. I don’t know w-what is going on in your life. I want to help you — I do — but I can’t put myself at risk.

Sonny: You know me! I would not do —

Nina: No! I knew Mike!

Sonny: You’re right. Mike would have never scared you like that.

Nina: I-I-I shouldn’t have said that.

Sonny: No, hey, you were being honest. You miss Mike. So do I.

Nina: You miss Mike? What — what part?

Sonny: Mike wasn’t very complicated. Helps that he had no history. Mike didn’t have a best friend who was buried… …in rubble in a tunnel. Never recovered his body, and now he’s being declared legally dead.

Nina: I didn’t know.

Sonny: Mike didn’t have a wife… who left him, and a son who blames him for the breakup of his f-family. Mike didn’t have a stepfather… [ Crying softly ] …Who used to get drunk. Beat his mother. Deke was an animal. I never wanted to be anything like him. And now, I can see Deke reflected in your eyes.

Jordan: Why all the questions? Were Spencer and Esme threatening her?

Portia: No! No, no, no, no. I — you know what? I shouldn’t have brought it up. Trina, she wouldn’t even appreciate me meddling in her life, anyway, so —

Curtis: No, it’s not meddling to show concern. In fact, if you’re worried, maybe — maybe Jordan can help.

Jordan: I can at least look into Spencer and Esme.

Portia:  You know what? Please don’t do that. It’s just that Trina is dealing with some, um — some friend drama right now.

Curtis: Okay, but she’s doing okay in classes? Still enjoying her art courses?

Portia: Yes. Yes. [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jordan: Alright. They’ve actually pushed my appointment back 30 minutes, so I’m gonna grab a bite in the cafeteria and come back later.

Curtis: Um, is this about your kidney?

Jordan: It’s routine. Everything’s fine. Portia, please reach out if you need my help.

Portia: Thank you.

Spencer: I’m not taking that book, Trina. You love Richard Molyneaux’s work.

Trina: I did. “Did”?

Spencer: What does that mean? What changed?

Trina: My perspective — about a lot of things. Starting with the fact that I accepted the book under false pretenses. I thought we were friends.

Spencer: Aren’t we?

Trina: Friends have each other’s backs, no matter what the cost.

Spencer: I would do anything for you.

Trina: Except stop asking me to lie for you, like I did to Joss and Cam and your dad for weeks by not telling them that you were in Port Charles before you were. And you swore that you were sorry and that you would never put me in that position again — until the other day at the cemetery, when you asked me to lie to the police commissioner for you. Which is bad on you, but worse on me, because I did it.

Spencer: But — but it all worked out.

Trina: But what if it hadn’t? What if I had gotten caught? You committed the crime, but your family has enough money to buy you out of trouble. Uncle Victor would have been there with the fix. But my future, my dreams? Everything that I have worked so hard for, I’ve put on the line to cover for you. And all you can do is get me a book? Well, no thanks. You want to prove that you care? Leave your girlfriend.

Spencer:  You want me to break up with Esme? For you?

Trina: I want you to leave Esme because she’s responsible for filming Cam and Joss.

Spencer: Esme says that you are.

Trina: And you believe her?

Spencer: No. No, I don’t. You would never hurt Joss and Cam that way. You would never tape something so private and personal, much less post it.

Trina: You know deep down that she would… and did. And yet, you still choose to be with her. And that’s not something I can respect.

Spencer: I told you, it’s yours.

Trina: Fine. Bye, Spencer. Good luck with life.

Spencer: Trina— Trina, please. Don’t walk out on me. If you do, I’ll always wonder.

Trina: Wonder what?

Britt: Accepting Jason’s death is hard.

Carly: I’m just trying… to adjust to a world without him, where I can’t turn to him, or… I mean, there are so many times when I forget that he’s gone, when I feel like he’s still here. And then I have to remember all over again. [ Scoffs ] I feel like declaring him dead is like giving up on him. Is that right?

Britt: We have to let him go, Carly.

