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Willow and Michael celebrate the receipt of Willow’s new passport.  However, Sonny interrupts to try to convince Michael and Willow that it will be best to allow Nina to see Wiley in order to keep the visitation matter out of court. Sonny believes that by dealing directly with Nina, Michael can dictate the exact terms of the arrangement. Michael becomes angry and tells Sonny that he is once again siding with Nina over his family.  Sonny gets emotional and tells Michael that coming back to Salem after being gone so long was incredibly difficult. But, he will always do what is best for their family.

In Austria, Anna posed as an attorney representing a widow (Felicia) in hopes of finding some discrepancies in the evidence regarding the cable car crash. The records clerk was reluctant to let Anna review the records but she eventually convinced him to let her have a look.  Anna found that the cable car’s departure had been delayed for several minutes and theorizes that it was being held in order to allow the always fashionably late Luke to board. After Felicia leaves the file room to check to see where the file clerk has gone, one of Victor’s men enters the file room and approaches Anna with a gun.

At the Port Charles Grill, Nina and Ava have lunch to catch up. Ava hints that with Carly out of the way, Nina could finally get what she wants. After pressing Nina about her feelings, Nina admits she still has feelings for Sonny.

Victor was pleased that he was able to steal the tarot card he believes will activate Drew’s mental conditioning.  He is unaware that the tarot card is a trap set for him by Laura, Robert, Dante and Sam.  Victor tells one of his men that if the card doesn’t work that Drew will have to be eliminated.

At General Hospital, Drew helps Elizabeth get some stuck potato chips from the vending machine and hears about the situation with Jake. Drew tells Elizabeth that while he doesn’t doubt her parenting skills for a moment, he is always there for her if she needs someone to listen..

Finn runs into Monica near the elevators and informs her he has decided to hold off on his relationship with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth tells Monica that Jake is having some behavioral issues and is seeing a psychiatrist.  This apparently convinces Monica to have Jason declared legally dead, hoping this will provide some finality to the matter.  At the Quartermaine mansion she informs Michael, Willow and Sonny of her decision.

At Charlie’s Pub; Laura, Robert, Dante and Sam discuss their plans to expose Victor’s crimes. Eileen confronts Laura. When Eileen presses Laura on the purpose of her meeting at Charlie’s, Laura admits she has reason to believe Luke was murdered. Laura purposely plants this information with Eileen, knowing that she will immediately tell Victor, exposing her duplicity.

Victor called Drew and said it was important for them to meet in person.

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