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Ridge: Good morning.

Taylor: Well, it is now. Thank you.

Ridge: I did knock.

Taylor: Mm, yeah, I thought I heard something. Usually kelly just barges in here.

Ridge: Yeah, no, I heard that. That’s why I like being in the guest house, because they don’t come over, unless somebody comes with them.

Taylor: Oh, see, you’re missing out. Mm, you are. There’s nothing better than having your grandbabies barreling in in the morning and jumping on the bed.

[ Taylor laughing ] This isn’t bad either.

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: Hey, uh, did dad have a meeting this morning?

Steffy: Uh, I don’t know. Why?

Thomas: Well, he’s not here yet.

Steffy: Oh, that’s because he’s still here. With mom.

Thomas: Wait, they’re sleeping in?

Steffy: Yeah, I heard him making a coffee this morning, I think he brought a cup up to her.

Thomas: Hah, that sounds, uh, cozy, maybe I should give up this whole house hunting thing, and come move in with you two.

[ Both laughing ]

Steffy: Well, if, if mom and dad do get closer, the guest house is available.

Thomas: You think they’re gonna stay together?

Steffy: With brooke out of the picture, what would keep them apart?

Deacon: Sheila.

Sheila: Why are you never happy to see me?

Deacon: You want the reasons chronologically, or alphabetically? Come on, I’m working here.

Sheila: Yeah, or are you daydreaming about your sweetie, brooke? Well, just cheer up, okay? Because I have a feeling she’s gonna come creeping back to you, very soon.

Deacon: You know, if you’re gonna keep showing up here, you might as well just get your old job back.

Sheila: Oh, you wanna spend more time together?

Deacon: No, that way you’d have a legitimate reason for being here.

Sheila: Yeah, this is what I get for being supportive?

Deacon: All right, let’s hear it. More news about brooke.

Sheila: Well, I think your dream of a future with her is more promising.

Deacon: Doubtful.

Sheila: When did you become such a pessimist? I mean, if– if you need somebody to, uh, boost your confidence, or rev that engine, I am more than happy to help. But once you’ve been with me, brooke is going to be a letdown.

Deacon: You know, I think that’s a personal best. Three unsolicited sexual advances in the first five minutes, that’s amazing. I mean, did I miss something here? Is brooke no longer married to ridge?

[ Knocking on door ]

Thomas: Hey.

Hope: Is your dad around?

Thomas: No, what’s up?

Hope: Look, I– I don’t want all of this to become an issue for us. It’s just–

Thomas: This is about your mom.

Hope: Yes. She’s in a really bad place right now, and the things that she’s saying is– she can’t forgive herself, and she’s pushing ridge away and it’s almost like she would rather give up the man she loves than risk disappointing him again. And I just– I need ridge to understand that that night would have never happened if they weren’t drinking.

Taylor: Did you get any sleep last night?

Ridge: You mean did I stay up and think about the conversation that we had?

Taylor: Or the conversation you had with brooke.

Ridge: Still processing it.

Taylor: I’m sure.

Ridge: Just so unexpected. She’s setting me free. One terrible night and everything we had is… gone. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Deacon: You think this is great, don’t ya? That– that brooke somehow deserves what’s happening to her?

Sheila: You know what, you’re asking the wrong questions. What you should be asking is, “what happens next, and how can I be a part of it?”

Deacon: See, that’s how you think, not me. Not anymore.

Sheila: Oh, what, you’re going to leave brooke all alone? You’re gonna stand back and give her space? When has brooke ever shown anybody any– any deference? Any courtesy? No, she has always injected herself into everybody else’s lives. She is the complete opposite of taylor. Taylor stayed away, she didn’t want to interfere. No, she is humble, she is kind, she is thoughtful.

Deacon: Write her a fan letter already, jeez.

Sheila: She knew how important it would be for me to spend time with finn and hayes. And that– that’s why I, I know what getting back to ridge means to her.

Deacon: Because you guys are bffs now?

Sheila: Look, if taylor’s happy, I’m happy. If her family is– is secure and thriving, that means I might be able to spend more time with my son and my grandson. Heck, she might even convince steffy to– to give me a chance.

Ridge: No, so– so don’t watch that one because it’s a complete waste of time.

Steffy: Hi.

Ridge: Hey. You look ready. What’s going on?

Steffy: Looks like you two had a good morning.

Ridge: It’s all right.

Steffy: I– I’m gonna be heading out. So don’t worry, you guys can have your privacy.