Carly: Really? Have you? I mean, come on — you’re telling me that I have to move on, but you’re not.

Britt: It’s a process. [ Sighs ] I mean, we have to accept that what we shared with Jason are now just memories.

Carly: Okay, let’s be honest, okay? What — what you had with Jason was a memory before he even went to Greece.

Dante: Well? Anything?

Sam: [ Chuckles ] I will never doubt you again.

Dante: Oh, I think I, uh, should have that in writing, notarized.

Sam: Drew, if you can hear me, cough.

Drew: [ Coughs ]

Sam: Okay, now, hopefully, Victor or shows him the tarot card.

Dante: And puts us back in business.

Victor: Nothing’s going sideways, Drew. We’re just here for a friendly, informative meeting.

Drew: Oh, well, that sounds lovely. Let’s get to it, then, shall we? You said you wanted to discuss Valentin’s ELQ shares? Now what?

Victor: When I called, you were adamant about not meeting with me. Yet, here you are, all eager to hear news about voting shares.

Drew: ELQ is my daughter’s birthright. What concerns Scout concerns me.

Victor: Oh, Valentin is in charge of the company. Brook Lynn deceived my son in the worst way imaginable just to get hold of his shares. I wonder what other schemes the Quartermaines are hatching to get back control of ELQ.

Drew: W– do you really think, if I knew, I would tell you? What is that? Another tarot card? What, did you go and buy a whole deck from the local fortune teller?

Victor: [ Chuckling ] Oh, no. Ah, this isn’t just any old tarot card, Drew. This is the card. The one Peter August used to control you. You are active.

Drew: Reporting for duty.

Johann: You did it, boss.

Victor: Well, so it seems. But… we have to be sure. Throw Johann over the side of the bridge.

Sonny: I never want anybody I care about… [ Breathing deeply ] …To be afraid of me. You forgive me, Nina? [ Sighs ]

Nina: Yeah, I-I can forgive you. But, Sonny, this isn’t the first time that you lashed out in anger.

Sonny: I know — I grabbed you. And then I hurt you. I know that.

Nina: Yeah, you did. [ Sighs ]

Sonny: Just — I have no excuses, Nina.

Nina: Well… you had to say goodbye to your friend Jason, and on top of everything that’s happening with your family, so that must be very painful.

Sonny: It’s very pai– You know what? Ever since I have come home, I have — e-everybody that I love is just slipping through my fingers. And I — and this is not helping.

Nina: Yeah. You know what, Sonny? You’re right. It’s really good of you to recognize that that doesn’t help you.

Sonny: Please don’t — don’t tell me that. I just — I’m just — listen, ever since I-I-I’ve been taking my bipolar medication, I’ve been able to drink in moderation.

Nina: What changed?

Sonny: Ever since I’ve come home… …I’ve been drinking a lot.

Nina: What are you gonna do about it?

Britt: Whatever — I thought you’d want to know Monica’s plans.

Carly: Britt. I’m sorry. I-I had no right to say that to you. I had no right to take my anger and grief out on you. I am sorry. It’s just… [ Sighs ] I’m going through a lot right now. And, um, you know, hearing about Jason didn’t help.

Britt: I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. I’m — I’m sure things have not been easy.

Carly: No, uh, for any of us. I… Josslyn’s going through something really difficult, and, um, I don’t know how to help her. And it would be a time for me… to turn to Jason.

Britt: Yeah, Jason always had a way of making challenges seem easy to face.

Carly: [ Voice breaking ] I can’t tell you… how many times I go to call him, you know? Or, you know, a-a-a guy will come to the bar at the metro court in a black t-shirt, and… [ Chuckles ] This just feels so final.

Jordan: Carly, I’m so sorry about Jason.

Carly: Thank you. I’m gonna go. Sorry.

Jordan: [ Sighs ] Hurts like hell, doesn’t it? When you’re forced to accept the person you love is never coming back?

Britt: Let’s talk about happier news. I heard you got a clean bill of health?

