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Update written by Shane

Victor issues a telephone invitation for an in-person meeting with Drew at Pier 54. Drew insists that if they meet, he will be the one to set the location and then instructs Victor to meet him at the footbridge over the canyon. Victor arrives at the footbridge and receives a visit from Eileen who confirms to him that Laura believes that Luke was murdered and that she further believes that Victor was responsible for his untimely demise. 

Portia tells Trina that she and Curtis plan to buy a home together. Trina informs Portia about the sex tape and tells her that Esme is attempting to place the blame on her.  Portia loses it and says she has had it with Esme.  Portia tells Trina that she needs to get as far away from Spencer and Esme as possible.

Back in Austria, the gunman in the hallway enters the file room behind Anna and fires his gun.  She narrowly evades being shot and Felicia comes to her aid. Anna and Felicia then hold the man at gunpoint. They attempt to interrogate him but he bites a cyanide tablet and dies. Anna and Felicia agree that if this man was willing to die for his involvement in this operation rather than face Victor’s wrath, then it is clear that whatever Victor is involved in is a lot bigger than just a personal vendetta against Luke.

Finn tells Jake that there is nothing Jake could ever do that Elizabeth would be unable to forgive. Jake confesses to Finn and Elizabeth that he has secretly been speaking with his grandparents online. Elizabeth appears to fume and she demands to know what her parents wanted and why Jake kept the entire matter a secret. Jake asks her if she would rather he simply hated his grandparents.  Elizabeth says that is not what she wants and asks him if they can discuss the matter at another time. Jake leaves and goes to his therapist’s appointment, leaving Elizabeth to ponder the situation of her stalker. She is curious, if Jake hasn’t been carrying out the mysterious acts that keep occurring, then who has?

Spencer reflects on his previous visit from Cameron at Spring Ridge. Esme also arrives for a visit and Spencer accuses her of releasing the sex tape of Josslyn and Cameron. Esme plays innocent and Spencer seemingly falls for her lies.  Esme blames the entire thing on Trina. Spencer asks Esme if she really thinks that Trina could be capable of making the tape?  Esme cracks. She shows him her wrist and tells him that she was attacked by Carly and saved by Nikolas. Spencer feigns concern but it becomes clear he still questions Esme’s innocence concerning the sex tape as well as her intentions.

Carly confronts Cameron about the sex tape.  She tells him that she doesn’t blame him for the video and encourages Cameron and Josslyn to support each other during this time. Later at General Hospital, Carly runs into Drew and she fills him in on the situation with Josslyn and Cameron.  He tells her he wishes there was more he could do.  Carly confesses to Drew that she and Sonny have signed their divorce papers. Drew tells Carly that he is always there for her.  She thanks him and tells him that she will always be there for him as well.  Drew leaves General Hospital to meet with Victor.

Josslyn meets Adam at Charlie’s to study for their upcoming midterm. Adam makes an inappropriate comment about how he finds himself drawn to the field of chemistry after having seen the video of Cameron and Joss.  Joss tells Adam to get out and Adam tells her she is really uptight for a girl with a sex tape.  Cameron enters Charlie’s as Adam exits and asks if Joss is OK. She grabs him and hugs him. Joss explains to Cameron what happened with Adam and asks Cameron if he thinks she should just transfer to another college.  He refuses to let her bow to the pressure they are experiencing due to Esme’s betrayal.  They both resolve that they will get through the current situation together.

Drew arrives for his meeting with Victor.  Victor clutches the tarot card in his coat pocket believing that it holds the key to activating Drew’s cognitive conditioning.

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