Taylor: Oh, stop. It’s so quiet. Where are the kids?

Steffy: Out with amelia. So the house will be all… to yourself.

Ridge: What’s– I’m going to the office myself, in a few minutes.

Steffy: Hey, take your time, no rush. No rush.

Taylor: Honey, it’s not what you think, your father brought me coffee this morning.

Steffy: Mm hm.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m staying in the guest house because of your generous…

Steffy: You don’t have to explain. I– I’m not here to pry. No judgement, no judgement.

Taylor: Aw, thank you. No, I– maybe a little.

Steffy: But I can’t pretend what I’m– look at you two! Like, there’s this energy. I mean, come on, the smiles on your faces, it’s beautiful, and I love to see it.

Hope: I want to see ridge. Do you know where he is right now? Is he over at your sister’s? Because I’ll go over there if I have to.

Thomas: That’s not a good idea.

Hope: Why? What else do you know?

Thomas: My dad is happy, where he is. Him and my mom are reconnecting. He’s not thinking about brooke. And she shouldn’t be thinking about him.

Hope: Of course she is thinking about him. That’s her husband. And my mom still loves ridge. And I know he still loves her too.

Thomas: They’re not together anymore, hope. My dad is happy where he is. He’s finally reconnecting with my mom, it’s what he wants, it’s what we all want. Look, they, they’ve been apart for a very long time. And they finally have a chance to be together. I’m going to support them in that. In any way that I can. When tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop,

Steffy: I’m not making any assumptions, even though you two are glowing.

Ridge: Uh, your mother’s glowing. I don’t glow.

Steffy: Hm.

Taylor: Oh, it’s just nice waking up where you belong, surrounded by people you love.

Steffy: And who love you.

Ridge: And here I thought it was the coffee.

Taylor: Or the coffee delivery man.

Steffy: Okay. That is my cue to go.

Taylor: No, don’t be silly. I’m just happy. Having your father here has been wonderful.

Steffy: It’s been wonderful for all of us. And dad, I don’t want you to feel like you’re under a microscope, but I can’t hide being excited. I mean, I am seeing the two of you together. It’s even better than I remember. Maybe I appreciate it more now. Seeing the way you look at each other, the love that you have and the way it’s endured in spite of everything, and it fills me with so much hope for you and our family. Hey, this is your chance to have lasting love. And I know that’s what you want, especially after all of betrayal and disappointment. Brooke has put you through a lot, but that is all behind us now. And I know it hasn’t been painless, but honestly, I’m glad about the way it’s all working out.

Deacon: So things are looking up for you and taylor, so who the hell cares what it does to brooke’s life?

Sheila: Well, then why don’t you do something? Go to her, comfort her. I seem to remember that she has a weakness for that.

Deacon: Wow, you can actually manage to make doing something nice feel dirty.

Sheila: I’m just saying, why don’t you go and show her some support?

Deacon: Sheila, this whole thing has turned her life upside down. You know, one minute, everything’s fine. The next minute she’s out of control. She’s downing shots of vodka and passing out.

Sheila: Mm, that karma’s a bitch.

Deacon: It’s funny ’cause I thought you said that karma was a good thing.

Sheila: I guess it depends on what you deserve.

Deacon: Oh, okay, now I get it, because she came between you and your son. You know who the hell cares if her marriage is in flames?

Sheila: I don’t see you shedding any, any tears right now, deacon.

Deacon: Hey, look, you know, I– I wouldn’t care if brooke is free of forrester, but I also wouldn’t bet money on it. Look, when it comes to brooke, ridge is a boomerang. You have to share this little advice with your gal pal, taylor. No one should underestimate the commitment between ridge and brooke.

Thomas: I’m not putting you off, hope. I just, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Hope: Okay, so that’s why I should speak directly to ridge.

Thomas: Or you could let our parents handle this on their own.

Hope: I know my mom is perfectly capable of handling her own battles. It’s just that she’s lost in her own sorrow right now, and she can’t really see clearly, I mean, she’s confused.

Thomas: Yeah, but my dad isn’T. He is happier than I’ve seen him in a long time being with our family, and my mom is ecstatic. Look, I’m not saying this to hurt you or be a jerk, I just– my dad still cares about brooke. He always will, and she’s always going to care about him. But if she’s saying that it’s over, and he’s accepted that, why push him to rethink it?

Hope: Because this is what they do. They’ve split up before, and it’s always been temporary.