Jordan: I did. And while I would have never chosen to go through it, my kidney scare was an important reminder — life’s not promised to everybody.

Britt: Don’t I know it.

Sam: Victor just ordered Drew to kill Johann.

Johann: Boss, don’t! No!

Dante: You gotta tell Drew to abort.

Sam: What do you mean? And blow his cover? No, we’ve gotta see how this plays out.

Dante: We — we don’t have time, Sam.

Sam: We have to give him time. He’s gonna be able to sell this.

Dante: Look, I’m a cop. I can’t let this get out of hand, even if it is bringing down Victor Cassadine.

Sam: It’s not gonna come to that. Come on, we– we’re not gonna have another shot at this. I trust Drew. You have to trust me on this.

[ Both grunting ]

Johann: Boss! Help me!

Portia: So now Esme is blaming Trina for filming Cameron and Josslyn and putting it on the internet.

Curtis: That’s insane — Trina would never do that.

Portia: Well, of course she wouldn’t. She doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body.

Curtis: No, she — she — she’s kind. She’s generous. She’s just like her mother, which means she’s strong. And she can stand up to Esme.

Portia: I know, but I can’t help wanting to protect her. I want to put the smackdown on Esme. That’s exactly what I want to do. [ Sighs ] But I suppose that’s a bad idea. [ Sighs ]

Curtis: Sadly, yes. [ Sighs ]

Portia: [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: [ Chuckles ]

Portia: Oh, there was, um, some good news that I wanted to share with you. I told Trina about our plans to buy the beach house. And she seemed really excited about it.

Curtis: “Seemed”?

Portia: I told you — she’s distracted. This whole friends’ drama thing — it’s — it’s taking its toll on her.

Curtis: And you?

Portia: Me? I-I’m fine.

Curtis: What was done to Cameron and Josslyn was inexcusable. And Esme blaming Trina — it’s despicable. But I know you, and I know there’s something on your mind. What is it?

Portia: Trina’s inexplicable attachment to this Cassadine kid.

Spencer: I’ll always wonder… …what you thought of the book.

Trina: It was inspiring, but I also felt let down.

Spencer: Why?

Trina: Richard Molyneaux was one of the reasons I got into modernism. Even though Joss thinks his art is just a bunch of squiggles, which is what most people see.

Spencer: But you saw beyond that. You saw behind the squiggles. That is your talent, Trina — to understand true art. T

Trina: The book allowed me to see pieces I had never seen before, and it was amazing. I felt closer to the artist.

Spencer:  But?

Trina: But the book also provided professional criticism — really insightful stuff that exposed the artist’s limitations.

Spencer: You once told me that… frailty is what makes us human. Isn’t there beauty in someone’s imperfections?

Trina: There can be — only if someone recognizes those imperfections… and chooses to live up to their potential.

Spencer: What if a person wants to do better and just needs more time? It must seem so simple from the outside. All someone needs to do in order to live a better life is to make different choices — better choices. But if it were really that easy, wouldn’t the whole world be full of happy, fulfilled people?

[ Line rings ]

Woman: You have reached the PCPD anonymous tip line. All calls are confidential and will not be traced. Speak clearly after the tone.

[ Beeps ]

Esme: Um, I’m calling to report a case of revenge porn. I know who uploaded the sex video of Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber.

Sonny: Clearly, I can’t drink like I used to. I guess it just acts differently now with the medication.

Nina: You know, Sonny, does the reason really matter? The — it seems to me like the important thing is that you cannot drink to — to prop yourself up or to dull your pain.

Sonny: Yeah, my stepdad… he used to just… escape to the bottom of a whiskey bottle, and then… …that wasn’t enough.

Nina: You’re not your stepdad.

Sonny: Like you said, I can’t, y– you know, keep using liquor… …as an excuse. Here, you — you can drink it. Just drink a little bit. Do you want it?

Nina: No. No, thank you, Sonny. [ Sighs lightly ] But is it — is it gonna be enough later? I mean, it’s not like Michael and Willow’s rejection is gonna be the last piece of bad news that you ever get.