Thomas: Mm, and no offense, I am very much hoping this time will be different.

Hope: Why, because of my dad? Because of my mom’s relapse? I mean– you really think it’s fair that her one mistake just jeopardizes the entire life that they’ve built together?

Thomas: No, it’s not that, it’s, it’s because my mom is home. And she and my dad have a chance to make it work. I have a meeting I have to get to.

[ Hope sighing ]

Ridge: Hope.

Hope: Ridge.

Ridge: Hi.

Hope: Uh, thomas wasn’t sure if you would be able to make it in today. Um, look, he told me about you and taylor, and I get that my mom has set you free. But she’s really hurting right now, ridge, and she thinks that by punishing herself, by losing you, is going to fix all this and you know, that is not true. Please don’t let her mistake cost you all those years of love that the two of you shared together. Just. Give her another chance. Please don’t give up on my mom.

Meet ron.

Sheila: Ridge moved out. He’s living with taylor.

Deacon: Yeah, that doesn’t mean that he’s moved on from brooke.

Sheila: That’s exactly what it means.

Deacon: I think you need a history lesson.

Sheila: Brooke is free. That bond that was holding her to ridge has been severed. No, their destiny has come to a screeching halt. You can’t revel in that? What, you’re still doing the good guy act?

Deacon: Not an act.

Sheila: Brooke is upset right now. You can’t blame yourself for that. You had nothing to do with her marriage imploding.

Deacon: If it wasn’t me, then what happened? I mean, she can’t explain it. You think you can?

Sheila: Yeah, I sure as hell can. Ridge may have left because of you, but he’s not coming back because of taylor. That’s who he really wants to be with, and can you blame him? I–I know what brooke has done. We all know what she’s done. Ridge sees it too, and he can’t trust her.

Deacon: Stop, just stop, all right. You’re not going to trash brooke like this. It was one crazy night. Yes, things got out of hand. But that doesn’t sum up who she is. It doesn’t define her character.

Bartender: Deacon. I’ve got a delivery, I need your help in the alley.

Deacon: I’m on it, I’m on it.

Bartender: Come on.

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: Hello.

Sheila: Oh, thank god. I thought I was going to have to leave you a message.

Thomas: Don’t call me.

Sheila: Well, you assure me I have nothing to worry about, and I won’T. Say it, thomas, you’re not going to tell anyone the reason why brooke drank that night. You want to keep your parents happy. Then you need to keep our secret. Are we good?

Ridge: Your mother has been very open with me. We discussed this.

Hope: She is pushing you toward taylor because she can’t forgive herself for what she did.

Ridge: This is what she wants.

Hope: The real question is, is this what you want, or do you want to give my mom another chance? Because if there’s even this possib–

Ridge: She let me go. She set me free.

Hope: She’s doing that because she thinks that is what she deserves. She’s trying to be noble and have everyone think that she’s going to be okay.

Ridge: She is going to be okay. She’s gotta keep going to those meetings, stay away from bad people and just focus on her recovery.

Hope: That’s all she can focus on, is that one question, “why did I drink, why did I drink?” She asked that over and over and over again, because what happened that night was not like her, ridge, the same way that this– what you’re doing is not like you. I mean, you moved out, you’re reconnecting with taylor while you are still married to my mom. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

Steffy: Don’t do that, hope. Don’t judge my father for wanting to be happy–

Ridge: She’s just concerned about her mom.

Steffy: She’s making it sound like you’re cheating on brooke.

Hope: Um he’s still married to her–

Steffy: And I’m his daughter, we’re his family, he’s staying at my house and he’s with his grandchildren.

Hope: And taylor.

Steffy: Yes. But my mother tried to help you. She tried to reach out to brooke to get her to tell the truth, because that’s the kind of woman she is. Unlike your mom–

Ridge: Can we not do this, please? Let’s not fight–

Steffy: No, this is ridiculous. Why are we doing this? Oh, we’re going to just pretend “brooke made a mistake. She was drinking.” No. She made a choice. She kissed deacon. She let him sleep in your bed. Yes, she regrets it. I’m sure she hates herself for it, but she can’t take it back. My father is finally moving on. He and my mother are enjoying this time together. They’re reconnecting. He’s finally remembering what it’s like to be with someone who he can rely on and trust. Dad, please don’t let her back in. Come home to us. Your family, the forresters. Not hope, not brooke, not the logans.

[ Ridge sighing ]

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