Sonny: I can’t keep using booze as a crutch. I can’t do it anymore. And I promise you, I won’t… I will never hurt you again.

Nina: I want to believe you, but that’s easier said than done. Can you dump the contents of this decanter in the sink?

Sonny: There’s a first time for everything.

Portia: Trina was in here, twisting herself in knots, defending Spencer.

Curtis: Trina’s loyal to her friends.

Portia: Yeah, but, see, that’s the problem. Ever since Trina befriended Spencer, she’s had to deal with all of his lies. His vendetta against Ava, who just happens to be Trina’s mentor. Plus, Trina’s own conflict — exposing him as the stalker. I-I-I — no. Spencer doesn’t deserve Trina’s loyalty — that’s it.

Curtis: And I’m sure having Esme in his life… uh, you know, makes Trina’s friendship with Spencer even more fraught.

Portia: Before Spencer and Esme came into Trina’s life, she was never self-conscious. She never second-guessed her choices. I just wish that she would leave him alone and just move on.

Curtis: But isn’t that Trina’s decision?

Trina: All the time in the world won’t help someone unwilling to grow. The book points out that Richard Molyneaux’s work stops evolving the last two decades of his career.

Spencer: Maybe something happened to him. Something beyond his control.

Trina: And sometimes, people are who they are, and they can’t change.

Spencer: So that’s it, then? You’re dropping your favorite artist and me? You don’t care about our friendship?

Trina: Oh, don’t give me those puppy dog eyes, Spencer! I lied for you. I forgave you. I covered for you. I made stupid decisions for you. And you can’t even stand up for me against Esme’s ridiculous accusations.

Spencer: You’re right. I don’t deserve your friendship, but I need it. I need you to not give up on me.

Trina: It’s not too late to end things with Esme and send her back to France — or wherever she’s really from.

Spencer: I can’t do that. I’m all she has.

Trina: Then if you keep defending Esme, she’ll be all you have.

[ Grunting ]

Johann: Boss! Come on, please! Stop!

Drew: [ Shouts ]

Johann: Call him off!

Victor: All right, Drew, stop. You’ve proved yourself.

Johann: [ Groaning ]

Victor: Let him go.

[ Both grunt ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Victor: I need information… from your Navy SEAL days. I need to know about operation Demeter.

Carly: Shut this down right now!

Dante: What the hell is she doing there?

Carly: Drew won’t be telling you a damn thing.

Carly: Let Drew go, or this streams live online.

Victor: Johann, take Carly’s phone.

Drew: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Victor: You were never activated.

Drew: Surprise.

Victor: Until next time, Mr. Cain. Come on, Johann.

Drew: What the hell are you doing here?

Carly: Uh, you’re welcome.

Drew: You have no idea what you’ve done.

Carly: Uh, besides save you? What are you talking about?

Drew: Oh!

Dante: Is Victor gone? Where is he?

Drew: He’s gone!

Dante: -Great.

Drew: -Yeah.

Sam: Oh, great. Perfect timing, Carly.

Carly: Oh —

Drew: In fairness, she had no idea.

Dante: Okay.

Carly: Well, can someone please tell me what I’m missing here?

Drew: Our best chance to find out what Victor Cassadine is really up to.

Nina: What you did, Sonny, was not easy.

Sonny: I’m not an alcoholic, Nina. And I don’t — I don’t… intend to become one. I just — you know, I’m gonna keep drinking every so often… socially. But… well, I just don’t want liquor in my house.

Nina: You can fill the decanters up with candy. Donna, Avery, and… …Wiley… will love it.

Sonny: That’s a good idea.

Nina: I should go.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You don’t have to go. I can’t let you go… …until I say this.

[ Telephone ringing in distance ]

Smoltz: Aha! There you are. Commissioner Ashford, any comment on the developing revenge-porn story out of PCU?

Spencer: I, uh, may not have your eye for art, but… …when I chose this book, I was struck by how rich the color palette was. Fun, exciting, fresh — like you. If you walk out on me, m– my world will turn gray.

Trina: I don’t have a choice. Not if you refuse to see Esme for who she really is. You’re afraid of the truth. Just like Richard Molyneaux was afraid to grow and expand on his style.

Esme: Are you for real, Trina? How can you show your face here after what you did to your supposed friends?

Carly: I am so sorry. Had I known I was stepping into an undercover operation, I would have never interfered, you guys.

Drew: Honestly, forget it. Honestly, I gave you enough information… [ Sighs ] …For you to get worried, but not enough information for you to know that we had it under control — literally and figuratively. But it’s not all bad news, because we got a hint of what Victor’s up to.

Sam: Operation Demeter.

Dante: Yeah, I guess it’s, um, something to go on.

Sam: And hopefully helps us stop Victor.

Carly: Before he realizes what hit him.

Spencer: Esme, don’t.

Esme: Don’t what? Call Trina out? Trina, next time you have a fight with a friend, tell them to their face. Don’t tape them having sex and upload it.

Trina: I’m not gonna stand here and listen to this.

Esme: [ Scoffs ]

Trina: [ Sighs ] I hope you live up to your potential.

Esme: Can you believe her? She just ignored me and walked out!

Spencer: What was she supposed to say?

Esme: How about “I’m sorry,” or “I was wrong”? Not that she would — she was way too focused on you. Is that the gift you gave her?

Spencer:  It was. Apparently, Trina doesn’t want anything from me.

Esme: Not even friendship? Does that mean… Trina is out of your life?

Portia: Spencer and Esme are trouble. That’s it, plain and simple.

Curtis: Oh, I’m sure they are. Um, and I’m sure you’re right — just like my Aunt Stella was right about some of the knuckleheads that she tried to warn me off when I was about Trina’s age.

Portia: Yeah, but I bet aunt stella wasn’t shy about letting you know what her opinion was, right?

Curtis: But I didn’t listen. No, I stayed close to those same knuckleheads, and I didn’t care how much it dragged me down.

Portia: Because you didn’t want to admit that Stella might know better than you.

Curtis: And after some — after many hard knocks… I learned that Aunt Stella was right. And I changed my class of friends.

Portia: Message received, Curtis. Thank you, um… okay, okay, okay. So, I’m going to — I’m gonna keep my opinions to myself, and I am going to allow Trina to make her own decisions.

Curtis: Sounds good. But why do you look so worried?

Portia: Call it mother’s intuition. I-I-I don’t know, I just — I’m afraid that Trina’s in some trouble. And I just hope I can protect her before it’s too late.

Jordan: The PCPD is busy with several inquiries.

Smoltz: Is it true high-profile individuals urged the department to take over the investigation from university officials?

Jordon: Contact the PCPD media liaison.

Smoltz: Can you confirm Sonny Corinthos’ stepdaughter was the victim of revenge porn? [ Elevator bell dings ] Commissioner. Commissioner, uh, forgive me. Sorry, please.

Britt: Hi. I received a Society Setups subscription as a gift. My name’s Britt Westbourne. No, no, actually, um, I’m afraid I deleted the questionnaire. I never filled it out. Oh, no, thank you. I don’t need a refund. Uh, actually, I was hoping you could resend the questionnaire? I’m ready to move forward.

Sonny: The whole Wiley situation —

Nina: Oh, we can revisit that conversation another day.

Sonny: The — the point is, you can’t give up, Nina. Our grandson is lucky to have you in his corner.

Nina: Thank you for that.

Sonny: Thank you.

On the next “General Hospital” —

TJ: What is going on?

Jordan (to TJ): That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Shawn (to Alexis): See, now you’re just playing dirty.

Sam (to Dante): I think it’s a mistake not to utilize Spinelli.

Nina: What if I told you we could change that?

Michael: Start talking because my patience is running thin.

Carly (to Drew): You never know when it may come in handy.

Esme (to Spencer): I am finally calling you out with the truth.

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